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Winners have track record of frugal ways in March

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There has been enough venting in comments posted on here to last a car ride from Halas Hall to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and back.

The Bears are cheap and they never spend any money. Just look at what’s left to do for an offense in need of a tackle, guard, running back, receiver and, oh yeah, quarterback. (Those needs, by the way, are in no particular order of priority).

The club brought back linebacker Lance Briggs at its price, got out of the bidding for wide receiver Bernard Berrian when the money escalated far above what it was willing to pay. And then waited. While some rank-and-file offensive linemen signed elsewhere, the Bears stood pat. Then, they brought back Marty Booker for essentially the money they had earmarked for fellow receiver Muhsin Muhammad before he was released. And they added another receiver in Brandon Lloyd for the minimum-salary benefit. If he goes bonkers on the sidelines as he once did in Washington, he’s gone.

What’s left in terms of needs will be filled mostly through the draft.

And to read Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, that’s not such a bad thing.

As Goose points out, the last three Super Bowl winners—the New York Giants, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh—sat on their wallets in the free agency period leading in to their championship seasons. Free agency isn’t what it once was, and this class in particular was not loaded with difference makers. When you’re paying top dollar for rank-and-file players, a term general manager Jerry Angelo likes to use, you’re overspending.

Sure, the test will be for the Bears to hit with some players in this draft, but chasing after some average linemen in free agency with the McCaskeys’ checkbook probably would have been a mistake. Now, could the Bears have used wide receiver Bryant Johnson? Could they have signed him to a modest deal? Yes and yes. But Angelo has a thing for not wanting young players to be suffocated by veterans. Devin Hester needs an opportunity. Mark Bradley needs one as well. I’d make the case Bradley is no longer young, that he’s a player with an injury history. But Angelo is making the calls.

Here’s one other point to consider in free agency. Don’t the contracts cornerbacks Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman received last summer look pretty good right now?

Both would have been in this free-agent class (provided the franchise tag wasn’t used on one) and the Bears got them done with good contracts before last season. Tillman got $38 million in new money with a six-year extension. Vasher’s five-year deal totaled $28 million in new money and he’ll have pocketed more than half of it by the end of this coming season.

DeAngelo Hall landed $66.28 million in a seven-year deal from Oakland after being traded from Atlanta. Marcus Trufant just signed in Seattle for $50.2 million over six years. The Eagles brought Asante Samuel into the nest for $57.14 million. You can make a case these three players are a notch above Tillman and Vasher. There's a steep difference in pay, though.

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Are you kidding me Biggs. You're trying to compare the Bears not spending money to the Colts, Pitt and Giants!? Let's see...the Colts had Peyton Manning, Pitt Ben Rothlisberger and NY Eli Manning at QB. Indy had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne at WR, Steelers had Hines Ward and the Giants Plaxico Burress. Colts were sitting on a proven line (Saturday, Scott, etc..), the Giants offensive linemen were entering their primes and the Steelers were an experienced group led by Alan Faneca (who should be a Bear!). Those three teams didn't have half the holes the Bears do this offseason. Face it, the Bears stunk in free agency. You must need information pretty badly to post this crap and kiss the butt of your "sources" at Halas Hall. Give me a break.

Overall, I have to agree with Biggs on this one. Although I would have liked to see the Bears sign at least one free-agent lineman to add to the mix, seriously how much better are the free-agent lineman than what the Bears have in Beekman, Oakley and/or Reed, or the potential lineman in the draft? One team's prize is just another team's garbage. Besides, it's time the Bears address this position for the long-term and develop their own, not band-ads like Rubin Brown and Fred Miller, or the other free-agent lineman.

The Bears could have kept both Berrian and Briggs if Angelo had used the Franchise tag on Berrian. Unless Berrian regresses in Minnesota, this could be a very big mistake in Angelo's resume. Not only did he let his deep threat get away, but he went to a division rival who already has a runningback the Bears could have had themselves.

And I'm in agreement with Shawn. The Bears are not in the same position that the Colts, Steelers and Giants were last year. You can not compare them.

I can't compare the Bears to those teams. First of all the Colts, Steelers, & Giants have playmakers. The Bears have fakers. The only threat the Bears have on offense is Hester who I think will develop as a solid WR, but we need that production this year. I'm glad to Bears landed Tillman & Vasher and that was huge. But I applaud Tillman and Vasher for committing to the Bears and not the other way around. That being said the Bears have money to spend...

-2 holes in o-line
-Arian Peterson should be the starter at RB at this point
-Marty Booker is currently #1 who played with Dolphis last year
-And QB.....well..

While I'm glad the Bears didn't overspend for some of these ridiculous free agents I have to question the Bears not pursuing Turner & Faneca. In no way do I think a crop of rookies is going to make this offense function NOW (2008). That being said....the season doesn't start tomorrow and I hold out hope the Bears will make a trade for the offensive threat(s) this offense so badly needs.

Franchise tag Berrian? What for? He's just a guy. Best thing that could have happened is have a division rival way overspend for him, and that's exactly what happened. Not that he's garbage, but at that pricetag? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The only thing I would disagree with is that we are jettisoning key starters and not replacing them with comparable players. Fred Miller, Ruben Brown, Bernard Berrian all are gone with either aging, average, or unproven players left in their stead. It is certainly no secret that you cannot build your team through free agency, and this was a pretty weak year for free agents. But instead of spending the Muhammed money on Marty Booker, why not bring in Jake Scott or Jacob Bell and get a good young guard to replace Ruben Brown? I just question the commitment to the strategy they are preaching. If we can fill our holes through the draft, then Jerry looks like a genius. If he can't, it all blows up in his face. Indianapolis, New York, and Pittsburgh were all established, veteran teams, and most were only replacing 1 starter, maybe 2 in an offseason. We need the following:

>>LT/RT, depending on where Tait lines up in 2008
>>LG--Ruben Brown is gone, Metcalf is marginal--this could be filled by St. Clair or Beekman
>>RB--Benson's ankle is either not getting better or getting better, but we need more explosiveness at the position, and Garrett Wolfe is not that guy, nor is Adrian Peterson. Granted, we fix the line, and the running game gets better, and Benson/AP/Wolfe are much more productive
>>SS--Mike Brown is a question mark (again), Archuleta is nothing more than a special teamer at this point, Payne is unproven, and McGowan is average
>>WR--Marty Booker, Brandon Lloyd, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester? I think even Kansas City would say no thanks to that group
>>QB--Rex Grossman is a known quantity (and not a very good one), Orton is an unknown quantity...nothing after that

This does not account for the improvement we need to make in our depth at several positions (DT, LB, OL,a 3rd TE, S)
Can we get all of this in the draft this year? Most likely not, but we don't need all of it this year. Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd can be viewed as stopgaps while we develop Hester, Bradley, and a draft pick. If we improve our line play, Benson, Wolfe, Peterson, Grossman and/or Orton will all look better. We have a championship caliber defense if we can stay healthy, and all we need is a middle of the pack offense to be contenders.

