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Quarterback search leads to San Diego

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The Bears continued following quarterback prospects for the draft over the weekend.

A source said quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton was in San Diego Friday for the pro day workout of the University of San Diego’s Josh Johnson. The athletic 6-3 Johnson reportedly did a nice job rebounding from a combine workout that didn’t go so well. He’s been compared to Vince Young for the way he can turn broken plays into big ones with his feet but is considered raw and will need time to develop. Johnson is a likely second-day pick.

With Hamilton traveling to the West Coast, you would have to imagine chances are good he made it a two-day stay for the pro day of San Diego State’s Kevin O’Connell on Saturday. No word yet whether or not the Bears were present for the Aztecs workout also, but it would stand to reason as they are believed to like O’Connell more than Johnson. O’Connell has prototypical size at 6-5, 225 pounds, and is also athletic. He led San Diego State in passing and rushing last season.

O’Connell will need to prove he’s more of a passer than just an athlete to raise his stock for the draft. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports he has individual workouts with a handful of teams upcoming.

With the Bears in need of offensive linemen, a receiver, a running back and defensive tackle, the best bet right now is that quarterback becomes a second-day pick.

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throw that 90th or fourth rounder at the kid from Kentucky.

Good athletes but bad QB's, but hey there tall, so throw a 5th at O'Connel if he is there. Johnson has bad feet I would pass on him. O'Connel can hold the clip board and get water and towels for the Oline.

Both Johnson and O'Connel are a few years away and the current regime does not have time to develope another QB. I'm hopeing Orton will get his shot to be the man next season. I was impressed with Orton at the end of last season. Orton led the Bears on their only two game winning streak and was impressive doing so. I liked the 2 touchdown strikes Orton threw in the Saints game, and how Orton handled himself during the Green Bay game in the extreme cold. If the Bears get the o-line squared away, get a running game going, and with time, Orton should be good to go so GO BEARS!!

Ryan Leaf was tall. How'd he turn out?

The Bears need to draft the following in order: OT, RB, QB, OL or WR, then the next best athlete available the rest of the way. We need to replace 2 starters on the o line and then we need to find a real running back. Cedric Benson did not work out & in hindsight we should have kept Thomas Jones. We need to find that blue chip RB of the future. For QB I really like Flacco out of Delaware unless by some miracle Ryan is still on the board at 14.

A second day project at QB is not what the Bears needs. Are we going to waste Urlachers entier career with an inept offense? But of course Jerry Angelo's track record of first round offensive players speaks for itself, so I am sure he wants to avoid the pressure of another first round whiff by bargain hunting on the second day. Then any player who simply makes the roster can be touted as a draft-day success. Think Mark Anderson - the Bears were do proud of their "find" that they started him over Alex Brown, and in the process ruined both their seasons. The fact is neither Orton nor Grossman is the answer. And quality free agent QBs are rare. The Bears need to be receptive to the idea of picking Flacco or Henne if they are still on the board in the second round. Face it: the Bears offense is so bad that they are now a year (if they have a perfect draft) or two (getting warmer) or three (that's the ticket) away from contending. So better to try to get your QB of the future now and start grooming him for 2009 or 2010. The first round pick needs to be Mendenhall or Stewart. There is no way the Bears can salvage their crummy offense in one draft. At #14 the Bears will not get a special left tackle (Long and Clady will be gone), and wide receivers can be hit or miss in the first round (see, e.g., David Terrell). Besides, competent receivers and solid interior linemen can be found in later rounds and in free agency. It took Angelo years to create this offensive mess. He is not going to fix it one magical draft. So better to stop kidding himself (and us) and start looking for a genuine NFL backfield.

You are the best. Whether I agree with you or not, you always post an interesting comment and have a unique perspective. I come away thinking you are either a complete madman, or you are a very knowledgeable fan who is way too blunt and occasionally misses the point. Just keep commenting and I'll keep responding. By the way, we'd better pick QB with our 2nd 3rd round pick or our 4th at the latest or we're showing way too much support for the current regime. Personaly, I'd take Henne in the 3rd (2nd 3rd) if he's there.

