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Report: RB Turner headed to Dirty Birds

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The Burner won’t be laying down tire tracks here. reports that running back Michael Turner, the Northern Illinois product, has agreed to a $34.5 million, six-year contract. The deal includes $15 million guaranteed.

That leaves wide receiver Randy Moss as one of the few top free agents available. The lavish spending is coming to an end in Day 3 of free agency.

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With Turner off the market I think it's official, we are going nowhere with our offense this year. I'm not saying we have to throw money around like the redskins because it never works out for them, but for the love of god do something. Is their plan to seriously fill all these holes on offense through the draft? Right because Angelo has such a great track record with drafting offense. This organizations first priority is money, not winning.

The chicago Bears should sign Randy Moss and Dante Culpepper. Both would be huge improvements to what we currently have.

Can we just entertain the thought of Moss? Invite him in for a night out on the town! Talk is FREE see what he wants? Maybe Angelo can pull his head out of his backside to see that not franchising Berrain was a mistake! We could never make Berrain happy because he is not worth the money the vikings paid for him — But lets pony up and give Randy a chance to show why the vikings should have spent that money on Moss!

Fire Angelo, he is horrible. he cant draft offense. he makes huge reaches in rounds 2 through 4. he says offense is his focus this year, well here is a recap, we still have rex and orton, they both stink and he drafted them. we still have benson, he stinks and angelo drafted him, and now we have no WR's. oh ya our offensive line is old and not getting anybetter. so lets not go after faneca, lets not go after turner. next stop is the superbowl baby and angelo is taking us there.

Da Bears have always been known to be one of the most if not the most stingiest team in the NFL. Angelo stating last week that just because you have the money, it doesn't mean you have to spend it summarizes the ownership philosophy all the way back to the beginning when Papa Bear Halas was one of the stingiest business men around, albeit successful. Angelo only cares about maintaining hope and his job, the rest of the fan's wishful thinking of what their favorite ball team should do is an ABSOLUTE WASH

Its going to be another series of long seasons boys!

Personally I like what Angelo has been doing. Berrian isn't worth top receiver money. Within our own system he was a number 2 reciever at best, although he may flourish with the Vikings he wasn't worth overpaying. With our widereceivers being thin it will allow us to revert back to a "running team" which wasn't as successful last year with Benson. With an improve o-line and another runningback from either free agency(Julius Jones?) or draft, it should allow the recievers within our own system to flourish and put less pressure on our passing game.

signing high priced veterans on your team don't mean your going to win games. besides we have olsen at te and paying him good money our main priority is getting younger at the oline.. the draft is not here yet so stop crying... let's see what moves ja makes for the oline in the draft and later down the road the season is months away.. a lot can happen.. faneca, turner, berrian, and few others i'm glad we didn't sign them..

we don't want to be in debt for years to come.. and see how you guys are calling the bears cheap.. imagine them signing these high priced tag guys and it don't workout now were back at square 1 again.. you guys need to stop being hypocrite.. one min you want younger guys on the line now oh we're not saying veteran agents.. look at the market there was nothing out there.. berrian getting 42 mill just shows you how bad the market was and how deseperate teams are..

if i was angelo i'd save my money to. with the cuts they made thus far this year.. (dead money) will be paid to those players for cutting them early.. so they don't walk away empty handed that's what big contracts do ruin a team for years.. thank god we didn't owe moose, miller, walker, brown, soon to be griese lots of money.. the ball will be spread around this year for sure with no real playmaker but this is a good thing..

why pay a player like berrian so much money when we are a running team.. (i hope we become one this year).. it's proven rookie rb can contribute enormously to the offense with good coaching.. giants-bradshaw, colts-addai last yr, etc... relax guys now teams don't know what to prepare for.. everyone knew grossman only had one wr berrian now he's gone we can start to spread the ball more.. hopefully TE's

