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Toub snubbed for special teams award

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Repeating as the NFL’s top-ranked special teams unit apparently wasn’t enough to get Bears coach Dave Toub honored for a second straight season.

San Diego Chargers special teams coach Steve Crosby will be honored as the special teams coach of the year Tuesday at a banquet in Nevada by Professional Kicking Services, Inc. Toub took home he hardware from the event last year.

Perhaps the voters—the special teams coaches themselves—figured Toub had plenty of advantage with Devin Hester, who is on pace to shatter scoring records for special teams after only two seasons. How else do you explain the coach of the top unit not winning?

The Chargers scored five special teams touchdowns, including the record-setting 109-yard return of a missed field goal by Antonio Cromartie. Of course, Hester had six special teams touchdowns by himself in 2007. The Bears led the league in scoring and blocked kicks and were in the top 10 in 14 of 22 categories. San Diego was in the top 10 in 12 categories.

In the rankings published by Dallas Morning News football guru Rick Gosselin, the Bears edged Crosby’s Chargers by 5 1/2 points to finish atop the league.

Gosselin picked up a complex scoring system from Frank Gansz when he was the special teams coach for the Kansas City Chiefs more than 25 years ago. At least it was close. For what it’s worth, the top five was rounded out by San Francisco, and a tie for fourth between Buffalo and Houston.

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I know its rare to see a coach win the same award twice in a row, but Toub has shown that he is an all around coach.Devin Hester is going to make any special teams coach look good, but only a great coach will make a unit look amazing.Devin is one person and an amazin one.He knows with out that front 10 he isnt going anywhere.As for the other side covering kicks, Toub knows where to put players, he knows how to utalize players ability,and he is a great at working with what he has.I do believe with out Toub, Gould wouldnt be the Kicker he is today.Outside of Hester being my fav. player and Tillman being my fav. player on D, I would have to put Gould as my 3rd fav. player on the Bears.
It will be interesting to see how the special teams are going to perform this year.Could Toub lead the Bears to the best special team for a 3rd year? If he does I would have to say he is the winner hands down.

Perhaps the other ST coaches are jealous? Yes, Toub has Hester, but teams have rarely kicked to him. It wasn't Hester who blocked 3 punts or blocked numerous field goals. It wasn't Hester who almost automatically makes his field goals. In 2005 we didn't even have Hester when the record for the longest play was set by Nathan Vasher. Toub is simply brilliant. He should get credit where credit is due.

Thats BS, he deserved it, what they don't give it to him because his players are too good. That makes no sense.

Creighton I do have to say, I agree with you 100%.Equal opportunity is what I say is the reason why Toub didnt get the award for the second straight year.

I forgot to post my name on the March 27 2008 10:30 under Anonymous

Didn't Toub lose 4 of his special team'ers to free agenct last year and replaced them with rookies and 2nd year players. Still #1. That has to be coaching.

About the only criticism I have on him is that it took him too long to figure out to run full out punt blocks when teams are focusing on Hester. Still waiting for a "Homerun Throwback" play on a kickoff.

Oh please don't defend him for having Hester. He's had him for two years and no one even knew who he was before last year. Chicago fans were saying that he was Head Coach material because of his Special teams. Come on: who gave Ditka credit for Walter Payton being a great back. Ditka had absolutely nothing to do with that. Since we haven't had much to cheer about since December 2006 we want to puff ours chests out and brag about something so minor like this. It brings back memories of guys saying that we can be 2-14 but as long as we beat the Packers that's OK. Low expectations I guess. We want to hang our hats on Special Teams and fans in most towns can't even name who their kicker is let alone where they ranked in returns. It's like trying to remember who won the Academy Awards in 2004 for "lighting".

There still doing the Academy Awards?

The top 5 teams in STs and the Chargers are the only one who made the playoffs. Maybe going far in the playoffs matter more than bragging rights. We went far in 2006 and maybe that figured into him winning it back then. Our kicker still doesn't try many past 50 yards and he has so many opportunities because the offense was sputtering in the red-zone the last couple of years. We've always had guys make the Pro bowl on special teams. Larry Wigham comes to mind. Who was his ST coach during that time? Can't remember,huh? See it doesn't matter in the long run. At least Frank Gantz spent 25 years doing what he did best. His aspiration didn't extend out of his reach. Yeah we lost 4 guys but who were they? Guys who couldn't crack the lineups. STs is supposed to be a steppingstone not a career. Backups are usually relegated until the get good enough to start. We've had guys stay too long and they are really interchangeable with a rookie trying to make the team. What good is a guy being here for 5 years and not being an eventual starter?

Would somebody please learn the difference between their and there? There is a place. Ex. That is my car over there. Their shows possesion. Their car is over there. They're driving my third grade nun crazy! She's trading that ruler in for a bat. Next lesson will be on then and that. I won't even mention spelling or grammer.

Thats my forte' Matt.There you go now you know.My grammer is off there but hey its a word.

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