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Report: Bears keeping close watch on Clady

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Boise State offensive tackle Ryan Clady performed at his pro day workout Monday before a large assembly of NFL personnel, the Idaho Statesman reports.

Clady had a vertical leap of 31 inches and a broad jump of nine feet. His 40-yard dash was 5.18 seconds, but that's not a key measuring stick for offensive linemen. How often is Clady going to be throwing blocks 40 yards downfield?

From the story: "Everyone, to a man, said he blew them away. He was extremely athletic, extremely quick," his agent Pat Dye Jr. said after the session. "Quick hands. Quick feet. That's what you look for in a great pass blocker and that's what they pay people in this league at his position to do."

The kicker?

The Statesman says Bears coach Lovie Smith is on his way to Boise, Idaho, next week to put Clady through a private workout. As someone who has covered a game at Bronco Stadium before, I can attest that the blue turf is as difficult to comprehend on TV as it is in person. It almost makes you dizzy following the action.

Smith might have a different take after watching Clady in person.

The Bears interviewed Clady at the combine last month.

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Idaho sure is a pretty state, not sure why Lovie is going unless the bears plan on trading up. Which we all know will never happen. Clady will not slip past Denver. To many teams above the bears need Oline help, the top 4 guys will all be gone.

No Brainer. The pick needs to go into the line. The player needs to step in and play right away.

I love that the Bears are scouting different tackles but lets be realistic, the only way the Bears are going to be able to draft Ryan Clady is to trade up and I don't see the Bears doing that. I don't see Clady falling past Denver. But stranger things have happend, take last season when Greg Olsen fell right in our laps, Olsen was projected to go in the mid first rd. So it is important that the Bears get a first hand look at Clady. I think its more likely that Williams or Otah will be there at number 14 for the Bears to select. I think offensive tackle is the Bears number 1 priority especially with Tait being the only legit tackle on the roster and Tait is 33 years old, that is kind of scary. In my opinion if you need to get a rookie that has to contribute right away you have got to select one early. Even if the rookie would start out at right tackle. The good thing about this years draft is there is a lot of value at tackle where the Bears will be selecting so it will not be a reach to pick Williams or Otah. Sometimes to fill a need a team will overdraft a player, that would not be the case with the Bears because both Williams and Otah are projected to go in the teens so GO BEARS!!

Whatever, Da Bears will never trade up, never have never will.Hmm how many players have Da lost to FA and release this year? and how many have they picked up? Sorry but Marty Booker does not count - what did he do in Miami the past few years? pro bowler yeop. Da Bears are gonna be hurtin next year again FA is ticking.
I really don't want to wait another !@# 20 years for another Super Bowl.

I agree that there is no way that the bears are going to move up...and frankly there's no reason that they should. Moving up to get a top pick is a luxury reserved for teams who are only a player or two away from being where they want to be i.e. Dallas, San Diego, New England and so on. The Bears have 4 dire needs on offense (WR OL RB QB) and 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. By no means am I suggesting that we will fill all of those needs with these picks, the odds of that are slim to none. However, the bears are a team that builds through the draft. Look at our roster, we have a plan to draft players and keep them (Berrian doesn't count because we can all agree he isn't worth the money he got). Am I disappointed that we didn't go after a big name free agent? of course. But with the money that is being thrown around to mediocre players, all we would be doing is tying up our salary cap on players that aren't worth the money and we would surely regret it a couple of years from now. When you look at the teams that have a history of building through the draft, they are consistently good. On the contrary, teams like Washington spend and spend, but always seem to be a .500 team. I think that if Mendenhall is there are 14, we gotta take him. He is a BEAST! In round two we need to take the best available QB or WR. Great depth at the OL position this year will allow us to get a solid lineman later in the draft. Not to mention there are some free agent lineman that we are surely looking at. Don't get me wrong guys, I'm extremely nervous for this upcoming season. However lets not forget how nasty our defense is and we all know that defense is what got us to Miami last year!

