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Does Allen to Vikes spell Bears need to draft tackle?

| 31 Comments | No TrackBacks reports that Jared Allen to Minnesota is a done deal.

The Vikings’ defensive line can now be considered the best in the league as the club has the pass rusher it has long coveted. Talk about a productive offseason. The Vikes have added Allen and safety Madieu Williams on defense will inking wide receiver Bernard Berrian.

Allen can now team up with formidable tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams. His presence is going to make average cornerbacks better. It's a bold move and the details of the trade with Kansas City are not known yet, but it makes sense. Perfect sense.

Think the Bears need to draft an offensive tackle in the first round even more now?

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!@#$ wish list:
Da trades for Miami's Long. Parcells loves D
We could do Briggs or Lach and our first for Long and their 2nd.
So if Parcells thinks OT is the way to go who are the Bears to argue?? We need to go OT in the first as well.

who cares if they get allen. minn. had one of the worst secondaries in the league. all the bears have to do is get the ball out of the QB's hands as fast as possible with a short pass plays...pass 7 out of 8 plays and theyll never know when youre gonna run it. i know you probably dont think they would gain much yardage and they probably wont, but itll slow the game down keep the offense on the field and AP off the field. which i dont think AP will be such a big deal this season. i think the bears will shhut him down like they did LT last opening game. do you really thik they can beat us in the air? no way in H*LL. im predicting that mike brown will play the whole season this year and so will vasher and tilman. so i personally think we will be set this year in our secondary.

Oh man this bad, here is the thing, Vern is either going to be a Ram or a Raider, Long will probably be a Raider, Ryan will be a Falcon and Albert will be the Chiefs first pick if the Ends and Ryan are gone, they have the Vikes pick at 17 and that is when they will probably go after a DE. This class is deep at DE maybe Harvey if he is there at 17. Man it's insane between Oakland and KC you really can't figure out where the draft will go with those two.

I do not want Allen in the North unless he is a Bear, this sucks, that guy is a beast. It's a perfect test for whatever LT we get, they are going to have to deal with Allen 2 times and Freeney once, Peppers, Cole, Abraham, Vanden Bosch, Kampman or KGB twice, and a little guy named Mario Williams. Well at least by the End of the year we will know if the fourth or fifth best LT in this class is any good, that is if one falls to the Bears. Personally I think the Bears are gonna need some more QB's. Tait will be doing backflips if he does not have to play the left side this year. The Bears new LT will have to face the 3 of the best DE's in football 4 times plus a handful of real good ones. Nice, gonna be fun for the rookie. My guess is we will get the fifth best OT prospect in this class. Yep the Bears need a LT more than ever Biggs, I am sure a Rookie LT who was the fifth best prospect at his position is going to do real well against all those guys. What next the Pats trade Brady to the Vikings for next years first round pick?

Think the Bears need to draft an offensive tackle in the first round even more now?

No. The Drag Queens are another dome team who won't go to the big one. (The Colts are the exception here.) Where did they really go in the days when they had solid defenses with Keith Millard, Chris Doleman, and (safety) Joey Browner on them (not to mention when Wade Wilson and Anthony Carter were playing well on offense and they punched the 49ers' lights out in that '87 playoff game at Candlestick)?

This doesn't mean the Bears aren't in big trouble for the fall, but they are what they are, cheap and incompetent. The city deserves so much better.

I think we should go OL with our first 3 picks. We could easily replace Miller, Garza, and Ruben with rookies. Garza should be a backup. We should also pick up a guard in the 7th. With the other picks, I disagree vehemently with getting another wideout. We have 6, that's plenty. We need a 3rd QB with our second pick in the 3rd round. We're loaded at DL (Dusty is a strength) and LB, and pretty good in the secondary. We need a back to push Benson, and we need a FB type.

Well, looks like they're going to crush our offense. But with Tarvaris Jackson driving their offensive car, our D should do the same. Don't worry too much about THE OTHER Adrian Peterson, the secret's out. Teams can plan for him and stop him. Expect Bears v. Vikes next season to be all about the defenses. Ooh, and special teams too. I'll tell you, it's going to be killa next season. BBQ anyone?

Randy it would take our first and second and next years first to get that trade probably more. Bill has no use for Briggs or Lach in a 3-4.

NFL network reports they give up their #1 and two third rounder. I think thats too much for a probowler with only nine sacks but now K.C.s loaded with picks in a deepdraft and have many of the same needs the bears have.

BRAD SAYS: Allen led the league with 15 1/2 sacks last season.

