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Mr. Smith goes to Boise

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Too bad Lovie Smith didn’t have more time for his trip to Idaho Monday or we could have recommended some great spots for him to see.

The Bears coach made sure he saw the best football player the state has to offer, putting Boise State offensive tackle Ryan Clady through a private workout at the school. According to the Idaho Statesman’s Chadd Cripe, Smith also worked out some fringe line prospects in Tad Miller, Dan Gore and Jeff Cavender. We thank Chadd for the tip.

Clady could be long gone before the Bears’ pick at No. 14 but the junior didn’t work out at the combine and Smith went to inspect for himself as the team is expected to choose at least one lineman with its first two picks. In fact, it’s possible Clady could be a top-10 pick. If the Bears fall in love with him, would general manager Jerry Angelo pull the trigger on a trade up the draft board? His history is to deal down and there is no debating the team has other holes that need to be filled with top picks.

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Like it makes a difference if Sleepy goes to see a player. He is clueless concerning football.

Im thinking that would cost the Bears their 14 and one of the 2 3rd round picks and maybe a 2009 draft pick?hmmmm

There is no chance the Angelo trades up, none, zero. There only looking at Clady incase he drops. Or maybe there hoping he has injury issues and will fall to them. Angelo loves guys with injury history. The Bears will probably trade down unless Angelo falls in love with a player. But lets say he wants a Olinemen, well what hill do is look at Long, Clady, Williams and Otah, and he will think well these guys are good but costly and I have to pay more for whoever I draft at 14, but if I drop down to 22 or out of the first and get a high second rd pick maybe I can get Baker who isn't as good but is decent and cheaper. Angelo does not like high draft picks to expensive, and if they turn into busts he looks real bad, he doesn't look to bad if a 2nd round pick is a bust though. But trade up, nope not now, not ever.

Does Lovie know what to look for in an offensive lineman? Clady is very well regarded in most draft circles, but will we have a chance at him? I would rather wait and draft Chris Williams than give up what we would have to surrender to get into the top 10. We need more than one player, and we would likely have to give up our mid 3rd and a 4th, and possibly a later pick (Baltimore at 8 perhaps?). Can Jerry pull off a miracle and get all those picks back by moving back in the second round? Sounds daunting, but I would rather not take the chance.

But I would not be upset to see Clady in a Bears uniform. He can be a very good left tackle for us right out of the gate, and be there for a long time. But for that matter, so can Chris Williams, and we can get him at 14, and still fill some of our other needs.

I don`t see us trading up either, I see too many holes to fill to do that, so we will stay at 14, or trade down to get more picks, as usual.

Williams smells like a bust to me. See Kenyatta Walker. Drafted by the Bucs in 1st rd about 5 yrs ago. The only O-Line guys worthy of trading up for would be Clady and Long. I do not think that would be the right move, but it would show JA being aggressive. And why the hell did JA not at the least bring in Jake Scott for a visit? That signing with a draft pick at tackle would have made the o-line 90% better than last season. If they go into the year with 2 rookies on the o-line, or Beekman(basically a rookie) it is going to be a long year. I'll bet Rex is thinking what the hell did I get myself into. Way to re-build the offense, 2 older WR's and thats it! Absolutly pathetic. Anyone thinking this team will win 5 games next year, you're nuts. That's if, whoever starts doesnt get killed.

It is clear that the Bears are writing off the 2008 season and probably 2009, too. How does a team fall off this fast and someone not get fired?? Only on the Cheap Bears.

Angelo will draft a QB in the first two rounds and he'll sit this year and start next year. He'll draft a tackel in round 1 or 2. He'll draft a good running back next year with his first pick which will be a high choice and hope this all comes together in 2010! By then the defense will be shot after two years of heroic effort that will will be made meaninless by the worst offense in the NFL. Sounds rosey, doesn't it?

A part of me wants Angelo to mortgage a bunch of draft pics in order to move way up and select somebody like Jake Long or Matt Ryan. But a part of me would also love to see a trade down with somebody like Dallas, to get an extra pick in the first or second round of this year's draft. Having five picks in the first 3 rounds would be huge.

