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Turner assesses receiver position and more

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After Ron Turner got everyone back on track for the quarterback derby between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, the Bears offensive coordinator covered topics that went beyond new wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

The Q&A on a teleconference this afternoon:

Q: Thoughts on Brandon?

A: “I think Brandon’s a playmaker. Like he said, I’ve known him since he was 17 years old, recruited him out of high school, was with him three years at Illinois. He was very productive down there, so I’ve got a good feel for what he can do. [Receivers coach] Darryl Drake and I went back and looked at all his film as we do any available free agent, looked at his game film from the last couple years and feel he can still play and that hopefully he can come in and be a good fit with the receivers that we have here right now, he can fit in well with them and we’re looking forward to that competition.”

Q: How do you envision a fair QB competition shaping up?

A: ”Both guys are going to have an opportunity to show what they can do, working with the No. 1s, working with the No. 2s, getting equal reps and just seeing who comes out and runs the offense the best and the most consistently.”

Q: Have you kept in contact with Brandon over the years?

A: “I’ve kept in touch. Brandon and I have stayed in touch. Not on a regular basis, not like every month or whatever. But we’ve stayed in touch. I’ve followed his career. We definitely have stayed in touch and talked about him and his family and the young children that he has and everything else going on. We’ve got a good relationship, and as I do with a lot of the players that played for me at Illinois, you stay in touch with them and you’re concerned about what they’re doing with their lives. I did with Brandon just as I did with many others no matter what field they were in.”

Q: Does he compare to anyone?

A: “I don’t know who he does. I think he has his own style. He’s got good speed. He’s got great leaping ability. Coming out of high school, I think he was a 7-1 high jumper or something like that. He’s got the ability to go up and get the ball. He’s got playmaking ability. He’s good run after the catch, so there are a lot of things that he can do that I think will fit with what we want to do, just like Marty Booker has. I’m excited about bringing Marty in here, just like Mark Bradley and Devin [Hester] and hopefully Rashied [Davis] will be back, all that stuff, just like all the other receivers. We’re excited about putting Brandon in the mix and letting him come out and compete with some guys that we feel can play as well.”

Q: Have you identified what each receiver’s role will be?

A: “Not yet. When they get in here, we’ll just start teaching them the offense, get them comfortable with everything. We’ve got a good feel for what they can do. But we want to see them in the offseason in the OTAs, the minicamps, working with our quarterbacks and fitting in with the other guys that we have as I’ve said. We feel really good about Mark Bradley, what he can do, and look forward to having Mark take another step, have an opportunity to compete and play and get on the field. I think Mark’s going to step up and play well, as is Devin. We’re real excited about Devin having an offseason to learn the position and step up and playing.”

Q: Where does Brandon’s arrival leave you in looking for a No. 1 receiver?

A: “Right now we’re not even focusing on that. We’ve got guys that we believe can play. Right now we’re just going to go out and once we get them here, like I said, go to work, and I think all that will take care of itself, where we are. I think they all have a lot of confidence. They all believe in themselves. And I think they’re all just looking for an opportunity and I think they all believe that we’re going to give them that opportunity.”

Q: Would you lean toward a guy with more experience?

A: “We’ll lean towards the guys that are making plays, the guys who are consistently doing what we ask them to do and making plays in the system.”

Q: What about the offense as a whole:?

A: “I feel probably better about it than a lot of people out there do. We lost two starters on our offensive line, two starting receivers, so everyone’s looking and saying, ‘What’s going on there?’ But we lost two receivers and we picked up two receivers, and we’ll address the offensive line situation. We’ve got some young guys that are going to step in and compete there. So I feel good about where we are and where we’re going with it and look for us to have a very productive offense.”

Q: Do you feel you need to speak with Brandon regarding off-field issues?

A: “I’m not sure what happened in those other places. Obviously I wasn’t there. I just know what kind of kid Brandon is, what kind of young man he is. I’ve seen him grow, and we have sat down and talked about expectations, about what’s going to be expected of him when he comes in here, what he can expect from us. So we definitely have had those discussions. We’ll continue to have them. But not any more so than anybody else. I think Brandon said it when he talked about what he’s going to do. He’s got to come in and work hard, he’s got to earn the respect and trust of his teammates, of the coaches, of everybody else, and I think he’ll come in here and work hard and keep his head down and just go to work and we’re going to try to prove that every day.”

