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Otah postpones workout, says Bears have interest

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Pittsburgh offensive tackle Jeff Otah skipped on his school's pro day on Monday because of a sore ankle, but said the Bears are among teams who have been in contact with him.

Otah, who said the ankle nagged him all last season, will work out for scouts April 9.

“Several teams have called me so far,” Otah told the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. “The Bears, the Panthers, the Eagles, the Steelers, definitely are looking at me, and I just talked to Kansas City (Monday). But you never know how this things are going to work out.

“It’s all about team needs and how things play out on draft day. So, I just want to keep working hard and get some good measurables. I’ve got good film, but now I’ve got to get the other stuff, running, weightlifting and agility.”

Most project Otah to be a first-round selection but right now his name isn't getting as much play as the top three of Jake Long, Ryan Clady and Chris Williams. Of course, there's a chance all three of those guys are gone before the Bears pick comes at No. 14.

Otah is 6-6, 322 pounds and figures to be a right tackle. In a perfect world, the Bears find a future left tackle and eventually move John Tait back to the right side.

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The Bears HAVE to get a left tackle. Tait has to be moved to the right side.

Tait needs to go back to RT but he is not going to last much longer this is his 10th season and he has lost a step or two. Otah is a project that will need a year on the Bench to learn the position better, Tait would be a great instructer. Problem with this Draft is there is no great LT in this class. Williams is the only true LT and he is average at best. Thats why Long and Clady are rated above him even though they project to RT.

Sense Mendenhall will probably be gone I think the Bears should trade out of 14 and go after Albert. But I doubt anyone trades up then again I would take Albert over Williams and Otah. If Stewart is there in the second make a move on him. The Bears have no chance of fixing this line in one year, Not when you need 2 OT and probably 2 OG. It will take a long time to fix this offense. I have seen expansion teams in there first year with a better offense then the Bears. In fact the offense looks like an expansion team, The entire Oline needs to be replaced in the next 2-3 years (good luck with that), we need 2 WR (this has to be the most pathetic group I have ever seen, if Hester is not a star here the group is scraps), QB( been a long time), RB Benson is done so are curent starters are Peterson and Wolfe (good luck with all that). Lets see how long does it usually take an expansion team to develop? About 10 years right? They also get the the #1 pick in a draft to start, we got #14 and Angelo drafting offense. Good luck to the Bears, I look forward to the 2009 draft where the Bears will be picking in the top 5.

In a perfect world Vandys Chris Williams is still there at #14, if so the Bears should take him, if not I say take Jeff Otah. The Bears could plug Otah in the right tackle spot and it would instantly upgrade the Bears running game. Otah is a mauler who can engulf defenders. Otah gets great movement on defenders, that would help who ever the Bears got running the rock next season. Also Otah has played and beat the best. Who's to say he can't eventually become a left tackle? Plus the only way Turners offense works is with an effective running game. With a huge body moving blocker like Otah I think the Bears will get the power running attack that they have lacked for awhile. If Williams is gone I say take Otah for the simple fact the Bears need to get an effective blocker out of this draft, and Otah is proven at this. Then in the second I would take Kansas Anthony Collins to develope behind Tait for a season. Collins could be a very good left tackle who the scouts say is massive and athletic. Also the scouts say that Collins is adept at getting of the line and hitting moving targets. Then in the third I would take Tashard Choice of Georgia tech a good power runner to go with the two new body moving blockers that the Bears brought in. Just a thought I just wanna see the Bears get there running game going some how GO BEARS!!

One thing to keep in mind is versatility. If there is a run on OTs, then I would be more than happy to select Albert at #14. It appears that he would be capable of playing any/every position along the line, including LT. This level of versatility is invaluable and he would be considered a steal at #14.

