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Not your typical Tigers at LSU pro day

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It wasn’t your typical pro day at LSU.

That was the word coming from Baton Rouge, La., where the Tigers had some lead in their shoes according to one source.

``That was the worst pro day I can remember here,’’ one source said. ``Nobody ran [well].’’

Defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, considered the best of the bunch and a potential top-five pick, ran 5.12 or 5.15 seconds in the 40-yard dash, depending on who you listen to. He weighed in at 297 pounds and looked a little light.

If it sounds like a description of Bears Pro Bowl tackle Tommie Harris, that’s because Dorsey had long been compared to him. Right down to the injury history. That’s the thing that has dogged Dorsey lately with reports recently that he had arthroscopic knee surgery, something he has denied. Harris fell to the Bears at No. 14 in 2004 because of concerns about his knees. Don’t count on Dorsey dropping into the Bears lap.

Wide receiver Early Doucet, considered a potential first-round selection, didn’t help himself with a 4.56-second time in the 40. It was the first 40 he’s run since tweaking a hamstring at the Senior Bowl. Cornerback Chevis Jackson clocked in the 4.6’s and safety Craig Steltz was in the 4.6’s.

``It was just a real mediocre day,’’ another source said. ``All the way around. That was a little surprising.’’

Dorsey got the most attention with more than 20 line coaches working him out. He showed a competitive spirit that will likely cement his place in the top five. He’d be hard for the Kansas City Chiefs to pass up at No. 5, and their coach Herm Edwards was present. While Dorsey was far from outstanding, his performance likely allayed fears any teams may have had regarding his health.

Linebacker Ali Highsmith, a mid-round prospect, might have been the only player to really help his cause. He had a poor 40 time of 4.95 at the combine and lowered that to 4.7 on Wednesday. It’s not like that’s exceptional for an undersized outsider linebacker though.

We’ll go in depth a little with a guard the Bears are keeping a close eye on Thursday morning.

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I like Dorsey, but he is not in the same league as Harris. Harris is freakishly quick off the snap, he is also stronger than Dorsey. They both due have injury issues though. Dorsey is more like Harris light or diet Harris.

Of course there are concerns about Dorsey's health and injury history...he is an undersized 3-technique DT. I would not be surprised if he did fall out of the top 5, and perhaps out of the top 10.

After all, Adrian Peterson(V28) was a dominate college player with great pro potential who fell to number 7 or 8(?) due to durability concerns. We are talking the top 10 of the NFL draft where an issue like "durability" can become a significant factor in the evaluation/selection process.

Dorsey and Ellis are the only 2 prospects that I would be willing to select over an offensive lineman in round one: 1) both of our starting DTs are recovering from their second knee/leg surgeries in consecutive years. 2) The best running back/player in the league is in our division and we can not afford to let him set greater rushing records against our defense. 3) The interior pass rush is essential to the fundamental effectiveness of our entire defensive scheme. 4) Undersized DTs need to play in a rotation to help reduce the exposure to injury.

I witnessed Tuinea's(sp?) potential to play over the center when he solo tackled the Viking's Adrian Peterson twice for loss. He almost killed AP on one of these tackles by completely engulfing him in the backfield and driving him into the turf. It was a big-time play and showed his potential as a run stuffer and tackler.

We need another 3-technique. I also like the two Florida State Tackles (Guion, Fluellen) who may be available in the 3rd or even 4th round.

we're set at tackle....remember we drafted bazuin (this guy is a beast) and we have dvoracek too. Al brown could play tackle if needed and light in the ass marc anderson can fill in at end if brown really needs to move inside.


I think we needed to get bryant from AZ. b lloyd has talent but is a complete moron and a total wuss

get the dbs by free agency then draft rb and ALL REST OLINE

Dan Bazuin is a D-End he is listed at 6ft 3in 260lbs.

Mark Anderson

Alex Brown

The WR that your talking about Billy, Bryant Johnson is already signed too a 1 year deal and its not Arizona.

Also Billy what DBs do we need. The Bears have Vasher, Tillman, Manning Jr. Trumine McBride, and Corey Graham.