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Your gonna address the O-Line issue,WHEN,NEXT YEAR?You have young guys that will step up huh,WHO? I dont see any young O-Lineman who will be able to be a starter?Jerry you got big problems buddy. You need to draft TWO not ONE but TWO O- Lineman.A RB,QB,WR,and a saftey and DT?Yeah lets see how good you do in this draft at filling holes.HA HA HA HA .THE BEARS WILL STINK UNTIL WE RUN THE OWNERS OF THE BEARS ,THE McCHEAPSKYS OUT OF TOWN!!!

When Lovie signed one of his boys(Archuleta), look how he turned out. Now Turner gets the opportunity to do the same. I was upset about the trade between Ogunleye for Booker and a draft pick, but I can see why it happened. I'm glad that Booker(who will resume his quest to become the best receiver in Bears history) be back. I hope Turner will utilize him as the 1 receiver and not let him fade into oblivion like he did with Davis.

I would really like to know how he plans on using the 2 tight ends in his offense in 2008. We have a bunch of unknowns and a penchant for 3-WR sets, but that only gets one tight end on the field at a time. I think our best chance to move the ball is having both TEs on the field at the same time, and move one of them into the slot and run 2WRs, 2TEs, and single back. You can motion the TE into the backfield for lead run plays, you can run counters to either side, and you can throw. One of our guys is going to have a mismatch, or they might all get single coverage. Either way, I like our odds when Olson and Clark are matched on safeties and linebackers. If Hester or Bradley are on the field, the safety has to pay attention to the deep ball, so we will probably get a LB on the TE in the slot, preferably Olson. I would take that all game long. He could catch 80 balls in that offense.

One injury to the TE position eliminates the effectiveness of that formation. NO one will bite after a few weeks of watching film of one TE not getting the ball. However, we can still get an extra pass catching TE. You can make 140 plays out of that formation. Then, you find out 3 work. It is exciting formation, but I'd rather have a blocking TE as a 3rd.

All you armchair GM's and coaches need to be patient. The right moves so far are being made there was no reason to spend the type of money the Jets and Vikings spent. Lloyd is a good addition, as for mr ft wayne the Bears have several young guards Jones, Beekman, Reed, Anderson and Oakley who is a center as well, the short coming is at tackle. That will probably be addressed in the draft so all you guys crying and making all these line-ups don't know what is there. So hope Mendenhall or Stewart is there on draft day and the tackles will follow or if the right one falls we are set so CHILL OUT.

The Bears could have the Colts or NE players and the coaching staff would screw it up, offence coaching stinks. Bears need O line,RB and QB!


I wish Lloyd was taller, but if he actually can jump seven feet, maybe it doesn't matter. Offensive line is the big lack,and one hopes those young guys are able to step up, open holes and protect the passer.

Tyler Reed, Terrence, Metcalf, and Mike Jones battle for LG.... and how does John St Clair grade out?...I think he does a good job

lol, but that's depth ..

The next one to use the "Macaskeys are cheap" line gets hung by his toenails. It's tired, at least come up with something new. They've spent a lot of money on their own guys who are proven. The big money free agent signings end up in disaster 90% of the time. It's not how you build winners - think about the top teams last year and you'll understand. Sheesh. Biggest over-spender has been Wash and look how they've done.

Everyone who is complaining. . .

What should they have done?

Should they really have paid Berrian lilke he was Torry Holt, instead of resigning Briggs?

Should they have spent money on an oft-injured player like Javon Walker?

Do you seriously miss Fred Miller? Do you seriously not think Ruben Brown is past his prime?

Should they have gotten Faneca AND Michheal Turner?

What QB did you want? alwasy injured Culpepper? always injured Lefwitch? Joey Harrington? McNabb, who isn't available?

Or what else should they have done?

And once you bring in all of these players, where are you going to find the money to sign Hester, Harris and Gould? Or are they replaceable?

It's easy for people to build Madden fantasy teams, put the reality is, this was a weak free-agent class. Out of that class, Briggs was a top 3-5 prospect, and they managed to keep him.

And while I would have liked Faneca, the team has other priorities to think about as well. And there is a draft in a month.

Quit whining. Given the cricumstances, I think they have done just fin

As is usually the case, reality is somewhere in the middle. Yes, coaching has been problematic at times, but so too has been the play of a number of Bears. This year's free agent crop was and is exceptionally weak. Other than Moss, there were no true number one receivers, including Berrian. Everyone seems to forget that although he put up decent numbers, he also dropped a number of passes...not just drops, but drops on key thid downs in the red zone, drops when momentum seemed to be turning in favor of the Bears, drops in the end zone. Receivers making the money he now makes don't do that. Even proven free agents like Muhammad often don't do that well on their next team. After his first year with the Bears, his numbers were pedestrian compared to others players in the league (yes, quarterback and line play had something to do with that, but he no longer seems to have the speed to separate from defenders, and that was a most downs problem).