Do you risk it by going after a "franchise" guy like Long or Ryan, or do you trade down in order to address multiple needs? I don't think that it's black and white, it's a tough decision. Let's just hope that Angelo, Gabriel and crew hit big this year in the draft though, particularly on offense.

JA will probably trade out of 14. 14 is just high enough to tease but low enough to disappoint and will command more money and a waiting game for market price. So JA will trade down to get more bites at the apple. Which for once actually plays into his strength. I just don't trust this staff to develop them.

I was just watching NFL Live, and if there is one player worthy of trading up for, it is Vernon Gholston. I would hate to see us miss out on another Shawne Merriman, just like we did when we mistakenly drafted Cedric Benson. I say move up to the 4 or 5 spot, and take Gholston, and then grab Nicks from Nebraska, and then a real good guard, and then a receiver, then let`s go win back this division from the Packers.

The Bears should of taken a shot at the Colts FA lineman you know they are well trained and ready to play

I think its cool that Lovie was checking out Ryan Clady and other o-line prospects. That shows that the Bears are going to take a tackle maybe even two. I wouldn't mind seeing the Bears take a first day o-lineman like Williams, Otah, or Clady if he is available. Then maybe on the second day bring in another tackle prospect with the 6th or 7th rd pick. Someone to develope for when Tait is gone in a couple of years, I think the Bears got Tait till 2009. That will give the Bears a couple of years to develope whoever they draft on the second day. Maybe on the second day the Bears should think about drafting an eventual replacement for Olin Kreutz someone like Jamey Richard of Buffalo or Robbie Krutilla of Western Michigan one of these prospects could be brought in on the second day and developed for Kreutz eventual retiremant GO BEARS!!

I think Lovie looking at Clady is misleading, I think the Bears know they have no shot at him. But I believe the want the fans to think there looking for a prime Olineman. They could trade up with Fins this year for there first and a 3rd or 4th. But they wont, Dallas will trade up using there upper first and there 3rd, Bill wants out of that first pick bad. I am positive the Bears will trade down or out of the first for more late draft picks. It's possible the Boys trade up with the Bears with there late 1st rounder and a 4th or 5th. Boys want Mendenhall, they think he is another Smith, thay are probably right. Angelo likes trading down, it is cost effective and he has a history of suspect high first round picks. He will then draft Gosder Cherilus who may be the best LT in the draft. Long is a better RT, Williams is over rated, Clady is also real good at LT or RT. Bears will then hope to get Flacco in the 2nd, if he is gone they will draft a WR or if Albert is there grab him fast. 3RD round they will look QB WR again. But I doubt we grab a running back. Angelo is laying his cards on the Table with Benson. However in the second and third rounds, they may Grab Chad Henne. Personally I love Henne and would love to see the Bears grab him.

Intreging Kevin.I like the Idea of taking a Tackel on the fist day and a tackel on the second day.Sounds like you and Joe have some good football sence.Its good to hear some origanal blogs.

Creighton how do you figure Gosder Cherilus is the best left tackle in the draft? Cherilus spent most of his college career at right tackle then when James Marten was drafted last april by Dallas Cherilus moved to left tackle and struggled last season. I disagree I think Cherilus is a right tackle prospect how can he play the left side in the NFL if he struggled in college? I disagree about Williams also I think he would be a better left tackle than Cherilus. I say use the number 14 pick on Williams or Otah. I know Mendenhall or Stewart would be a prettier pick but I say a tackle prospect is more important, because what good is a skilled player if you aint got the big uglies up front. Know I do agree about Chad Henne I would not mind the Bears nabbing him up in the 2nd rd. Henne has a strong arm maybe the strongest in the draft but I like his accuracy and Henne is the most NFL ready QB the Bears can get and with our Bears a rookie has got to be ready to play GO BEARS!!