The Safty possition needs updated.I dont see Angelo making any moves on safty anytime soon.

brando you don't know too much football

you probably thought griese or orton could play too. idiots like you ruined our season by getting rex benched. what happened with the giants? they didn't bench their future probowl quarterback and went to the superbowl. sound familiar?

mcbride and graham? i can literally beat both them in the 40.
tillman can't tackle and can ONLY cover jump ball type- receivers(like bryant and i know he's gone)

we have the best safety in the league(brown) and d. manning is the second best db we got

Vasher i like but he's not lock-down. ricky manning is talented but mentally retarded.

bazuin is too slow to play end and trust me he would be a beast at tackle

and brando if lovie smith knew anything he would have never started anderson at end, he should be a rosy colvin type ss linebacker. not having al brown out there trashed our season as much as greise, the quarterback who goes down literally without getting touched

football isn't about physical stats its about hitting and speed and heart

Bazuin would get rag-dolled at def tackle. I don't know where he's proven to be a beast, except against small school competition in college. DB and LB are the least areas of need for the Bears.

Does anybody here really think that JA will use his first rd pick on a RB? I hope you don't because there is no way he will after taking Benson #4 in 05. Too much money and pride invested in that pick to take another 1st rd RB this early in Benson's career. I would like to know who these FA DBs are that Billy thinks the Bears should pick up, and why they are any better than the ones the Bears have now. McBride did show potential last year filling in as a rookie and JA said he was going to address the Saftey position in the draft. You might think Tillman can't tackle, but get used to it. He has another 5 yrs left on his, if I remember correctly, $36 mill contract. I agree that o-line is the biggest concern for the Bears, but according to what Billy wrote, "get the dbs by free agency then draft rb and ALL REST OLINE", um that means Bears would draft 7 o-linemen this year. Ok 6 o-linemen if the Bears draft a WR since your boy Bryant is gone. I am an angry Bears fan too, but don't let your emotions get the best of you when writing on here.

Billy...WOW! So you honestly believe that b/c Eli and Rex both throw a lot of interceptions as well as fumble often that the Bears would've been SB bound in 2007!? Don't make me laugh. QB was the least of the Bears' problems. Do you not recall the lack of a run game? The deteriorating O-line? Ruben Brown playing on one arm? Miller with a busted ankle? Or maybe all the defensive injuries and overall horrible play? The Giants had a very good and intact defense, especially w/ the pass rush. The Bears did not. I've got news for you, ready? THERE ARE MORE PLAYERS ON A FOOTBALL TEAM THAN JUST THE QB. And don't be telling Brando or anyone else for that matter that he doesn't know much about football before testing your own knowledge. Btw, Griese was the best QB we had. Don't believe me? Check the game stats and read how Turner had him throwing 40-50 times a game. More than Rex was ever asked to do. Unfortunately Griese couldn't carry this pathetic team and he got the blame for it.

Thanks guy fro backing me up.
I just have a couple more points to make.Orton can play.The dude is going on 25.He doesnt make mistakes so hes on the road of becomeing an NFL QB if not a starter a valuable back up.I would sure like you to beat Mcbride in a 40 yard dash.Do you Billy even know how physical you have to be to run just a 4.5, and both Mcbride and graham both did better then that.Speed is a beautiful thing, its something that cant be tought.The one importan thing on offense though speed is nothing if you dont have the ball in your hands.Defence speed is worthless if your not in possition.
Brown the best safty?I like Brown.He is a wonderful player and teacher.He knows where to be and makes big plays.When a guy is on the field not even 2 seasons worth in 4 years there nothing to say he is the best.I do believe Mike Brown has been to the Pro Bowl once.He was an alternate that year.
Tillman cant tackel?I beg to differ.What billy do you want a CB that can tackel like a linebacker?Tillman is one of the most physical CB in the NFL.Look how many tackels Tillman has over his career, Also look how many FF he has.
This is a wild guess.....not, but the reason I think Grossman or Mangross got benched 3 games 1TD and 6INTs.That one TD was to John St.Clair.Come on John St.Clair I guess when Rex cant see over the line the Bears need a guy taller then the line.The in his next 4 starts he throws 1 int and 2TDs and gets hurt once again.
I agree that mark Anderson is the 3rd end on this team.The fans and coaches wouldnt have known it unless they did try him out.Good thing they did it in a poor season it was a gamble.
Grossman seems that he can injury himself while useing a pair of safty round edge sissors.

Billy you are caught up in the moment or just flat stupid. Bauzin a beast as a 260lb tackle? Tillman can't tackle? Brown is the best safety in the league, Manning is next? Anderson at SS Lb? What the Hell are you talking about? Billy put the bottle down and step away from the moonshine. All those statements prove YOU HAVE NO CLUE!! You need to stop blogging and start watching the games and reading some of the publications that inform and educate. Until then shut the heck up stay out of grown folks conversation.

Football is not all about hitting,speed and heart.
Hitting is a part of the game.
Speed is the Intangibe part of the game.
Heart has to do with the passion of the game.
Unity is what football is all about.Having 53 men work together as a team.If anybody want to disagree then I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

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