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QB carousel: 21 not most telling number for Bears with Favre

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When the Bears’ quarterback carousel underwent renovations with the arrival of head coach Dick Jauron in 1999, things took off.

The franchise that has been seeking to find a franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman hung up his leather helmet in 1950 (well, he at least began playing with a leather one in 1939) started going through candidates faster than you could change the pages of a calendar. It was more like a pitching rotation and that kind of activity helped them become the team with the most starting quarterbacks during the ironman streak of Brett Favre.

Favre’s run, which began Sept. 27, 1992 against Cincinnati, came to an end Tuesday when news of his retirement exploded.

The Bears finished with 21 different starters during Favre’s streak of 253 consecutive starts. Next? Washington with 18.

Twenty-one is a big number. Most teams were in the low teens. But we worked to take it a step further. How many times did the Bears change starters during Favre’s 253 starts?

In order beginning with the Bears game vs. Atlanta on Sept. 27, 1992: Jim Harbaugh, Peter Tom Willis, Harbaugh, Will Furrer, Harbaugh, Willis, Harbaugh, Erik Kramer, Steve Walsh, Kramer, Walsh, Kramer, Dave Krieg, Kramer, Rick Mirer, Kramer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, Stenstrom, Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Matthews, McNown, Jim Miller, Matthews, McNown, Miller, Matthews, McNown, Matthews, Miller, Matthews, Miller, Chris Chandler, Miller, Chandler, Miller , Chandler, Henry Burris, Kordell Stewart, Chandler, Stewart, Rex Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton, Grossman, Orton, Grossman, Brian Griese, Grossman, Orton.


Fifty-three starting quarterback changes during Favre’s tenure.

Grossman and Orton will wage a battle for the starting job this spring and summer. The club can find someone who is a longterm solution or we can start charting the number of starters during the tenure of Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning.

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I think I have figured out how to solve the ever-present woes that the Chicago Bears have had with finding a viable, let alone franchise quarterback for the team.
All they have to do this year is...

1- Spend the 1st. round pick in the upcoming draft on a Q.B. with somewhat limited ability/durability.
2- Acquire a couple of worn-out has-been Q.B.s through free-agency.
3- Trade for a couple more unproven, marginal Q.B.s with other teams.
4- Let each of the new quarterbacks play in only one or two games during the season.
5- Repeat next year, ad-nauseum.

Oh wait...that is exactly what the Bears have been doing already since 1992.
Sorry! Never-mind.

Remind me: How many Super Bowls did Brett Fav-ray win in alllllllllllll that time. Uh-huh.

Hey Tracy, Favre won as many SB's as the VAUNTED mid-80's Bears teams (according to pundits as the best defensive TEAM ever)....Uh-huh!

Really the QB position gets way too much attention. The glorious Peyton Manning notoriously choked in almost every playoff game but, oh my, he's a franchise QB! Big whoop! Baltimore went to the SB w/ D, the Bears went to the SB w/ long as there is an elite part of your team, be it the pass rush(think Giants) the running game (think LT) or even special teams (Hester!!!)and the rest of the team is at least somewhat competent, you can make it into the playoffs. Green Bay has had highs and lows through it's Favre tenure, he couldn't fix a whole team and nor should any Qb be expected to. Personally, I'd take a superb defense over a franchise QB.

I will appolagize for Sean making the mistake of Blaming Tracy when he was going after Dago-T.
The name of the Bloggers are under their Blog.Its weird but thats the way it is.

Defence wins championships.Phil Jaskson said it, Mike Ditka said it, even Ozzie said it.Its true in all sports.Its been that way since sports was around.Alot of people think that the 73-0 win over Washington in 1940 was all offence.It wasnt.The Defence had 6 ints,alot of FF(that wasnt a stat in 1940)Special Teams even kicked in 2 scores.
Look at what happened to Viking in their record setting years.Went 15-1 scored 500+ points.Their D was horrible.The D gave up almost 400 points that year.Going into the Playoffs teams better have a Sound Defence and a offence that can take time off the clock and move the ball.
St.Louis was the last team with a power house offence with a bend dont break Defence that won the Super Bowl.Colts in 06 had a Power house Offence but the Colts Defence in the playoffs was the Best in 06.
Chicago needs a offence that can RUN first and just take time off the clock and move the ball methoticly.Keep the Defence rested and Fresh.Big play fast scoring offences are WAY OVERRATED!.And Championship Defences are often over looked.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Mike and Brando.
Defence WINS the games.
But if you have a Q.B. that can't even receive a ball from a 'multi pro-bowl' center with out dropping it on the turf three times a game...
Well it sure makes it hard to PLAY the games...does'nt it?

People make a big thing about the Bears starting QBs in comparison to Brett Favre. But, how many different starting QBs have the Lions, Vikings, and Bucaneers (when they were in the divsion)had during Favre's 17 seasons?

Last I checked and I could be wrong the Bears have the highest turnover at QB in the entire NFL over the last 20 years. People can hate on Farve all they want but it does not change the fact that he was a great QB even if he did play for the Packers. He took a lot of bad teams with little talent to the playoffs. In order for the Bears to win a Superbowl we had to put one of the top 5 greatest teams in history on the field. Imagine if Farve had been our QB. In fact I am really sure if Farve had become a free agent in his prime that bears fans would have been screaming to sign him. Or do all those other QB's inspire confidence at that position for you all. Also do you think that all these other GM's, scouts, and sports people who think he is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game are all wrong and angry bear fans are right. The guy was great, thats about all there is to it. Oh and for those who talk about how many interceptions he has, you better compare him to his TD's cause while he has the most his percentage of TD's to Int's is really good. He has the most because he played for almost 20 years and never missed a game for 15 of those years. He also played on bad teams more often than not. Name all his great recievers. Look at all the weapons Manning his had for his career, or Montana and Young. Put him on ethier of those teams and what do you think his numbers would have looked like.

Fav-ray versus Chi Bears, 2003-2007:

Bears: 6
Fav-ray: 4

Fav-ray versus Chi Bears, 2005-2007:

Bears: 5
Fav-ray: 1 (The one is the NY eve game Shorty had his mind on other things.)

Can anyone out there say "diminishing returns?"

(And ONE Super Bowl ring!)

My favorite thing on the list is the rotation of Matthews-McNown-Miller that produced 14 consecutive QBs whose name started with "M." That's "M" as in Misery.

Dago T I think your missing the point, he started playing for the Pac IN 92 and we won all of 4 games from 92-04. Your acting like we kicked his butt. Farve killed us for 12 years, we only really started beating him the last three years. Thats really not impressive. Diminishing returns he was what 22-10 against us. How is that bad? Yeah and only one ring gosh poor guy. He also holds every major QB record out there. He is pratically a bust. How can people even think he was good. After all what is winning, when you can be a Bear or a Cub fan. I am sure Chicago would have hated having him play on there team having to suffer through all that talent when we can have all those other guys. The Bears should have QB reunion party, they can all get together and talk about how bad they have sucked. Wow what a list. It reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld. YOUR ALL WINNERS. Who is the worst on that list?? Is it Mier, ooowww was he bad, or maybe McNown uggg I remember some loosers thought he was gonna be the next Montana HA, or how about the Quinn, Krenzel, Hutchinson experiment yikes talk about your three headed Monster. Yep looking at this list I can see why lots of fans have confidence in Angelo, boy can he pick emmmm. Just look how many he has gone through in 6 years. What a joke.

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