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Griese to be traded to Tampa Bay

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The Bears will get value for quarterback Brian Griese after all.

The team is expected to finalize a trade for him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this afternoon. Check back for more details soon.

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Yippee! Let's get rid of the Qb who fared the best out of all three this season. Ingenious! This team really wants to get to da playoffs! Oh how it shows!!

His emminence, Lord Turner was shortly heard saying this after the announcement: "So will be the fate of all who dare to oppose me. Now where was I? Ahh yes, let's plan a few more screen passes to Hester for next season. I am(squinches his nose) just so brilliant."

What are you talking about the best QB last season. Did you forget the 4 ints in the red zone vs the Lions. All he did was throw interceptions the hole season.

You are misguided attacking Mr. Turner.
He is a good football man with no running back and no offensive line. It is not his fault. Look somewhere else.

who cares, we have no qb, no runningback, no WR's and an old aging offensive line that needs two starters. don't worry though, angelo said offense is the priority and sense we aren't filling needs through free agency it must be done through the draft. oh wait when was the last time that genius drafted anyone who could score a TD. wait he drafted olsen, he fell into his lap at pick 31 so that doesn't count. he drafted hester, oh wait he drafted him for defense. he needs to be fired. 2008 will be horrible for us on offense.

Are you kidding Mike??? Grease ball was not the answer ..... why do you think he did so great?? of course you think he did great cuz he has more yards and td's....of course he does he threw like 40 times a game....lets not forget he had more picks than td's also and he single handedly lost the detroit game (TWICE!!!) and looked awful in the oakland game. He's already a seasoned qb so some of his mistakes he should never be making that often....he has no upside and he cant even manage the game either and with that weak arm whats to love? If hes going to throw as many picks as rex ill take rex at least i know he'll make some big plays from time to time and can still grow.

Everyone knows that Griese does not have the physical attributes [namely arm strenght] to be a starting NFL quarterback. He is an adequate backup. Kudos to the Bears for getting something for him instead of outright releasing him.

Sigh. I guess the problem is that Angelo thinks just like the rest of you bloggers. Turner cut the running game dead when Griese started and forced him to try and win every game on his arm alone. So let's see...I play for the other sides defense..they're not going to run they prolly...prolly will pass! When Rex does poorly it's b/c of the poor running game, the ancient o-line, bad receivers...anything but him. But when Griese does bad, SHIP DA BUM OUT OF TOWN! I'd love to see what he could do with an adequate team. He did lead the Bucs to 5-1 before getting injured.

Oh and yeah, Griese's arm is so weak, that touchdown pass to Hester against the Vikings NEVAH happened!

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