Signing Briggs was a more sensible way to spend big money...he is proven, and at a high level, and has excelled in the scheme and with the current roster of players. The defense had a rough year, but it is likely that there will be significant improvement there this year.

The offense needs to build through the draft. Like receivers, free agent lineman of a high quality were few in number. And do you really pay premium salaries to journeyman? Seems to me that a draft that shows a lot of promise at the tackle position is a safer bet. Don't bite on a first round quarterback...they are not that impressive. Take one of the two top running backs likely to be on the board and take offensive linemen in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, as well as a receiver with the second of two third round picks.

If you don't why the BEAR's haven't paid for the high priced free agents like Turner or an offensive lineman need to get a clue. They need to sign Harris and Hester before their contracts expire, DA BEARS definitely can't let them go, and you know they are going to command very hefty contracts. I am with them on that they should keep their best players and they by far have made more of an impact than Berrian. Berrian is good receiver, so don't get me wrong, and I hated to see him go especially to the Vikings.

This years free agent market is bad. The Bears have gotten the cheapest WR they could from that market. They could have franchised Berrian for a year at 7.5 million, while it is somewhat pricey it would have been lees that the signing bonus they offered him and only 2 mil more than the yearly salary they offered him. They are way under the cap, Harris will be the most expensive guy, Gould will be cheap he is a kicker, and Hester will not be as costly as most people think, if he is pricey or Harris won't sign they will Franchise one of them next year or look for a sign and trade. Don't be shocked if we loose one of them though. Also don't be surprised if Lach does not get anywhere wit his negotiation. They have him signed for 3 more years, by the time his contract is over he will be well past his prime. As for the offense building through the Draft, that is not Angelo's strong point. Defense he can do but drafting offense escapes him and getting a franchise QB is a mystery to this man. He will not build this offense through the draft. Look for post draft signings and for him to use his own guys on Oline. But just remember those Oline guys where on the team last year and Metcalf couldn't replace Brown who was bad, and St. Claire was not as good as Miller who was real bad. Also take note Angelo has never felt that the QB or Oline was all that important, when it comes to the Draft the guy only sees D. But hey will see won't we.

Hitman, I must be watching a different TV then the one you are watching. You named a bunch of O Linemen and you said they have no depth. You are correct on the first part but you forgot to add that they also have no talent.

As much as I hate to do it, one thing we need to do is crawl down off Angelo about picking Benson. Go back and look at the draft from 2005. They could have had Cadillac, but the knock on him was he couldn't stay healthy. Yup, that's him. Next was Pacman. He could have roomed with Tank maybe. The real hot guy left on the list was Mike Williams. THAT would have made us forget Terrell right. It was worth taking Benson just to stick Detroit with him. Look at it that way and Benson is about as good as we could do.

Bottom line 2005 was a stinker of a year and we were just unlucky to get a Payton level pick on that year. We'll get a better guy in the second round this year.

Paul I'm glad to hear you have inside information and know so much about the young guards and centers mentioned by hitman and myself, but I don't see you listed as one of the coaches or a scout. We need more fans like James who knows what the heck he is talking about. Creighton what don't you understand Berrian is a expensive liability just because you think you can fit him under the cap why should you, he can't catch a cold when it clutch time. Yes you can have options in this draft if Wiliams is there you get him Clady will not be there he will be gone. If you have to make a choice between Williams and Mendenhall if both are there you take Mendenhall or Stewart thats the between the tackles with corner speed back this offense needs to pound with, and put off the tackle until the second round one will be there you take back to back tackles then a WR. I'd bet willing to bet my favorite sleeper will be there at 4th Dixon of Oregon. Healing from a injury he will hopefully be there as he heals and learns maybe 2009 you have something special, remeber before he got injured he was a Heisman candidate. So stop the whining over the missed over-priced, cut aging players and really plan for success with a well timed infusion of young players, That is how you build on the fly.

