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Angelo says not all players will not be happy

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Sometimes players will not be happy with their contracts.

That’s what general manager Jerry Angelo said Tuesday.

He didn’t need to address Brian Urlacher specifically to get his point across when discussing the team’s goal of rewarding its own, including defensive tackle Tommie Harris, returner Devin Hester and kicker Robbie Gould.

``It is what it is,’’ Angelo said. ``Players have feelings. You’re not going to have one big happy family, it just doesn’t happen that way.’’

Angelo declined to discuss details of the individual players but the club has been peeved that Urlacher’s situation has gotten public and ugly as he’s turned down a one-year, $18 million extension with $5 million guaranteed.

``I just want you to know the way we do business is going to continue,’’ Angelo said. ``We don’t negotiate through the media.

``We will stay this course. We want to reward our own players. That’s our goal each and every year. We have a pretty good track record of doing that. We will always be mindful of that. Saying that, there are going to be times when we are not going to be accommodating. I’m not going to get into specifics about an individual player.’’

The Bears are expected to further explore contract possibilities with Hester this week as agent Eugene Parker is expected to come to town.

Check back soon when we explore all issues further, including the draft.

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Gosh thanks for the info Angelo, I didn't know that not all the players on the Bears would not be happy. I couldn't tell by all the sports headlines talking about unhappy Bear players this offseason.

WAH!! WAH!!! WAH!!!! I want my blankey!!!

While I admire your sarcasm, what did you expect Angelo to say today. "Gee, I think we'd be willing to trade a 1st and 2 3rds for a player like Clady. Also, we plan on drafting an offensive tackle at any price, it's that important to the survival of our franchise. then in the second round I think we'll take...." and "Brian Urlacher needs to shut his yap before we trade him for a mid 1st round pick, maybe with Detroit, we're exploring it but, we're not renegotiating a thing!!"

Smokescreens and false leads my friend. Angelo just know how to play the game of saying alot without saying anything anyone didn't already know.

Dave you have to put this post together with a couple of other posts. Like Angelo thinks McFadden is the most talented player in this draft. I already wrote it's obvious statment day, I am just getting a kick out of the draft day build up. I already know all about the smokescreens and the game. I like what Lewis did in Cin today. He said Chad Johnson is a man of his word, well we are not trading him so as a man of his word he should sit out the season. Angelo loves to play secret guy but it has never really helped him. He has a repetative 20 year history. I am never surprised at what he does or says.

there is different things you have to consider tommie harris is going to ask for way more money than tommy kelly which by stats tommie harris deserves it.but t.harris has had injuries so if i was to do a big contract i would make it a accentive laden deal.i think the same should be done with hester pay him as the best return man and he starts at reciever then he gets a bonus for playing time,receptions,touchdowns.robbie gould deserves a new contract he has basically been a pro bowl kicker twice.urlacher is the best linebacker in football,he makes the nfl millions every year.i believe the bears should extend him till 2014 but it should be accentive laden also.if he makes the probowl,5 int and 5 sacks,be the leading tackler,and playing time.

Who gives a crap if they're happy or not. If they don't produce get rid of them. See how happy they are then.

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