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League releases tentative draft order

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The NFL has released the tentative draft order for April.

The exact order will not be finalized until compensatory picks are awarded. There's a chance the Bears could be in line for an extra pick, maybe a seventh rounder.

Their picks as it stands now:


3-27-90 (from San Diego)
5-9 (from Carolina)

Note: The overall number for picks from round four on down will not be determined until compensation picks are determined.

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I would guess that the pick will be for Alfonso Boone going to the Chiefs in FA last season? He played very well for them, and was sorely missed in run defense once our injuries hit at DT.

This puts us in a pretty decent spot to either take who we want at 14, or move back and get more picks in the first 3 rounds. The middle of the round seems to be where all the action is going to take place. No one wants into the top 5, so the 6-15 range is where the targets will be for teams with a specific player in mind. Looks like Detroit, Arizona, Houston, Tampa, and Dallas could all be in the market for one of the top RBs like Mendenhall or Stewart, and if we made a deal with any of them, we stay in the range where we should be able to get one of the top OTs (Williams, Clady, Cherilus, and Otah) and pick up at least one more pick in the first three rounds.

If we stay where we are, I still like our position, and we can get a pretty good group of players in the first 4 picks. Just to throw out a potential draft scenario for us:

14--Chris Williams, OT Vanderbilt
44--Joe Flacco, QB Delaware
75--Kevin Smith, RB Central Florida
90--Eddie Royal, WR Virginia Tech--shouldn't be there, but would be a great pick at this point

With Lloyd and Booker being signed, I would assume that means Jerry is steering clear of the rookie WRs. David Terrell still has the organization scared 7 years later...I would like to see a player like Eddie Royal from Virginia Tech, who has great downfield speed, is a precise route runner, and has return skills. He would be a great replacement for Rashied Davis if he signs elsewhere. More likely will be a best player available at 90, like Tony Hills from Texas as another OT, or the highest rated G on the board. If we leave the QB position alone in rounds 1-3, you can expect we are looking at Dennis Dixon from Oregon, or a shot in the dark prospect like Kevin O'Connell from San Diego State in the 5th or 6th rounds.

Jerry never seems to sit tight for the whole draft, and seems to always make at least one move, so I expect the same this year. But with only 2 tackles on the roster, and no help in sight in free agency, he had better be planning on offensive line early and often.

The Bears need to trade their 14th pick down for another second and third rounder. I would target either the Raiders or the Chiefs so we can have their early picks. I think both of those teams would be interested in the trade.

I would take Virginia's Brandon Albert with the early pick because their is more depth at the tackle position. I would prefer using our 44th pick on a tackle, but know it would go towards Joe Flacco.

With us having the Chargers late third round pick, that would give us three picks in the that round positioning us well to take Eddie Royal, a RB and a tackle.

yay..another mock draft

1. Mendenhall or Stewart..RB
2. Carl Nicks..LT
3. Dre Moore..DT
3. Tom Zbikowski..SS
4. Will Franklin..WR
5. Brandon Keith..RT/G
6. Kevin O Connell or Bernard Morris..QB
7. Jehuu Culcrick..FB

and looks like Jason Shirley..DT.. drops to FA...bring him in

If the Bears can't trade down they should look for another tackle in the 2nd round. Don't worry about QB until the 4th-5th rds, Dixon, Johnson, O'Connell.
1st Rd. - Williams, Otah or Albert
2nd Rd. - Baker, Nicks
3rd Rd. - RB
3rd Rd. - WR
4th Rd. - QB

I know it's a little high for Albert, but he might make the most sense in the 1st Rd. He plays tackle and guard.

I think the bears could trade their #1 to Dallas, for the two first round picks 22 and 28. Use them to pick Sam Baker OT USC, and Chris Williams OT Vandy. I think Williams would still be there at 22 and Baker at 28.