On the other hand, if teams are afraid to take a mauling RT (Long) over a pass-blocking LT prospect (Clady), then the OTs could slide. This would allow the Bears to potentially trade down and select Albert or Cherilus while acquiring an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Otah would be a nice player too, but would probably have to play RT exclusively due to his lack of fluid athleticism, flexibility and foot quickness. That being said, I do believe that he would help out the running game by collapsing the line on down blocks. This is a key ingredient for generating the cutback lane on Turner's favorite "power O" play from 2006 (if only they had an athletic LG to pull and lead block...)

I definitely like the idea of selecting Anthony Collins in the second round. He could potentially develop into a LT when Tait is cut (salary cap casualty) after 2008. It would be great to have a pro bowl LT, but Tait is more than adequate and was the least bad lineman for the Bears in '07 (which isn’t saying much).

A center to develop behind Kreutz, who will contemplate retirement after 2008, would be a wise pick up. I suppose that Beekman could develop into the Bears' future center, but I'm a little concerned that he didn't get any playing time in '07. He must have been absolutely awful in practice...

Hey first off I am going to say we are not an expansion team. I will also give Perioa the benefit of the doubt and assume he forgot about our good NFL defense and our Great special team. Also I would say that for this year we really on need one good guard and maybe one good tackle and that otah would be a good fit for the position. But according to Creighton I would say what would help the running game would be getting a much better running back. That is why i feel that even though otah is good we can get good tackle and guard with our second and two third round picks. Ignore the O-line with the first pick and go running back. or after first round pick bundle next year first pick with one of third of this year and get back in the first round and then get an O-line. (Not to mention that I would still want us to take a QB in this draft preferably in the second round just to sit for his first year in case both Grossman and orton don't work out.)

O-line first then RB, WR, and maybe QB. If Clady and williams are gone (very likely) and Albert (might be) are gone then you draft RB in the 1st rd. Otah doesn't sound so great with this nagging ankle problem and he has no versatility, RT only. The 2nd rd will probably have at least one of the following O-line Baker, Collins, Brown & Nicks. Baker is more of a finesse guy but he is a LT and has been very successful at a big time program. I would grab him if he's there in 2 even if we got a LT in the 1st rd.

you make me sick Samdog, in case grossman and orton don't work out. how many chances do you give losers before you get rid of them. you sound like angleo. admit your mistake and move on. the only reason wrecks is still in the league is because angelo wont admit he is garbage and gives him another year to kill us. orton is a solid career backup qb, a top 5 defense and good special teams won those games for orton. angelo is stubborn with his draft picks and never will cut bait. thats why we've put up with grossman for 5 years and will have benson for this year and the next before we cut him. wake up man

So Troy answer this question for me. If Angelo got rid of Grossman and/or Orton, who would be the starting quarterback for the Bears this season? I'm just curios.

There wasn't any quarterbacks available in free agency. And I don't think the Bears are giving up a first round draft pick for lets say DONOVAN McNABB.

It's easy for us to criticize and get mad at Jerry Angelo for not doing anything at the free agent market. But let see what happens after draft before we roast him.

Believe me, I get pissed off too when I see Rex not moving in the pocket and he gets sacked or he throws stupid interceptions. But lets see what happens. Rex has been in Ron Turner's system for four years now so he should know offense like the back of his hand. All he needs to do is get a better feel of the pocket and hopefully he'll be fine. But if he's the Rex that we seen all of last year and half of 2006, then he should get the boot.

Albert all the way.
he can play LT in the NFL and i think Beekman can develop into a LG. The QB position should be adressed in the 4-5 rounds with Josh Johnson who will be a star in the right system and i think Pep Hamilton can develop him.
I think you trade down a bit take Albert in the first and then hope a decent running back is left in the second. Look for a wide out in the third, but maybe package both thirds for a second so you can get a RB LT and WR in the first two rounds and i think the offense starts to come together.
It won't happen instantly but you can make a dent in this years draft

OT has to be our 1'st round selection, O-line is by far our weakest part of the team so it makes little sense to focus on anything else with our first draft pick.... It doesn't matter if we trade down to get a late 1'st and an extra 2'nd rounder, we have to select the best remaining OT on the board becasue we currently only have (2) on this roster, both are aging Veterans and Tait is the only sure fire starter while St.Clair is best suited for spot duty at OT and Gaurd...

