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Griese expected to receive (delayed) wish

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It is expected quarterback Brian Griese will be granted his release Monday if the Bears are unsuccessful in efforts to trade the veteran.

Griese is due a $300,000 roster bonus Tuesday, and the only other option would be to pay it and hold out hope a team comes calling so the Bears could, in essence, buy a late-round draft pick for the amount of the check they have to write him. That, however, would produce a great deal of ill will between him and the team and would not go over well with veterans in the locker room and around the league.

In that scenario, the Bears would also run the risk of colliding head on with one of those sticky situations where the club does not want the player working out because if he is injured he would lose any value and put the team on the hook for money remaining in the contract. But if the Bears denied Griese the right to work at the facility, he could file a grievance. It’s similar to what happened to Steve McNair in his messy exit from Tennessee, and it will all be avoided if Griese is released as anticipated.

His agent Ralph Cindrich said last week that Griese was upset he was not allowed to hit the open market when free agency opened Thursday night. Cindrich said it was his expectation his client would be let free before the deadline for the roster bonus. The Bears have announced the competition for the starting job will be between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thought to be the only team at this point to have interest in Griese. He was with the Bucs before he joined the Bears in 2006.

Based on the weekend’s events, with the Bears losing wide receiver Bernard Berrian to the Minnesota Vikings, it’s likely that position has become a greater need in the draft than quarterback if it wasn’t already ordered that way on the team’s draft board.

The search for a franchise passer marches on.

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Go Bears and oh..Rex for President

Maybe it is time for the McCaskey family to sell the team to a more aggressive owner, one that wants to win. At some point in time, you need to decide if you are really giving the fans(employers) what they pay for. All the money that is spent to cheer for a team that we as fans cannot be traded to a different team, pays for at best a competitive team!
I am not knocking the players, I think they are all true athletes, but we have to wonder if there is some agreement that the Chicago Bears can only have a great defense and a no-offense. Did they make some promise to Papa Bear that no one knows of? Was there a secret pack with Sid Luckman?
This team always trades or loses any potentially great offensive players whenever the pricetag goes up. Come on man who are they kidding, they shop for player like they are at a tag sale looking for bargains. SELL the team to true Chicago Bears FAN!

I agree with joel.. i live in cali and when i win the lottery im going to buyt the bears and put a bear emblem on their helmet instead of a pinched "C" which stand for cheap.. and kick the owners out!!!

There will be no trade offer, so they just need to release him. His agent is not looking for a team to offer a draft pick, he is looking for a team to offer a contract. Just another example of losing our only leverage with a player by letting the word out that we will release him if we can't find a trade partner. They should have looked at trading him the same hour that Grossman signed his deal. Maybe a team would have been interested in a veteran presence at QB

Welcome 2 last place..............again.

My question is why they didn't release him to begin with and use that money to get another player, particularly a WR in the FA?

Brian Griese is the luckiest one of all. That is, Mozart won't have to endure watching Milli and Vanilli in their "battle" to be No.1 when we all know that by definition they are both No. 2.

Good luck to Brian Griese and Da Pox on Da Bears.

Weren't we in the Superbowl in 2007? You guys make it sound like we have been bottom feeders the last 10 years. Stop your whining!!!

I dont see why not let Grossman and Orton compete for the starting qb position, seeing they are both in 1 year contracts. And that scenario is most likely to happen. Then invest in maybe JD Booty or Chad Henne, very seasoned college quarterbacks. Dont forget Booty had a good year until he broke his finger.

Man Joe, Its sad to see only one good Blog.You make blogs that make sence, and I glad your one of a few that isnt bashing the Bears for what they are doing.I like reading your Blogs, You make some good points.
Im thinking that alot of these Bloggers need a team like the 49ers.Maybe the Vikings?What the heck Raiders.The Bears are not going to make big splashes.Thats not saying the Bears are cheap, Its saying the Bears are being smart with their money.Both Vasher and Tillman could have been Free Agents this year,but Jerry A. locked them up befor training camp.If everything works like Jerry A. hopes, we will see Hester,Tommy Harris,&Brian Urlacher signed befor 08 seasons start.I will agree with myself I sure ANY team in the NFL would love to have Vasher,Tillman,Harris,& Hester. Now thats is spending smart money.Not paying Greise, Ruben Brown,and Fred Miller is also smart not spending.The Bears are doing just fine.Im glad there spending $$ in house rather to screw themselfs 3 years down the road.

You guys think the Bears are making bad decisions now just wait till the draft. They will probably draft a kicker 1st round or something.

Smart with there money that is almost a bigger joke than the bears front office. All my life I have watched other teams do things that make them better in the offseason while it seems the bears try there hardest to make the team more futile every year. They tease us by giving us a winning season every now and then. It seems to be a chicago team thing. We never have good decision makers. They seem to like being mediocre. If the bears had any sense they would have traded for McNabb, but I hear he isnt available. Fine then sign Culpepper and Moss. Get another receiver to go on the other side of him and use Hester in the slot. Also sign some o-line help. Please.

i dont know why we announced that if he wasn't traded we would release him, but as long as he is gone then we're good
why in the world do we need someone like that on the team?
Rex is still our QB
and JA will do fine just give him some time

The problem with Griese is that he is a far cry from his father.
He had some great games but his puff-ball passes floated in the wind to the other team and this is professional football.
The fastest way to lose in the NFL is to throw interceptions and Brian just has that problem (like Cade McNown).
Notice that we can't even get anything for him.

Bears fans need to be patient and not panic...yet. On March 3rd, the Bears have a lot of questions on offense, but the first game is not until September so Angelo and crew still have time. Obviously, there is free agency and the draft, but don't count out some trades to answer some questions. There are still some quality free agents out there at a reasonable price.

Losing Berrian is no big deal. He was a deep threat and made some great catches (NFC Champ. game) but he was not dependable. Any money you overpaid him, does not go to someone more deserving such as Tommie Harris, Urlacher or Hester.

The following Bears that are downing Imodium with their releases near are:

Terrance Metcalf
Adam Archuleta
Ricky Manning, Jr.

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