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UPDATED: WR Johnson meets Buffalo media, no deal in place

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The Bills rolled out wide receiver Bryant Johnson in front of media in Buffalo, but as the Buffalo News’ Mark Gaughan notes, it’s not in front of the team banner. So no deal is in place yet.

Buffalo is the first visit Johnson has made, and while the Bears have discussed the possibility of bringing him to Halas Hall, nothing is finalized. Johnson, a former first-round pick of the Cardinals, was sometimes lost in the shadows of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin in Arizona.

As Gaughan accurately points out, that doesn’t mean he’s going to come for cheap.

UPDATED: reports Johnson has a free-agent visit lined up to Washington. Insiders say Tampa Bay could be involved also.

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If this fella is both young and prosperous and productive, I pray that we in fact do sign him because Lord knows we need someone to be a passing threat.

Absolutely sign this guy. He is a bigger faster Moose without the B2 price tag!

Look guy' can't throw the ball if the quarterback is runing for his life. This kid is out there along with Marty Booker. We need the big guys's up front. We alson need a safety. Tom Zibakowski from ND will be there as well. You look at our defense when Mike Brown was back there....TZ is 10 times what Mike Brown was.......

Bryant Johnson is a young, physically talented wide receiver which the Bears do need badly. While most experts think he isn't a first or second wide receiver, he did play behind two #1's in Arizona. Essentially, he would provide depth and some production. If the Bears don't sign a free agent wr, their core will be worse then last year when they placed in the top 5 teams for dropped passes.

With the loss of Bernard Berrian I think the Bears need to land a veteran receiver, the Bears cannot go into the season with only Mark Bradley who has been terribly injury prone. Bradley did look like he had great potential his rookie year but you are taking a chance going with a guy on just potential. There is no doubt super Devin Hester is hands down the best return man in the league but Hester is not ready to be a every down receiver, give me a break Hester has only played the position one season even at Miami Hester was only a part time receiver. This is professional football to compete the players have to know what they are doing. Even if the Bears draft a receiver that player will realistically not contribute till his second year. I think the Bears should make a move on Bryant Johnson, no I'm not saying Johnson will be a pro bowler but the Bears need some kind of experience at receiver. But don't get me wrong I do also think the Bears should draft a receiver. The Bears have a chance to get a steal in Aprils draft in Michigans Mario Mannigham who had a bad combine with a slow 40 time, I say forget the 40 time and take super Mario because this guy is the real deal. Mannigham set a record at Michigan with 7 straight 100yd receiving games that is saying something at Michigan they have put out some good receivers I say take him in the 2nd rd oh well just a thought GO BEARS!!

Johnson is an interesting player.I couldnt see the Bears offer this guy a 6 year deal being that he has not proven himself yet.His best season is when he had 740 yards, 4 TDs, and AVG 18 yards a catch.Arizona is a very Pass Happy Team.Im not sure if he will be a fit in Ron Turners offence.Not to sure if Ron Turner knows what WR would be a fit in his system.They need a smart,savey,sure handed vet.Mentor type for Bradly and Hester.

Tom Zibakowski is ten times what mike brown was? Give me a break. The kid is going to be a special teams gunner and nothing else. I love it that every white defensive player from Notre Dame is so blindly hyped by all their fans. Mike Brown was a great player for the bears. He has been unlucky with injuries. I know Mike Brown, and you sir the great Zibakowski are no Mike Brown. Moron

I hope that they sign at least one vetern on offense, if not two. The only reason is that you can not build an offense on draft day and you can not sign free agents to do it either. There is too much riding on this draft if we think we can land 2 linemen, a running back, a reciever and a QB for the future! I'd like to see Bryant as well...even Marty Booker or Warrick Dunn. Not to be the future but to take the pressure off this draft so that Angelo can take the best offensive player available. Berrian wasn't worth the money he wound up with in Minny but he was the most sought after FA reciever so that says something.

Good players look good on good teams and good players look bad on bad teams...think Jeff Garcia and Randy Moss. Chicago was a bad team last year and it likely started with a lack of intensity at the coaching level...too many vetern days off and too much entitlement. This year, all players will have to earn their spot and the coaches have to prove they belong in the NFL...we'll see a Bear team that will rebound in a big way.

Bryant has got to be just as good if not better that most of the 2008 WR class. The link above states Tampa Bay is expected to be his next stop, let's hope it's in Chicago. Although only 46 catches last year, just think what he could do if used as a featured receiver instead of an after-thought 3rd option.

The Bears should make a move and try to land Johnson, its seems to me like the franchise has backed itself into a corner with this one. We need a no.1 receiver, I just don't believe thats Bradley or Hester yet, they both have great talent, just not as a first reciever type,right now. But more than that I'm just angry at management, you don't have to bring a bunch of guys in here and spend a butt load of cash. I'd feel better they would just make an ATTEMPT to bring a couple guys in here to fill some of these gaping holes we have at WR and OL. Its doubtful we can fill all those positions through the draft. Our window for success is getting smaller, age is always a factor, we don't have a lot years to wait around for young players to develope.

Can someone tell me why Da Bears arent spending any money?Why arent they signing an OT or a WR or a DT or RB somthing?