Part of me wonders whether we have a clear idea of what we are looking for in skill position players on offense. On defense, we have a clear strategy, and a profile by position of what we are looking for. You look at our draft choices and roster players on offense, and there is a melting pot of skill sets and types of player at all positions.

>>Grossman, Orton, and Griese have almost no similar traits (other than all of them seemed pretty adept at taking sacks). >>Benson, Peterson, and Wolfe all were not speed guys, and only Wolfe is shifty in the open field.
>>Tait is a finesse blocker, but Miller on the other side was a mauler type. Garza is finesse (not very good at it though), Ruben Brown was a mauler, and Kreutz seems to be a mix of the two styles.

At WR and TE, you need variety in your player mix, to make defenses defend the entire field, but without a line to block, or a QB to throw, they don't matter.

The Steelers are a running team. The Colts are a passing team with a strong running game that works off the pass. The Giants are a ball control offense (run, TE, then WR). What are we? I don't feel like we know, and part of that is the patchwork of players we have. We draft a solid LT, and get some younger players at G to step up, and all of a sudden, we look a lot more dangerous because we can run and pass block, and the field opens up. When our QB stays upright, he can find the open man. If our WRs are slow, giving the QB time to throw will allow them to get open. If we can throw, our running game opens up. If we can run, the play action game opens up. Then we have an identity as an offense. We need an identity as a balanced offense, not as a team that gets off the bus running the ball. All that does is bring the defense up into the box, and let them blitz us until the cows come home. And we saw how well that worked in 2007.

The Bears' reputation of being cheap is well earned, dating back to the days of the late George Halas. Just ask Ditka, who related that "Halas threw quarters around like they were manhole covers." Apparently, Virginia is one apple that didn't fall far away from the tree.

Who could forget when they let Wilbur Marshall go because they didn't want to pay him? That was one of the moves that rendered the '85 Bears a "one year wonder."

Historically, the Bears are terrible in free agency. Most of the free agents they brought were busts or on the down hill of their career. The reasons are: Inability to evaluate talents and unwillingness to spend money on top talents. Every Bears player that amounted to anything came from the draft.

The Bears got lucky this off-season with Briggs and Booker, both of whom practically fell into their laps. Briggs because most teams with linebacker need are going to a 3-4 defense and he has no pass rushing skills. Booker because the Dolphins released him and he wanted to be back in Chicago. They'd better hope for the same luck in the draft.

I would have to agree that the Bears are not like the Steelers, Colts, and Giants. But I also would have to mention that I did not see any free agents that were of some worth that wanted to come to Chicago and play. Lets face it!! The Bears were not in the running for Randy Moss or Dante Stallworth. Berrian stated that he wanted to stay here and stated that it was not about the money but admitted that he signed his contract with Minnesota because of the gauranteed money which lets you know it was about the money. I don't find a fault with players wanting to be paid their worth but let keep it real what has Berrian shown in the past three years that says that he is worth that kind of money. To be honest, he had a much better season last year and kind of fluffed a couple of big plays which would have made the Bears offer him more gauranteed money. The point being is that the Bears need to develop some quality recievers and see them blossom and that starts with upgrading the Offensive line, stablilizing are running back, and bring talent at reciever not just speed guys but guys who can run routes.

Biggs its nice to see you pitch in your 2 cents.I always enioy your post and this one has to be my favorites.
I have been a supporter of Jerry Angelo.He has done alot with this team.The Post Ditka area, words cant even discribe what us the fans had to go through.Jerry cleaned up the mess and has prodused a championship defense.Signing his own is a good philosophy.I know his drafting has been shaky on the offensive side of the ball.Jerry's talent and scouting is one sided but it has worked for him.His track record says this draft can be one big bust,But I have confident that Jerry and his boys have put in overtime to make this draft the future of the offence.

On another note.I have been listening to Movin' the Chains on Sirius Radio, and sources have been saying Matt Ryan has been moving down the board, So much down the board that they believe he will be there at #14. Angelo seemed to be interested in Boston College linemen.Could Matt Ryan fall just like Arron Rogers did back when the Pack picked him up in the mid first round?That would be interesting.Is he thinking Draft Ryan pick up a OT in the second and Gaurd & and a RB in the 3rd,another OT in the 4th,Safty in the 5th, DT in the 6th and maybe a WR in the 7th.
Speculation yes, interestin yes , Im a right probably not.

Brad, you're better than this. Maybe you're intentionally trying to be provocative?

First, I think you'd be hard pressed to make the case that Faneca is "average." I'm NOT saying the Bears should have landed him, but it's undeniable that he's a more proven commodity than anyone the Bears will draft this year for OL.

No doubt Berrian wasn't worth what the VikeDragQueens paid to get him, but he could have been franchised and given a long-term deal later, as happened with Briggs. Now we've got Booger, the volatile Lloyd, Bradley (who'll probably be on IR with Dusty Dvoracek and Mike Brown by mid-season), and Hester who's still learning routes and where to line up, and whose mentor Muhammad is now gone.

For everyone here who thinks this has been a great offseason, and Angelo is a "special" oracle (kind of like his "special" back Benson), fine. You can just keep singing that line, but the regular season has to arrive and the proof will be in the puddin' of the win-loss column. If you really think we're just like the Steelers, Colts, and Giants and headed to Super Bowl XLIII next January, I've got a number of bridges (and--now that we're at it--a couple of electrical substations I don't quite own either) to sell you. As P.T. Barnum said, there really is a sucker born every minute.

People keep talking about the line being improving the line, if we improve the line other players will get better. 05-07 the Bears had one of the Best Olines in football, Benson could not beat out Jones, Rex had six good games and the rest where brutal, our passing game was horrible with a good line, and Orton, Rex, and Griese all looked the same which was really bad.

When Angelo got here he focused on the D and used free agency to build the Offense. He knew he had a special D so he focused on it. He has always been bad when it comes to drafting offense. Sense the Bears had such a good defense they patchworked the offense with free agents so they could make a quick push for the playoffs with a team they built that they new had no foundation on offense and would eventually colapse. Which it did last year.

The reason the Bears are bad is because of the way the built there team. They did an all or nothing move and it almost worked. But with out a foundation the offense colapsed and the defense is starting to age and show signs of breaking down.

I am not mad at Angelo because he didn't grab over priced free agents or because the agenst he grabed where cheap and not very good.

Angelo does not like to put pressure on the rookies, thats fine but it backfired with Rex and Benson. Niether of whom can handle presure.

I also don't like Angelo because instead of trying to build a balanced team he went for broke and now the team is a wreck. Now Biggs, the Bears, Lovie and Angelo expect me to believe they are going to fix this team with one draft and that there are no real problems. The entire oline needs to be fixed, Benson is done, Rex is not a good QB and we have no WR. We are short a second DT the Saftie situation is a mess but hey we have Vash, Tillman and Briggs for a song. Thats great but last I checked 3 players do not make a team.