Right again Creighton.Like the bears will ever get a good Qb OK sure!Id like to see the bomber from the east but oh well.

Creighton is not Knowledgeable at all.He had Blogged that Terrence Metcalf never started.Madden doesnt show O-Lineman stats.
Now that I think of it as much as that dude is getting bashed by his No stat having,bad spelling,knowledgeless blogging, I think "Dave" realy is Creighton.And if he(creighton) did blog under the asummed name of "DAVE" he truley is a split personality mad man,and a sad one.

That dude cant even read and comprehend.I sux at spelling also.
Biggs had made the comment that Josh Johnson was comparable to Vince young in that he can make plays with his FEET!

Creighton i.e. "Dave" said Josh Johnson had bad feet and would pass on him.

Well to a fan that said that Metcalf didnt start a game,Must not watch the Bears,I think Im going to have to take a pro writers word that Josh Johnson has good feet.

Creditabilty Creighton you have NONE.
If someone is going to take you word on anything that has to do with Football is nieve.You remind me of a town drunk.
One that never shuts up has to have the last word in and never makes sence.

I stink at spelling I know.

Yes Dave I am more than a little nuts. But how could I not be, I am a Cub, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawk fan. You want crazy when I was a kid I had a Blitz helmet. The Blitz. Look at my teams, do you realize what I have been through. I am a sports fan in a town where the owners hate there own teams. No for real though most of what I right is a little bit of the Devils Advocate in me. I like to stir the pot and get people thinking or talking. Any Blog I am on usually gets a good debate going. If I am wrong I usually learn something and if I am right, well lets face it I am always right even when I am wrong. Right???? I think I pushed Brando over the edge a little. But for real if I have to here one more remark aboout Tom Waddle getting knocked out, I am gonna loose it. As for taking a QB, if where at 14 he may take one there, Brohm, I doubt they will draft Flacco he is too hot a propect the Only chance will be in the Second round but the Hawks and Pac would not mind having him, or Brohm, Fins might grab him in the second. Not really a good QB class this year. We know who is starting this year anyway, if the Bears bomb which I think they will, we will have a higher draft pick next year. If we get a good OT and RB in this draft we will have a nice set up for any young QB we bring in that year. But this year I think it's better to focus on what the draft can give you. OT, RB, WR, DL, all are needs and all have strong deep classes this year.

This is plan b at the qb position as far as the draft goes. If Flacco goes off the board early, then the other teams will gobble up Henne and possibly Woodson, who has more mechanical problems than a Swiss car. We would be better served to wait it out and take a chance on Erik Ainge, O'Connell, or an athletic QB like Johnson or Dixon. Call it due diligence, but some scouts said after the Hula Bowl that O'Connell will take some time, but has all the arm strength and accuracy to be a productive QB at the pro level. Given the success of non 1st round QBs in the NFL (Hasselbeck, Brady, Derek Anderson, Trent Edwards, Drew Brees, a little known guy named Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, David Garrard, Marc Bulger, Jake Delhomme, to name a few), maybe a project with all the right skills is just the thing we need. Whether or not Pep Hamilton can develop him is another story. Given our offensive line needs, it doesn't matter who is back there, they will get the snot knocked out of them, so why not let Orton and Grossman take their shot, and put a guy like O'Connell on the roster to hold the clipboard while we rebuild the o-line and running game? I would rather see Flacco, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry, and other teams want him more than we do.

Johnson is a REAL sleeper he has a great arm and is very comfortable with the west coast offense. He is a few years away mostly because he needs to get in the weight room and bulk up. He is the perfect QB for the Bears to groom even more so than Dennis Dixon because he is a pass first QB. I'd love to see the Bears grab him in the third round he can contribute right away as a slash type player.

