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McBride can feel like a 5th-round pick now

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Trumaine McBride figured all along he would be a fifth-round draft pick.

At least he’s been compensated like one. The cornerback was the Bears’ biggest winner in the NFL’s performance-based pay system that rewards players for being on the field.

The system adopted in 2002 provides the highest payouts to players who play the most and earn the least. As a seventh-round draft pick, 221st overall, McBride received a signing bonus of $55,250 for his four-year contract with a base salary of $285,000 last season. The payout received in performance-based pay? In excess of $200,000 according to two league sources, meaning McBride will collect money commensurate to bonus pay of a fifth-round selection.

The Ole Miss product appeared in all 16 games and started nine as injuries wiped out the secondary. The league uses a complex formula that weighs play time (including special teams) with all facets of a player’s contract, including base pay and signing bonus. Safety Brandon McGowan, who played in 14 games and started nine, was next for the Bears. He collected roughly $180,000. Safety Danieal Manning and defensive end Mark Anderson also did well.

Every player who steps on the field receives a portion of the pie that was just more than $3 million for each team. Even safety Mike Brown and defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek, both injured for the season in the opener, get checks. High-paid center Olin Kreutz started 16 games. The formula produced a check for him in the range of $20,000. So yes, even well earning veterans enjoy the riches of the performance-based pay system.

The biggest winner of all? Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Willie Colon will cash a bonus check of $309,000.

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Good for McBride.He earned it.He played very well for being a 7th round pick.He did so well that the Bears will probably consider him as a nickel back next season to compete with Manning Jr.
Manning Jr. had a good 06 season but fell off a little bit last year.I had questioned the staff for not starting Manning Jr. in place of Vasher, But when I saw how bad he was in the starting role I see why McBride got the nod.

I really like this system, but at the same time, I think it is only one half of the equation. Rookies coming in to the league need to be handled like the NBA does, where they can only earn so much money, and there should be a 3 year contract limit. That way, if a guy stinks, he can be jettisoned without costing the franchise millions in cap penalties, and if he is talented and plays well, he can sign an extension or new deal and get the money he has earned, not what he thinks he deserves for gracing a franchise with his presence.

But congrats on a heck of a season for McBride. I thought Ricky Manning would be a cap casualty because of how well McBride played as a rookie in place of Vasher. I think it all depends on how the safeties look this offseason. If they look solid as a group, then when they need 4 CBs, Danieal Manning can be the 4th, and Payne or McGowan can come off the sideline to be the other safety. Then we can let Ricky Manning go and save some room to resign Hester this year.

Trumaine McBride was most definitely the Bears steal of the draft last April. I read the reason Angelo took a chance on McBride was his solid play vs good competition at Mississippi. To me thats what its all about when picking a player during the draft. McBride might not have had all the measurables the scouts are looking for like size, speed, etc but he came to play on saturdays. Sometimes you have to look past the measurables and see how the player plays the game on the field. McBride was a good example of this. This is also the reason I am a big fan of Jeff Otah, to some he looks fat and slugish but the fact of the matter is the guy came to play and against top competion like Virginias Chris Long to name one. Oh well just a Bear fans opinion so GO BEARS!!

McBride was a pleasant surprise this draft. Could definitely start at the nickel spot if Manning Jr. gets traded or released.

I'd like to see the Bears start McBride and Vasher at the corners with Tillman and D Manning at the safeties. Mike Brown would be ideal, but will he stay in healthy? R Manning, Payne, or McGowan can be the nickel. We are in good shape at DB, just had too many injuries last year at the same position - unusual.

Last season was rather disappointing, but one good thing did come out of it. A lot of young/rookie players got a chance to play, and that will only help this next season.

It might be a little late for Tillman to switch to safty.Tillman is still an efective CB.Its been thought of I like the idea.Also McBride and Vasher are not physical CBs like Tillman,and against bigger WR it is good to have Tillman there at the CB.

Yeah Rob but not enough, should have allowed the young recievers and linemen play after season went south. That stunted the growth of the the team and the future.

The E5PN network had posted that the Falcons and the Raiders are very close to a trade.A trade involving DeAngelo Hall.

This trade will send the Raiders second round pick for DeAngelo Hall.To complete the trade the Raiders will have to sign Hall to a new deal.A deal that could be worth 6 years 57 million. 20 million in Gauranteed money.

Hall would have looked great along side of Vasher or Tillman.
Having Tillman and Vasher though is good enough for me.
Man a second round pick!Hard to find a player like that in the second round.
Hall is 24 years old and in 2004 he was an 8th pick in the first round.Drafted by Atlanta.Cowboys need help at CB.Wonder why they didnt go after him.I know Hall has some issues but who wouldnt being on the Falcons.

Our DB situation shouldn't have to be addressed for years. We need the OL rebuilt, we need another RB, and we need Devin and Mark to shine in year 3.

Mark Bradley already had his 3rd year 6 rec for 71 yds, define shine. Oh and the Bears still list Hester as a Corner.

Cowboys ignored Hall because of his contract situation, even Jones will only spend so much, and Hall wants a new contract worth big bucks.
Cowboys got 2 first round picks Jones will probably trade up on one of them and get a CB with the other.

If McBride can make better decisions and not dive when he gets beaten like in the Seattle game.Then I think he might even beat Ricky Manning Jr.

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