I like the idea of drafting Albert. Everything I've read has listed him as a can't miss guard w/ the skills to play right tackle, a sound invest for the future line. Sounds like a lot of the tackles listed are system guys or guys with potential. We need road graders that'll start right away. In round 2 I think they need to take the best lineman available...cause it sounds like the 1st wave of tackles will be gone, but there could be some great guards available. Take one! Play Albert at right tackle w/ Garza this yr & concentrate on finding a jem for the backfield. Flacco will be gone & we have too many other needs. Our passing game will be lame & there is no quick yrs draft should be deep in WRs!

Please!!! PLEASE!!
To those of you suggesting trades for additional picks, please get a copy (available at hundreds of sites on the net) .....of the "Trade Value Chart" to keep from make absurdly out of line suggestions for swaps.

No false hope here.I realy dont care who the Bears Draft just as long as the get quality players.In the 06 draft I had my opions.Not good opions.Well that blew up in my face.Manning, Hester, and Mark Anderson all proved to be quality players.I had no clue who these guys were.Alot of people ripped the Bears for tradding out of the first round.I did.So Im gonna shut up and just see what happens.
Then after the draft Im gonna keep my mouth shut.Im gonna give the drafties time to show what they have befor I make any opion on who the Bears Draft.
I hope some of the fans can do the same.Wait and see.

What the hell is an opion?

No, seriously, does he mean opinion? Option? Onion? I'm confused and therefore ready for Bears football!!


2(13) Albert G, or Baker OT, or Cherilus OT, one of them will be there.

After that anything goes.

Those would be my first 2 picks. Angelo however will not pick those guys, don't be surprised if the Bears address the Oline from within there back ups from last year and after the Draft when teams will be cutting players. Same way we got Garza, or maybe a low end trade. Look for JA to trade down if he can if not, he will take the best available player with the first pick even if the guy is on D, he will address the OLine as well in the later rounds. If he drops down in the first, look for him to go after QB Brohm. He will look at WR and Running back between rounds 3 and 4, but the guys he wants are not there he will address Saftie. We needed linemen in 2003 draft. Angelo addressed this by taking a takle in the 7th round. He thinks St. Clair and Metcalf are the future of his Oline. He already said he was gonna give his young guys the first shot at Oline.

Please stay clear of Zibowski and Dixon. We already have a Zibowski in Archeletta. If we are going to take a Safety, I want one with speed and a Bad A??.

Hitman you are nuts wanting to take Zibowski that high!

I would love to see the bears keep the 14th pick & pick best tackle avaliable Clady,Otah Williams then trade 2009 1st round pick to anyone above pittsburg & then take Albert.The o line would be fixed at that point. then in rnd 2 take Flacco or Henne for qb 3rd rnd rb & wr, 4th rnd either another guard or safety let JA do his magic in later rounds.CUT Metcalf

Now the Bad New Bears have again sign a useless WR - Brandon Lloyd another lazy not talent washout with Washington. They have signed Bad News Rex and have lost the star WR - Bernard Berrian. No passing game no running game Cedic is lazy and willing to work once he made the NFL. Give him his money and he becomes lazy take the money back. GM who is a lousey judge of any talent and has been a failure everywhere is has been. Rex is the worse QB in the history of the NFL. Check his stats - He is terrible cant take the snap from center, fumbles, wants to act like he is a stud and sit in the pocket all day and throw the bomb. Rex is lazy - wont scramble to make things happen as he is slow and fat. I am betting that the Bears will have the wores record in the NFL in 08' and takers?

I agree bringing in these 3rd tier wr's doesn't really make the position that much better, but it brings in experience and depth, something Hester and Bradley have little of. If Hester can learn Turner's BRILLIANT offense, Bradley can stay healthy, and if Rashied Davis bolts, then hopefully Lloyd can step in at slot. Benson is a bust, although not even LT could have done much behind the ancient offensive line. I like the one-year incentive-based contract that the bears gave Grossman. No one was available that was worth anything.