When Rick Spielman worked for the bears we had big tackles like Washington and Trailer who stuffed the run and kept blockers off Urlacher. Now Minnesota has big strong players across both the defense and offensive lines. Minnesota's tackles often swallow up players like the smaller Olin Kreunts especially by the fourth quarter were his superior leverage and strength start to give out. This year will show If its better to have big maulers or quicker finesse cover two guys. I'm afraid of a third place finish behind Minnisota and Green bay and if Detroit had'nt got ride of martz we would be last. we're two years away at least becouse of all our offensive needs and I predict we'll be looking to make changes after another losing year where our offense could'nt keep our defense off the feild till they wore down.Is it too early to suggest Steve Mariucci to the new regime maybe with Jimmy Jones as G.M.

"Talk about a productive offseason."

What about Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd?

Now that's a productive offseason!

This is a huge move for the Vikes, and should drastically improve their D line performance. This tells me that we need to consider our first pick to be our new Right tackle, and let Tait play the left for one more year while we see what the kid can do. I think we should look at moving back for Cherilus, who I believe is the only one that will be available at 14 or later that is capable of coming in and playing against Aaron Kampmann and Julius Peppers and not being abused so badly they call child services...If either Chris Williams or Clady is there at 14, you make the pick, but if it is Otah, you trade back for Cherilus. Orton, Grossman, and whoever is the third guy are going to need better insurance either way, so the running game, screen game, and Hester threats have to be very real for the defense to slow down the pass rush.

The Vikes just solved their biggest problem on defense. They had to give up a lot to do it, but they can draft CBs and safeties now and not worry about anything other than that portion of their defense. If they get anything out of their LE, it is gravy. The 2 Williams DTs and Jared Allen? Not liking that at all. I think we should stay in 2 tight end formation the entire game against them to help on the edges and give the QB some checkdown targets...

As expected, this turns up the heat on everyone in the NFC North, so Jerry should be sweating a bit more....

Urlacher for Chad Johnson anyone???

Guys I really doubt the Bears will draft 3 Olinemen with there first pick and then start them. Not many teams would think it a good idea to start three rookies on the line. That woould be suicidal. Angelo wants 4 starters out of his forst 4 picks but not all will be oline. My guess is 2 oline 1 wr and 1 rb. Maybe a QB if the right one is there.

last i checked the new york football giants have the best d line in the league. please lets get our facts straight. BEARS!

Please, trade Urlacher for Chad Johnson and watch your faint hopes for a winning season flicker out and die Bears fans.

Come on Biggs, anyone with half of a brain knows that regardless who goes to the Vikings the Bears MUST spend a high pick on an OT.

With all the talk about moving up and moving back, I just wanted to throw this in. Either Chris Williams or Rashard Mendenhall should be available with the #14 selection. If the Bears are going to move up in the first round, it will be to get Ryan Clady. But why risk so much in the first round when moving up in the 2nd-round is much cheaper? LT Sam Baker - a stud and 4-year starter at USC - will be available early in the 2nd round. Chicago could easily move up then and not have to mortgage their draft. Consider moving up 7 spots in the 1st round would cost Chicago their 2nd round pick (where several values can be found at RB and WR). Moving up seven spots in the 2nd round would cost only a 4th round selection.

My predictions:
1 - R. Mendenhall ILL
2 - S. Baker USC

1 - C. Williams VANDY
2 - E. Doucet LSU

If Mendenhall is available...and they take a pass...It'll feel like drafting Benson all over again...who should be cut June 1st

Sorry..but the drop off from Mendenhall to any other RB.. is the "falling off the cliff" Captain no balls is talking about...I like Stewart, too...but he doesn't have the burst...and McFadden couldn't run thru my sister

There is only one RB in this draft that is the complete package...and if ya wanna dispute that....maybe soccer is more your speed...

I'm gearing up for the disappointment

Besides a great left tackle, the Bears need a back that can block, as well as, run. Remember McMahon's 2 TD passes against Minnesota where Payton blocked the rusher. Had Benson been there McMahon would have been creamed. We need a back that is not afraid to block someone.

I can't wait for Angelo to try and explain how this team is going to compete. Being a Bears homer, I always think they will win every game but I have to admit....

The Vikings are getting serious.

They have to be the favorites to win the division right now.

You BETTER do something good this weekend Angelo!


DONT think ever to trade Urlacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My draft opinion! And its so easy, even for Angelo!!