I for one hope they can find a way to sign Julius jones to pair with Cedric benson, let Jones start and Benson spell him since he is only effective as a back up. Doing that will let the Bears draft one of the top 3 LTs in the draft and add their G with one of thier 2 3rds or maybe package them to move up into the 2nd round and pick up a WR and G there. If Bryant Johnson gets out of Buffalo without a contract sign him to do what we though Moose would be a great Z, I mean he pu up better numbers than Moose last year a s a 3rd receiver. By adding another Wr in the 2nd we have insurance if Bradly gets hurt again, if not it gives us a solid 4 with Bradly Johnson Hester and whoever they draft. Along with being able to solidify the line. Moving Tait to the right side will make him better as he wont have to deal with the big speed rush which is seemingly the onyl thing he struggles with. Maybe pick up another gaurd in the latter rounds to throw in the mix because we need to find a replacement for Garza since he make so many dumb mistakes as well.

Does people know that this is the first wave of free agents.So impatient.Let time take its course.We have no idea who the Bears are targeting.They might want to take a look at Moss but wants to see what the Market is willing to give.Who knows if there trying to work on a trade deal right now.They havent said much and they wont say much.I do agree about giving Randy Moss a look.To give up a chance to have Moss, Hester, Olson, & Clark on the field at the same time would be dumb.That would spread the field so much that it would be hard for other teams to Blitz.Couldnt Double up on anyone.Teams would have to Rush 4 if they did double up on someone.Just having Moss, Olson, and Hester on the field would open the running game up. Now that Im done dreaming, I think the Bears will come out just fine.

What Angelo has been doing with current Bears players is right on the money. He got Briggs back without breaking the bank, he's working on long term deals for Harris, Urlacher, and Hester, and he let Berrian go rather than pay an underperforming, drop prone, number two receiver, pro-bowl receiver money. I don't get why people are harping on him for that when the real reason to harp on Angelo is for not trying to sign anyone from outside of the Bears. And not getting Turner is really going to hurt. Angelo at least better start signing some linemen or we'll start thinking about 7-9 seasons as the good old days.

Wow people talking about trying to sign Moss. Ok that will never happen, he actually costs money and he Hates Chicago after the way they lied to him in the Draft. Also anyone talking about liking what JA is doing should get a clue. First off he is not good at drafting offense, just look at his record, 2nd he is horrible in his first round picks, 3rd saying the Bears don't need free agents who expensive and not worth it is insane. Just look at the Pats who build through free agency every year. The fact is this JA fits in the Bears Organization just perfectly. There both cheap and niether could find a starting QB at a Manning family reunion. The bears are a bad orginization, that is all there is to it. There cheap they don't think the QB position is important, they believe players should play here because of there great history and should be willing to take a pay cut for this. Cause teams like the Pak, Giants, 49ers, Skins, Cowboys, Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, Eagles, Jets, Pats, Lions, and so on don't have any history. Get real there cheap, and only care about themselves. The fans are good for one thing making them money. After all no matter how bad they are or how big a joke they think the fans are we will continue to fill there seats and pockets with our money. Bear fans need to boycott a few games just to put them back in there place. Take away there money and watch them scramble

I thought Michael Turner was the only legit runningback on the free agent market, now that he is gone I think the Bears would be better off drafting a back. I'm not a big Julius Jones fan because any one with his o-line and T.O should have more than a 3.4 yd average. This April in the 3rd round of the draft the Bears will be able to pick up Tulanes Matt Forte or C. Floridas Kevin Smith a couple of 2000yd backs GO BEARS!!

Julius is a #2 back. we have a couple of those already.
how about drafting Oregons RB Jonathan Smith? big and fast.

Moss would be sweet to have. you watch, Moss wont get too much more than Berrian did. Berrian is a #2 WR that scored the salary of a #1 WR.

we need to work on the O Line!!
and maybe draft a quick Vick like QB. hell, lets get Vick when he comes back! lol

alright back to reality.

Creighton I thought your whiney botcotting arse had gone away your no a fan do you write just to b--ch. Every time a free agent comes of the board at outrageous money your crying arse comes back out. Between you and Anonymous way don't you two go get green or purple jerseys and crawl under a rock leave this blog for real fans. We don't need no stinking whiners. Look at the outrageous money a 30+ year old 10 yr vet guard got. I am glad they did not break the bank for a few outsiders and are looking to keep their own and draft their own. Rome and Jerseyboy right on you are fans.