Djssr, the Bears offered BB a contract, all I am saying is they could have franchised him for a year as a stop gap and it would not have cost them much more than last year. There WR corps is brutal right now so I don't think it would have hurt. I agree about Mendenhall over Williams, Williams is good but he does not fit the bears blocking scheme, he is a Denver guy all the way. The top 3 guys the bears can hope for are Long, Clady and Mendenhall. Oh and the names WINDSOCK.

MS Bears Fan, I don't blame him for taking Benson, he was never one of the guys I liked but he was one of the big names in the draft, i never liked the pick cause we already had Jones, I wanted a QB, WR, or OT with the pick. What I also didn't like is that we traded Jones who was clearly the better back on the Bears. I did not like the way Angelo treatedd Jones and Jones was a stand up guy throughout the whole process. I thought Angelo was all about having the best player play, good character guys, and keeping guys around who earned it and wanted to stay. Jones was that guy and he got rid of him because he drafted Benson a bad character guy, who was not as good a player as Jones and does not seem to want to be here. Angelo went against everything he says he believes in for Benson and you know what Angelo is getting his just rewards. Talk about your bad karma, Benson is a Bust.

Djssr, you thin you know so much about Football. Yes I like Mendenhall but Stewart and Dixon absolutely no way. When I think of Dixon, I think of Henry Burras. When I like of Stewart, I think of head case. If we took your opinions,we would be the worst team in the league. You also want the Bears to draft Woodson? Absolutely no on that windup slow release QB as well.

Djssr and Hitman, actually think Terrance Metcalf has talent? This was the guy who started Weeks 14-15 and was burned repeatedly. He was replaced by another turnstyle in St Clair. Oh, on Tyler Reed, he has yet to see the field in 2 years so that really says a lot.

Mike Jones was not even drafted and yes I have seen him. He is strong but not quick enough. I hope he makes it because he is Southside guy but I would not my breath.

I am having a blast reading these.Hasn't anyone noticed that since Free Agency started,The Bears now have MORE questions, than answers!!!We all could speculate that we would take advantage of a pretty good crop of O-lineman in the draft this year, so does that mean releasing 40% of your starters without trying to fill that void with at least a 1 year stop-gap!! Now FA is moving into your 2nd&3rd tier junk pile , which makes a St. Clair easy to digest. WRONG!!!!! Let's look at WR, Bradley has been analyzed as a younger, faster Moose. OK, I'll buy into that for now. Berrian WAS extremely unreliable under pressure, and I bet he dropped the pen twice signing his mega-contract. IT is good riddance as far as money,but Berrian COULD spread a defense. That's the key in trying to help our below average running game!!! It's comical to read all the love letter comments about bringing back old heros(Booker) & local sentiments(Loydd).Pretty hard to do cartwheels over an 8+ & a cast-off to be your core receivers!Really, isn't Booker just Moose recycled, but w/ better hands? So now what of Bradley? Yes folks, THAT'S exactly the point! More ? than answers!!!! VERY poor gameplan by management heading into the offseason!

Creighton, you proved you have not been paying attention, with "I did not like the way Angelo treated Jones"....Angelo did Jones a huge favor by trading him so he could get a big new contract. Here's what happened...before the 06 season, Jones was hinting he would hold out of training camp unless he got a new deal or a trade. Angelo promised him if he played out 06 on his contract (which was well below market value) he would allow him to become a free agent even though he would have a year left on his contract for 07. By agreeing to trade him in effect he became a free agent and got $20 mil from the Jets when the Bears could have kept him for about $1 mil. Bad move for the Bears but great for Jones.

I assume we are all Bears fans. And as we know Bears fans are never happy. The only move the bears have made this offseason that i don't agree with was the resigning of Rex. I think they should have cut ties for everyone's benefit. I like Orton and no matter what you say about him the Bears have won when he's played and he doesnt' turn the ball over. Hopefully he shows enough to be the starter and help the Bears improve over last year. At the WR position Moose and Berrian i think had more drops than catches. Berrian wants the kind of money that Ocho Cinco, Moss, and TO command, w/out anywhere near the production. How you pay that much money for a player who has never sniffed Hawaii for a pro bowl i don't know. Drops were a big problem for us last year so we signed booker who has never dropped anything in his life. Lloyd, Hester, and Bradley all have the speed to replace Berrian in the go route, which is the only route he could run. We kept the FA that we needed, Lance Briggs. Ayanbedejo was good but our special teams is tops because of 3 people, Hester, Gould, and Dave Toub. They are working on extension for 2 of them. When we got rid of those O-Lineman all we did was cut a bunch of false starts. We've got a couple guys on our team to fill in and we can draft some players to help fill holes. Improvements in the QB play and the running game will help the o-line and vice versa. Basically the Bears will be a much improved team next year and with the infusion of Mendenhall in our running game we'll win the North and be back in the playoffs. GO BEARS!!!!

