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At No. 158, Bears choose TE Kellen Davis

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The Bears added a tight end by selecting Michigan State tight end Kellen Davis, who had a higher grade but was also dogged by off-field issues. He had a misdemeanor charge for aggravated assault.

Davis is big at 6-6, 259 pounds, and has been compared by some to ex-Packer Bubba Franks.

Davis adds another Drew Rosenhaus client to the fold, an agent the team is comfortable dealing with.

St. Louis jumped ahead of the Bears at No. 157 in a trade with the Washington Redskins, selecting Oregon State guard Roy Schuening, who Bears west coast scout Marty Barrett was known to like according to a source.

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Looks like St. Louis snaked us. Didn't we just take a TE in the first round last year? Unbelievable. It's looking like Matt Flynn will be our 3rd QB. I can't seem to get excited about that.

Lets just duplicate all of our strengths and forget about needs. Plus he's a thug to boot.

What is it about offensive linemen don't Angelo get? YOU IDIOT THIS TEAM NEEDS OFFENSIVE LINEMEN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN?

What is this pick. Here we need lineman and another wideout and yet we draft a Tight End.

Why did the Bears take a TE? They have Clark and Olsen. We only have two QB's on the roster and could use more depth on the O-Line, I just don't get this pick. When it is all said and done, Chris Williams may be the only pick today that will start in game 1. What a disappointment

seems to me that JA confiscated Harrisons' cigars to finish this draft.

I got call emm like I see emm, this is a defensive pick, the guy is a better DE than he is a TE, that is 4 defensive picks and three offensive picks.

Now it's time for the Bears to corner the market on 7th round talent that probably won't start or make the team. All special team players either way.

Hello, is there anyone awake in Halas hall? TE? Really a TE? Did we forget the glaring needs at QB, O. Line or even a WR? Angelo is drafting like this will be his last year in Chicago! Maybe a year to late!

This is a horrible.....HORRIBLE draft. Angelo should be fired.


Yeop St. Louis got us on this one, but thats no reason to take a TE when we don't need one. Maybe he can play OL at 6-6 259?

Fellow Bloggers we need to unite and if you are a true Bears fan we need to get Angelo and Gabriel out of here before the franchise (it could already be too late) is destroyed for the next 10 years. I see how Lovie got the extension he must be a yes man. This garbage that Angelo and Gabriel has compiled is absolutely ridiculas I cannot believe that this is not a I'm leaving stick it to the Chicago fans thing. No one could be this stupid by accident.

DJ, Angelo is not going anyplace he is under contract till 2012 I believe the Bears will stick with him. GM's tend to stick around a long time. He also thinks like the owners, money first, winning last. Oh wait, fans last.

I am sure they will go Oline in the seventh round and the guys will all be on the practice squad. Like I said before the Bears do not think there Offense is bad, Just unlucky and injury riddled players are fine because there Bears and Angelo will use his magic powers to heal them and make them good character guys.

This will be a bad year. Angelo is the worst GM in football and I bet his first day picks will not be all that. In fact I predict a bust in round one.

This is the most foolish draft I have ever witnessed. Al the players chosen after the first 4 are either coming off serious injuries or legal issues, of all these guys drafted how many will be healthy enough to play? Do we have some magic healing spa I didn't know about? Yes some of these players were ranked higher before they were injured, but Jerry couldn't wait to scoop them up. Yes he got two linemen on my list, but they are guards he drafted one tackle I read you Creighton but Angelo is HORRIBLE and I am very frustrated.

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