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Bears agree to terms with QB Hanie

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The Bears are expected to carry four quarterbacks to Bourbonnais this summer.

They’ll start with two in rookie minicamp next weekend, and there could always be a third who shows up as a tryout guy.

Colorado State’s Caleb Hanie has agreed to terms to a contract as an undrafted free agent, joining Southern Illinois’ Nick Hill, who the team targeted first according to sources familiar with the situation.

Like Hill, Hanie made a pre-draft visit to Halas Hall. He followed Bradlee Van Pelt in school and was a productive performer for the Rams. He's a little erratic at times, but is athletic. He needs to improve his accuracy.

As we've said here earlier today, it could be the Bears carry only two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster this season—Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton. They could stash a third on the practice squad and have some increased roster flexibility, especially for when some injuries hit.

The Bears had 62 players under contract when the draft began and selected 12 players. But they do not count against the 80-man roster limit until they sign their contracts. So, it was misreported here that they can sign only six undrafted free agents. The Bears can actually sign 18. They’ll bring in fewer than that and let some tryout players fight for a job or two. They can only carry 80 to training camp, so as draft picks sign, players will have to be cut if the club is at the 80-man limit. We’ll do our best to track down a list of these free agents as soon as we can. The Bears should release some kind of list Monday.

Right now, we know about Hill, Hanie, Western Kentucky wide receiver Curtis Hamilton and St. Xavier kicker Shane Longest. As always, stay tuned.

Inside the Bears is going to pack the car and head home after a marathon session at Halas Hall. We’ll be back here in the morning when first-round pick Chris Williams arrives. Check in for a few updates throughout the day.

Remember, training camp is just 86 days away.

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I am not to please the way Chicago pick in the second round they should move ahead of the packers and grab Brohm, Forte could have been at the third round,. l like Forte, he is a hell of a runner big and strong, l believe that Chicago will be trading Benson after pre-season . We will be able to get at least a good Chicago Bears sombrero.

we should of drafted a real general manager that is gonna spend some money and get this team what it needs a quarterback i can"t believe they still have hope for grosman or orton we mine as well not even play this year it is not gonna be pretty we will not win more then 6 games

If grossman gets some protection just watch what he can do!!!

the entire team was injured and horribble last year couldn't stop the run or the pass and the oline was the worst i'd seen in years. You all can keep blaming Grossman for all the Bears problems,but when he was bench nothing changed still garbage and their was one common factor the LINE. Ive seen what Grossman does when he has blocking and the recievers actually catch the ball and run the correct routes. I only hope some of you turn in your fanhood when things go better this year and become lion fans.

Am I missing something about Nick Hill? Who is this guy. I googled him and found out he threw for over 3500yds his senior year. What really impressed me was that in 2 out of 3 seasons, he had a completion percentage of over 71%!!!!!! To me that sounds imcredible. Do the Bears know something we don't?

I'm a student at SIU and I have seen Hill Play, and I can say from watching him first hand he is a pretty impressive quarterback. Not only is he a good passer, but he can run too. I know it is at the college level, but he ran for over 500 yards last season. I would love to see him start at some point because he can do something that neither Grossman or Orton can do, scramble.

Sorry, idiots. No one ever heard of Nick Hill because he plays at a nothing school. Bears will be about 3-13 because they have made a bad offense worse by getting rid of the 3 best players (Berian, Griese and Muhammed in that order)

Gossman will be terrible as always, worse now because his best receivers are gone. Well, that can be the excuse now for all you Grossman lovers.

what the Bears need to do is make Grossman,Orton,Hanie and Hill fight for the starting job and NOT just give it to Grossman or Kyle Orton. Second, make Benson fight for his job too......personally I think we should start Peterson see what he can do and then let Forte get his feet wet and see what he can do.
This should be an interesting year......GO BEARS!!!!

Hey Jim. SIU is the same nothing school that Eastern Illinois is and that is where a certain Dallas quarterback came from. Just because he came from a small school without a football pedigree does not mean that he cannot play at this level. Give him a chance. He might just surprise you.

Sound like some of you know more about the Bears then the GM. 1. On QB Grossman should have been canned. 2. Orton does not have a long arm, but he is a OK back up, if I recall right he did win the games last year as a starter. There draft picks should have been QB,RB,WR for there first three(maybe not in that order). Then work there OL,TE,S,DL in the seven go back to QB,RB,WR. They had end up with 12 picks, and not one QB. To look at the numbers they could of had QB2,RB2,WR2,TE1,S1,OL2,DL1,CB1. I also looked up Hill and he may work he had some good number. If there missing a play free agents Rookie or Not. Plus release all the players that suck because there never going to play anyway.

I have yet to see one person explain why Brohm or Henne is so great.


Fair point about Romo. However that is an exception to the rule. Its rare to find a diamond in the rough. I wager to guess there is a good reason why Hill wasnt drafted.

Best way to look at it is Bears have a last place finish this year, and a chance to draft a decent QB for 09. However had they drafted or signed a capable QB this year, we wouldnt have to waste a year setting up a high draft pick. Also, there are no guarantees you will get player you want, even drafting high.

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