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Revised look at Bears draft picks

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In the aftermath of Briggsgate, the Bears' choices for the April 26-27 draft have changed now that they have the seventh pick of the third round.

A look at the their picks:


3-7-70 (Briggsgate: Flip-flopping with San Francisco, which is now at 3-12-75)
3-27-90 (from San Diego)
5-9 (from Carolina)

Note: The overall number for picks from round four on down will not be determined until compensation picks are determined.

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What about the Niners' 5th rounder?

With just the top (4) picks in April, Angelo is set up rather nicely.... Now, wether or not he can make sound selections on Offensive players is yet to be determined, but, if he and his scouts have truly done their homework, Angelo has a great shot at making a tremendous upgrade for one of the leagues weakest Offenses.

Most college teams are graded on how well the do in getting top-100 recruits to sign. Angelo will now get the opportunity to select (4) of the top (90) College players and so long as he doesn't blow it up, we can expect to see and immediate rookie impact for the O-line, RB and WR core....

My gut tells me Angelo will sit pat at (14) and select the best OT prospect left on the board. After that he will surely be selecting a RB, WR and probably another O-lineman(Gaurd or Tackle) to round out the first four picks before he sets his sights on the Defensive side of the ball.

Toss in the other (4) picks in rounds four through seven and the possible (2) extra comp. picks we should receive and Angelo has the luxory of selecting (10) players this year or he has the freedom of packaging a few picks to either move up for a coveted player or use them in a trade for another player, a veteran O-lineman or RB who may be on the outs on another team without denting his plans on prospect selection.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect for filling needs on the O-line and RB with such a deep class in both these areas and for those who think JA won't be selecting a RB early, stop kidding yourelves... AP is not the answer, Garrett Wolfe wil be a nice change of pace type back but no more and Cedric has been such a huge disappointment and frankly, an emBEARassment for Angelo that his days could be numbered around Halas Hall... Factor in the steel plate and screws CED has implanted in his ankle, the history of injury and the ardous rehab time for such a low key - slacker type person and the righting is all over the wall. Cedric is in hot water and he will have to fight for his job this year. The Bears have paid most of his huge signing bonus already and cutting him would be a cap hit of around $3 million, but, Jerry may have little choice if Cedric can't prove himself and take a step forward instead of backwards like he has down since the day he was drafted.

Lets get it done right Jerry !!

The April draft will make or break this offseason and so far, we haven't seen much splashing in the Free Agent pool and I do agree with the philosiphy of extending our own, core players but the Offense needs help in (3) areas and this draft class has to have an impact in those upgrades right away or our 2008 season will be a very long and painful one....

Don't blow it Jerry or that stigma you carry with you about not being able to draft and develop offensive talent with only get worse !!!

Go Bears........

Does anyone know when compensation picks are announced? I think the third round swap was key for us, as we gained enough ground to make some noise in the second round by trading up if we see someone we target. Both third round picks are equal to about the 52nd selection, which could get us one of the running backs or QBs if we move up, giving us 14, 44, and 52. Not a bad Saturday if you ask me.

The 49ers pick was forfeited, not given to the Bears.

From my understanding, the Bears don't receive the 49ers fifth rounder, the 49ers just lose it.

But I can be wrong, I have proven that time and again.

TonC the Niners Forfiet that pick, but the bears don't recieve it.

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

We donot get the pick but we did flip flop I believe 3rd or 4th round picks

There are a few F/A O-line: Kwame Harris, L.J. Shelton and Daniel Loper to name a few tackles, but if you look closer teams are holding on to their offensive lineman Max Starks got trans tagged. In July and August there will be some veterans released and will come cheaper but who's to say some of the in house guys aren't the answer, you can't fix everything in one draft. Every year there is someone who takes that next step and it makes a difference don't count out the young guards and J/A finding that young L tackle or that older stop gap this team was not really as far away as you may think. Sure you can dissect the play last year but if these coaches and players have any pride at all it will be better. GO BEARS!!!!!

I have a feeling this third round swap will be crucial to landing a player who might have been off the board. but I don't think it will keep Angelo from stupidly trading down for more picks. So far we traded down for such bust as Michal Haynes, Danial Manning, and probably Rex Groosman. Hopefully we'll stand pat in the first and take the best available left OT or maybe Mendenhal but all indications on the bears web-site and from players brought in are were looking to trade down for cheap marginal talent. Are'nt you glad they raised ticket prices again? Can chicago get a better franchise please?

I believe that you can only bring in a certain number of player for private workouts, so why would you bring in players that you have already seen at the combine or at there pro day workout. I can understand why the "franchise" has brought some of the players they have. It maybe the only opportunity they have to see them workout.

TomC, I think you've got it dead on. I'm a season ticket holder and I have seen the ebb and flow of talent from season to season. What we need to do, and Jerry Angelo has shown a knack for doing, is continue to build logically thru the draft toward the future. We don't just need one OL, we need three. It is a must, as unglamorous as it is, that we pick one of these stud OL with the #14. Lord knows I don't like Wrex and Benson runs like he's a two year old toddler first learning that his head is connected to his legs, but whomever we replace them with will have no greater success without a solid wall to block for them. I could see them going after OL Williams in the first round and OL Cherilus if he's still there in round 2. Build from the center of the ball and work out. If that is the philosophy, then the next pick has to be QB. I don't need to remind anyone about our QB situation. It's almost like a nightmare that won't end. I like a lot of these guys, Flacco would be ideal. I hope they stay away from Henne. Next, an upgrade at RB. Rumors of Matt Forte from Tulane persist. This draft seems to be stacked. What about Rice out of Rutgers, or the kid from Central Florida, Taylor i think? Anyone that thinks that meeting today with McFadden and Felix Jones had anything to do with McFadden is dreaming. Clearly, Felix Jones is in the crosshairs. His 8 Minute highlight reel on YouTube is pretty impressive.

At the end of the day, all I care about is building a dynasty. Not just one Super Bowl appearance every 20 years! We are the Chicago Bears, we INVENTED football. This city is too loyal. You won't see myself or anyone else flinching when they raise prices. Can they at least do us, the fans, the favor of reinvesting in the team!? Not shy away from top pick salaries and always trade down and hope for a draft day steal! Now I'm getting mad, I'm going to go pop in SB XX and think positive. In Greg Gabriel we trust!

Mr.cop and TomC are you 2 the same person?You both type the same.Both have the same argument.Heck are you both brain washed be Creighton??Our are all you 3 a differnt personality?Heck I cant tell but it sure if fishy

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