Angelo and the Bears over the last 20 years have shown no ability to draft offense. None but now that the offense is a disaster because they don't know how to draft offense. I am expected to believe this is how they will fix the offense, by drafting. The offense has been a problem for 20 years why have they not fixed it before? Because they don't know how. Turner is bad and his system is predictable, they have no foundation to build on. In 2 years fans will still be going well if Rex had this or that he would be good or if Benson had a better line he would be good. Fans have been saying the same thing about the offense for 20 years. Yet every year they are shocked when it is bad. Get a clue this is a bad offense. If not for the D and Hester this team would not have come close to the Super Bowl, the Offense did nothing but hold back the team. Lovies bend don't break scheme is also killing the defense before it's time by over extending them.

How and why do people think if you just go into the draft and you get all the players you want? It doesn't work that way, most drafted players will not make the team or be very good. Be happy if you get 3 starters and don't expect more than one to be really good. Those are the odds when it comes to drafting about 1 in 3 or 4 make it depending on the draft. The nthere are the Bears who are easily the worst team in the NFL at drafting offense and have been for a long long time. If the Bears could have fixed the offense through the draft they already would have.

Fire Angelo he is horrible and get rid of Turner he is just as bad.

St. Louis, you should do your homework before you comment on here. Wilber Marshall did not leave the Bears after 1985, as you said. Marshall left the Bears after the 1987 season, so he played two more years on the Bears after the Super bowl win. Marshall was overrated anyway, he was a product of playing behind Hampton, Dent, McMichael and beside Singletary and Wilson. Because Marshall was pretty much a bust as a Redskin. To you other novices on here who keep saying the Bears have a championship caliber defense. There defense was 28th last year out of a 32 team league. They had a few injuries on D but not many, so that excuse doesn't wash either. This defense has a bevy of overrated players starting with Tommie Harris.

Almost forgot can we fire Bob too? The Bears defensive scheme has become predictable. Why do Briggs and Hunter have no sacks and why are the Bears better against the Pass then the run? Because the Bears drop there Linebackers into coverage on almost every down, it's like having 3 extra safties on the field. However this opens up the running game for the other team. So then we start to stack the box but if the team has a good passing game we get killed. Vash and Tillman look good because they have a lot of help from the Linebackers and don't have to cover as much field or protect as much in a zone. If there free agents there gonna get paid about what they got paid. If not for Urlacher this would not work very well but he is fantastic in coverage. That said trying to pressure a QB with just 4 men is not the best idea if there line is decent they will shut the Bears D down if they go Max protect they will pick apart the Bears secondary cause there QB has all day.The Bears Don't Blitz much unless they play a team who cannot pass the ball then they will go at them all day. A balanced team that can run and Pass usually kills the Bears D. Like the colts. But the Bears tend to play teams who can Pass but not run much better. People always ask why the Bears don't blitz more, it's because without there Linebackers there secondary is soft. Peanut is not that good, he does wel against big WR but other than that he is bad. He is a saftie and should be moved over, he would be a pro bowl saftie and help fix the problem there. Angelo can draft a corner to replace him, he is decent at that.

Brad....Brad...Brad.....Your KILLING ME son. You and the "Chalk Talk" guy on He agrees with anything and everything Angelo does. We don't need anything according to you guys. Let you guys tell it, we don't even need to participate in the draft next month to still win the SB. Like Shaun said, your comparing apples and oranges. The Colts, Giants and Steelers have offenses that can score. We have Cedric BUMson and Neckbeard. I'm growing SO TIRED of this two yards and a cloud of dust offense. Yes, there was no really stand out tackles worth the money in FA but Fanaca was a no brainer after releasing Ruben Brown to ride away on his Harley. Much of our problem pass blocking came right up the gut, not the edges although I seen bum ass Freddy get killed alot too. Guards and Tackles often work together in blocking schemes so whos gonna help out the potential starting rookie at Tackle this year? We're supposed to "get off the bus running" when our offense shouldn't even get off the bus. As it stands now, it looks like Bradley and Booker will be the starters this year. If Booker was so damn good, we wouldn't have rolled him out for "Prince O" a few years back. Marty is as old as Moose and just a slow as one. Bradley(and I like Mark Bradley)could barely make the game roster from week to week as a 3rd or 4th receiver last year unless there was an injury or two. We all know Devin is the man but can he be a consistant starting WR this year? I have faith in him but I doubt it just yet. Brandon Lloyd hasn't made plays since he was a Rookie. He can run his mouth better than he runs routes. He couldn't catch a cold (let alone a football)if he were ass naked on a windy night at Soldier Field in January but he comes cheap so that's OK I guess. At this point, just one injury at WR early next year and we're done. Don't even get me started with competition for BUMson. Has anybody heard the status of his leg? Why is Halas Hall so tightlipped? He sucked when he was healthy. It's gotten to the point that I'm too embarrassed to watch Bears games with friends. Our offense is like a cloudy evening..........NO STARS. Open up your wallet Mr. McCaskey, God knows that it's full after you've raised ticket prices for the last couple years. This better be a goood draft for the fans sake. Is that fire Angelo web site back up and running?

Yeah Creighton lets move away from draft talk for a minute, I agree in principal with the Tillman comment and I'll take you one further that there should be an attempt to use Anderson as a pass rusher that the offense has to find by moving him around and it would call for him to be a linebacker he's already faster than Hillemeyer just not smarter but could be schemed in to give opposing offenses something to think about.

look at this garbage from you so call fans. And they call themseleves Bear fans.. it's so funny the nfl films shows a packer fan saying what do you call a bunch of bear fans in a room ( a wine cellar) whine wow.. seems to me everyone notice how much you so call fans complain. just pathetic seriously you guys should try counseling.

I like this article. I mean, the Raiders throw their cash around this way and that and they consistently fail. Now, predicting that the bears will go back to the SB b/c they're conservative spenders is a different story. But on the plus side, they should have a solid, elite D going into 2008. Special teams will once again be tops as well. Entrance into the playoffs this season ALL depends on drafting solid, impact-ready O-linemen.

Creighton, Tillman not that good? Tillman is da man. But I will agree with you on bringing at least an extra guy on the blitz every now and then to help the front four. The Colts O-line owned our line in the SB.

Let's face it..our problems stem from a terrible off-season - in 2007. Poor judgments in free agency followed by arrogant reaches in the draft sunk this team last season and leaves us scrambling this one. JA wants to lean on the players he reached for in the draft, but we have a subpar coaching staff that hasn't "developed" any projects. I'm sure this year will be much the same, with the entire football community gasping, laughing, and shaking their heads at each of our picks. Bazuin? Wolfe?? Okno??!! The joke is on us...

OK Shawns right.The Bears offense is nothing compared to those teams mentioned.And i do agree the McKaskeys are CHEAP!They will not be able to get a good RB in the 2nd or 3rd RD.They need to draft O-Line in the first and sec rd"s! so third will b a RB or a WR?If they can get a good RB in the 2nd rd do it but we need O-line before a rb right?So they should have singed or traded for a RB.