The fact is, we need two guards, a left tackle, RB & a real FB. If you look at the pressure on our QB's, they mostly come through Garza. They run right past him! We can never run on his side, EVER! I also think last years relaxed, sissified (NO Hitting) training camp, had a lot to do with last years failure. Even, Ditka commented on the 85' Bears' hard camp vs the 07' wimpy camp. They thought the rest of the league would just lay down for them. If they fail this year , we need a new set of (tough) coaches & a GM. As for the QB situation, I'd really like to see the bears wait on a QB & trade next years entire draft for Tim Tebow! Without Payton Manning the Colts are nothing! A legitimate QB would be worth half of our team! If we get one of this years chumps, we won't even think about Tebow.

I feel the Bears need to draft in this order:
2. Best OT available
3. QB/DT
3. DT/QB
4. Best WR available
5. Best Safety available
6. OT/G
7. Best WR available
I am available for a job Jerry if you need me! Trust me on this one! This type of draft blueprint will ensure that the Bears have a future of winning and not the mediocrity that we have become accustom to. How can we even think about relying on Benson. He looks like he smokes way too much pot! He is injury prone and RB's with broken legs arent exactly great investments. Benson should maybe even play fullback for the Bears, but we all know he isnt that type of team player. OT's are deep in this draft. We could probably get a starter in the 3rd round. WE NEED A GAMEBREAKER! WE NEED MENDENHALL!

Why do I keep reading the Bears need a defensive tackle? Sure, last year they were in dire straits, with Harris hobbling and Dvoracek lost again for the year, but they're both healthy now (true Dvoracek hasn't been on the field much, but when he's been there, he's been very effective). Plus, there's Toeaina, Garay and Adams for depth. Just because there were a rash of injuries at tackle last year doesn't mean this will be the case again (you never know where the injury bug is going to bite). Is this just pre-draft propaganda? I see the defensive line positions as having the greatest depth on the team! (although tight end and linebacker are pretty solid as well). I don't think there's any way to disguise the Bears needs in this year's draft: a replacement for Thomas Jones and lots of help for the offensive line. After that, receiver, quarterback and defensive back are all higher on the list of needs than DT!

Did anyone see the East-West Shrine game? Josh Johnson was fantastic. His receivers dropped 3 or 4 easy catches, otherwise his numbers may have been even more impressive. He also has a little Devin hester in him in the open field; i.e. when he gets a hole, he just starts to run faster than the defenders.

BTW, this past season he had 43 TDs and only 1 INT. Inferior competetion? Yes. But he was coached by Jim Harbaugh at San Diego, and may not take as long to develop as some of the comments above state. Poor footwork? That's just silly . . . 43 TDS with only 1 INT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy would INSTANTLY imrpove our Red Zone offense.

4 picks in the first 3 rounds isn't enough sadly. I would love to see one of these top RB's or OL in the mix but they need so many more picks. I expect them to trade out of the 1st Rd to try and get more middle round picks.

I realy dont care who they draft just as long as they get quality players.Who ever they draft we wont know about their quality untill they get a few games under their belt.
Times before when the Bears drafted players like David Terrel#12, Micheal Haynes#14,and Cedric Benson#4 in the first round most had thought there were the a quality pick in the draft.
All the mock draft by the fans could work but maybe not.
To save yourself from wanting to punch the TV in late April, Let time take its course and wait to see if the player that they do draft is worthy.
I had very little knowledge about Hester coming into the draft.Reading what the experts had to say on Hester befor he was drafted was a mid 3rd to a high 4th round pick.Alot of the talk about Hester befor he started a game was why reach for a guy that has no defined possition.Mark Anderson was a 5th round pick.Undersized and was a rush specialest.
Now we all know that Hester is the BEST in history at kick and punt returns.The dude has revolutionized that possition.
Hester is the most incredible player to play since Barry Sanders.
And before Barry Sanders it was Gale Sayers.
Hester, Sayers, and Sanders are very rare players.They define human abilitys.Spelling sucks.Even though Sanders and Sayers didnt have the speed that Hester displays all have a freakish ability to create space,moves, and breaking tackels.
If the Bears do reach and pick a couple of players that we dont know or didnt draft your fav players lets just see what they can do.Remember that Tommy Harris was a 14th pick and teams thought he would be a 20th or so pick.The Bears reached for him even though he was a Stud at O.K. Urlacher was thought to be a 15th or so pick because he was a safty at New Mexico and was going to be converted into a Linebacker.Urlacher also lined up as a T.E., F.B., and a Return man.
Im kinda hope they do take a reach on the first day of the draft and pick up someone that is off the radar.It has seem to work for them in the past.Jerr A. best the best you can be and dont pick anybody from Army.