Option A
1st Mendenhall
2nd OL (Cherilious/Baker/Nicks/Collins/Rachal)
3rd Best athletes availables (WR/QB/DT/OL)

Option B
1st OL (williams, clady, albert, otah)
2nd (a)Flacco (b)Playmaker (RB/WR)
3rd Best athletes availables (WR/QB/DT/OL)

urlacher for johnson does'nt make sense to me at all. If were going to win it will be with our defense and we would be trading crybabys. I originaly considered Hester for johnson becouse of superior tochdown tally but have changed my mind becouse hester is a better teammate and those who say we don't need chads selfish antics are probably right. . bengals rejected washingtons offer for picks so I guess johnson to the bears will not happen either, but I like hardy from indiana or limas sweed if they fall to one of our third picks. Both have nice size and should be better than loydd. Also thank you for straightening me out on allens sack total.

Biggsy, what I love best is that the Vikings made him the highest paid defensive player in league history. Big mistake, Vikes. That's going to set their franchise back a couple years and leave them in financial peril. Plus, it doesn't matter how good a defense or a running game they have, we Chicagoans know first hand that you can only go so far with a bad quarterback.

If there are any of the remaining top linemen(Clady,Albert,Williams or Otah)left at our selection we must draft them.We cannot wait until the 2nd round when it then becomes a crap shoot as to who may be available and how significantly does the quality drop.Quality LTs are hard to find in the later rounds where RBs and WRs have a better success rate in the lower rounds.
Two of our first four selections should be designated to our offensive line.And then add another further on in the draft.

Allen or not, the Bears need an offensive lineman.

And more and more, I'm liking Williams. The only reason this guy is dropping is because he doesn't have a "nasty demeanor."

So what?

He's arguably the most polished left tackle, and I tend to like guys falling for stupid reasons than guys on the rise because of workouts.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe that the guys falling tend to have better careers than the risers.

My vote is Chris Williams, followed by otah or Albert if available.

Idc Williams was considered a mid second round pick pre senior bowl and combine. So he is another one of those risers you hate.

And the consensus on him is that he may be the best pure left tackle in the draft, Clady and Long included.

He's been pretty much entrentched in the mid-first for several months. Not like these guys who suddenly move up after personal workouts and because people fall in love with there "potential"

Idc what are you talking about, consensus?? Everyone knows Clady is considered the #1 pure LT in the draft. If Williams was number one he would have been the first pick. Heck at the Senior Bowl they played him at RT most of the time. Why do you think Parcells took long who has been considered the #1 OT in the class for a year. Why do you think Albert and Clady are both rated by almost every scout and GM as better than Williams as LT prospects. Cause he is so great. Do you even know what your saying. Cmon this joke Williams is now the Best LT prospect in the class, hahahaha. Even Otah grades out better as a future LT because of his upside. I have not seen a single person say Williams is the best LT or OT. Dude if Williams was the Best LT he would have been the first pick. Have you ever seen him play against a power end, they rip him apart. Show me all these scouts GM's and draft sights that have him rated number one at LT, if he is the number one LT then his the number one OT. You do know that RT is not as valuable as LT and Williams is projected to be the 5th linman taken. So he is the best LT but everyone would rather have four RT and convert them to LT instead of him?? Dude it Goes Long, Clady, Albert, and then Williams and Otah. Best LT yeah right that is funny. The only thing Williams will do well is play LG in a zone next year.

All i have to say is Left tackle with the 1st pick.Jay Marriotti said to take mendenhall or stewart a RB with the first pick but i disaggree.We could get a good tackle this year .Next years OTKL"S will not be half as good.

I said may.

And I said left tackle.

The facts are, Otah and Albert are both very raw in terms of technique. They have "upside," but as of now, Williams is more NFL ready and has played the position more. Every scouting report suggests that. And if any two project to a different positoin other than LT, it's those two.

Clady is dropping. Why? He's not very bright -- poor wonderlic test.

Williams, meanwhile, has a ton of experience in a passing offense, has a good frame and is very athletic. He's a lot like Tait.

Based on what I've seen and read, I feel that Williams is the best LT of the lot, and if they want a LT, that's the way they should go.

If they want a player who they can plug anywhere should they fail at LT, but one with "potential," they should go with Otah or Albert.

I would have no problem with any of those three.

I really don't like Clady. Small school, small brain.

Then again, you are all about Mendenhall, just like Mariotti, so what difference does it make.

has anyone watched film ? the reason Rex and any other bears quaterback was sacked so many time last year was because Tait has lost the mobility to play LT. we draft williams 1st and then Stewart in the 2nd, he blocks well and can challange Benson.

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