This is something that Ive been wanting to hear.This is about the time where teams start to throw names around to build a hype.I hope this isnt hype, because Clady seems to be NFL ready.Its hard and expensive to find quality Tackels in the NFL.If the can get a Stud O-Lineman in the 1st maybe draft the best offensive player with their sencond choice a WR with the 3rd choice.After that it will probably be a shot in the dark pick.All the quality RBs, WRs, O-Lineman,and QBs should already be off the board.
What would be realy nice is to see them trade out of 14 for a late 1st round and a 2nd round pick.That would give them flexability.That way by the end of the 3rd round they should have 4 players that could contribute to the 08 season.And Lovie said this isnt a rebuilding season.I say if they draft a O-Lineman,WR,RB,& a QB then I sure would say that they are rebuilding the offence.Retooling sounds like you would have a couple of holes to plug.These arnt holes their dealing with.Every position on the Bears offence will see a new face.At least 2 lineman 2 WR a QB and a Running Back.Im not mad at the Bears I just find it comical about the way they find words to use,so they can avoid saying another word.

The guy who demanded we bring in Adam A. is off to evaluate a football players talent??? Hee hee heee

I love some of our fellow Bears Fans on Free Agency, always when stupid teams start spending every penny on these so called BIG Time free agents there future is being mortagage away.

Heres the list of great Free Agents the Bears Signed:

Nathan Vasher 25-Prime Pro Bowler 6 year deal-
Lance Briggs-26 Prime Pro Bowler 6 year
Charle Tillman 27 Prime 6 year deal -
Alex Brown Prime 27 Pro Bowler 2Bonus Years 3 years combined.
Olin Kruetz 29 Pro Bowler 4years left....all in the Past Year.

This is our Free Agents if you want to trade Berrian 42 Million for Tommie Harris and Devin Hester in 2 years go ahead I wouldnt.

Devin Full Time Receiver 40-50 Offense Plays a Year HELL YEAH Later Berrian....Hester,Bradley,Booker,Davis,Hass Draft Pick.

We are in a Great Postion we had injuries to 21 Starters last Year we will Bounce Back ...Hester will Develop into the next Steve Smith but better...he will be in his 3RD Year when do you want him to start playing Year 4-5 stupid.

I am glad they went to this workout, but I don't think he will make it out of the top 10, and Denver at the latest. The only knock on him was he was not as strong as some of the other OTs in the draft, but that can be fixed pretty easily with some professional faciliites and a strength and training coach, which he will get in the NFL. I think we are more likely to have our choice between Jeff Otah and Chris Williams, and of the two, I would prefer Williams, because he has quicker feet, and can play the left side. Otah is a RT, and I would rather have Tait move across to the right side. Then we would have two pretty athletic tackles, which will be nice given the matchups they will face in 2008.

Offensive tackle is the most important position for us to fill right now. It all starts up front, and we need a starter. Then I would say we need an upgrade inside at G. RB, WR, and QB all look a lot better when you have a good offensive line. Ask Cleveland how much better Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow were when their QBs had time to throw. Ask Jamal Lewis how nice it was to have a solid run blocking unit in front of him. He was considered to be out of gas, and Baltimore let him go thinking there was nothing left, and he looked like the player of 4 years ago. Edgerrin James looks like an average back with Arizona's bad O-line. In my opinion, you can't condemn Benson, Hester, Bradley, Grossman, or Orton, until we can protect them and block for them. If they fail, then they fail on their own merits. But we have to give them a chance.

I like what I am hearing about drafting a Linemen but we can not go another year with Ced the bed.

How come the Bears are not taking a look at Julius Jones or Warrick Dunn? I don't care that they lost Bernard or Brandon but this team has not even tries to upgrade there Offense. Sure there are Big Time players available on the Offensive side but what you want is competition at certain positions like RB,WR and O-Line and this is not taking place for whatever reason.

The bears big need is OT and WR. Both positions take time to develop. Rarely do you see one just jump into the starting lineup in week 1. What would it take to jump ahead of Denver? Buffalo and New Orleans would want more picks. I wouldn't give up anything more than a 5th in addition to swapping our firsts. I think if he drops to 10th or further the bears might trade up. I don't want Otah. He will take two or more years to deveop and the bears are not built for that.