The Bears don't need a DT -- why do you think they traded for Darwin Walker (to replace Tank Johnson)?? Now that Walker didn't pan out, another DT must be found. At the end of the season, the Bears were signing guys off the street(Jimmy Kennedy) and where did Adrian Peterson do most of his damage -- to the RDT spot!! If the Bears don't shore up the position and Dusty goes down again, they're sunk.

I wouldnt mind seeing the Bears getting a DT some where.Dont care if it is the draft, dont care if it is someone off the streets.Just as long as they can play.Toeina is sign through 2009.
He showed some ability to play inside.Made some good plays.It seemed like he was just around the ball.I can remember during the Saints game,When Pierre Thomas an Illinois product rushed 20 times for 105 yards caught the ball 12 times and 121 yards and 1 TD.Toeina was down field about 12 yards to catch up to Pierre that had caught a swing screen pass, and tackeled him.If it wasnt for that play he had about 30 yards of green to smoke for a TD.
Toeina has had some flashes but is yet to be a proven player.I could see him as the 4 man in the in the DT rotation.That would give him around 12 plays a game.
I sure would be upset to see Jerry A. pick up a DT in the second day.To think that everyone of the draft picks will be on the Offence side is a little hard to believe.You never know though.What ever direction the draft gos hopefull at least 4 of the drafties will contribute in 08.

Would=wouldnt be upset seeing Jerry A. pick up a DT

Sure wouldnt be upset

Hey Brando I like Hester too but he is not Sanders or Sayers, Hester is a Special team player, Gale did Special teams and RB, Gale was one of the Best ever at both. If Hester turns into one of the best WR ever and continues to do what he does on Special teams then he will be in there company. But lets not get carried away, he will not see the Ball much this year on Special teams unless we play the Broncos and Saints every game. He is great but he is not even a starter on offense. So I would not put him in the Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers catagory just yet.

As for Johnson Brando, I was not talking about his ability to scramble. Bad feet in football= he does not set his feet properly when he throws. If you read the article posted on this blog about Johnson it actually says that about him. It says he has bad feet. See thats not Madden, thats just the article being discussed here, the one you apperantly did not read. Click on the pretty blue letters and read the article, before you try to condem me again.

As for Metcalf being a starter, what I should have wrote is that he has never been a legit starter. He was handed the job and got benched after 4 or 6 games back in the day and has spot started when the actual starters have gotten hurt. But he has pretty much been a back up. They tried him again last year when Brown got hurt. He was horrible and Brown had to play injured. So he could not beat out an over the hill past his prime injured guard for a starting job. Is that better, do you prefer me saying it that way?

Now quit being mad because you think Angelo is such a great GM and I don't. I think he is a great defensive scout but he couldn't draft an offensive player if he was being run over by Randy Moss and LT. To be a good GM you need to do more than Draft defense.

Now would you quit harping on me all the time, your just making yourself look bad. I mean really your grasping at Metcalf as proof Angelo can draft offense. Terrance Metcalf, been with the club 6 years and got beat out by a injured 13 year vet who got cut after the season. And your talking about my crediblity, I asked you like ten times to name all his great offensive draft picks outside of Dunn and Alstott, and you give me 6 year Bench warmer Terrance (don't hurt me im delecate) Metcalf. Ummm ok boy you got me there.

Didn't you also just mention that we should all stop talking about the draft yet again. You do realize this is a draft blog, thats why people come here to talk about it. If you don't want to talk about it you don't have to be hear. Also didn't you mention you don't care who Angelo drafts as long as he drafts quality players. Well if you don't care who AAngelo drafts, why do you care who all of us would like to see drafted? Dude for real thats a little strange.

Hey but if you want to keep discussing this I can go on busting up your arguments all day.

