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Angelo: McFadden top player in the draft

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Would the Bears grab Arkansas running back Darren McFadden if he falls on Saturday?

Would they consider dealing up to grab him?

Consensus is the Bears will seek an offensive tackle, preferably someone who can play on the left side, with the 14th pick in the draft.

But general manager Jerry Angelo revealed today he believes McFadden is the best player in the draft. He also listed LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey and Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan as the top players available.

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Is it me or this the day of obvious statments made by Jerry Angelo. McFadden is really good so is Dorsey and Matt Ryan. Wow thanks for the info. Here let me help there all really good and none of them will be bears. If you look up you will see a sky, if you look down you will see the ground. I have teeth, most people have 2 eyes. Wow I can do it too. Jake Long has a contract with the Fins. The Dolphins pick first this year. It's 2008.

BRAD SAYS: I thought it was interesting to hear Angelo name McFadden given that he's been talked about possibly slipping in the round. This draft is interesting in that there has not been a consensus No. 1 guy, although Miami just inked Jake Long.

BRAD...the below player is listed at as rising in the draft. What is the possibility the Bears take Mendenhall or Stewart with their first pick, and take OT Collins in RD 2?

Kansas OT Anthony Collins
The mushroom club known as the OL coaches see a coachable prospect with upside that pure evaluators have more difficulty seeing. As a result, he is being discussed as a potential selection in the second round. Could struggle to earn respect from veterans and fit into a locker room.

I believe Stewart will be the best running back in this draft and will prove it over the next few years.

I am happy with a Bears first pick of in order of preference

Clady or Albert if available
Stewart or Mendenhall

We need the fullback from Virginia sometime during the draft.

And remember, Tony Sparano mentioned the player they were targeting as "the cornerstone of your defense for 10 years" just a few days ago, while they were negotiating with Jake Long! Nobody is tipping their hands now, and everybody is staying as vague as possible to keep doors open for trades up and down. Jerry is, if nothing else, astute at playing the game. If McFadden falls past 7, Dallas will be all over him.

This is by far the most entertaining week of press conferences of the year. Listening to how crafted, rehearsed, and generic the speeches are, and how members of the assembled media discern true strategy from the gibberish coming out of their mouths, truly makes draft week wildly entertaining...

Biggs is right that there is no consensus #1, and there are at least 5 different players listed at #1 if you roll down the draft boards of all 32 teams. you figure the following guys are all at or near the top:

Jake Long (the only guy who is going #1)--is he a LT or RT?
Chris Long--one scouting service said he received the highest grade they have ever given a defensive end coming out of college
Glenn Dorsey--could be Warren Sapp, could be Gerard Warren
Matt Ryan--Carson Palmer, or Jordan Palmer?
Darren McFadden--KiJana Carter, or Adrian Peterson?

Every team sees them differently. If Jerry can contribute to Dorsey, Ryan, and McFadden being viewed as the top guys, then maybe the guys he is looking for slip three more spaces so we have a better chance of getting them.

While I can't wait for Saturday, I like this part almost as much.

Brad I'm hearing rumors that McFadden could start slipping, ala Adrian Peterson in 2007. Wouldn't Angelo be crazy not to trade up to 7 with New England if McFadden drops that far? What would it take to move up 7 spots?

It's not like they would be moving to 2 or 3 into the big contract range either. I think he'll be more of a homerun hitting RB than Peterson, possibly the most explosive RB in the league right away.

I think unless the Bears trade up for McFadden or Matt Ryan, that they should drop down from 14 and take Gosder Cherilus while picking up some extra picks. There is NOBODY on that O-line right now for the Bears. Walter Payton in his prime would suck behind this current line. BIG PEOPLE FIRST!

Brad Mcfadden may slip, but not to 14. It is a very interesting draft though. It's difficult to see were any one player might be going. You know there will be a run at one position early on and with the 3rd round on day two now, teams draft stratigies will be different than what they have been in the past. I think Jake Long to Miami says a lot as to what is going to happen this year. A OT that is not the teams greatest need and not the best player in the draft going number one. That goes against Parcells past draft history but it is safe. I think this will set the draft up for what is to come. Safe conservative picks in rounds 1 and 2, risky picks on day 2 in round 3 and maybe 4. I personally think this alos sets up a run at OT early.