I'm a glass is half full kind of guy so I like the article by Biggs. I agree that locking up Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher was a very good move on Angelo's part. I admit the defense left something to be desired this season but I think a big part of this was due to injuries to the secondary and the overall defense. Also part of the problem was getting use to a new defensive cordinator. I think if the Bears can stay healthy on defense they will be back on top of the north again. To help keep the defense healthy the Bears have to simply get the running game going. To me if the Bears can bring in a legit tackle in the 1st rd, get a runner in the 2-3rd round they will set themselves up to succeed. If the Bears get the running game going it will allow the defense to stay rested, also it will sit up the play action pass which will lead to improved QB play. I think with Vandys Chris Williams at left tackle and Josh Beekman in at left guard you would see vast improvement in the Bears offense. If the injury bug stays away fron the Bears in one year from now Jerry Angelo will look like a genius. If Urlacher is healthy again which I've read that he is and it looked like it toward the end of the year there. I think the pro bowl snub left a bad taste in Urlachers mouth much like the Sporting News a couple season ago when they called Urlacher over rated. Urlacher answered that comment by being D player of the year, I look for Urlacher to be a beast this year because of the snub much like the comment by the sporting news did for him. Also if Vasher can stay healthy and Dusty this unit can easily be one of the best. I also can't wait to see hard hitting 2nd year player Kevin Payne in the box at strong safety. Also on Offense if Mark Bradley can stay healthy I think he can be a good receiver for the Bears, just stay injury free. If the Bears stay healthy one year fron now Angelo won't look so bad. I just don't think it is fair to get all over Angelo if the players he brought in arent healthy. Now if the players I named sucked it would be a different story but they don't. I say the Bears will hopefully stay injury free and it will prove Angelo aint so bad GO BEARS!!

A few injuries on D? Vasher, M.Brown, Devoracek, missed most of the season. All starters. Tommie Harris was a walking wounded. Along with quite a few other starters missing games. Urlacher was wounded for a better part of the season. Then the back-ups got hurt. Then the back-ups to the back-ups got hurt. We had so many D linemen going down that there was no continuity of any kind. Teams ran on us because of the front four including the fan-favorite Mark Anderson getting the start because he had those sacks in passing downs. Alex Brown did nothing to lose his position but Babich isn't the one who decided that I don't believe. Angelo's rare find had to be showcased. Just like his Benson character. Now Briggs not getting sacks: Briggs made more tackles than anyone in the backfield on this team. It ain't sacks but it's close. It's comparable to linemen batting the ball down. Sacks are so over-rated. Guys from the 70s and earlier didn't have that stat to even distinguish themselves from each other. A good player was a good player. Now guys aren't showing up in hightlight footage so they aren't considered good. Steady matters. So our CBs aren't great. They don't have to be. (We didn't have 2 great one is 85 either. One very good one in Frazier). But if Vasher and Tillman were free agents they would've been paid like that were great. Everyone of those guys were worth more than Berrian to this team. I won't down them for not signing that guy. Vikes have always done stupid stuff like that. They are gonna pay for that in the long run. We know more than anyone what he is worth. We have practice tape-game tape and we actually know what routes he was supposed to run and what blocks he was supposed to administer. He wasn't worth it. And anyone who thinks that the BEARS will draft a LT or a cornerstone that they will sign past his rookie contract have not been paying attention. We don't have the track record of signing our premium linemen who are free agents. We go out and get guys who were decent with another team and sign them to a cost-friendly contract. We had Columbo here for two years mending his messed up knee and dropped him when his contract was up or was a hindrance. So even if they draft a guy don't get your hopes up that he will be here for ten years. Even Kreuts gave them a discount to stay here. The next guy might not. And Marshall did a lot of things good. Washington wasn't a good fit. They expected him to be Superman and he was really just the Green Lantern. Not Super but good. Since he left some of us want to act like jilted lovers and basically just wanted him to fail. The man had too much expectations because of the amount of money he got. Hey we were never going to pay him or anyone we had that amount of money so don't hate. He was the "Six Million Dollar man" when 6 million was considered a lot. Now it's a third of some guy's signing bonus. Washington is still doing that stupid overpaying so what's new? But draft a LT and we will be having this discussion 4 years from now. Wanna bet?

Creighton Briggs had 2 sacks in 07.Tillman is probably on of the best all around CB in the NFL.Champ Baily a close second.Tillman does alot more than just cover a WR.He can Jam up a WR, Supports the run just as good as any Free Safty,and hands down the best striping corner in the NFL.Tillman might not get 6-9 ints a year, but that doesnt make him bad.He may get beat by maybe 1 or 2 WR a year and the media is all over it.Creighton you take Tillman off the Bears and they are in trouble at the CB spot.

Do you fans know how to read and take in the whole aspect.Biggs is only trying to say it doesnt take spending money to build a championship team.The year before the Colts won the Super Bowl they didnt make a big splash.Giants didnt spend big money the offseason before the won this year and Stealers sure didnt spend big bucks when they went to the super bowl.Now that they all have won a Super Bowl they still have yet to spend a bundle.Giants will tell a small story after the 08 season.

Jeff, you should learn how to read before posting on this blog. I've never said that Marshall left "immediately" after the 85 season, and I've never said that he was the "only reason" why the Bears failed to win another SB. I simply pointed out the fact that the Bears were too cheap to keep one of their core players in that defense. They did the same thing with Al Harris, Todd Bell, and Willie Gault, refusing to pay them what they were worth. Todd Bell was arguably the hardest hitting safety that I've ever seen, and Willie Gault was the only deep threat that they had. These idiotic cost-cutting moves and the inability of McMahon to stay healthy resulted in their failure to return to the big dance after 85.

You are also completely wrong about Marshall being overrated. He was the most athletic linebacker out of that trio in 85, and he was not a bust in DC. Just compare the Bears defense with and without him. Marshall went to 5 pro bowls and won another Super Bowl ring in 1992 with the Redskins. How many SB did Wilson and Singletary win? By the way, Marshall was an absolute stud in college at Florida, where he was named the nation's "Defensive player of the year" by ABC after the '83 season.

Jeff, it appears that YOU are the one that needs to do the research before opening your mouth. At least pretend like you know something about football the next time you try to post.

Brando who said anything about taking Peanut off the Bears, I got news for you he is not the best Corner in the NFL , he is not even a close second. I said switch him to saftie, something the Bears have talked about doing with him for years. His natural position is saftie. Brando everyone knows it does not take expesive free agents to build a team. If you read I actually wrote that. But every team needs some to an extent. Now listen cearfully, the Bears have been neglecting there offense for decades they have been building there offense through free agency for years and years and years now. Angelo has been doing that with the Bears sense he got here. The reason a lot of people are worried about the Bears including myself is because the Bears and Angelo have not shown anything to suggest they know how to draft offense, in fact all they both have shown is that there bad at it. This year instead of getting some free agents to help out the offense they say they are going to do it in the draft. We do not get many offensive players via the draft in this and when we do they tend to be here for short periods of time. BB may not have been great, he may have only been good but he was the best we had and we let him go instead of franchising him when we had the money to do it. It would not have fixed the offense but it would have helped during the transition of rebuilding the entire offense.