This is what I'm hoping for the Bears:

1st Round - Rashard Mendenhall RB or Ryand Clady OT or Chris Williams OT

2nd Round - I would love for Brian Broham QB to fall to us here, but that seems unlikely, but again I thought we had no chance at getting Olsen last year. If no Mendenhall then Ray Rice or Felix Jones. If Mendenhall then Anthony Collins OT, Sam Baker OT, Gosder Cherilus OT, or Branden Albert OG.

3rd Round - We have two picks. I am going to hope we drafted an OT and a RB at this point and say we should look at another OL and either a QB or WR. Some available could be Mike McGlynn OG, Chilo Rachal OG, Oniel Cousins OT, John Greco OT, Joe Flacco QB (He'll probably go early second, but you never know), Andre Woodson QB, John David Booty QB, Earl Bennett WR, Jordy Nelson WR, and DJ Hall WR.

My dream/realistic scenario

1 - Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
2 - Sam Baker OT USC
3 - Chilo Rachal OG USC
3 - DJ Hall WR Alabama

We could then use the rest of the picks on a Safety and whatever they think is needed.

I would like to see the Bears pick Chris Williams of Vanderbilt with the 14th pick but don't get me wrong if by some miracle Ryan Clady slips the Bears should go with him. I think at least Williams should be there at number 14. I think Carolina who is one of the teams that picks before us will go runningback. The Panthers got a lot of money in the tackle position right now with the recent signing of Travelle Wharton and the old tag being slapped on Jordan Gross. Also when a team puts the franchise tag on a player they usually want that player long term. Also the Panthers lost DeShaun Foster and are weak at runningback so I think that is the direction that the Panthers will go. This should allow Chris Williams to fall to the Bears. With Williams or Clady the Bears will have a nice young tackle and as far as the left guard vacancy I believe the Bears will place 2nd year player Josh Beekman there. People forget last April Beekman was a projected first day player who fell to the Bears in the 4th rd. I actually read a mock draft last year that had the Bears takeing Beekman in the 1st rd. Beekman slipped in the draft because of his height at only 6-2 some scouts feel that is to short or to short to warrant a first day pick on. Also Beekman played a little center his senior year so some scouts felt Beekman was more of a center prospect that is also why Beekman might have fell. In the preseason last summer the Bears had Beekman at left guard so that shows me that is where they see him playing for them. I think the Bears sat Beekman to kind of ease him into the position, they placed him on the 53 man roster so that shows they did not want to lose him. Also I think you did not see Beekman play because most of the games he was not even on the active roster. I think with Williams at left tackle if he is ready or right and Beekman at left guard the Bears will be going in the right direction GO BEARS!!

The ideal draft would be:

Round 1 - Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
Round 2 - Carl Nicks RT Nebraska
Round 3a - Dre Moore DT Maryland
Round 3b - Josh Johnson QB San Diego
Round 4 - William Franklin WR Missouri
Round 5 - Chad Rinehart OG Eastern Iowa
Round 6 - Craig Steltz SS LSU
Round 7 - Terrance Wheatly CB Colorado

This draft will settle alot of needs that this football team has.

Paul I suck at spelling but I love your opinions!If Zib is even drafted I dont think he would be drafted by the Bears.Kevin Payne is highly thought of by the coaching staff.That doesnt mean he is good.The Coaches just like him.
GET OVER MENDENHALL.What the muck people!The Bears are NOT going to draft another North/South runner.Also one other thing $5 million wraped up in CED.Mendenhall+Benson=around7 million cap in 2008 just in RBs.I dont see that.

Since we are dreaming, here is my best shot at it.

we trade down with Dallas for 22 and 28

#1-22 Sam Baker/ot
#1-28 Joe Flacco/qb
#2-44 Earl Bennet/wr
#3-76 Matt Forte/rb
#3-91 Eddie Royal/wr
#4-107 Pressley/dt
#5-137 Tyler Johnson/ss
#6-173 Jacob Hester/fb
#7-205 Shannon Tevarga/og

I am a dreamer but could live with this draft.

