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Go ahead, nix Nicks from the Bears' list

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General manager Jerry Angelo’s increased emphasis on football character as he prepares for the draft probably leaves him in an awkward position with Nebraska guard Carl Nicks.

Not as awkward as the one Nicks found himself in over the weekend when Lincoln, Neb., police arrested him at a house party on suspicion of being an inmate of a disorderly house and failure to disperse after he wouldn’t leave. Basically, Nicks didn’t go home when he was told to go home.

It’s not like he was on probation and got caught with loaded guns in his home—see Tank Johnson—but it’s nearly certain Angelo has a zero-tolerance policy for players who can’t keep their noses clean in the weeks leading up to the draft. If football isn’t important enough to players this close to the beginning of a professional career, Angelo doesn’t want them.

Even if Bears scout Teddy Monago wanted to check out Nicks today at the Cornhuskers pro day—a source there spotted him—Nicks wasn’t doing any working out. New Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was so incensed by Nicks, he banned him from the event.

The 6-5, 340-pound Nicks played tackle in school and most project him as a guard. He is a physical performer who did well at the combine, well enough for some to suggest he would be a solid second-round pick. It’s unknown yet how his draft stock will be affected, but after hearing Angelo talk at length about the club’s renewed effort in getting the right people, you’d imagine Nicks is off one list.

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Just thinking.Hey I know Jerry Angelo and his drafting can be questioned.Now I still think he has been very good to the Chicago Bears.
What if the Bears hired a asst. for Jerry Angelo.
Who is this guy?
Ted Sundquist.
He can be in charge of drafting offencesive players, and signing offencesive Free Agents.
He has proven to draft RB,and O-linemen.He helped John Elway to get targets.IM NOT COMPARING JOHN ELWAY TO ANYONE ON THE BEARS!

I understand this will never happen.
It might be a good idea for Angelo to hire an asst. to help with the offence.Could be a move that would keep him around longer then he is signed for.

Ted Sundquist was a G.M. for the Broncos.His first year was 1991.16 years.Not a bad run.I dont think he will be a G.M. for anyother team but I have been wrong before.


Not a bad thought about Sundquist, but I think he might be a little pricey for an assistant. I would actually like to see the Bears improve there scouting, I think it's an area of need.

As for the Blog if Angelo is so interested in character guys why bring in a guy like Lloyd and I hate to say it cause he is a great player but he also has had some character issues Briggs. I mean is it just character guys in the draft and anything goes in free agency. Also why the sudden change to drafting character guys, he knew Benson had character issues and he is still here injured and all, and he brought in guys like Moose who was known as a jerk. The nhe gets rid of moose which is good but brings in a guy like Lloyd who has major issues a lot worse than anyone on this team. He drafted guy like Johnson who had major issues in college and is gone and a waste of a 2nd round pick because of it. There saying draft in bring in character guys now, but why not before? I know there are some guys you just don't know about but there are guys Angelo and everyone else knows about like Lloyd, Moose, Benson, T Johnson, Briggs, who he brought in. I don't get it. Is it ok for some guys to be character issues and not others. Why bring in Lloyd, keep Benson and resign Briggs if they all have character issues and then say we want character guys on this team. Am I missing something here.

I Just hope they get a good O-Takle in the first rd.and maybe a O-Gaurd in the sec or a RB if good one is there.But knowing Angelo he wont pick a RB cause he dosent want to admit he got a bust in Benson.Ill wait One more year to see if benson erupts.He looked sooo good in college.

At this point, as the Bears move forward with no apparent attempt to pull away from mediocrity, almost anything has got to help. I hope Rex flips a switch and turns into a good solid QB, I hope Hester remembers where to line up on his own, I hope Benson can produce like we all hoped he would, I hope Olsen turns into a pro bowl TE,ect.ect. but its not likely (at least for the first 3 comments).HE NEEDS HELP TO DRAFT OFFENSIVE PLAYERS!! He cant hit on 1 or 2 every 4-5 years and then let them leave. If he does not hit on all offenseive players in this years draft AND have them contribue in their FIRST year I dont see him back next year but I to have been wrong before.

I don't think the Bears were really in the Carl Nicks race anyways. Nicks is only a right tackle prospect or maybe a guard, which some scouts think he might be better suited to play anyways. The Bears need a left tackle not a right tackle. Althought Nicks might have been a nice presents inside to help the Bears in their power running game. At guard he could have really moved the pile for the Bears runners. Oh well the Bears don't need another off field problem player especially on offense they got enough problems on that side of the ball. Oh yeah GO BEARS!!

It's sad that Jerry Angelo will pass on an extremely talented RT in Carl Nicks just because he refused to take the orders of a police officer. Who knows what that police officer did to Nicks but we automatically jump on the player and ASSume he's a bad person and has character issues. Ray Lewis murdered a man and he's still in the league, Leonard Little killed a woman while driving drunk, & Michael Vick murdered animals but all Nicks did was refuse to leave a building and we want to crucify him because of something someone else did in the past.

To me that's just stupid. You can't judge a man based on what another man has done! Carl Nicks is a very good RT too. He is big, physical, nasty, and has that aggressive mean streak you look for in your O-linemen. Look at Olin Kreutz! He's mean and aggressive & he punched out his own team-mate! should we cut/release him? Angelo must not have any faith in his head coach Lovie Smith to be able to keep control of his players and gain their respect if he won't draft a guy just because he had a questionable decision he made.

This is football people, it's a violent game and we expect these players to be perfect choir boys. That's an oximoron.