First off Angelo is a bust and so is the bears owners! Im shocked that the city of chicago has not protested at hallas hall!Yes the Bears have a few good ones left but it wont last .Someone else said the Bears are in the top 8 in the nation in sales so why have we not made the playoffs consistantly?Because the McKaskeys dont care and they do not have a good coaching system.Lovie should not be calling offensive plays at all,Ron Turner needs fired!And Bob Babich? Give me a break! Lovie should be def co-ord and we need a new coach,Off-Coord,and Def-Coord.Thats My Opinon.Im stickin to it.#1 Bear fan Ft Wayne IN.

I don't think you can compare Williams to Kenyatta Walker, other than that they are similarly sized, and both were identified as players who needed to get stronger at the pro level. Walker was in a system at Florida where they did not spend a lot of energy protecting the QB, and only had to give him about 4 seconds, so in the pros, he was overmatched. Vandy is outmatched virtually every week in the SEC, and Williams has done a very good job matching up against guys like Derrick Harvey week in, week out. I think his footwork is much better than Walker's was, and I think his hand placement is more instinctive than Walker's.

I could be wrong, but in the film footage I have seen, Williams seems like he is a fundamentally solid player, with tremendous upside once he gets on an NFL weight training program. I would prefer Clady or Long, but I would take him over Otah, Baker, and Cherilus.

Good Points Keven.I have herd that Henne could fall as far as the 3rd round.That Apilations ST game was horrible.I enjoyed it being a ND fan though.I know ND stinks but it is always good clean fun watching Michigan loose.As for Michigan fans I bet it was not only a decent season for them but made it a great season for Michigan fans because ND floped bad.Charlie Charlie Charlie.I dont like that dudes attitude.He his Full of himself.Hes an ass to other people.He also pushed a kid up against the lockers for calling him Charlie and not Coach.That kid wasnt even a part of any sports.Just a student.What a BIG Butt.

Hey Kevin, with Cherilus I am just going with what scouts have been saying about him, I never followed him, right now a lot of people are saying he projects to left tackle. Don't know why never even seen him play. Just know he is big and talented. As for Williams he himself says he is better zone blocker and fits in more with the Broncos Oline. Those are his words, not mine. I just don't see him panning out with the Bears. Also the Bears are not that great at developing Oline talent. Plus the Bears use a Man Blocking scheme. When I say he would be a bust I am just refering to how I see him with the Bears. I agree that Tackle is more important than RB right now but it depends who is there at 14, if the top 4 guys are gone either trade down or go RB. As for sticking with the 14th pick. I would like to see them do it but Angelo has a big history of trading down. So even though I would like them to be there or even trade up, I really don't think it will happen. Glad to see we agree on Henne, I think the kid is a stud. I actually hope he falls to the 3rd and we get him there just because the Bears have so many needs. Again as for Cherilus, most guys will struggle there first year at any position, the scouts maybe refering to his mobility, footwork and speed which is why some may see him as more of a left tackle. Otah played left but plays more like a RT, and Long and Clady can do both. As for why scouts on fox, espn, and sporting news have been saying that, well you got me.

Claddy was as ggod as he was because he had Tad Miller guarding his backside. If Miller can come back from knee surgery, he's the real pick from the Bronco line.

Hey Kevin you my bad dude you where totally righ about Cherilus. I was mixing up him and Baker from USC. Baker is supposed to be the most natural LT in the draft but needs to work on strength and prove he is durable. Cherilus is pure RT. Sorry about the mix up.

I also believe JA is going to trade out of 14 regardless of who is there that's his M.O. he will try to gain an extra pick or two especially this year since he has been so inactive on the free agent front and there are so many holes to fill. I like both SanDiego qbs especially Johnson who has potential for big plays and is the type qb that must be gameplanned for, though Henne is a dropback type, Johnson and O'Connell a west coast type offense is more suited for what the Bears are trying to do, and if I am not mistaken wasn't Jim Harbaugh one of the SanDiego coaches? I don't remember if it was SDSU or SDU.

"I just don't know where you get tackles." -- Jerry Angelo to Chicago Sun-Times August 2003

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