Then there is Turner the ultra predictable offensive corrdinator who has made the offense easy to defend, predictable and one demesional. Then there is Bob who has made it so the Bears D can only focus on one side of the offense at a time. Either they can defend the run by stacking the box or the drop the Linebackers into coverage to defend the pass. Brando when I said Briggs and Hunter didn't have any sacks it is not a literal statement it just means for outside LB's they are not utilized to pressure the QB. Most teams use there LB's to help the front four pressure the QB, the Bears feel there front 4 does not need the help. They are wrong or did you not notice teams having all day to pass on us last year. Even in the Bears Super bowl run they had problems against the run all year, they may not have given up a lot of points but they did give up a lot of yards and time of posession. The reason they play better when they get near the goal line is because the field shortens, the zones become smaller and the Linebackers can now play the run and pressure the QB instead of dropping back. This defense only works if you have an offense that can run the ball and control the clock. This allows the D to stay off the field and rest. If the offense cannot do this the Defense get over exposed and by the time the fourth Quarter comes around they are done. It also means that the D stays on the field to long and this increases the chance that your players will get hurt. Does this sound familiar to you Brando? Cause this is what happened to them last year.

As for Peanut being the best CB in football or one of the best think again. He is a great tackler and strong against the run, he is alos excelent against big WR, however what you seem to have forgotten is that small WR eat his lunch. You do remember what Steve Smith did to him? He also does not get a lot of interceptions and lacks make up speed for his position also he is not even the bears number one corner, Vash is so how could he be the best in the NFL? Now does that sound like one of the top cover corners in the league or does that sound like a guy who would be a pro bowl saftie doing a solid job at corner. As for your comment on the bears being in trouble if they move him. I got news for you they where in trouble last year, there in more trouble this year. The Bears already said they need to draft a saftie, but Angelo also said this class of Safties is brutal, but you know what part of this class is real strong? Corner Back. I am not saying take a saftie in the first round or anything but sense he is going to address the issue doesn't he have a really good record for drafting corners in the mid rounds?

Oh and Brando before you go on a run about over paying BB, let me just stop you. Yes he would have been over paid for 1 whole year. But last I checked I don't think Adam Archuleta exactly earned that big fat pay check the Bears gave him and that Bum got run out every week to play and is still on the team St Claire got paid last year and I have seen open doors pass block better than that guy. BB was at least a good player who stretched a teams defense. Not to mention Olin Kreutz, now I like Olin and everything and he is a real good center, but 10,000,000 a year for a center seems like a bit much. Thats top 5 LT money. So Angelo for some reason will over pay some guys, please don't try and tell me that Adam was worth the money. BB was actually the Best WR Angelo ever drafted in his history of draft picks, one year would not have hurt the Bears and at least he would have helped.

Oh and St. Louis Marshall was not a stud, he was a super stud at linebacker, he just didn't fit the Skins D as well as he did the bears.

I just don't care anymore. Free agency is over rated. Faneca would have been the only guy to pay for, and they didn't so that is that. Nobody else was worth the money.

Remember that after the draft, there will be cuts. There will be bargains for the taking, and the easiest psoition to learn is lineman. the Bears can get a good lineman without breaking the bank.

That being said, I like Jeff Otah the best at the 14 slot. He is insanely massive, and would be a road grater, and a trail blazer at RT. IF the top 4 tackles are taken, then that means someone fell in their laps. It may not be a position of need, but it might be one hell of a player.

C'mon Bears' fans, start thinking positive. That is the only way you can look at it. They had a bad year last year at 7-9, and figure to only be better. 9-7 gets into the playoffs in the NFC. They have a great opportunity to win the NFC North again.

Think about it. GB will NOT be as good as last year. They had a fluke good year like the 2001 Bears did. Favre (pronounced fav-ray...heh) is gone!!!! Detroit I think got really bad this past off season. Minnesota still has no QB. And the Viking's Peterson looks to have gotten lucky with minimal injuries. He was injured a lot in college, and he probably will eventually be injured in the pros.

I know the Bears have the hardest schedule in the NFC next year, but so does the rest of the NFC North (all 4 teams face AFC south, and NFC South). The Bears had a bad luck injury-plagued season, which seems to happen every 3 to 4 seasons (last one was 2004, and before that 2002). They will stay healthier this year.


St Louis I agree with you on Jeff.Wilber did go on to a very good career with out Hampton, Dent, McMichael, along side of Singeltary and Wilson.I will add a couple of more players Richardson, Perry, Dave Duerson, and Bell.If you think about it everybody on that defence was a play maker.

I dont know if Jeff is going to open his mouth but I sure will.
Some of your facts are worng.I love to read about wrong stats just ask Creighton.

In January 1987 Michael McCaskey had taken over as the new Teams President.He fired Vanisi and had more control of the Bears operations.I know St.Louis you didnt state anything on that but hold on this info will be usefull here later.

In your fist posted blog you has stated that because the Bears didnt want to pay Wilber Marshall, " That was one of the moves that rendered the 85 Bears a "one year wonder." "
I have some info that will prove your one year wonder "theory" wrong.

The Bears compiled the best 5 year record of any NFL team in history from 1984-1988.That stat was posted in January of 1989.
In 1989 was the first loosing season since 1982.

You also stated in your first blog "Apparently Virginia is one apple that didnt fall far away from the tree" Im kinda stumped on that statement it can go 2 ways.If you were saying that she was also cheap yeah your right.If your saying that she had anything buisness wise, No your wrong.Michael McCasky did the bad deals.

You had stated that Wilber Marshall had went to 5 Pro Bowls with Washington. Wrong! Wilber Marshall went to 1 Pro Bowl with the Redskins.Wilber had went to 3 Pro Bowls in his Career 1986, 1987, and in 1992.Probably what you didnt know St.Louis in 1992 Wilber Marshall was voted NFC defensive player of the year. Wilber Buddyhia Marshall, also played for Oliers 1993, Cardinals in 1994 and Jets in 1995.

St Louis you had also mentioned that If the Bears had not let Wilber Marshall and Willie Gault "go". I am sure you are talking that they have let these players go to free agentcy.Your blogs are about how cheap the Bears are. Well your wrong there also.
Marshall was TRADED to Washington. You were right that was in 87.
Willie Gault was also traded in 1987 to L.A. Raiders.
The Deals were done by McCasky!
Both had one more year from there rookie contract.It could have been about money, but then both of those players also caused the coaches and players problems and we all know if a player had a problem with Ditka, they wouldnt last long.

In the Winter of 1989 NFL Owners and Players ratified a new free agentcy plan.This plan would forse teams to desinate 37 players from their roster as protected players and the rest were able to sign with anyother team during March and April. Al Harris, Otis Wilson, and Mike Richardson were all unprotected.
Otis Wilson and Mike Richardson went to the Raiders and both didnt make the club and both retired.Al Harris went to Philly to play with Buddy Ryan.