Right on, Creighton, one of the few sane comments on this board. The issue is NOT that Berrian was overpaid by the Vikes or dropped balls. Both of those assessments are correct. They should have franchised him and brought in Stallworth. Then they'd have an extra year to see if the Bradley and Hester experiments are going to work out. (Bradley himself is pretty fragile, and Hester fumbles a lot too.) A rookie offensive line, iffy receivers, and a rookie RB. This season will be a DISASTER. Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips are the symptoms, Michael McCaskey is the disease.

I love how people are saying the Bears are a terrible organization and that Angelo should be fired less than two years after reaching the Super Bowl. Angelo isn't perfect, but the results show that he's done a good job (not great, but good). If they want to be taken seriously, people should think a little more before they spout off with a bunch of "fire the coach, fire the quarterback, fire the GM, the sky is falling" nonsense. I think passing on Turner was a big mistake, but Angelo has been more right than wrong, so he deserves some slack. And before anyone thinks my statement above means that I'm a big Grossman fan, I'm not. But given what's available in the draft and free agency, letting Orton and Grossman duke it out was the best option. It's always easy to say get rid of the quarterback. It's a lot harder to find a replacement.

I agree with people talking about drafting a back. My personal choice is Mendenhall. I think that dude is as legit a back as the Bears have seen in a long time. My big worry is that JA will be gun shy about grabbing a 1st round back. OLine would be a stretch at 14 in the first, Long and Clady will be gone, maybe even williams too, which leaves a lot of very good Linemen but you could get most of them in the second round. The WR reciever class is real deep but not real special, a bunch of good players, I think it's a stretch to grab any of them at 14. Then of course there is a QB but it's bad class and the Bears should be able to grab a guy in the later rounds. Personaly I would go RB in the first, OT in the second, QB and WR in the third. But that is just me.

I couldnt agree more with djssr, joe, and jerseyboy. they should have seperate forums for all you little crybabies out there who do nothing but gripe. just like that big fat whiner mariotti, no matter what move the organization makes you guys need to point your smelly little finger at someone. i know the teams not perfect but im ecstatic that we kept briggs, extended alex brown and des clark. im excited to see some of our younger wr's have a chance to play. the most important thing is going to be solidifying our oline which is kind of a disaster now but theres still plenty of time before opening kickoff. why dont all you naysayers wait til then to bear your ugly little heads then and cry all you want- and you call yourselves bear fans. GO BEARS!!!

Can I point out that Derrick Ward outta the Giants is still around and I'd rather we pay him and have three half decent rbs (benson, peterson also) that each give something different than take the overrated Jones and Turner. Each had outstanding o-lines and wouldn't do any better with the o-line the bears have(or will have) than a Ward, Ced and A.P. 3 headed run. Get the o-line fixed and establish the run is the priority. The two qbs both give something different which is no bad thing so we can switch it up during a game. One good receiver (Moss!) or two half decent ones (Hackett and Walker) are all we need with the promise of getting more outta hester and bradley.

With the signing of Michael Turner, it almost guarantees the release of Warrick Dunn, what's the likelyhood that the Bears make a run at Dunn. We know Angelo loves his guys and the Tampa Bay connection is strong with Lovie and some of his coaches. I think Dunn would definetly be a great addition. He could start for a couple years and be a mentor for Garrett Wolf. We need an established runner with the gigantic void left at receiver. I think Bradley and Hester will be fine, but can Hester's body hold up through the whole season. I just remember how he got hurt on a low block the game he started for Moose and would hate to loose our biggest weapon.

Moss&Culpepper are coming to Green Bay.

Thanks Ben. Creighton the whiner I thought you were boycotting! What do you care what JA does, you windsock. Get off the fans blog. You don't care you call for a boycott so who cares what your personal choice is, stop wasting space with your windsock, bandwagon jumping arse. Do you need some tissue? Once again for the fans that matter. By the way Anonymous the Oregon running back is Stewart not Smith are you back yet? The draft is a armchair GM's delight as is free agency, it's fun to wish, but JA does it for real and it's a crapshoot. Who knows how these college players will turn out that's the other part of the sport. The Bears have a unique opportunity to draft quality linemen and a quality RB. JA has stated he will be trying to fix the offense side of the ball let's see. WINDSOCKS GO HOME......

