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UPDATED 11:43: After the wait ... Bears deal down again

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The Bears are on the move again.

The proud owners of five seventh-round draft picks already, the Bears dealt the No. 115 pick overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a move up into the fifth round basically.

Tampa gets No. 115 and No. 175 (sixth round) from the Bears.

The Bears receive No. 120 and No. 153 (fifth round).

Eventually, they will pick again.

The Bucs used the pick to grab Dre Moore, a defensive tackle from Maryland.

Remaining needs are at guard, safety, quarterback and maybe a cornerback as need areas. The Bears also need to find a blocking tight end to compete with Fontel Mines for the third spot on the roster. They could target LSU's Keith Zinger in the late rounds.

Check back for more soon.


Oops. The Bears misreported the deal.

They receive No. 120 and No. 158 from the Bucs, not 120 and 153.

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It looks like the Bears are content with one of two or three QBs and they keep rolling the dice that at least one will still be there a few picks from now. Hope they don't get burned!

That's a good job moving from #175 in Round 6 to #158 in Round 5.

this tells me that we're never going to draft a ever.

on the bright side, its pretty cool we can pick up an all american with the 120th pick. this sures up our secondary. i think fans should feel pretty good about our least as good as well did coming into last year w/ all the weapons we'll have.

This is starting to turn into franchise mode on Madden...all you can get from other teams is 7th round picks, and they don't end up helping you out.

I know this is with the benefit of hindsight, but in a perfect world (luckily Jerry Angelo has Walgreen's) the Bears draft could have looked like this:

Rashard Mendenhall
Anthony Collins
Andre Caldwell
Carl Nicks

Boy Jerry what a dealer you are you have cornered the seventh round congrats. DIMWIT!!!

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