Real draft!

1.Otah OT
2.Felix Jones RB or Joe Flacco QB
3.Chilo Rachal OG
4.Adarius Bowman WR
5.If RB already picked then Dixon QB if not then Safety
6. Pressley
7.Jacob Hester

tank this season and draft tim tebow next year.

I would tend to agree with you Duane, I do however feel that Flacco will be very high on some teams lists, and therefore if the Bears truly want him, they will have to make him their first pick, regardless of where it is. If they did do this trade with Dallas, and I`m sure they are exploring the possibility, then they would be looking at taking Nicks from Nebraska with the second pick, and then the rest of the picks you mentioned.

I think Sean is right, there is no way the Bears are going to tie up first round money/cap space on 2 players at the same position. IOW, no running back in the first round.

Flacco is shooting up the charts and will be gone before the 2nd round.

The strength of this draft is OT, DE and speed at WR.

The first round pick will be an OT. The only way it's not is if Sedrcik Ellis falls, not likely but anything is possible.

My draft is:
1st Rd. OT: Williams, Otah, Albert
2nd Rd. WR: Johnson (convert from RB to slot reciever, fastest guy at the combine 4.24)
3rd Rd. RB: Forte
3rd Rd. QB: Johnson
4th Rd. DT/OG

Brando it's not about who we think the Bears will take. It's about who we would like them to take. I already said several times I don't think they will take him. Benson is done and I will be surprised if he is not cut after the Draft. Also Mendenhall is not a North South runner, he is the second best back in a draft with a lot of excellent backs. He is fast 4.44 40 at 227, strong 26 reps of 25, and out performed every other back at the combine in drills. He also runs the fastes shuttle time of the backs. He is considerd the most diverse back in this class and most ballenced. He can run, catch, block and throw. Scouts don't feel has a weakness to his game. I would not be surprised if he is the first RB taken. As for OT 3 guys that will not be there when the Bears select, Clady, Long, Williams. My personal guess is that if those 3 guys are gone the Bears will Pass on Otah, if Mendenhall is also gone that would leave Stewart and maybe even McFadden who is McFadden(he may drop like Moss did) I which case you know the Bears will pass on him. Angelo does not like to draft offense in the first round, he Also hates high first round draft picks. He may try to work a trade with Cowboys who are after a top RB. Aalso there are a ton of wild card teams in this draft Miami wants out of #1, you never know what the Raiders are going to do, the Ravens need help all over the place, and the Cowboys want into the top 14-15 picks. Also at least 7 teams in the first 14 need major help at Oline Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, Ravens, Broncos, Panthers and Bears. So if the top 3 or 4 linemen are gone which there is a real good chance they will be, who do you pick? We need help at OT,RB,WR,QB,SS,FS,DT. It's the 14th pick not the fourth pick, just cause we all want certain players does not mean we will get them. The Bears are a wild card this year they have a ton of needs, they may trade down, they may take anyone at the positions listed, they may take best available player which could be Offense or Deffense, it is really hard to tell what there going to do this year. Me I would love to see Mendenhall, Clady Long, (not Williams though because he does not fit there blocking scheme), that said, none of them may be there. So then what? Otah may be gone too and the Bears will not Grab a guard at 14, I don't even think they will grab a guard in this draft. So if it's ok with you Brando I am going to hope for Mendenhall because he is my favorite player in the Draft, and you hope for who like best. Drafts are fun dude why do you need to be a buzz kill, people are just speculating, it's fun to play GM so chill a little bit.