Hey we did have a first though we both agree they need another DT. Look miracles do happen.

Ideally, Rex will come through big for us and remain a Bear for a number of years. Of course, I know there are many of you who would rather see the Bears fail with Rex than win with Rex, and that's pathetic. For those who think Orton was so outstanding in his three games at the end of the year, you really need to go into the stat's of those games and closely examine his passing performances. How many passes did he complete of over 20 yards? How many yards per game did he pass for? What was his QB rating for those games...and keep in mind who he played and what their records were. After that, honestly go back and look at Rex's games after his return and look at the same stat's. You'll notice he just flat out performed MUCH better than Orton, with about a 100 yards more per game passing yardage than Ortons, which included a 299 yard game versus the Super Bowl Champs (you'll recall that Hester dropped a sure 74 TD pass, along with three other drops...2 by Muhammed and 1 by Berrian in that game. If those are caught, Rex throws for over 400 yards and 2 TD's and 0 picks). Compare that against Brady's stat's in the SB. Having Rex succeed helps our team, both now and in the future. I equate Bears fans rooting for Rex to fail (and the Bears to fail with him leading), is like Democrats rooting for terrorists to beat the US in Iraq just because they hate President Bush. And that truly is pathetic! I'm glad Orton won, and so does Rex (look at his regular season record, one of the best winning percentages for a Bears QB in the history of our franchise.) Go Bears!

Hey someone guess who I am.

Umm all you guys on this draft blog need to stop talking about the draft and listen to me and do what I tell you.

Angelo is the best ever, none of you have the right to question him, even if it is your money that pays his salary, and pays for the Players salaries and has made Virginia anf the Kids rich. You will listen to them and do what you are told.

Oh and what about that Creighton guy, who does he think he is??? Posting comments and thinking he has the right to an opinion. I am the only person who has the right to an opinion.

Hey who like s Tommy Waddle, remember when he got knocked out? I ask every one that question twice a day.

Oh man I here Creighton has posted again I think I will follow him around the boards and comment on everything he says. Who does he think he is, having an opinion, next thing you know he will want the right to vote. Ha I don't think so, he is evil. No credibility for that guy none at all. I here he even likes Madden, well I ask you what kind of guy likes Madden football? The guy is evil I tell you, evil.

Right guys, right guys, hey common don't compliment him. Pay attention to me I know the most about the Bears, not anyone else just me, nobady else can know about them, there mine I tell you mine.

So ok who was I imitating?

Oh and Brando I don't like Madden, I love that game, it's a lot of fun you should try it sometime. Oh sorry that word may be strange to you. Fun: def, A source of enjoyment, amusment, or pleasure. There that should help.

I am gonna go play Madden with some friends now and watch the Bulls, you have a great day there sunshine.

I've had my eye on this kid for a few months now.

He's not just a runner. He's about as accurate a passer as they come.

Last season, the threw 48 TDs

Interceptions? one

That's right, O-N-E.

In fact, in 1065 passes, he threw 15 total interceptions.

His completion percentage? 68%

I don't care what level of footbal you play. To throw that few interceptions is remarkable.

Screw taking Flacco in round 2. I'd gladly pick up a RB or lineman and take this guy in round 4

"Posted by: Kevin Armstead | March 10, 2008 08:11 PM

Ryan Leaf was tall. How'd he turn out?"

Well there boy, Peyton Manning WAS tall. How'd bout him there, boy?

I done some more reading about this Johnson kid and I'm starting to come around. I think the Bears were targeting Flacco in the past, but with the bad group of QB's in this draft and in the league all together, a lot of other teams have noticed his potential. Johnson with their last pick in the 3rd would be okay if they got some OL and RB help before that. Unfortunately, if Phillips falls to them at 14 they will take him. Not my move, but Angelo loves his D and Phillips is great and immediately fills an enormous hole. If this bears team fixes the running game and run "D" then they will contend for the division (the division is that bad).