As for Todd Bell God rest his soul.Todd had sat out for the hole 85 season over a contract dispute, YEARS not money but YEARS.Duerson filled in for Bell and made the Pro Bowl that year.
1986 Bell returned to the Bears, But a hammy injury had slowed him down. In the offseason in 1988 he signed with Philly.On October 2 1989 Monday Night Football, Eagles VS The Bears, Todd Bell broke is legg ending his career.The contract dispute was over a 7 year contract.The Bears only offered him a 2 year deal due to injurys prior to the 1984 season.

Im sure if you read this you will ripp on me because of my spelling.Thats o.k. I always do.
Maybe St Louis you should stop to look up the stats before you make up some faulty stats to make you look better.

Team that sign in despartion generally lose in the long run. Minnesota was down right stupid paying Berrian what they did. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is a 7 or 8. Minnesota paid him as if he was a 9 plus. A good player but not worth what he was paid.

Angelo has taken us to the Superbowl by making smart decisions in the salary cap. Those of you that say the Bears are cheap are just ignorant and too lazy to get the facts before spouting off.

It would have been noice to pick up some free agents that would help, but I didn't see anything out there that warranted the big money the players wanted. Sometimes to have to bide your time and wait for the right opportunity. That is what Angelo does and that is why a few years ago he was voted the number four top general manager in all sports.

I can't believe I am saying this but Brando hit the nail on the head just one small thing he supports the run as well as any CB not safety. But, Shawn you did not read the Biggs post and made yourself look stupid. The bottom line is Berrian got way overpaid and is not a franchise player, Faneca got overpaid by a team desperate, Bryant wanted more than he had proven ended up signing for less and only one year thats like a showcase season for a bigger contract the next year. He wouldn't have come here with the QB situation in chaos and no guarantees he will get the ball enough to get paid next season. Last but not least Tillman caused more turnovers than any other corner in the league which makes up for the lack of int's and is one of the top 10 in the league just look at the highlight films

You know Creighton I had mentioned that Tillman was the best ALL AROUND corner in the NFL. All Around.Not cover but all around corner.Steve Smith ate his lunch what 3 years ago?Also Creighton, As for my last statement in the Tillman blog I was talking about how some fans on here was thinking that Biggs was compairing the Stealers Giants and the Colts.Wasnt ment for you to read it and think I was writing about your last post. I also know you didnt mentioned anything about Tillman being off the team, It was something for anybody to think about.
DJSSR I know Tllman is a CB, I was refurring to how well Tillman is in the run support.He is just as good as any Free Safty coming up to stop the run.Its cool though:)

Brando,Creighton, St. Louis,djssr,Shawn, all of you wanna-be, never-will-be gm's of March - get a life, get a girlfriend, move to Green Bay, but don't call yourselves Bear fans. You are an embarassment to GSH, Ditka, Butkus, et al and all the members of Beardom.

How did Jerry A. fail the Bears and us? Let me count the ways...
1. Last year he failed to offer to extend Bernard Berrian's contract. To every sighted person it was obvious that Berrian was the only receiver on the Bears of NFL quality. He was clearly better than any potential reciever in the upcoming draft, and receiver is one one of the most talentless positions on the team. Jerry put us in the position of having the WORST receiving corps in the NFL this year. That doesn't do much for one of the worst QB cadre's in the league!
2. He felt he only needed to do some "tweaking" in last year's draft. His second and third round selections were completely misguided. As an already ancient o-line got older he drafted a D-end with his #2 pick, arguably the most talented position on the team already,and he didn't play a down. Where does Bazuene fit this year. He's the fifth best DE on the team and won't suit up on Sundays! Last year Angelo knew he had an injured Tommie Harris and a suspended Tank Johnson on his hands. Did he think to strenghten this position? No, he drafted a player who won't play unless there are massive injuries to that DE position!
Then Jerry wasted a pick on a luxurey item like a situational change-of pace undersized RB thinking he had two mail-toting studs to carry the ball full time. How did that work out for ya?
#3 He continued to plan for the departure of Lance Briggs with another linebacker. He didn't play much and is now going to sit behind Briggs and Williams.
Angelo could have used his #2 and #3 picks on good O-line people and this year we could be looking at significant upgrades in the draft in other areas instead of trying to fill humungous holes with rookies who'll have to play right away at a high level if the Bears are to have any chance of making the playoffs!
That is how Jerry failed the Bears!

Once again I had forgot to post my name.Anonymous march 29 10:20am

I would say Biggs is right.
Football games arent won in the offseason.
Im glad we are owned by the McCaskey's and not Daniel Snyder.
The one thing I would say the Bears should have bought this offseason is a new offensive coaching staff.
Its obvious Ron Turner is terrible and isnt accomplishing anything.
I would have liked to have seen the bears go after a big name Offensive Coordinator. Such as:
1. this is a controversial one but Mike Martz. Sure he doesn't like to play Chicago offense but i think he has a proven track record of developing QB's Trent Green, Kurt Warner, and Marc Bulger.
2. A guy who has fallen off the radar would be Mike Mularky. who i think is a really good coach who is creative and whom players respond to.
3. Dennis Green. the Bears are who he thought they were and the bears let this coach off the hook.
4. i would like to see the mooch coaching again. that's right Steve Mariucci.

Dude Peanut continues to have problems with small WR, as for all around CB even Biggs in this blog put a list of CB'S up like Hall and said the Bears Corners are a step below these guys. You also just mentioned that Tillman supports the run as good as any FS, thats exactly right because he is a pro bowl free saftie playing CB. Now as for being the best cover corner or best over all corner. Ummm dude being the best over all CB in the league would mean he is the best CB in the league. He isn'e he is a very good corner though. But like Briggs he and Vash benifit from the Bears scheme. He still lacks interceptions and he still gets beat a lot. He plays his best against big WR because he can jam them off the line. Which he is great at.

I agree with Bigg's post. Don't overspend in FA. The Bears let a lot of their own go after 06, and tried to replace them with FA's. Example: Had to let go of Tank, Boone, and Scott, and tried to replace with Walker, Adams, and Dvoracek. Result: D-line took a nose dive. The only one who looks like a starter was Dusty (who was a draft pick), and he got injured. But Adams and Walker were clearly less effective than their 1 year predecessors (I don't know how to spell it... someone help me). So the Bears did well to extend Brown and resign Briggs. They are both impact players that are familiar with the system. FA's have a grace period of subpar play while they "acclimate" to the new system and teamates. If they take care of T. Harris, then I say it is a successful off season.

The point is Angelo knows what players are good for this team better thru the draft. We all know about his 1st round struggles, but who else out there is that much better. He has shown to be better in the first round with picking a guy that "fell" below his presumed value in the draft (see T. Harris, and Greg Olson). A freak knee injury screwed up what would have been a good tackle in Columbo (from 02). The other 3 look like bad picks. Haynes is just not good, he way overvalued Grossman, and Benson has shown to be injury prone and mentally weak. So he is about right on average with first rounders without the bad luck knee dislocation to Columbo.