Here is what is gonna happen:

Much moaning and groaning out of Miami because all the TUNA could do was get Long. This will create a ripple effect -

Teams following Miami will not want to be like TUNA and put their tails between their legs and Wuss out like he did.
So all the skill (glamour) players will be selected:
McFadden, Ryan, Gholston, Ellis, even Cromartie and Rivers.

Albert and Williams and Otah will be available.
But our flamboyant Mr Angelo will show balls and select
And you know what? It will prove to be genius!
And if we could just get that fullback from Virginia it would be great!

I think Beyounce is hot too, but I have (or had) no chance of getting her either, so why is JA talking about McFadden??

I've remember reading during the college season that Angelo has been sited at Boston College games checking out Matt Ryan. As far as Glenn Dorsey, come on its Angelo if the player is a stud defensive player chances are Angelo knows a little something about him, and everyone in the country knows about McFadden. I don't know if it is official yet but Panthers DE Mike Rucker might retire, even if he does not the rumor alone might scare the Panthers into going with Florida DE Derrick Harvey at #13. So this means there is a better chance of Chris Williams being there at #14, or dare I say Ryan Clady GO BEARS!!

Here's the funny thing. Isn't there concern with McFadden having an attitude problem/character issues? Well, one thing to keep in mind is how will this guy co-exist with Benson? Benson wants to be the #1 guy. I'm sure McFadden feels the same way. And yes it may help one guy push the other, but this could cause a disruptive explosion in the backfield. Worse than TJ and CB.

The fullback is from WEST Virginia, not Virginia - there is a difference. Unbelievable.

Ben did you happen to see the line that Payton played behind when he first came into the league? WWWAAAYYY worse than the one we have now. Revie Sorey, Noah Jackson and Dan Jiggetts are not in the hall nor were they ever pro bowlers like just about everyone who started on our line last year. All but Garza had been to the pro bowl on several occasions in their career. Walter played with a bigger heart than these guys do nowadays. He worked hard to get better. Now, Benson I won't talk bad about anymore because he was supposed to be at a guy's house from the BEARS last Saturday to watch the fight on HBO and I would've felt bad if he showed because I've been downing the guy for a while. Next time I have the opportunity to meet him I won't feel bad like I would've. But I did meet Devin Hester, Mark Bradley, Garrett Wolf and Barely met Rickey Manning Jr. who was not very outgoing. Bradley on the other hand shook hands with everyone who walked in the door and found everyone to shake hands with on his way out the door. He was a CLASS ACT. Wolf is smaller than I thought he was. He's about my 14 year old son's size and my son is not very big. Now I'm going to root more for these guys and complain less.

JOE "Glenn Dorsey--could be Warren Sapp, could be Gerard Warren" Thats just mean man. You know what would really suck is he winds up on the Raiders with Warren.

MARLON Beyounce is single now I say go for it.

FAN55 what is with this fullback, guys over here are all worked up about a Fullback. We got enough good special team players, we don't need another one. The Bears offense doesn't use a fullback and there is no room at TE. The focus is on offense not special teams this draft. Why would you think Jake Long is a bad signing?? He is awsome, OT is a big need for them and they will probably go QB in round 2 either Flacco who fits Bill's system or Henne. It's a very solid first pick. Bill wouldn't have put up with Mcfadded, Dorsey has injury issues, and Ryan is just not as good as people think, Chris Long is real good but may have cost too much. Vern is a project. Parcells tends to be pretty good at finding Talent and putting teams together so I wouldn't worry about this pick. Smart move from a smart man.

TUNA portrays himself as the 2nd coming. Miami is a sick team with more needs than most. He should have traded down for 7 picks in the first 37 or something like that.
Many times in football you need a yard for a 1st down or TD. It requires a really tough guy to get that yard. Remember Deuce McAllister in the playoff game where he carried 8 guys on his back? Remember a guy named Csonka, or Riggins or even Da Fridge?
Plus he can block for the QB if a DL gets thru.
Angelo played up McFadden because he wants Stewart.

Sapp retired on the same day as Favre. I don't think he will be anywhere close to as bad as Gerard Warren, but I have my doubts to whether he can be as good as Sapp. I was more leaning on the name similarity than anything else....