Please Bears. I know we aren't winning the superbowl next year. I hope we make the playoffs. But more than anything, I want the identity of this team re-established back to the physical standard of its history. Get the linemen on both sides of the ball. Heck with the QB, the WR, and the secondary. Just get the mean-ness back to the point where teams did NOT want to play the Bears, because win or lose, they were gonna take a physical beating.

I want to see an opposing receiver come across the middle and get hammered and then never come across the middle again the rest of the game. I want my team to control tempo with its fierceness and physical presence. I want the Bears to be a team that can impose their will on the game, and pound the opponenet into submission.

GO Bears!!!!!!


I was paying attention I remember what happened, Jones was on the Bears and playing well for them. Angelo drafted Benson and gave him a big contract. This upset Jones who was the Starter. Benson then tried to beat out Jones in training camp. He could not do it and Jones was again the starter. Then in 06 Benson again tried to beat jones out but could not. Jones averaged 1300 yards rushing both seasons and 150 yards recieving, plus he blocked and was well liked by the team and a leader oon the team. With him at running back we made the playoffs twice. With Ced starting we where 7-9. I know he wanted a new contract and he also wanted to be named the starter. Angelo should have signed him it was clear to everyone he was the better back but Angelo did not want to pay him. Last season this proved to be a mistake. We should have never drafted Benson we had Jones, he played great for us and he deserved to get paid. Angelo claims he will pay guys who earn it and he will premote guys who earn it, and that he seeks good character guys. Jones earned it, Jones was a good character guy, even Angelo said he did everything we asked of him and more. But Angelo did not pay him or support him did he. No he supported Ced, a guy who is not liked by fans or in the Club house, and who has done nothing to earn the starting RB spot. Angelo drafted him and Angelo supports him, and Angelo pays him. He will be Angelos downfall. No way you want to spin has drafting Benson been good for the team, and no way you want to spin it was getting rid of Jones a good thing. He is the GM he should know better. What has Angelo ever done to deserve this praise. Or what about Turner has that hire been good, or our new defensive coach was that a good hire, or all his offensive draft picks who are busts has that been a good job. Look at the oline the man has been here 7 years anf he has yet to draft a starting offensive line player, instead he signs aging free agents and hopes to squeeze a year or two out of them. Or the QB situation sense he has been here we have had 14 or more different starting QB's and we still don't know who are starter is 7 years after he got here. He did not take us to the Super Bowl palyers like Jones and B Lach did. When it comes to Defense he can draft no question, but when it comes to offense he is a blind man in the dark.

Illini Fan, I got to correct you in a couple of places, Booker drops a lot of passes, last year he drooped 7, last year BB only dropped 4. Those are the official numbers. As for Orton in 2005 he had 9 TD's to 13 ints, and 12 fumbles, in 2006 he didn't play a single snap, and in 2007 in 3 starts he 3 TD's and 2 INT'S plus 2 fumbles. So his numbers for 18 starts are 12 TD's 15 INT's and 14 fumbles. He has also been sacked 32 times and a QB rating of 62.

As for Rex, in 03 he had 2 td's and 1 int and 3 fumbles in 3 games. In 04 1 td 3 int and 2 fumbles in 3 games. In 05 he had 1 td 2 int and 0 fumbles, in 06 he had 23 tds 20 int and 8 fumbles in 16 games, 2007 he had 4 td and 7 int and 6 fumbles. For a grand total of 30 games started, 31 tds 33 int's 19 fumbles and a QB rating of 71. And he has been sacked 56 times. As you can see both turn the ball over a lot and percentage wise they are almost identical across the board. Niether have proven to be anything special as of yet and both turn the ball over way to much.

Creighton, Jones was turning 30 when Angelo traded him. Running backs don't do so well into their 30's. I think it was the right move .

Mike, that is true about him hitting 30. But here is another question, could he have been any worse than Benson??? At least Jones didn't need a plate put in his leg after the season. Benson may be young but he plays and talks like a tired 40 year old. I don't see Benson stiking with the team after that surgery.

