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Lovie Smith reacts to Favre retirement

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Bears coach Lovie Smith released a statement on the retirement of Brett Favre this afternoon:

“I think this announcement comes about 17 years too late and I don’t know if I will completely believe it until Green Bay opens the season without No. 4 lining up under center. In all seriousness, no one has given more to our game than Brett Favre. I have spent the better part of my NFL coaching career working on game plans to beat him. There is no player I respect more. He is one of the all-time greats to ever play in the NFL. He was a tremendous leader and the ultimate competitor on Sundays. I wish him and his family the very best.”

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Tell Lovie that he doesn't have to kiss up to Favre because he has been kicking Favre's butt since he took over. He's beat him in every game that mattered.

Now that Favre is retired,What is Lovie gonna do to fuel his ego.We all know Smiths head grew bigger and bigger when the Bears beat the Pack.Now what is his 2 goals gonna be.We all know to win the Super Bowl is his main one.His sencond was to beat Brett Favre i.e. Packers.Lets hope it will be kick Turners @ss and take those headphones off his head and call the plays himself.Only if Turner had Erik Kramer, James Allen, Big Cat Williams,Curtis Conway, and Marcus Robinson again he could start calling NFL offenceive plays.I think Turner needs a ASST. to learn his offence,and call the plays for him.One other thing Im not big on the coaches being up in the box.Thats what the asst. coaches are for.To be down their interacting with the players is part of the palyers learn and understand the offence.I dont think Rex would listen but maybe he would have been looking at more film insted of day dreaming on the sidelines when he fumbled or threw an interseption. So many times I have seen Grossman watching the game while Orton is looking at film asking Greise what Rex did wrong, or what they could have done.

So long! Three best day of my football life. 3) Bret Favre Retires 2) Barry Sanders Retires 1) Bears win Super Bowl (85)! I love Barry, he wasn't as arrogant as Favre.

wow are you serious.. not all but most of you chicago fans will find anything to complain about.. brando you never make sense and why does lovie need to get a big head for beating the pack.. he's done it time and time again and again. sounds to me like he's over it you just wish you had something else to brag about.. lovie has more wins than any coach we've had in the last 2 decades.. and all you brats can do is complain... pathetic... not all of you but some of you fans are coach potatoes talking the most trash about players you admire or hate because your not them.. it's simple as that

Perhaps Lovie is just trying to inflate the significance of beating one specific team by portraying the QB as being so great. Fact is Farve was a total bonehead many times in his career and Lovie just got lucky a few times to catch him on a bad day to go with weaker Packer teams than we've seen before Lucky Lovie arrived.

the point isnt to hate Farve but to hate the Packers.
He is only 1 man, (one of the best ever) but still 1 man. So you did have to work him into the gameplan. Well now Lovie is going to have to plan for their replacement QB. That might be a harder task...not too much game tape of Rodgers out there.

anyway, back to real point.
Its all about the RIVALRY! It always has been, always will be...

Jersey BOY Im wasnt taking anything away from Lovie Smith for what he has done.He has a big Ego.That was my not making sense point.BBB summed it up pretty good.
Now that you mentioned it jersey boy I will take away some of what Lovie has done.
During those bad years in the 90s, The Chicago Beras never had a GM.When the Bears were doing good in the 80s they had a GM.As far as Winning Teams go its up to the Head Coach to have the players believe in his System.You need the right players to do that.Thats where the GM comes in.Even Dick had Mark Hatley to help asst him draft and bring in the "right" players.So I would say Smith did an great job having the player believe in his Cover 2 gap Defencesive system.Im giving the credit more to Jerry A. then I do Lovie.
By the way I dont Admire or hate any player because Im not them.I like player bad or good that just love to play the game of football, and are a class act.
Some Players I enjoyed watching ALOT.
Tom Waddle
John Magem
Terry Obee
Jeff Grahm
Glen Koslouski-Spelling??
Cap Boso
James Big Cat Williams
Jamesa Allen
Brett Favre
John Gillmor
Erik Kramer
Jim Miller
Mike Singeltary
Neil Anderson
Richard Dent
Barry Sanders
Thats just some of them and that group will tell you that Im a fAN OF the FOOTBALL players.Im not one to like a player just because there good or hate a player because their bad.

Cap Boso? I can understand Mangum. But Boso? I'd take Thorton over Boso. And Barry was a class act who retired instead of chasing Walter's Career record. Too bad Smith didn't do the same thing. Seems like Favre only retired because the Pack wouldn't say" pretty please with sugar on top, come back and honor your contract." He's pouting after finishing the last few years as a glory hog.

Barry was a psycho. He could have been the best ever and blew it. He had the physical skills but something was wrong upstairs. He was no class act. He just did his thing and acted like he was a one man show. No leadership skills at all. That's where Walter had him beat.

Just for the record... I can't stand Emmitt Smith. Listen to him talk, his brain can't keep up with his mouth. Talk about a glory hog. It sickens me that he passed Walter.

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