Every one needs to chill...part of the deal is having to let some players go..Ayanbadejo was a great special teamer, but why tie up $7 mil in cap space for a guy that doesn't play every down. As for Berrian--God bless him for getting the Vikes to give him $42 mil over 7 yrs...I guess there's a sucker born every minute. And to be honest, how many wins was Berrian directly responsible for? My point is that you can find a Berrian-type receiver out there--it just may take a while to find him. The best friend to a QB has and always will be a successful running game. THAT's where they need to concentrate their energies. People complain that they didn't go after Michael Turner..well, perhaps one reason is because he is still somewhat, they probably would be able to sign an established FA RB (Julius Jones) for significantly less $$$ than Turner got. As for Fred Miller, Ruben Brown and Moose, they all had to go. They are all too old to be effective anymore. Let's say for the sake of the argument that the Bears brought all these guys back--they would still be a 7-9 least the people they will bring in will be significant upgrades regardless of experience or lack of it.

does it feel like the season is over before it even begins we let berrian go to vi-queens and get nothing in return why didnt they just put the franchise tag on him keep him for a year as are #1 and see what he can do and he produces great and if he doesnt let him go but at the very least it gives are other recievers a chance to develop but instead we get nothing for drafting him nothing for grooming him but then we sign washed up marty booker like someone said theres a sucker born every minute then if thats the case maybe just maybe with all the money the viqueens threw at berrian they would be willing to pay the cost of signing a franchise player and then we couldve filled in are other needs with the 2 additional picks but instead we get over the hill marty booker how can any true die hard bears fan be happy with whats happen over the past 2 weeks

The one thing you have to worry about when drafting players from Boise State is brains. They have become a great football school but they are still one of the worst academic schools in the nation. Remember the las running back we drafted from Boise State. That guy was a graduate and he could hardly speak. I think he had to sign his contract with an X because he couldn't wrtie his own name.

One thing to also consider is the bears have a decent idea of who will be cut in the comming months. I am glad they didn't get Dunn. I like watching him but we do have a younger and cheaper version in Wolfe. Imagine if they had a line to open holes for him. Ced is done. He was a big bruiser in college but ever since he got hit hard in the superbowl he hasn't been the same.

The Bears are forced to use their 1st rounder on a offensive tackle this year. Not only that but we are forced to find a left guard as well. I know Clady will be gone but there are other tackles in this draft. I like Williams from Vanderbilt more that Jeff Otah but both should fill the void at right tackle as rookies. Don't want a rookie to start at left tackle. After one season and it looks to be a rebuilding season. You can move the rookie to the left tackle spot and move Tait to back to right. I'm pissed we didn't make any overtures to Jacob Bell or Jake Scott both are young guards with many quality season left. I'd also like to see the Bears pursue DJ Hackett who would be a big reciever who can get separation. We better have the best draft we've ever had or its gonna be a long year. Move around if you want Clady. And I wouldn't rule out moving up in the second round to get Hardy the huge reciever from Indiana. If Bradley is a starter next year its gonna be a long year. I don't even want to think about who is gonna run the football next year. Looks like Benson the bust is a gonna get another shot. Hopefully we can get rid of him and Ron Turnover next year.

This is to Joe and Jess ...... I dont know what Bears defense you were watching last year .... but the Bears defense was no more than mediocre. I know there were injuries but there will be injuries next year too. The defense is not nasty, it is just good, nothing more. As for Julius Jones, he is nothing. He is lazy, slow to the hole, hurt a lot and has no desire. As I have said before, he was mediocre behind a line that made Marion Barber a pro-bowler. We need to shore up the offensive line, fill the receiver holes and give Ced a chance to run behind a decent line for one more year. He may surprise us. Ced is far far far better than Julius Jones. We may need to draft a runner but paying a premium for Jones would be a big mistake. He is nothing more than an adequate backup. Super Bowl contention if a ways off until the offense gets straightened out and productive. Defense does not win anymore .... its offense that wins .... and Bears need to take a couple years to upgrade at O-Line, receiver, QB and running back.

They Bears are a long way from playoff contention next season because they have way too many holes to fill. With that said, I wouldn't mind it at all if they simply bit the bullet, and loaded up on offensive lineman this draft. Based on what I've read some combination of three of the following players -- Vandy's LT Chris Williams (who you take at 14!), Virginia's G Albert Braden (possiblly in the second round), Kansas' T Anthony Collins (2nd round), Nebraska's Carl Nicks (2nd-3rd) and/or Newberry's OT-OG Heath Benedict (late 3rd) -- would make for a nice little haul in one draft. And you could easily nab most, if not all of these prospects on the first day, since you have four picks in the first three rounds.