I guess I will jump in with my wish list: the top (3) tackles will be gone before #14 as well as Mendenhall so here goes, trade down to 22 with the Cowboys get their 28 along with it give them back our 3b (1) Baker T [USC], (2) Forte RB [Tulsa], (3) Nicks T [Neb], (4) Dixon QB [Ore], (5) Hall WR [Ala], (6) Hester RB [LSU], (7) O'Donnell G [Ill]

Creighton,If the Bears were going to cut Benson they would have already done that.Im glad GMs dont think like you do.To draft a guy because he is your fav player is a mistake.Im a Huge ND fan.I went to 4 games last year.Only live 20 minutes from the Golden Dome.Zib is one of my fav players but I sure dont want him on the Bears.If it is so fun being in a wonerland them maybe you should start playing more Madden and stop the DUMB blogs.
like I said Im not going to stress out on who the Bears are going to Draft.Im going to wait and see how the players pan out.No reason to get pissed over a situation that we have no control over.

Brando don't be made because I am right. It's not that I just like Mendenhall, he is a top 8 draft pick and the number 2 back in the draft. There is actual logic behind. Also if the Bears could draft offensive players who where good dont you think we would have. 14 Different starting QB in 7 years, our last 3 first round running backs have all been busts Enis, Salaam, Benson. We have not drafted a starting Olinemen sense Angelo took over, we have not had a WR with a thousand yards sense Angelo took over. But hey like I said if Angelo could draft offense he would. We need all those things and have sense he has been here. He has done nothing in seven years to change that. Oh and by the way Notre Dame sucks. Nice season. Your not evven from Chicago??? Your an Indie boy and you choose the Bears over the Colts. You great instincts. If you don't want people to talk about the Draft, or talk about football, or talk about the bears unless they agree with you. Why are you on a blog, what do you care if you don't want to here it, leave. You have yet to even make a point about the team. You just complain about what everyone else but actually don't have the stones to have an opinion. I guess your just used to being told what to do like a good little boy. But don't come on a blog about a draft and tell people they are not allowed to talk about it. Who are you?? Your Nobody?? Go tell your self what to do. Oh and as for Mendenhall most people in the NFL agree he is real good, and as for Benson most people in the NFL agree he is a bust or have you noticed all the news paper articles refering to him as a bust or the fact that he has been benched twice. As for being cut, if he comes to training camp and he does not performe well. Then goodbye. The guy couldn't even beat out Jones when he was here had a job handed to him and has done nothing but stink up the field. But you think he is good. Thats fine but most think he is real real bad, which he is. 1000 yard seasons for Benson zero. Jones 1000+ seasons 2. You think the bears know what there doing, yeah we will see. How about I if I am right and they suck this year you never come to this site again, and if you are right I will never come here again. But until then I will talk about the team, and you can continue to talk about what little you know like the color of the Uniforms and the fact they are named the Bears. Also how about a bet about Mendenhall, I think he is a stud, you like Benson. I say Mendenhall has a better your than Benson. Much Better, you like Benson. What do you say I am right and I will become a Pac fan, you are right, you have to cheer for Michigan and dump those Golden LOOSERS.

After re-thinking my mock draft, I've come to the conclusion that there is a great possibility that Jerry Angelo will likely trade down in this draft and pick up an additional 3rd Round pick from a team wanting to move up to our #14 slot.

Bears have a lot of holes to fill on offense long term and will need the picks in order to building around our core players. Angelo drafted defense heavy last year with the likes of Bazuin DE, Okwo LB, Payne SS, McBride CB, & Graham CB. This year I full expect him to trade down to pick up more picks to replace Mushin Muhammed WR, Bernard Berrian WR, Brian Griese QB, Ruben Brown OG, Fred Miller RT, Jimmy Kennedy DT, Darwin Walker DT, Adam Archuletta SS

Bears have a few "Stop-Gap" free agents in Marty Booker for 2 years, Brandon Lloyd for 1 year, Rex Grossman for 1 year and Kyle Orton for 2 years.