So logic says pick the highest value regardless of position in the 1st round. There are 15 players with top 10 grades according to the "experts". These few will definitely not be available at 14: Long OT, Long DE, Dorsey, Gholston, McFadden, and Ryan. These are sure fire, hyped up top 10 picks. No way they don't go in the first 10.

That means that one of these players will probably be available at 14, and feel devalued because of it. Ellis, Clady, Otah, Mendenhall, or Cromartie. One will be there, and be more motivated to prove wrong the teams that "passed" on them. The Bears probably should pick that guy regardless of need. You must draft for value to the entire NFL market in the first round, even if it means stacking a position. You can turn that position into bargaining chips with other teams later on to add more draft picks, trade, ect.

The second round is where they should start looking for need. There needs go OT, QB, and RB that are immediate and critical needs. DT, and S, and G later on in the draft. Simple fact is they have enough DT and S right now if healthy. And a G does not have to be as athletic, and therefore, is easier to find in the later rounds.

The Bears have 45th (13 2nd), and two 3rds (7th, and i dont know). Pick the best available at the critical needs positions. If Chelius (OT) falls then get him regardless if OT was taken in 1st. He is best available at the need position. The early 3rd rounder should have either Flacco, Brohm, or Henne available. Take one of them if they are there. Jonathan Stewart could be available at the late 3rd rounder because of his toe injury, and would be worth the risk if he fell that far. He would have much to prove (both mentally and financially), and has a lot of upside.

Angelo usually does good with the later picks, if he gets it right early, should be a great draft.



You crack me up! The 'No Star' comment about our offense and we're better off 'not getting off the bus' line regarding our running game should be coined on Angelo's forehead. Angelo is a bust and he knows that about himself. Late last season, he even mentioned to the press that he would never be considered for Canton, for his body of work as a Bears'GM is so tenuously thin. Do we want a self-deprecating yarn leading our team into the future?

And, as we all know, the Bears have been cheapskates since we came out of the cave roaring as cubs a long time ago. The money pinching starts at the top, starting with the Halas family and continuing today with the McCaskey's.

Onto football, we need to address the offense at the skill postions and the line. Why not take a speedy WR with the first pick and replace Berrian right away. With the 14th pick, most if not all, top WRs will be available. Mendenhall and the best OL will be gone by then, so let's make a splash at the skill position and shore up our WR corps. With the three remaining top-tier picks, we should go Tackle, Guard and RB, unless an outstanding Safety or DT are too good to pass up.

No doubt there are a lot of holes to fill and not all of them will be addressed by the draft. However, the 2008 draft is the biggest one in Halas Hall for quite some time. Lovie's fate seems pretty secure, but Angelo has to deliver on this one, or else...


All in Caps Im pissed.This dude Creighton can NOT read and understand what everone is saying.I bet the dude only listens to himself when having a conversaition.That would mean hes talking to himself.
wmarshall AKA St. Louis just because you dont agree with people doesnt mean they are trying to be what you are hoping to be! I have stated before I respect every GM in the NFL even Matt Millen how ever you spell his last name.I would never even think or fantasize about being an NFL GM.I have a family and to be everywhere but home for 9 months out of the year isnt my style.

By the way St.Louis I am one of the most possitive half glass full people you would meet.The only negitive thing I have to say about the Bears is that they let Wanny destoy this team, thanks McCasky.I do take alot of peide being a Chicago fan.Yes even Cubs and Sox.I am a supporter of the City of Chicago sports teams.

thanks for the honesty bradd, it seems I'm guilty of being like Jay (the detroit whinner) marriotti. A pessimist who complained when the bulls won 72 games how only a center could rescue the franchise and salvage a chance to win a record amount of games. The bears sure could have used Alen Fenica who was signed for a resonable sum but now were two years away from filling the holes of departing players. Unless Angelo picks 7 probowl, hall of fame starters!!! ha ha.

Who wants to sign a guy(Fenica) when he refused to go too any meetings.His agent did all the work.He never even showed up to meet with any coaches.Why would any team want a player if they can not evaluate there mental ability.The only thing he showed up for the Jets is to take a physical and sign his contract.Then he Booked right out of N.Y. to do something rather then prepare himself for a new team.

I think switching Tillman to sefety would make no difference because in the cover two the corner covers the receiver so far then the safety takes over, hence the term cover two. Also I think Daniel Manning is a better fit at free safety. Manning will be fine at free safety he has averaged 70 tackles a season and 2 picks that ain't bad, I think he will only get better, as far as run support that is your strong safeties main job and with a healthy Kevin Payne the Bears should get better at this also. This is why Tillmans ability to play the run is so valueable at corner in the cover two, Tillman can cover a receiver so far then come up and play the run with the best of them. As far as not a lot of picks I don't think he has been that bad at this either. Tillman and Vasher as a combo have 30 picks between the two of them, I'm pretty sure that is tops among corner tandems in the league since 04. Tillman is responsible for 13 of them since 04. As far as best corner in the league that is a matter of opinion the fact is Tillman is a perfect fit as a corner in the cover two scheme so to me he is the best corner in the league. I like Tillman because 1# he is a team player, look at the money he took he could have got a lot more on the open market but he decided to stay with the best team in football the Chicago Bears and that along with his play on the field is why I think he is the best corner in the league hands down. One more thing the cover two is actually part of the reason Tillman doesn't get the large amount of picks because in the cover two scheme like I said earlier he will cover the receivers so far then come up and play the run so he will miss out on a lot of opportunitys to get picks I think in another scheme he would get the 7-8 picks that everyone judges corners by I say leave the secondary as is and if healthy they will be fine GO BEARS!!

Northeast Mark might be on to something. The more I'm looking at the Bears history under Angelo it seems more likely they are going to grab a WR or RB in the 1st rd. I really want to see OL in the 1st & 3rd, but that's not his history. I'm thinking it's more likely though that they are going to grab Mendenhall if he is still there and a QB or WR in the 2nd rd.

I sure hope I'm wrong. I think this is the year to try and get that LT that can play for the next 10-12 years (Clady, Albert) and pick up a future RT in the 3rd rd.