Rusty Joness

Why are some people saying the bears build through the draft??? The bears buld half there team through the draft not there whole team. They draft defense, and try to address there offense cheaply through free agency. But this year as pointed out above, the bears have not done that in fact they have signed several of there own players back, most of them on defense. They signed Booker who is cheap and on the down side of his career and he has knee and ankle problems. But if you look at there offense from 05-06 and 06-07, several of there starters where free agents. OLine, Tait, Miller, Brown, Garza, all starters all free agents. At TE Des Clark our number one TE free agent, Griese sadly our most consistant QB a free agent, WR Moose our number 2 reciever was a free agent then we had a RB in Jones who was a free agent and helped us get to the super bowl but we let him go last year. Our drafted offensive starters, Rex not very good is he not bad in play action though but got injured again and still fumbles and panics way to much plus he has bad feet a low release and eyeballs his recievers, next Olsen a very good prospect who fell to us in the draft, BB decent 1 reciever with real good speed, his hands however are questionable, however he is gone, only problem here so is moose and while BB was not great he our best offensive weapon, next WR mark Bradley, gifted player who is totally injury prone and has lost a step after 3 knee surgeries in 3 years he even once hurt himself just by jumping up and landing normally, at RB well it does not get much worse for the bears than this Benson, slow, does not block, cant catch the ball out of the backfield, fumbles, injury prone, lazy, bad character guy, can't turn the corner, and falls down on first contact with anything oh and now he is even slower and has a metal plate in his leg. So what we have here is 1 good player out of our draft picks on offense, an OLine made up of aging free agents, most of our starters on offense during our super bowl run and last year where free agents, and most of our draft picks on offense are not very good with only one possible stand out in Olsen. So somehow bears fans think we build our team through the draft? Ummm I don't think so. Defense yes offense, well not so much. Now as for the draft, as much as the bears need help at OL they also need more help at RB, and lots of help at QB WR as well. Clady will not be there when the bears pick, Long, Clady and Williams will be gone, there is no question about it, there all real good, Long is special, if Clady or Long fall to the bears I say grab him at 14, but if niether of those guys is there which they will not be I say grab Mendenhall and fill in your RB need. Williams is a zone blocker and does not fit what the bears do very well and Otah is an over rated right tackle who I say pass on. The bears can get a guy better than him in the second round to play right tackle they will probably have to wait till next year to get a good LT. The problem the bears have is that they have neglected there offense for such a long time that the only way to keep it a float is through the free agent market, which is what they have been doing. Now they want to build it through the draft which is fine but it takes more than one draft for any team to do this, think about it, you need 2 starting OT, a starting RB, starting QB, 2 starting WR, and one starting G and probably a center in the next 2 years, that is a lot for one draft. On defense we need a second starting DT, a pair of Safties, and depth at LB and a true everydown DE who can presure the QB would be really nice as well we. Not as much as offense but still it needs to be adressed as well. We have 8 picks in the draft, do the math can we fill all those needs in one draft? Not to mention we may need to start looking at replacing B Lach in the next couple of years, his back is not going to get better only worse, the same with his neck, that will be a big deal as well. Without using free agents and building through the draft, it will take them a min of three years to just build and no telling how long to become an elite team again, because with the draft you never know what you are getting, just look at what we have done with our QB and RB picks the last 15 years, we have been brutal at drafting offense.

He Creighton you forgot abot Olin.Cant leave him out of the mix.The Bears drafted him.Hes a pro bowler.

Why are you guys even talking about the Bears? The McKaskey family is one of the cheapest owners in the leauge!Angelo will probably draft a LB Or a CB,It will be somthing we dont need and they will suck!Keep dreaming bears fans.Until the McCheapskys sell the team you will never see a superbowl!!!! Mark My Words!!

Hey Brando, I didn't forget about Olin, But Angelo didn't draft him so I didn't include him in Angelo's picks, or B Lach cause he didn't draft him either. He did draft Hester though, I didn't put that in there because he actually drafted him for Special Teams and Angelo said he thought he would actually become a stand out corner. You do remember what he looked like at corner, it was sad to watch that experiment.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the bears draft Clady but if he's gone we don't need to trade up! Sam baker and a few other tackles are graded out similarly and with the way teams rank pick value,will be the way they go. The only exception may be how they grade Mendenhal' the running back. but I believe they're finally going to take steps to draft the horses for whatever cart takes us to the superbowl. It won't be this year and with the Mccheapskys it might not be my lifetime but my fingers are crossed.

Sign somebody already

the only reason i see the bears holding on to thier money would be to Sign a good QB Or RB next year.Other than that their were a few guys that would have been a good fit for the bears and they didnt even try to see what was in the free agent market from what im told so if they suck this year and dont sign a couple of big names next year angelo need to be fired and the McCheapskys should be ran out of town .

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