William Donald, Dan Jiggetts?? Jigg's sat the bench, the 40 year old virgin saw more action than he did. The Bears OL wasn't that bad for Payton, sure they had no pro bowlers, but they were a blue collar group that did a decent job. Fred Miller and John Tait made a pro bowl?? Yeah, right!!

The fullback everyone is talking about is West Virginia's Owen Schmitt and I'd like to see the Bears select Schmitt as early as the 4th round. I think Schmitt would help the Bears running game with his hard nose blocking. Schmitt would be like a third guard and also be an asset as a power-formation ballcarrier for goal line and short yardage situations. I also just think Owen Schmitt was born to be a Bear with his throwback style, the fact he broke 10 facemask while at West Virginia, and also the scouts say Schmitt is a team first player. I just think he would help the Bears run game and bring some much needed attitude to the Bears offense. Owen Schmitt could come in his rookie season and be the blocking fullback that the Bears have been lacking for some time so come on Angelo use a 4th rounder on Schmitt GO BEARS!!

what is a runner going to do if you don't have a o-line?
people that know anything about football knows it starts with the line.there isn't a back in this draft that that would rack up yards behind our o-line not stewart,medenhyll,mcfadden, i hope they draft o-line with the first pick,maybe even the second,then take a runner in the third.owen schmitt would be a great selection because he can block,catch,and run short yardage.

Sorry to say Marlon but those guys went to the pro-bowl. And Jigs did play on several occasions. He was the only linemen in that CTA commercial that Vince Evans once had. (remember the one for the CTA pass?)His was one of the names I remembered because so many of them were no names to begin with. Walter had an awful line and no receivers. James Scott, Brian Baschnagel. Guys like that were compliments to Walter and he still ran for 1500 yards when everyone on defense was keying on him. Everyone forgets that Walter didn't get a line until the early eighties and he had no one blocking for him for his first 5 years. Look it up along with those pro bowl appearances by Miller, Brown Kreutz and Tait. Even though they might've gone with other teams. Once a pro-bowler you're always considered a former pro-bowler on that resume.

This is my plea to Jerry Angelo, please consider one of these two scenarios come draft day.
Scenario #1: With the #14 pick in the first round select Joe Flacco(qb Delaware). Mr. Flacco is 6'5 and according to NFL records, the last 22 superbowl were won by quarterbacks listed as 6'2 or taller. 77.3% of those superbowls were won by qbs listed 6'3 or taller. Rex Grossman is listed as 6'1. I rest my case. It may be tempting to trade down and draft him later, but don't risk it. A franchise quarterback is too valuable to pass up.
In the second round you address the opening at starting running back by drafting Ray Rice or Chris Johnson. After that, you can draft as many offensive lineman as you want.

Scenario #2: This scenario depends completely on McFadden slipping past Oakland and being available at the #5 pick, possessed by Kansas City. Before this happens, and if it happens, Angelo should be in contact with the Chiefs. What I would ask them is if the Cowboys called and offered you the #14(owned by the bears) and #22 picks in the first round for the Cheifs #5 pick overall, would you accept. Saving the Cheifs from a huge signing bonus for an offensive lineman and now giving them 3 first round picks, #14 #17 and #22. Once the Cheifs inform Angelo that they'd love to do that, he could then call the Cowboys and tell them that if McFadden slips past Oakland, that the Cheifs are willing to trade the #5 pick for the #14 and #22 pick in the first round. Jerry Jones would be exicted but soon realize he doesn't own the #14 pick. That's when Angelo offers Mr. Jones the #14 overall pick and Cedric Benson for Marian Barber III, a man currently unhappy with his contract.
The Cowboys end up with the coveted McFadden, get Benson as the tough yardage back, and hold onto their #28 pick in the first round.
The Cheifs end up with picks #14, #17, and #22 in the first round, avoid a big signing bonus, and have a better chance of filling their open spots.
The Bears end up with a franchise running back, a guaranteed improvement to their sub-par offense, and lose their first round pick. With Mr. Angelo's track record of finding starters in the 2nd to late rounds, i could see him liking this scenario.
I hope that anyone who knows Mr. Angelo or knows someone who knows him, passes these theories unto him, because I dearly want to see the Bears win the Superbowl this year and these were the best ideas I could come up with. By the way, both scenarios involve offering a contract to Chris Henry within a week of the draft ending, and possibly drafting Tom Zbikowski, the safety out of Notre Dame, in the 3rd or 4th round.

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