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Mendenhall working out for Panthers today

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Action for Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall is starting to pick up.

Mendenhall will have a private workout for the Carolina Panthers today. Carolina owns the 13th pick in the first round, one slot ahead of the Bears. The Panthers having been doing their homework on backs this week. Led by general manager Marty Hurney, Carolina met with Arkansas running back Felix Jones following the Razorbacks pro day on Tuesday in Fayetteville, Ark.

The Panthers are the first of a few teams who will either have a workout with Mendenhall or have him in for a visit. The New York Jets (sixth pick), Cincinnati Bengals (ninth pick) and Dallas Cowboys (22nd and 28th picks) have meetings scheduled. The Detroit Lions, who pick 15th, are also believed to be interested.

The Niles West product ran the 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds at the combine to improve his stock after a big-time performance in the Rose Bowl loss to USC. He also did 26 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press, third-most among running backs in Indianapolis.

Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner would certainly love to have Mendenhall, who has a good chance of being the second back chosen after Arkansas’ Darren McFadden. Because of Turner’s relationship, the Bears know all about Mendenhall so they would not necessarily have to meet with him further to feel good about drafting him.

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angelo needs to get his filthy hands on this guy somehow. besides him, TRADE FOR MCFADDEN-as a former track star i can tell you just by watching his pro day tape, THIS GUY IS MORE FLUID AND MORE OF A BALLER THAN ADRIAN PETERSON

Mcfadden with rex would destroy any defense in the nfc.

So someone was saying the Cowboys were not interested in this kid. He is my favorite player in this draft, and I doubt the Bears will see him by the time the draft comes around. I doubt they have a shot at him anymore his draft stock is going through the roof.

But man it would be nice if he fell to the Bears. Good thing the Bears decided to play there best football at the end of the season and got a meaningless win once the pressure was off.

The more I look at this draft, the less and less I like Bears chances of getting an impact player. I know everyone thinks they will get a good OT in this draft because it is deep. But most of the time even with Deep drafts most players don't make the cut and we all are hoping they draft 8 starters at needed positions. When the GM has a history of making bad choices on offense. Sense 2000 the Bears have drafted 8 Oline men, one 1st round pick in 2002 Columbo, 4 picks where spent on Oline from the 5th round down, and there are 3 3rd and 4th round picks. Of these 8 picks only one is currently on the Bears in a reserve role. Wow I can't imagine how the Oline became such a disaster with Angelo drafting all of 8 picks on 5 positions in 7 years without a single regular starter in the bunch. He has done real well at drafting a running back and a QB for this team as well. 3 QB's have been drafted in that time Rex, Orton and Krenzel. We are having yet another QB compitition this year, wow what a shock with picks like that. WR he has drafted a lot of but we managed to get one number one reciever out of like 9 picks and now he is gone. The running backs have included A Train (gone), Peterson(3rd down back), Brock Forsey(uggg), Benson (the Bust), JD Runnels, Wolfe.

No current legit offensive starters that Angelo drafted are on this team. He has managed to draft 3 starters that are on other teams.

6 DE 1 starter
6 LB 1 Starter Possibly 2

11 Legit starters on defense a couple of backups but lots od special teams guys.

Buy legit starters I mena players who have proven they are everydown starters by playing well at that position.

Like Alex Brown is a legit starter while Anderson who can pass rush but got benched because of his poor play is not. Or Rex is a starter but has not proven he is a legit starter because he has played so bad. Same with Benson.

I think unless the Bears get lucky or draft D, that this will be a bad draft for the Bears.

This team has needed a true LT sense before Angelo got here, as of today it is still a position of need. The same can be said for QB,RB,WR,OG. I wonder what will happen to change this?

Billy all of that is true he is all that and he does not need Rex to destroy anything, McFadden could do it by himself. Now listen carefully, there is no chance we get him, none, zero, not if the world were ending. It is not possible for Angelo to trade up, it's in his genetic makeup. Even if he wanted to his hand would fall off before it would pick up the phone to make a call.

My guess is get ready to meet this years version of Rex Tucker, Gandy, Terrance Metcalff and Marc Columbo.

Go Bears.

I think Carolina is in the catbird seat for Mendenhall, as far as where the action starts. They can either take him, or make teams think they are going to take him to stimulate offers. They are a team, like the Bears, that suddenly has a lot of holes shortly after being a Super Bowl caliber team. They could encourage Arizona, Houston, Tampa, Dallas, or Detroit to jump up to 13. If they were to take an OT or another player, the Bears would then be in the spot to field the offers.

If we look at Dallas, we could get the 22 pick, the 61st pick, and the 154th picks in the deal. That would give us 2 2nd rounders and 2 3rd rounders, which could either get us a lot of talented players early, or help us move back up for a targeted player. Houston would give up 18 and 79, Tampa would need to give up 20, 83, 116, and a late pick. Depending on what Denver does at 12 (could surprise and take Mendenhall, or could take an OT), the draft will get a heck of a lot more interesting when it hits #13...I know I'll be watching.

Joe I like your homework.Its nice to see that someone takes time and passion in writing your blog.The Dallas move would be interesting.That would give the chance to get Albert if he is still there at 22.Then Jerry can pick up both a RB and a O-Lineman in the 2nd round.WR and a QB in the 3rd.DT in the 4th.2 O-linemen in the 5th.Safty in the 6th and maybe a tall WR with some speed in the 7th.It sure would be nice to see a undrafted Full Back to come in a compete with McKie.I do like Jason Mckie he is durable, knows his assignments,good screen back, and he can block.Seems to be better in pass blocking then run blocking.

Do you wanna be a baller
A shot caller
20 inch blades on my Impalla

I think HillBilly Buck Boy is showing his age.I realy dont think the 2 best running backs are going to be on the board past 13.I cant see the Bears pick Felix Jones at 14 when they could trade down and pay him less money.Stewart might not even get looked at untill the second round.I can see Stewart droping just like Willis McGahee did when the Bills nabbed him up at 26th I think.
Turff Toe is no laughing matter.Its kinda like a tail bone injury.I know a Broken Leggg is a serious matter also.Hey who knows if the bears do trade down and get a third 3rd round selection, Forte and Stewart might be there in the 2nd round, giving the Bears a choice on 2 good backs.Who knows. What is it 30 days untill the draft? I cant wait.

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