This is my last time explaining myself to Creighton.Because he can not read and comprehend Im going to clears a couple of things.
Did not compare the accomplishments of Hester, Sanders, and Sayers, I compared their freakish ability.No Stats.Nothing like that.Those 3 could and in Hesters case still can move like no other that is or has been in the NFL.All 3 have revolutionized their respected possitions.
I have NEVER NEVER said anything about how good or how bad Terrence Metcalf is.I was just simply proving you wrong because not only can you not read and comprehend You also cant look up stats on,, or anyother football sites that shows stats.Also Metcalf started 15 straight games from 04-05.
I read all and respect most of the blogs on here.If people cant take a little of time to look up some stats they will be corrected.Why let someone get by making up stats to prove a point.I swear if i was nieve I would come out more dumb reading your blogs.Now I cant remember all stats I cant remember all games I cant remember all plays.If I dont remember stats I will tell the readers that they are LOOSE stats.If I cant remember a certain game then I tell the readers or ask the readers to help me out.If I rememeber a play but forgot who it was against I ask.
I know I can be wrong and If I catch it before anyone else catches it I will correct myself.

I also give the advice for people to wait and see how the player is going to work out before ripping the Bears for picking someone that people dont approve of.

And maybe in your mind your busting up my arguments.

SH.Good points.If Rex is doing his job awesome.If it is Orton doing his job awesome.If the Bears are winning with Marty Booker being there 4th QB in emergency situations great.Just as long as the Bears wins I dont care who is getting the job done.If anyone remembers Booker was a H.S. QB.and an Emergency QB when they had Miller, Mathews and Henery "strong arm" Buris.
But the only thing is the Records of the last 3 teams Orton played against,Vikings,Saints and the Packers.Vikings were out of playoff contention by the 2nd to last game of the season and they got beat by them.Packers were playing for the chance to get home field advantage,and the Saints with a little help from the Giants in the last game was playing for the last wild card spot.So besides the Vikings the other 2 teams had something to play for.

Creighton have you been a bad boy again? Did someone go off on you again? This stuff is uncalled for a little lively discussion is fun if everybody agreed there would be no need for the blog. I have critisized on this blog before and responded to people and there opinions of my comments but Brando you are way out there man!! Metcalf was so bad as a starter he was replaced by a failed tackle (St.Clair), my issue is with Lovie and his chicken(bleep) coaching why didn't we see Beekman or Reed or is he sending messages that these players can't be trusted. But again the coaching staff must be failing to develop players, Hmmm maybe thats why he doesn't draft but got those older linemen last few years. The draft is a crap shoot the fun is hoping for your hometown or favorite team but let's keep it in the proper context
the GM has the final say so bottom line so let's keep the it civil.

Make sure wehn you look at Orton's stats from the last 3 games, take a look at who he played against in the last two and how they did. Brett Favre, who has one of the strongest arms I have ever seen, called it the worst weather conditions he has ever thrown a ball in, and Drew Brees was his opponent in the last game, and did not have to contend with Vasher at CB. Did Kyle light the world on fire? Not by any stretch, but let's consider that as the 3rd QB, he got ZERO reps with the first team offense for the entire year, and had basically 3 days of practice before the Vikings game, and was blitzed left, middle, and right for the entire game. The Packer game was a total joke, with wind so strong that barely any pass was thrown more than 10 yards. And one of those incompletions bounced right off the chest of Muhammed, so it should have been 9 of 14 for 115 yards, and 2 touchdowns. And who he played against? Minnesota and Green Bay had two of the better defenses in the NFL, and our receivers were and continue to be crappy. New Orleans I will grant is not a strong defense, but havng decent numbers coming in relatively cold against three teams that were considered playoff contending teams in December is a testament to how talented this kid can be.

You give this kid a legitimate shot to work with his receivers through the offseason, and equal reps in camp, and I am confident he will be the best QB on the roster, and it won't be close. Will he be a Hall Of Famer, or as good as Brady and Manning? Probably not, but with our defense, he doesn't have to be. If we can protect the QB, we can move the ball, and we can score points. Orton is a better option than Grossman to move the ball, because he will not take ridiculous chances just for the heck of it. But when the opportunity exists to go downfield, he can do that as well as anyone we have put on the field in the last 15 years.