Could the Bears at least act as though they're interested in addressing SOMETHING on the offensive side of the ball? We have needs at wide out (at least 1 veteran), tackle, guard, running back, and a 3rd string QB. I know we will address some of these needs through the draft, but given Angelo's draft record on offense, I'd feel a whole lot better if there was at least some discussion about the Bears making a move on offense (other than trading Greise) through free agency. We simply can't trade back in the draft and accumulate enough picks to adequately address every need on offense. Do something NOW Jerry Angelo, or do nothing next year when the Bears SHOULD show you the door for being inept in creating a competetive offense.

I wish Chicago fans would stop sounding so desperate we are talking about a reciever with 46 catches, 46 and now the price is hiked up for 46 receptions come on get real. The only difference between him and the ones we got are about 20+ catches but we are supposed to give him #1 money, thats why fans don't have the purse strings. Once again vetrerans like you had last tear with no seperation and no hands what is the freakin difference it's addition by subtraction. Just because you are a F/A doesn't mean you are worth it.Ohio the corner was there for two years, IT ISN'T NEW they did not have a #1 last year. What is wrong with you people are you blind, it wasn't just the QB's and the OL it was those can't get open can't catch over the hill and over-rated recievers that Lovie stuck with no matter what hoping against hope they would catch or run a blasted route or make themselves availible when the QB is in trouble instead of quitting on the route, weren't you watching the games? those pair were terrible and them not being here just made us better. Some rookies and players with something to prove will be better than that crap last year.

Berrian was an exceptional no.2 at best. we still have no one who will fight for a jump ball besides g-reg, no one on our roster now can even catch the ball if it doesn't hit them in the numbers. Bryant and Booker with some draft picks and Hester and Bradley would be pretty good. Rex is ALOT better than what people say, if we got those two guys our offense would be top notch even with our average running game.

and don't knock mike brown, that guy is as good or better than urlacher when he's healthy. maybe he can pull a grant hill and help us for a full season this year

and lets see how productive BB will be up there with tavares at qb. he might not have another highlight the rest of his career.

Angelo, get off your hands, and help fill at least ONE of the MANY holes, via free agency, that the team has! O-line, DT help, WR, QB, RB, Safety. Brant Johnson would be a great fit, and there doesn't look to be much left out there to pick up in free agency who can be a starter for the Bears. Sign him!

My biggest concern for the offense, and the team for that matter, is Cedric Benson. He is a cancer to the team. Call me crazy, but it seems as if he just played (or practiced) hard enough to get paid, and now he's ready to retire and just be happy with the millions he collected in the NFL. Not too bad for not having a college degree, huh? Cut him. He's bringing the team down. Oh yeah, don't ever draft a Texas running back with dreads again.

LOL..Yea I second that..B-Twice career is over he just doesn't know it yet.I'm looking forward too the next Bears-VikQueens game.Vasher/Tillman are gonna make him regret ever accepting a contract with-in the division.

Billy what planet do you live on.I luv the way Mike Brown play.As a matter of fact I would say that when he's healthy Brown is a top 10 Safety in the League but in no way is he a better player than Urlacher.
Who would you rather lose Urlacher or Brown???I rest my case

1. Protect the QB.
2. Run the ball.
3. Keep the Defense off the field.

Follow these three rules and you win. Ask Da Coach. To protect you need linemen that can pass block. To run the ball you need linemen that can run block. This team needs to make the O-line a HUGE priority NOW. It's 5 positions. You have to treat it that way in the draft, in FA and on your roster. The Bears have a total of about 3 linemen that can play and they need at least 7 or 8. Time to get busy. By the way, if you run the ball and protect the play action game will work great and the defense will be well rested and much better too. This is not rocket science, Jerry. Get busy please.

Mike Brown is better than Brian Urlacher because he is the real enforcer of the defense. anyone who knows anything about football knows that the only thing that matters on a defense is breaking the will of the offense. B-Lachs is awesome, don't get me wrong, but Mike Brown is by far the hardest hitter and smartest on the field. Every year that he goes out our defense declines from top tier to a bunch of wannabees. Remember the super bowl season? when did everything start to get shaky? right after mike brown left in the arizona game. the defense survived pretty much on reputation after that. they couldn't stop the run more than a quarter at a time. why did they suck this year? no mike brown (or al brown). period.

looks like were packin it in already! there arent anymore moves to be made we had a chance to make a positive impact and laid an egg. Im a bears fanatic it's going to be hard to watch em get beat down all season. But we have BRIGGS! What a joke

relax....Buffalo signing any WR is a good thing for the Bears. This could allow the number 1 WR in the draft,Malcolm Kelly to drop in the Bears lap. He is a gamer! It is also a deep RB draft.....and free agency is not over. Although the O line is the big concern,it does not mean the Bears could pass up a windfall like Kelly.

I had to check and see where I was I thought this topic was wide recievers, but billy is talking Mike Brown. Billy are you lost? And we also have this band wagon fan Anonymous back with his two cents. Once again Anon who cares go put on your purple jersey and allow real fans on this blog. Kevo it will be alright let the fools overspend on back-ups and has beens there is a draft and there will be more experienced players albeit so-called second tier but actually they are all second tier or too expensive or they would still be on the teams they came from.

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