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Super Bowl XLI rematch set for Kickoff Weekend

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The Bears will meet the Indianapolis Colts in a rematch of Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, Sept. 7, in the first regular-season game at the new Lucas Oil Stadium.

The 7:15 game will be telecast on NBC.

The NFL released the nationally televised games for Kickoff Weekend today from the owners meetings in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Washington will travel to the defending champion New York Giants on Thursday, Sept. 4.

In a Monday night doubleheader broadcast by ESPN, Minnesota will travel to Green Bay Sept. 8 for the first game the Packers will play without Brett Favre since 1992. The nightcap will be a meeting of AFC West rivals with Denver at Oakland.

The remainder of the NFL schedule is expected to be released soon, perhaps later this week.

The Bears and Colts have met once already since the Super Bowl hookup, playing in the preseason last August in Indianapolis.

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I like it when the Bears play a top notch team right off the bat.It shows character and toughness.Its a great challenge for the Chicago Bears.Im not a Colts fan, but I cant wait to see there new Dome.
I dont see the Colts kicking to Hester.Sure be nice to see it but I doubt it will happen.This season just cant come fast enough.
I would like to see the Bears Blitz the heck outta the Colts right out of the gate.I have seen teams be relucten to even Blitz the Colts and that just gives the Colts a bunch of time.Teams that have succsess Blitzing the Colts end up on top.I know Payton doesnt crumble under pressure but if he get his jock knocked in the tuerff a couple of times maybe the Bears can rattle him.
Im confident in Angelo to put a team out there to contend.Im also confident that this year the coaches will have the team preped and ready to dominate the 08 season.

I figured the first game in the new stadium would either be Herm Edwards and KC, or Lovie and the Bears. Tony Dungy is so widely respected in the league that they would certainly want one of his closest friends to coach against him when the Colts open the new facility. Should be a fun game. I just hope we are healthy going in, so the defense has a chance to compete.

Looks like another 0-1 start. Oh well, I hope we get some pressure from Tommie before he gets hurt.

So when was the last time the Bears opened the season at home? 2004 vs. Detroit. Why are the Bears opening on the road more than normal?

They will never win this game, not will all the changes and transition on offense.


This is a great start to the season, at least to watch as a fan. They'll probably lose but if they don't... oh ya! We didn't find out till the Dallas game last year we couldn't hang, but then again I thought the same thing last year when we opened against the Chargers! Time for a superbowl hangover rebound, or another long run of dwelling on the 1985 Bears....

MrPresident, is that in honor of your hero G. W. Bush, another Genius. You seem to ask everyone the same question how about you actually post a comment about a blog. I am starting to wonder if you are a certain fan boy who runs around these boards using different names to try and bolster his arguments.

Now on to the blog, I agree with Brando I cannot wait to see the new stadium. However I do like the Colts they are my AFC team, mostly because I like and respect Dungy a lot and wish the Bears had Manning.

I don't like the Bears chances they are on the road in a new stadium and will probably feature two new starters on there offensive line who may be rookies. There will probably be a few rookies starting on offense and they will probably be a little nervous in there first game.

As for why the Bears are on the road, it's because it's an opening season game on Sunday night which is an Honor to play, at a new stadium which will now be part of NFL history, so it's a marketing ploy. The Colts are big name team with the biggest Star in football and the Bears have the second largest TV ratings in the NFL. Chicago is the Second largest NFL market. Plus there is recent history there, history between Dungy and Lovie.

Brando as for the Bears blitzing the Colts, cmon man you know better than that, the Bears play the Tampa two, there is not a lot of blitzing in a cover two it's designed to defend the pass. Not to mention Dungy taught Lovie the Cover two so I would say Dungy has the edge. The Bears also play a west coast offense, the colts play the tampa two, and we all know the Tampa two was designed to beat the West Coast offense.

Dungy will try to run down the Bears throat. I agree I doubt they kick to Hester. Dungy learned his leason the last time he did that.

NICE. I'm going to get together with all my friends and family to see this game: great food, huge plasma screen TV. And hey, Mike Brown will for sure be playing in this game. This should be a good one! I just hope if Grossman starts he doesn't panic like he did against the Colts in the preseason or the SB. Come on guys,it's payback time. Oh yeah, anyone a lil' confused how Peyton Manning got SB MVP honors? 1 td, 1 int? Addai or Sanders or even Hayden should have gotten it. It's an MVP for one game, not a lifetime acheivement award.

“I think it’s a great way to start the season,” said Rex Grossman, an Indiana native who will compete with former Purdue star Kyle Orton for the Bears’ starting quarterback position.

Have fun getting a good view of the ceiling at the new stadium, Rex. You'll be on your back long enough with the new line.

I cant wait ahhh man I cant wait.3 hour drive away from the opening kick off of the Chicago Bears season.Its going to be crazy.New Dome, New look Offense, and most importain to see Devin Hester develope into a NFL WR.If he fails, it just drives the WR position back a year.If he succeeds, it can be a thing of beauty.
Its a good time to lay back and invision........

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