Lets face it, with the tremendous year Benson had last year, what team in their right mind would give up such a rare commodity and gaine a pointless lackluster runningback like Turner? This is a joke. The Bears fans are truly getting shafted and laughed at by the future oponents because of the moves, or lack there of, the organizations been making this offseason. What the Bears organization seems to keep doing is mending a wound that will never fully heal, and when they put a bandage on the cut, the only take a razor to it an stab in even further.

The Bears Organization did something cruel and heartless that would make all Bears Fans want to boycott them. Because of my loyalty to and love for the'll never know.

Hey guys,

Let's take it easy Angelo for not franchising Berrian. As much as everyone hates to admit it, Drew "next question" Rosenhaus would have been a nightmare for the Bears to work with in future contracts...especially in the draft and potential trades. I'm glad they got Berrian off the books. I will say, however, I'm disappointed that Chicago hasn't pursued a "discount" running back like Julius Jones. Or even thrown some cash at Alen Faneca.

I think Daunte Culpepper would be a good fit for Chicago with Greg Olson, Hester, and Bradley. Honestly though, I'm willing to give Rex and maybe even Kyle another shot. Admittedly, the receiving corps is thin, but I think there's real potental with all those guys. We're never going to see how well they can play if Berrian and Muhammed are dropping all the passes, giving up on routes and causing Rex to throw INT's. Not to mention and using up all the cap money.

Some questions and answers I'm comforted by:

1. Isn't this years draft-class heavy with RB talent and decent OL talent?

2. The Bears offensive line isn't great, but it doesn't suck.

3. Chicago still has cap money and there's still talent out there at several positions.

Jerseyboy I couldn't agree with you more. I'm getting sick and tired of bear fans saying that we need to let Bradley, Mike Haas, and Hester play more. But when FA starts and the bears don't do anything, everybody saying the bears are cheap. If memory serves me correctly, didn't we trade for Adewale Ogunleye and signed him to a big contract? Didn't we sign Brian Urlacher to what was at the time the highest paid contract in Chicago Bears history? What do the bears organization have to do to get through to you? They've been ponying up the money. They're not going to get into a bidding war with other teams to overpay for someone who may not pan out.

So you all need to stop with the bellyaching and let see what happens. When the bears went to the Super Bowl, everyone was praising Jerry Angelo on an outstanding job. A year later, everyone want his head on a platter. One more thing, why are we going to sign a WR in free agency when he doesn't know the system when we have four WR who has two or three years experience in the system. So again, let's all calm down and take a deep breath; it's not the end of the world. Let's see what happens in the draft.

I think we should sign Warrick Dunn. He just got released by the Falcons, and would be a nice change of pace as opposed to AP, who is average at best. Either you sign him or Derrick Ward, and you still draft someone in the middle rounds to compete. Garrett Wolfe is not going to be anything special, and asking Peterson to be more than a special teams ace is asking too much of him. Benson was looking better the last couple of games before he got hurt, and while I don't think he will ever be the game-changing back we would like, he can be a solid RB with a better offensive line. We still need to bring in a G in free agency (one of the two Jakes, either Bell or Scott), and we should try and get Bryant Johnson, if he makes it out of Buffalo today. We don't have any options at OT in free agency that help us out, so we need to draft one at 14, and another one in the 3rd round. As far as WR, I think if we get Johnson, we should be fine. Ron Turner should be preparing his 2 Tight end formation for the upcoming season, where we put Clark on the line, and split Olson out wide, and see what we can do as far as mismatches. In a single back set, we can get Hester on the field with Olson and Clark, along with either Bradley or a FA/draft pick. I am ok with that.

Emoney I take back everything I said bad about you. You are finally coming around to reality. We know about as much about a 46 reception reciever as we do about the ones we have. Mendenhall could drop down to 14th if so get him use the next two picks on OL and then a QB and last a reciever. JA does well on the second day. Culpepper and even Leftwich would be interesting. By the way Moss re-signed with N.E.

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