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Report: Bears headed to Vandy to meet with Williams

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The Bears are in a honky tonk kind of mood as they are reportedly headed to Vanderbilt Tuesday to meet with Commodores offensive tackle Chris Williams.

East Coast scout Rex Hogan attended the school's pro day last week, and the team is going in for a closer look.

Coach Lovie Smith and offensive line coach Harry Hiestand put Boise State's Ryan Clady through a private workout earlier this month. Hiestand also traveled to Boston College to work out Gosder Cherilus on March 5.

Clady could be gone before the Bears pick at No. 14 as could Williams for that matter. Cherilus projects as a potential late first-round selection.

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Williams should be our #1 target. Clady and Long will probably be gone, and Otah is more of a mauler/RT in my opinion (will struggle against speed rushers in the NFL early on). We should move Tait to the right side, and put Williams in on the left, and leave him there for the next 12 years. We will need to come out of this draft with 3 OL, and I would prefer 2 of them to be tackles.

I think if there is a run on OTs between KC, Denver, and Carolina (figuring Long will be gone in the top 2-3 picks), the Bears could be forced to move back to take an OT, or they can stay where they are and take a RB. But I would expect they will get offers for that pick if all the running backs are still on the board, and we can move back a bit, get Brendan Albert, and possibly another 2nd or 3rd round pick, which we can use to move back up if needed, or stock up on a very deep talent pool. Not a lot of superstars, but a lot of good starting caliber players out there this year.

I am very pleased to see that the Bears are again looking at Chris Williams, I think Williams will be the Bears pick if he is there at #14. I think Chris Williams will be there at #14. Of the teams ahead of the Bears that might take Williams Denver and Carolina, I don't see either of them taking Williams. There are strong indications Denver will be going wide receiver. They want a speed receiver to compliment Brandon Marshall. As far as Carolina I see them taking either DE Derrick Harvey of Florida or Illinois runningback Rashard Mendenhall especially with the recent loss of DeShaun Foster. Carolina has DeAngelo Williams but they are not very confident in him to be able to stay on the field he has durability problems. Chris Williams would be a great tackle for the Bears we could plug him in on the left side and have a good young tackle which is the Bears number 1 need. I don't like the idea of the Bears waiting till the 2nd round to get a tackle, you got to understand all nit picking about Williams aside, the scouts have Williams rated a first round pick for a reason. Williams ability to pass protect would make all the difference for Grossman or Orton, that extra second that Williams would give them would go a long way in keeping drives alive. Also out of curiosity I went on one of the Vanderbilt web pages and read that most of Vanderbilts rushing yards came from behind Williams. I also noticed in the senior bowl Williams didn't look that bad at run blocking either I think he is good to go in that aspect. Also this might not mean much but Williams had one of the higher scores on the wonderlic test. Like I said earlier the Bears are looking at Chris Williams again for a reason. Like I have said before you can have all the skilled guys in the world but if you aint got a line what good are they? Angelo go tackle in the first then get your runner in the second be it Matt Forte or Ray Rice. A good tackle is very hard to come by and now that the Bears have a chance to get one I say pick him GO BEARS!!

First off I want to thank brad biggs for letting me get my bears fix all year and vent a little too. Williams is the ideal pick for us and I almost hope mendenhal is gone already to prevent Angelo from entertaining offers to trade down. If mendenhal is still there I might take him just to keep Detroit from getting him but knowing the bears they'll try to trade him and take Gosder cherolius and more picks. Also ' I like Sam Baker if we do trade down.

I guess there are a couple of questions to be asked:

Is Mendenhall an offensive difference-maker and is the Left Guard position in the draft deep enough to pass on one at 14, if Rashard is there?

If it is deep enough, wouldn't the smart play be to trade down from 14 if someone wants Mendenhall?

i have watched a lot of film clips of brendan albert and i would really like to see the bears trade down a little and draft him with their first pick and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder. albert is now considered by some as a top ten player. at 6' 7" and 317 pounds he is an animal blocker plus athletic enough to slide outside to left tackle.

Williams reminds me of Stan Thomas he was good in college too. The last starting OT we drafted that was any good was Covert in 83 with number 6 overall. Thats not a joke either think about it, name all the great OT's we have drafted sense then.