Kevin what I am saying is not a knock on Tillman, I just feel he would be a better saftie in the bears cover 2 scheme. I think Tillman is a very good corner, I don't agree that he is a perfect corner in a cover two. I think Vash and Barber both fit that mold better than him. Also the Saftie positions on this team are all suspect. Brown when he plays is great but could be faster for this system and has major injury issues, Payne is totally unproven, Manning does not impress me and is more of a strong saftie in this system, and Adam A is a joke. I also understand how the cover two works, 4 man rush, LB's cover the middle of the field for about 15 to 20 yards are usually undersized and fast, unless of course you have a freak Of nature like B LACH at middle. Corners will drop back on passes and dump off too the safties or come up and support the Linebackers against the run. The two safeties are responsible for covering their respective halves of the field from 20 yards out and more. The safeties in the system are expected to be above-average cover men with the ability to break up passes, but each safety also is expected to have additional specific skills. The strong safeties, while not expected to be great tacklers (Manning), are expected to be hard hitters. The hard hitting strong safety protects the middle of the field from being exploited by small, fast wide receivers, and running backs on Wheel routes, by intimidating them to not run their routes in that direction. The free safety will be called upon to do one of two things in certain situations, either blitz the quarterback, requiring him to have the skills necessary to beat a blocking running back or fullback, or to assume the coverage zone left by a blitzing cornerback. The Tampa 2 scheme relies heavily on extremely fast defensive players and a hard hitting secondary that can gang tackle. Also, the Tampa 2 expects everyone to tackle in the run game; th safeties, the cornerbacks, and everyone in between. The Tampa 2 is run out of the 4-3 defense, but every player is responsible for his own gap up on the line and drops the middle linebacker into deeper coverage. The Tampa 2 was designed to stop the West Coast Offense it is a very simple scheme and easy for players to learn. The only requirement is that the players be fast. As long as they were fast, the scheme workes. The safeties are responsible for about 1/2 of the field deep. The corners and linebackers are each responsible for about 1/5 of the field in the shorter distances. Also the weakness of the Tampa 2 is defending the run. But good saftie play can help this out. The soft spots in the defense can be exploited by teams that have accurate QBs. While there are very few weaknesses to the Tampa 2, all zone coverages have weak spots or soft spots. The Tampa 2 leaves defenses wide open to deep post patterns, seam routes, medium range hooks, and teams that like to flood a zone. Because of how much ground the safety has to cover, deep passes can easily overload his zone. It's very difficult for a safety to cover an entire half of a field.(This is why I think Tillman could help out at saftie) Offenses like to run a Stop or Out pattern to the sidelines. Once the receiver leaves the zone where the cornerback is covering, he will be open in one of the soft zones below. For the WR, it’s about an 8 yard run, while the safety may have to run about 20 yards to tackle him. It's also a mismatch as most safeties in the NFL can not cover a receiver effectively (Again Tillman can help here). That's why Tamp Bay relies heavily on speedy defensive players and gang tackling. Everyone has to run to the ball and make a tackle. It's not a knock on Tillman, I just think he fits the Saftie mold better in a cover two than he does corner and that he would help out the defense.

`Angelo and the Bears over the last 20 years have shown no ability to draft offense. None but now that the offense is a disaster because they don't know how to draft offense. I am expected to believe this is how they will fix the offense, by drafting.'
!!!This HAS to be one of the all time great lines!!!

I agree with Brad on Hester and Bradley - they need a shot and I am expecting them to work out, but we should have franchised Berrian and left Booker in Miami, count his money off Berrians contract. Bears can not be compared with Manning/Harrison etc...that was proven in the biggest game the Bears played in the LAST 20 YEARS. Oh well wait and see who Angelo picks this year for our offense Super Hero...Benson or Grossman.

Who is Barber?Must be someone thats on Creightons Madded 08 game.
I cant believe I just read all that rambling.

Creighton quotes:The safties in this system are expected to be an above average cover men with the ability to break up passes, but also expected to have additional skills."

Another Creighton Quote:"The Tampa 2 scheme relies heavily on extremely fast defensive players and HARD HITTING SECONDARY that can gang tackle."

Which one is it Creighton? Do the Bears expecte a cover saftey or do they relie heavily on hard hitting secondary?

Not that Im confused cause I know what a cover 2 defence is all about.Every coach has their own cover 2 system, the basic are the same.Creighton has his own cover 2 system.

He also said cover 2 systems have their LB cover 15 -20 yard down field and they are undersized and fast.
Weird that the Bears have a linebacker that is 6 ft 1 inch and 240 lbs and another one that is 6 ft 4 inch 238 lbs.

Briggs for his position is NOT undersized and he is NOT fast.
Hillenmyer is oversized and is all but fast.

Briggs and Hillenmyer make there plays with there smarts and quickness. As for the coverage by the linebackers 15-20 yards down field not true. Every linebacker has an assignment.If his assignment is 15-20 yards out then you will see the linebacker 15-20 yards out.They DONT drop into coverage except Urlacher.He has a gap responsibility in the running plays, If they call on him to Blitz he will Blitz, but other than that he is a read and react linebacker.Look at the past film in the 07 season.He Blitzed alot more then he did in 06.

Kevin Well said.I can tell you have football knowledge.You know Kevin Im from Indiana and I can tell you are a die hard Bears fan.
A stand up Guy that has a positive outlook on both life and the Chicago Bears.Thank you so much for your great knowledge and wisdom.Same for you Joe Felicelli.

is it saftie or safety.i dont know much about football, i can say that was some gooble gosh.we have big linebackers.cute ones also.
creighton i think its time for a therapist.

Brando was correct about Wilber Marshall when he said he only went to one pro bowl with Washibgton. I stand by my statement that Marshall was pretty much a bust with the Redskins. As for St. Louis saying Marshall was a "stud" in college. That is completely irrelevant when you talk about his NFL career. And please don't compare Marshall to Singletary. Singletary was a first ballot hall of famer, while Marshall was a pretty good NFL linebacker who greatly benefitted from playing with the Bears and in the system they played. I can still vividly remember reading stories in 1988 & 1989 how Joe Gibbs and the Redskins coaches were stunned at how ordinary a player Marshall was. Brando is also correct in his analysis about guys like Al Harris & Todd Bell. They both came back to the Bears in 1986 and beyond and were never the same players as they were before they sat out 1985, although Harris was never a great player anyway. So letting those guys go did not hurt the Bears at all. Although trading Gault did hurt some because while he wasn't that great a receiver, at least he could stretch a defense. The reason they didn't win it again after 1985 was, as you said, that McMahon couldn't stay healthy, and you can't blame McCaskey or management for that.

Can you stick to the point and not lower these blogs to name calling etc...?
We don't all have time to spell check everything as we have to be quick while working lol
I would like to read good comments not name calling even incorrect comments as opposed to name calling - Thanks

I still think the comment `Angelo and the Bears over the last 20 years have shown no ability to draft offense. None but now that the offense is a disaster because they don't know how to draft offense. I am expected to believe this is how they will fix the offense, by drafting.'
Is the best comment by far.
Jeff - good comments I believe it was a mistake to let WM go though as I am sure he could have helped as his skills were great for the 46, but as you said McMahon's injuries were the cause. (too bad)
However I feel I have been let down by the Bears Owners this year in FA as I have been waiting 20 years between Super Bowls and I am not sure I will last another 20 years for the next one. They let the Offense go with bad draft choices and we are paying the price.

I just wish i was the gm for a year, because the was Angelo has been doin things is the worst i've ever seen, there were so many good to great players in the Free agency market it was on real, and what did we actually end up with nothin, no help to the line no runnin back that we can trust (p.s. should have never got rid of Jones) and not a real good WR, Angelo has done a great job at not getting any players we need, some could say he is playing for a different team

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