What we dont see is what the coaches do see.Beekman and Reed must have shown the coaches that they were either not 100% or did not perform in practice when ask upon.

Actually Brando your words and I quote "HESTER IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE PLAYER TO PLAY SENSE BERRY SANDERS AND BEFORE HIM SAYERS!" Those are your exact words not mine Brando, so maybe you should read what you type. How is that not a comparison??

As for respect?? Sense the day I got here you have been attacking me every time I post and you have never been right.

You Brought up Metcalf not me. He has been with the team sense 02 and has palyed in 56 games spot starting. In 04 he participated in 13 games as a reserve. Speaking of reading comp. I never said he did not start. I said he was not a starter. Who started at left and right guard the last 2 years? Garza and Brown. In 2002 he participated in 9 games zero starts. In 2003 participated in 11 games and started two as a reserve. I already gave you 2004. In 05 he started 12 games and got hurt. He has not started a game sense. So in 6 years he has started a total of 19 games out of 96. So if that is your idea of a starter good for you.

You keep holding onto Metcalf, like I said before boy you got me. I have no clue what your problem is but everydayy it's something with you. I give you facts thats all, you have yet to give me facts on anyhting. Here is a question you should ask yourself why are you making such a big deal out of Metcalf. What is your point with that? Where are you going with it. And why are you so desperate to try and prove me wrong about something? Why cause I disagree with you about Angelo, let me ask you why do you care so much about my opinion that you keep harping on me about everything I say. You have jumped on everything I have ever said on this board and then you got the nerve to talk about respect. You got issues man, don't make me a part of it. I am nice to everyone here, and I like a good debate. But you keep making mountains out of mole hills. Dude you are harping about Terrance Metcalf. Why is it such a big deal.

And you trust a group of guys who have failed to develop any offensive player during the Lovie regime, I didn't say free agent I said draft and develop a offensive player. During the time when you are officially out of the race you see what you have you develop the next training camp live. The Bears website has started spreading the rumor that Bears fans voted Grossman most likely to start the first game(gag me)so looks like business as usual.

Brando what are you saying? you seem to be able to answer all statements like you are a insider. Where do you get all your information? Are you on the sidelines? Do you eat with Lovie? Do you play golf with Jerry Angelo? Why can't you back up what you say? Why can't you spell(may I suggest spell check)? Can you answer any of these? Oh by the way Metcalf is a turnstile. Tell Jerry and Lovie I said HEY.

Djssr, hey man yeah I saw that thing about Grossman, dude you can never trust the bears official site. If you read what they write about there own players you will notice in certain places they leave off certain words so the player sounds better. Like if you read abouot Benson it's says things like he "Had sixth most rushing yards among NFL teams", or "Bears third leading rusher as a rookie". What it should say is that Benson in his rookie year had the fewest rushing yards among the bears running backs. How can you come in last in something and be leading? Or read Angelo's file where it talks about him building through the draft and how he has brought stability too the Bears. It also tries to give him credit for 2001. He didn't even do the 2001 draft, but they don't mention that. Whats funny is they say he builds through the draft but also say he has brought in free agents, Jones, Brown, Garza, Miller, Tait, Moose, Griese, Ricky Manning JR., Johnson, Agunleye, Hunter, Gould, St. Clair, Boone, Ried. So does he build through the draft or what. Also In his official bio it talks about Tampa, it says he turned around a team that for 21 years averaged just 5 wins a season. What it doesn't mention is that 10 of those years where with him as head of player personel. 10 straight loosing seasons followed by 2 winning seasons and a 8 and 8 season, and they call him a winner and a success. Out of his six seasons with the Bears he has had only 2 winning seasons. Last year was a disaster and this year is shapping up to be worse. But then again the bears don't mention last season. Biggs just wrote a great article called bargin hunting, you should check it out. Also fax sports has a article on the bears that just came out called going backwards.

Metcalf has started 5 games this

I do golf djssr.Im about a 15 or so over par last year.Im not good, but if I ever have a chance to golf with Jerry Angelo I would.I would eat with Lovie.