Williams is not a natural OT, he is a 250 pound guy who beefed up to 315 to play tackle. He is about as strong as he is going to get, and he has a lot of holes in his game. He can move side to side but can not push forward, he lacks the strength to run block and the Bears are a running team. He will not be able to finnese DE's on this level. LT is the most valuable line position in football. Of the Top 5 OT in this draft 4 project at RT, Williams is rated 3rd or 4th on most boards. That means in a draft that is deep at OT but has no elite player the 2 maybe even 3 best OT prospects are right Tackles that means the only true LT of that group is not as good as the Top 2 or 3 RT's. Why are people even excited about this guy? He's not Ogden or Pace, he is not even close. He would be lucky to start his first year. When the best LT in a draft is rated below 2 or 3 RT in a draft that guy is nothing special. He has Bust written all over him. Stan Thomas. Iwould rather the Bears take a decent RT then a Bad LT. I just don't see it with this guy, I know lots of guys here like him, and I am probably wrong and I hope I am. But right now I just don't see it. I really don't trust the Bears to Draft a project at LT and develop him. Heck I don't trust them to draft any offensive position right now. There history over the last 20 years is really bad, Angelos history is really bad and the Bears scouting department is also really bad in terms of offense.

Right on Creighton.Not only did your whole blog make sense but you also have your stats right.Getting better I like that.Maybe you do have potential after all.Im not being a smart tush either.

While reading this foreum about Cris Williams it got me to thinking.....

Bill Tobin (Director of Pro Scouting for the Bears from 1975-1993) in 1991 Tobin signed a undrafted free agent DT out of Cheyney. Playing 12 years for the Bears from 1991-2002.
In 1991 as a rookie, this undrafted free agent from Cheyney, spot played throughout the season for Steve Michael(92 1/2 sacks 2nd all time in Bears history) and William Perry.
1992 the 6ft 7inch 330lbs DT from Cheyney was inactive for 5 straight games, mainly because of how the 1991 2nd round pick out of Notre Dame Cris Zorich was playing.In November offensive line coach Dick Stanfel and head coach Mike Ditka had desided that it was time for the Undrafted Free Agent move to the Offensive side of the Ball.Putting the 6ft 7in 330lbs monster in the Right Tackel spot,The Cheyney product filled in for the often injured Keith Van Horne.
1993 in September this former DT now RT had relieved Van Horne, but had missed the final 12 games of the season.
1994 the Begining of a true blue collar star.As a full time starter This converted DT turned Offensive Tackle would ancore the Chicago Bears line for 8 years.Starting in 134 games for the Bears.In addition to starting on the offense he also doubled up on the special teams field goal blocking unit, deflecting 8 kicks in his career.
1995 Now with a full season under his belt,the 0-11 Cheyney product never missed a snap.
1998 Just 4 years the Undrafted vet has made his mark in the NFL.He was voted on to the Pro Bowl Alternate list.
2001 After a Cinderella season (13-3), The Savey veteran made his first appearance as a starter in the Pro Bowl.Following the 2001 season the 11 year vet was the recipient of Bears Organization"s Brian Piccolo Award winner.

On February,26 2003 Jerry Angelo in a cost cutting move had sadly released the 6ft 7in Cheyney DT born on March 29, 1968.
That begain the area of Marc Colombo.

To you a Happy 40th Birthday from the fans of the Chicago Bears.

To read more info visit the site:

Williams may have good feet, but he has REALLY short arms. For this reason, I do not feel that he will be effective blocking against powerfull 3-4 ends. If a base end (5 technique) can first get his hands on Williams, he will be able to control the blocker and collapse the pocket.

Gosder and Albert may not have elite foot quickness, but their bodies are huge, arms are long and hands are strong enough to lock onto defensive players, allowing them to sustain blocks. Jery Sr would probably rank these two players higher than Williams at the offensive tackle position, and would prefer either of them at #14 ahead of Williams.

I was sure someone would have known the 6ft 7in Cheyney DT turned OT.One more Clue #71.This dude was huge.He would make us cats look small.

Big Cat Williams

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