Mike (my evil doppelganger), it's hard to assess Benson with the way the line played. I know he dropped a bunch of passes, missed blocks, fumbled a lot etc. but everyone "dropped the ball" (literally and metaphorically) in 2007. Would Thomas Jones do better with the 2007 team? I dunno. It wasn't just that the line was bad, but when other teams took the lead against us we abandoned the run very quickly. TJ was good, but he's no miracle worker. Look at his season w/ the Jets.

THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY ARE !!WE LET EM OFFTHE HOOK! The Mc cheapskees keep stealing money. it should be illegal what there doin all the money we have left and were hoping for a sixth round complimentary pick!? guess will be adding more depth to the practice squad...ha! U know this means more Mariotti time to bash chicago sports...what a joke It's hard to stand behind such a bad product. I understand not throwing away money but come on man Angelo's got that chizzle workin low-ballin everybody..I could understand rebuilding a team but really were not we have the rong turner calling plays, we dont have a new offensive system , we got 2 recievers we signed booker for 2 years and lloyd for 1 year. benson is a bust his leg is torn up if he wasnt done before he is now! i cant wait to see how the draft goes..the bears remind me of the streets this time of year... full of holes !!

What's wrong Paul; oh yeah it's you! Now you are a sports psycologist. Dixon was a Heisman candidate when was Burris? That headcase Stewart is going to be a 1st round choice and he must have fooled all those shrinks these players see before the draft. This is a place we talk about sports not gossip that you cannot prove. Just because someone has an opinion different from yours you don't have to rag the players. Just prove or justify your statement and move on. And yeah I know a little something about football I've coached it but that's not the point, there are several combinations and they will play out in April so try to have a little fun and QUIT TRIPPIN.

Any of You that think that any of our young O_lineman have talent is crazy.Ive watched all these guys extensively and none of them have what it takes!i do understand where your coming from with chillin out ,im just a die hard man,i got a taste ans i want a superbowl!I will say that i do like our coaching staff at all tho.Lovie is trying i think hes ok but ron turnr and bob babich and whoever the RB coach is should be fired!

Hey does one of my comments say Mike when it should say Creighton.

It's true Jones may not of done well last year with the Bears. But when he was here he was clearly better than Benson. Also after having a metal plate put in his leg, how fast is Benson gonna be. He wasn't fast to begin with, and now they say he has lost a step. He is in his early 20's and he has lost a step. Shouldn't he be getting better not worse.

Whats all this nonsense about Stewert being a head case, which stewart, Kordell? Not the kid from Oregon, that kids awsome, must be a different Stewart, the only goofy backs I have heard about are McFadden and I heard Felix Jones was a bit off. But not Stewart, unless it's Kordell he is was always kinda strange.

I say Mendenhall, Mendenhall, he is from Skokie, and think of all the great knick names, Illinois Flash, Skokie Swift, the Illini Laser. It will be great when we get him.

But what will really happen is the Bears will swap picks with the Pats for the 31st and 2nd rounder pick in the draft only to find out the Pats tricked them and there is no 31st pick. Angelo will actually be happy as now he does not have to worry about paying a first round pick. He will then swap the 2nd round pick for a 3rd and 4th rounder, he will then procede to draft defense. In the 6th round he will take an OT in the 7th a RB.

Djssr, You think Dennis Dixon is good? He has Arena player written across his chest and as far as Stewart. Stewart reminds me of the RB that the Vikings had a couple of years ago out of Oregon who had issues putting things in his suitcase. My advice to Angelo is stay away from Oregon and Texas players.

If I hear one more fool crying about Thomas Jones I am going to puke. Thomas Jones produced the most uninspiring 1300 yard rushing I have ever seen in my life. Check out his stats this year with the Jets, he damn near almost broke the record for a running back with the most carries and fewest touchdowns in a season ever! And I also have breaking news for you, Benson is faster that Jones. TJ is not a speed burner, what he had was lateral quickness which at times helped him, but more times than not he simply danced in the hole. Benson finally had a hole in the Seattle game and he burst through it and blew past everyone on the Seattle defense include a corner and a safety. The problem is there were very few times when the hole was available for him to hit it and excelerate. I am not a huge Benson fan but his numbers suffered terribly because of the garbage line we had. He had average over 4 yard a carry every year before last year. Adrian Peterson came in after he got hurt and put up the same exact numbers behind that garbage line. Benson was finally turning the corner when he got hurt. Funny how everyone wants to blame the line for the offense when it comes to the horse crap QB play, but when it comes to the running back it is always Benson's fault. So gets some knowledge of the game and continue paying you membership fees to the Thomas Jones man love fan club.

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