Gaurd is a concern but the Bears have been bringing along (4) players the past few years for this exact scenario. Angelo/Lovie will give the LG spot to whomever wins the derby between Josh Beekman, Tyler Reed, Mike Jones and Anthony Oakely... Terrance Metcalf all but punched his ticket out of town with that emBEARassing display in 2007 and could be a roster cut. He was given two chances to be a long term answer for us and well, he failed miserably last season and was not good enough to retain his starting job a few years ago as well.

our 2'nd, our two 3'rd and our fourth round selections should bring us a QB, RB, WR and either a DT or maybe a safety. After that Angelo should use his 5'th, 6'th, 7'th and any compensatory picks(should get at least one if not two) to add depth at other weak areas or focus more on the best player available at the time, he could have the freedom to reach on a player or two with those comp. picks alsp...

Go Bears !!!

Creighton you are so pesimistic today, I believe there will be two linemen found via draft and possibly F/A your concern is real. A real running back and a legit QB for development should also come out of this draft. Hopefully Jerry will do the right thing and we will have a enjoyable fall.

Definitely need OL in the first round, our biggest need. It's a deep draft for RB so we can get a good one in the later rounds (Ray Rice Rutgers maybe). QB situation sucks but not much you can do this year except draft one in the later rounds. Definitely, Grossman's last chance; keep in mind our O-line and run game was horrible last year so didn't do Rex any favors there. This year we might be able to fix the O-Line and RB position but probably not the WR position. We're not giving our QB (whoever that might be) the tools to succeed. Aside from the draft, there will also be cap casualties as well come June, (that's were we picked up Brown and Garza) so we still might be able to get veteran help on the O-line. This offseason is a true test for Angelo & his ability to pick up players through the draft or free-agency. He's stocked the D but has made some big mistakes on O.

I agree we have to go with Rex/Orton this year, but they will only work if we get an OL to protect them.
See this vid for a true Ouch effect. (Clady? No way Angelo trades UP)

I've got the solution to the tackle problem........Move John Tate to RT and draft a left handed QB. Controversy over.

Samdog, did you say the Bears have a good NFL defense? There defense last year ranked 28th in the league, which means they were abysmal.

Some of these posts make me sick. They don't even know how deep the draft is at OT, WR, RB, but they want to comment on who sucks and who should not get drafted. The bears WILL draft an OT early because there are about 5 or 6 very good ones to be had. Long (will be long gone) but Otah, Clady, Williams, Cherilus, Baker or Collins can have an immediate impact on the bears O-line.

If the Bears are going to by-pass Mendenhall, they should drop down 5 or 6 spots and draft Albert to play LT; draft a DT in 2nd, and G, RB & WR in third. There are 3 franchise grade qb's coming out next year so let Rex & Kyle battle it out this season and if both fail, draft one then.

I understand they're looking at running back Matt forte with the second pick, but trader jerry will probably try and draw interest in some team willing to trade up for mendenhal becouse he's scouting a lot of projected late first rounders. Some years the need player falls right to a team like gregg olsen did last year and I believe chris williams will this years if we don't trade down.

Have you seen anything out of our group of QBs that would tell you Pep Hamilton is capable of developing anything as far as a QB is concerned? Granted, he has only been here 1 year, but I don't think we have had a decent QB coach in the last ten years. I also would have to seriously question the ability of our staff to develop any young talent. If they were capable of developing young talent, we would not be in the shape we are in as far as having no solid #1 QB, no solid #1 WR, no solid #1 RB, and no established depth on the offensive line. We did not draft any OL early since Colombo, but Qasim Mitchell still has a job in the NFL right now. Mike Gandy still has a job in the NFL. Marc Colombo still has a starting job in the NFL. Justin Gage is the #1 WR in Tennessee. Bobby Wade is still catching passes in the NFL. All of these guys were sent packing, because our coaching staff was not able to get enough out of them to make them appear worth keeping. We put veteran players from free agency in front of them, or did not give them enough opportunity to play (Mark Bradley comes to mind from this past season). The front office and coaching staff do not seem like they were on the same page. We all knew Moose wasn't coming back. So why keep trotting him out on the field when the season was pretty well done? We could have gotten an extended audition for Bradley, Hester, and Mike Hass. We knew Metcalf was not doing well, so why not play Beekman, or Oakley, or even Tyler Reed? We have been afraid to take a chance on young players, even when we knew the alternative was playing a guy who did not factor into our plans, or was playing so poorly that not playing anyone might appear to be a better option.

