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Goodell finds Niners guilty of tampering; Bears move up in 3rd round

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ruled Monday that the San Francisco 49ers were guilty of tampering with linebacker Lance Briggs last season.

The Bears, as a result, will now have the seventh pick in the third round of the April draft. Goodell stripped the Niners of their fifth-round pick and forced them to switch positions with the Bears in the third round. The Bears were to select 12th in the third round. The Bears do not receive the fifth-round pick from San Francisco.

``We are appreciative of the efforts of the league office on this matter and support the Commissioner’s decision,'' Bears CEO Ted Phillips said.

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Well at least it wasn't the Patriots and five picks sooner is good, better than a sharp stick in the eye. Oh those niner fans will be crying the blues, Niner Whiners we call em.

That's it? Up three selections? And not given the fifth? Well, better than nothing I guess. It would be really cool is getting that pick that Pats got from the Niners. Hey- I can dream!

Something for nothing seems to me. However, I don't like the image of the Bears organization being a bunch of whistle blowiners. Makes it kind of difficult to get deals done when other GM's know you're willing turn into a tattle-taling snitch if it suits you. My understanding is this all took place while the Bears were trying to garner a trade anyway. Hope the rest of the league doesn't get gun-shy in dealing with Angelo just so we can move up 5 spots. Creighton, where are you at with this??? I await your pithy commentary.

I love the decision by the commissioner. It does not seem like much but them 5 spots can mean the difference between getting a certain player or not. Fact is these other teams have got to learn to follow the guidelines set by the league, it might not seem like a lot but if the Bears would have lost Lance Briggs it would have been a big deal. Maybe this decision will scare another team from other Bear free agents to be like Tommie Harris, a player the Bears cannot afford to lose. Plus moveing up even a few spots will help the Bears if they decide to trade up which I doubt but hey. Oh well its a victory for our Bears so GO BEARS!!

It's a good decision, moving up is moving up. Whistle blowing, eehh it's the Niners, I hate the niners. Pick your poison with this one, the Niners tried to subvert the Bears attempts to bring back Briggs, thats just dirty, who wants to deal with people like that anyway. The Bears look a little weak with the tattle tale angle, but better to be a tattle tale than a Back Stabber. My guess is most teams would have done, I actually think the Bears should have gotten more out of this. He is a pro bowl player after all. Besides we still look way better than the Pats Cheaters, and you don't see anyone running around mad at the Jets for blowing the whistel on that. Personally I think the Bears where trying to mess with Rosenhaus you know he probably instigated the whole thing. The guys a D bag. I think the league is cool with wha the Bears did, besides trades are all about making your team better, this is pro sports most people deal with the Devil everyday. The Bears kinda look good in this. Moved up, kicked Rosenhaus in the family jewels, smacked the niners in the back of the head. Not a bad day at all.

Drew R. is INDEED a D-BAG!!! But he is probably acting as a weasel in order for Tommie Harris to broker a MONSTER deal. I.E. sell out the Niners to get a better deal for Tommie. He sells them out and we move up in the 3rd and we pay his client BIG TIME!!! I fear I smell collusion.....Bears come out with the stench of a pack of whiners hoping for a Niner's pick! Poor move Angelo.

Dave, this isn't the school yard. These are multi-million dollar franchises looking out for their best interests. And rightly so! The allegations being true, the bears could have lost one of their star players. Of course they didn't, but they might've. By the way, I'll see you by the bike racks at 3 P.M.

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