25 games in six seasons out of 96 starts, Benched last year. Again Brando you think this makes him a starter and you missed the whole point of what I was saying a week ago. When I was being obtuse and sarcastic about Angelos offensive picks and players. If you where so smart about the Bears you would have realized a long time ago that Angelo didn't even draft Metcalf. Jauron did, Angelo didn't have player personel powers until 2004. Until then he was a scout running under the guise of a GM. Jauron made all the picks until he was fired by the McCaskey family who took a vote to remove him after Ed died in 03. Until then Angelo could scout players, and recommend players, but Jauron had the final say on the player roster which includes draft picks. Either way Metcalf is a bad player who is not a starter and has been benched for his bad play multiple times. He generaly plays on special teams and is a reserve offensive guard.

Dude I don't even think you know what your point with Metcalf is. In fact my best guess is you are some kid who has to much time on his hands, who lives in Indiana and thinks he has a clue about the bears and football. But you get way to excited about everything you say, and can not see the or admit to any mistakes you make. To be honest I don't think you have ever been to a game. I know your not an old school fan, like you try and pretend to be, my guess is your a kid who gets way to into the bears for his own good. Maybe you should think about taking it down a thousand.

Can we end the Metcalf thing now, you have shown that he started some games. I admit he is a reserve player, who sometimes starts. I was wrong when I said he was not a starter. He has actually started in some games 25 out of 96. The guy is a stud. Why do people keep thinking we need oline help when we have Metcalf. Does that make you feel better? Are you ok now? I swear you must have a Metcalf pillow on your bed.

Yeah Creighton,"25 games in six seasons, out of 96 starts" interesting.Very interesting.
I had no Idea that it was even possible to start 96 games if he was only in 25.
I never said I think Metcalf was a good starter I was posting how many games he played and started.And he has only played in 78 games with 25 starts.5 starts this year playing in all 16 games.
Metcalf is a good person to have if any starters go down.Hes a plug in guy I know this.

And where in Gods name do you get that Angelo didnt start to draft guys until 2004.Give us a site to look that up.Then I will believe ya.Im not saying your wrong I just simply dont Believe ya.

Here is point on Metcalf. He started 25 games and played in 78.Thats my point about Metcalf.Simple as that.

I have corrected myself on a couple of blogs.I can and will admit that I had made a mistake or gave a wrong stat.I will even make fun of myself when I do something dumb and wrong.No shame here.

Yeah Creighton you did say something that is the truth even though you didnt know it.I have never been to a Chicago Bears game.The 2 times I was offered to go, One didnt have the money, and 2 I had to work right up to the Bears games.I live an Hour away from Chicago so a half an hour didnt give me enough time to get there.Hey If I did have the Money the first time I was asked I would have gone.

By the way what is wrong with Indiana.Opera lived in Rolling Prairie thats in Indiana.Only 15 minutes from where I live.Micheal Jordan owns a house on Lake Shore Drive in Michigan City, Thats in Indiana only 25 minutes from where I live.Craig Hodges still does live in Walkerton, Thats in Indiana,35 minutes away from where I live.Mike Tyson lived in Indiana.Brown County Jail.3 Hours away from where I live.O.K. I went to far with the Mike Tyson thing.
So what were you trying to say?Because I live and always lived in Indiana, I have no clue about football or the Chicago Bears.I hope another Hoosier reads that comment.I dont think him or her will take to well to what you had said about me living in Indiana.

By saing "who lives in Indiana" you are not only making fun of me, but you are making fun of us Hoosier.I take much pride being a Hoosier, Attack me all you want ,Im 28, Im a man, I can take it, but Leave us Hoosiers out of it.Its uncalled for.

Now What?Huh.

I was listing to Sirus Radio today.Jim Miller was on as he is every sunday.He had said Booker had 7 droped balls this season.

They were also talking about the draft.Jim Miller being with the team in 2001 had said Jerry Angelo had full responsiblity for the Draft.In the year 2000 Mark Hatley was in charge of drafting but had left before the start of the season.Thats when Jerry Angelo took on the responsibilty of player personal.

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