This is a talented starting roster. But we don't know what we have behind them until we have to force them into the lineup because of injuries. The best teams in the NFL manage to play their youngsters, and know when they can release older players. We are guessing at best.


Marlon and others with the offense in dire need and being neglected for years why the heck do you keep on putting DT as a priority that high are you just plain goofy or what? gman what the heck are you thinking there is a bigger need for a RB than a QB that early in the draft. Flacco and Henne will not be around when the Bears will be looking at a QB. Joe point well taken they wasted a great chance to see these players you put on your roster and could have quieted some of these so-called needs in the fans eyes and in their own. That's why I complained about the developmental part of this staff which has been missing and I thought Lovie was coaching scared especially when he played a failed tackle at LG intsead of seeing one of the youngsters.

i like the idea of Dexter Jackson from APP State
I do think Pep Hamilton is a good QB i think he was doing good work with Alex Smith in SF even though he has dropped off since the departure of Hamilton.
and i think Josh Johnson is the kind of guy he could really help.
I would also say I think a lot of people over react in the offseason about how bad the bears are going to be. I'd say just settle down and let Angelo do what he is paid to do.

I think with a better oline the bears will look good I also think that Rex can still be a star come he has only played one full season and where did the bears end up there was no oline last yr or rb so it is not his fault So i stand behind Rex to have a good season and to finish what he started at the end of last yr

Rex Grossman will be great this year! I stand behind him fully and believe that he has all the features to be a standout QB. Go BEARS!

CHRIIiiiissss WWWIIILLLLLLIAmmmssssssssss.chris williams chris williams ,please God of bears chris williams. U no trade down cheapskate u go vanderbilt. takkum big tackle. team wuppum better.

Insane Packer Killa did you forget to take your medication today?

After I watched the unBEAR able happen,Gale Sayers going down in the wet grass at Wrigley field. YES I'm that old. There is something very strange the way the Ghost of George Halas has hounded this team. Who Knew? Who Picked? and who is stll behind the center taking the hand off from the center.CAn the Bears have
any where to run? Can Hester Block?, hey, he does everything.
regards to you folks in Chicago. Me, I'll take the sun of Calif.

djssr, yeah I was being pessimistic, just a little draft overload, after over analyzing the draft for too long everyone starts to look bad after awhile. Took a few days and didn't look at a single board or review. I say the Bears go right Tackle this year though, given there position in the draft and the amoount of available RT's in the draft, the LT crop of players is no where near as good. Either way Tait is not going to last at Right or Left much longer so he will need to be replaced as well, I believe the Bears will be drafting higher next year and will be in a better position to get a starting LT in the first round. I figure why waste a draft pick on a maybe good when you have someone you know will be good. Also Lovie actually said they are looking for a RT, he didn't say OT or LT he said RT. I think the Bears Believe Tait will be healthy next year and think he will hold up for a couple more years at LT. Now because they are thinking RT the bears may consider a RB or a QB in the first round and wait till the 2nd round for a RT because of the depth in the draft and the value they think they may be getting that way.

Go for Mendenhall in the 14th pick. You can probally get Baker in the second round, A WR and a QB in the Third. Then fill up gaps. They have 11 picks. There will be good WR in the third round and could be good QB. Mendenhall is just too good to pass up and if they do pass on him the Lions will take him with the 15th. It might take a few years to build up the OL but it would be good to go for Mendenhall or if he is gone Stewart.

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