The future of the Chicago Bears offense is in this coming 2008 draft! This will be an extremely critical draft for Jerry Angelo and I believe he will trade down out of that 14th overall pick and move down to somewhere like picks 21-24 and pick up an additional 3rd Round pick and these guys:

Round 1 (pick 21-24) - Carl Nicks OT Nebraska
Round 2 - Matt Forte RB Tulane
Round 3a - John David Booty QB USC
Round 3b - Dre Moore DT Maryland
Round 3c - Eddie Royal WR Virginia Tech
Round 4 - Chad Rinehart OG Eastern Iowa
Round 5 - Tyrell Johnson SS Arkansas St.
Round 6 - Chevious Jackson CB LSU
Round 7 - Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma St.

Jerry Angelo has to get "Instant & Immediate Impact" from his rookies this coming year much like the NY Giants did with all 8 of their draft picks last year that helped them win Superbowl XLII. IF Angelo applies the principles of Bill Polian Colts GM he interviewed on the NFL Network during the Scouting Combine and he told Rich Eisen that when they draft a player, the Colts tell them from Day 1, there is "No Red-Shirt year" this is work we pay you well to play this game and we "Expect" results and for you to contribute right away!

If Angelo drafts the right talent on offense this year and fill in the holes on defense at DT & SS, the Chicago Bears will win Superbowl XLIII this year in Tampa Bay!

How sweet would it be for our Bears to win the Championship in the same city where our GM & HC - Jerry Angelo & Lovie Smith was hired from!!!

Rex Grossman is not the worst quarterback in NFL history. Anyone who truly considers themselves a Bears fan or even has moderate knowledge of football understands that young quarterbacks make mistakes. How else are they going to learn? In his first complete year as a starter Rex led the Bears to a 13-3 record and a super bowl birth. And don't say that the Defense carried them because after Mike Brown and Tommie Harris went down the defense didn't play very well. People forget that Phil Simms and Steve Young struggled mightly in their first few years. Brett Favre was extrememly erratic and threw tons of interceptions. I can name 12 hall of fame caliber quarterbacks who were dismal in their first couple of years. PLus, who would be an upgrade for the Bears? Kyle Orton might win the job, but isn't spectacular. Brian Griese is not better than Rex. There are no free agents any better. Drafting a QB would put us at square one. Rex Grossman has overcome so many injuries, criticism, etc... This guy has to be more mentally tough than most QB's in the league. Bradys and Mannings don't just come around. These are huge exceptions. Most teams in the league have average Quarterbacks. Eli Manning was no better than Grossman is his first few years. He stunk! You don't need a great quarterback to win the superbowl. But I admit, you do need some consistency and minimal turnovers. That's what Grossman needs to prove this season. He can be more consistent. But to say that he is the worst quarterback in the history of the league is idiotic. That is very dumb. Two years ago Rex had a better season than most QB's in Bears history. There is only a few Sid Luckman, Jim McMahon, and Eric Kramer that had better seasons as sad as that is. Rex is in the top 5 in touchdown passes for a season. So give the guy a break and support him. We'll see how he responds. As Bears fans you shouldn't act so spoiled as if the Bears have a history of great QB's. It isn't as if Rex is following Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jeff Garcia here. Be Patient!

What is a INDIE? Did I say I liked Benson? Did I say I didnt want anybody to talk about the draft? Angelo never was a part of the Bears while Marty Booker caught 97 balls and had over 1,000 yards?

I said the Bears would have already cut Benson if they didnt need him.
Im not going to do a Mock draft.

For one Im NOT a fan of Colts or Pacers.I fact I realy dont like them at ALL.
Im an Hour from Chicago 20 minutes from South Bend.4 hours from Indy.What does it matter where I live.
Im a huge Chicago fan.Im even a Cubs and Soxs fan.Or if I was Creighton I would have spelled Soxs,Socks.At least someone is worse at spelling then I am.

RD 2 OG or RB
RD 3 DT or WR
RD 4 QB or saftey

It all depends on whos there!But i would definately go for a O- Takle first if a solid one is there, if not id get a QB if a good one is there or a good RB.Whats up with everyone wanting MENDENHALL? Hes OK at Best?I watched about six or seven of his games ive seen much better.Benson looked awesome in college,look at him now!

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