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Niners not happy with ruling

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Predictably, the San Francisco 49ers were none too happy with Roger Goodell's ruling this afternoon.

The Niners lose their fifth-round draft pick and will move down in the third round in a swap with the Bears. Goodell ruled they were guilty of tampering with linebacker Lance Briggs for contacting his agent Drew Rosenhaus last season.

Our buddy Matt Maiocco at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat has been on the case and has reaction from Niners general manager Scot McCloughan.

"The 49ers organization respects Commissioner Goodell's ruling today, however we do disagree with it,'' McCloughan said in a statement to Bay Area media. "This was not a malicious act; we believe that our intent was within the NFL guidelines. Going forward, we will take the necessary steps to ensure we are in compliance with the NFL's interpretation."

Looks like another case of Goodell ruling with a strong fist.

More details to come.

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Embarassing.....but I'll take the earlier pick.......just embrassing.

I think if the Bears would have been tampering with a 49er free agent before his contract was up they would have been just as upset. I'm happy with the swap in third round picks it might not seem like much but it can mean all the difference when it comes draft time. Say for example Chad Henne or Flacco fall to the third round now the Bears will have a better chance to get them.
Plus hopefully this decision will sway other teams from messing with Bear free agents to be like Tommie Harris or Devin Hester GO BEARS!!

1-2 weeks ago everyone was doggin Angelo saying this was a waste of time and that the only reason Bears brass was attending the hearing was because they "had" to show up. Wow, great call. Spot on with that call eh??

5 picks aint much but it could determine getting someone we want and/or not getting them.

Some of you claim that Angelo knows very little but that 'little' seems to be more than those of you bashing him.

You know what boo who for the Niners, next time don't go reaching onto another mans plate if you don't want to get forked in the hand. And next time tell Rosy to mind his backdoor dealings, money grubbing D bag. Poor Niners never done it before yeah right, never got caught before is more like it. Got Briggs for song cause of this too. Ha, the niners can go bug the pats from now on. Bottom feeders!

Yeah, and all Angelo has to do is check the box and fax it back to the league office tomorrow . . .

Yeah . . this seems equitable. The Niners lose a pick and position for getting tagged doing what everybody does. WAAHHHHH! Take your SINGLE Lombardi trophy and stick it Bears. I wish you nothing but the worst.

tmtdlogue take your sorry 49er a$$ back to SF and get off Bears fan blog, your sorry a$$ team is destine for more whippings. What the heck would you do with one linebacker you got more holes then we do, but we thank you idiot management the DeBartolo's got away with that crap for years and now they got caught suck it up and go find a blog in SF to write on, by the way Montana and Young are gone just in case you forgot [hahahaha]

Hmmm...if I were a member of the 49ers I think I'd be more upset over the 41-10 drubbing by Da Bears in 2006.

Tmtdlogue, ahhhh is a 49ers fan angry, maybe you should go watch old commercials of Steve Young and Rice on there romantic Dates, "so happy together". Crawl back to Cali bottom feeder and thanks for moving us up in the draft and thanks for getting us Briggs at a steal. Hahahahahha right back at you. Someone needs to swap the 4 in 49ers with a 6. And quit getting mad at us because your team is a bunch of dirty low down cheaters who where dumb enough to get caught. Now Loosers walk so get to steppen.

S.F. Go eat your quiche and blow it out your chute.

Creighton.You shouldnt go mowing another mans yard!Use that next time

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