This dosent seem like a incident that would cause this guys draft stock to fall to much. if so good for the bears, pick him with 4th rounder it could be another steal of the draft. i dont know much about the guy or the story but what is mentioned above dosent even compare with tank. The cutting of tank after being stoped with the suspision of driving under the infuence only not to registar over the legal limit is questionalbe to me anyway.

we read too much in to things he lives in Nebraska what the hell else do you want the kid to do. which brings up another point he is probable 20-23 yrs old, cut the guy some slack

i want a guard who pisses fire and has a itching for knocking snott bubbles out of def-linemen, not a church boy who walks funny

I didn't think he was gonna be there when we picked second...hopefully he is now...he's gonna be a LT, IMO

I saw a mock that had us taking Malcom Kelly at 14...interesting

one had Brian Brohm...that's retarded

no pro day for Nicks...Stevie's combine was good enough anyway...

He's not a criminal!!! Draft him low and get high value on the pick!!! Angelo is a hypocrite when it comes to "character" anyway!!

Let's just hope Jerry doesn't fall in love again with a teeny tiny guy like Garrett Wolfe, who was going down on 3rd and 9s by pinky tackles. As long as Jerry picks true NFL-sized players, I'll have some form of relief.
Meanwhile, he sure does love his "projects", that Jerry Angelo....
..Garrett Wolfe, Airese Currie, Qasim Mitchell, Rashied Davis, Mark Bradley, Ron Turner....
I kind of wish they'd throw Turner under the bus from which they supposedly get off running.

Hey punching out a teammate is no execuse for Angelo not to look at someone. After all didn't Olin lay out Brown with a metal pipe or something not so long ago.

As for addressing the Oline, do the Bears need a guard or a Tackle more? If they want to get off the bus running like they say they do, then wouldn't guard be more important in opening up inside rushing lanes. Or do the want a tackle so that they may actually protect Rex (25 sacks in 7 games)and be able to kick the ball to the outside. If they trade down to lets say 22 or 28 is there a chance they take Albert over lets say Sam Baker.

Zero Tolerance???? Angelo just re-signed Lance Briggs to a lucrative contract. Yes, the very same Lance Briggs who smashed his lambourghini into a lamp post (DUI anyone?) and then left the scene of the accident. And that's right Sean, Kreutz broke Fred Miller's jaw but that's ok. Zero tolerance my EYE!

Sean I don't expect anyone to be perfect, but just cause they play football does not give them the right to break the law. No offense but it's not like these guys are starving athletes. They are all men who went to college, and get paid small fortunes to play a great game. As for a violent game, if guys in the military were behaving this way people would be way more upset. And the military is just a bit more violent then the NFL. If I broke some guys jaw at the rage when I was in the corp. I can tell you exactly what would have happened to me and it would not have been a slap on the wrist. Or if I crashed a hummer and just left the scene, oh my god would I be in for some time in the brig. There adults they should act like it.

You know what will be funny if they go Zero tolerance on the new guys but let the vets do what ever they want. That will be great send a mixed signal. Can you imagine the Bears sending a mixed signal? Lol.

Nicks.Should leave when told to leave.I wonder if he was tipsy.Drinking impares the judgement.And I dont know if was drinking, but he didnt use good judgement.

So Creighton,"I spent 12 years in the cops" "If I broke some guys jaw at the range when I was in the CORP".

Corp.Realy.What rank were ya?I am very interested in finding out what rank you were.

Army,Navy,USMC,the National Gaurds???

Cris good point.The offence is probably going to a small fine.If it doesnt get thrown out.I believe in that state, what he did was an Infraction.It did not state in the artical if it was a misameaner.People that Jay Walk recieves a Infraction.
When more details come out hopefully we will find out why he was put in Jail.It just seems that there is more to it then what was released.
Have a Good day:) and Go Bears!

Ray Lewis didn't kill anyone. He was involved in a situation where his friends were accused of killing a guy. Lewis refused to tell on his friends. That was a crime but it wasn't murder on his part. And Briggs didn't hit a light post. A guard rail off the road. What is good character? Not getting involved in domestic issues that get swept under the rug like Urlacher? If good character really mattered guys like Ditka would never have made it in the NFL because all the guys he hung out with when he was playing blew off curfews and crashed cars,drunk, frequently. Including Ditka. Especially when it was considered macho to do all those things. Those guys slapped their wives around and when the police were called they wouldn't even lock the guy up. O.J. did it a few times and it didn't matter until he killed(allegedly my left foot)her. Money, fame and athletes can't mix without a little trouble following them. There are plenty of times where these guys have done something and we never found out. I hate to speak ill of the dead and a legend but Walter Payton wasn't a saint. There were a lot of situations where he did things that were not good that people refused to acknowledge. Even Jordan did things that you would cringe at. But since he's a legend we won't go there. Angelo would do just enough to field a team of good players that he discovered but not from under a rock I suppose. He's not slapping a great player that can help his team and for cheap in the face without making an excuse. Great players don't really fall far. Any player that falls usually didn't fit playing style wise with a team or he proved all the ones who let him fall that they were wrong.

William you need to check yourself bud! Walter Payton was nothing but a true hero, period. How dare you speak of him in any form negativity! I dont care who you bad mouth Willie but Walt is off limits, dig? I can't believe i just read that garbage, who is your favorite football team? Its not the Bears you are not allowed to like the Bears, see Willie, Walter Payton is the Bears , teams can have all the championships and all the Brett Favre's they want cause one thing they will never have is Walt and Bears fans would'nt trade that for noth'n! I hold my head high when i tell my lil brother or my son about Payton, never once did he embarrass or let me down, he was the last true hero, never will be another like him. In fact Willie why are you even reading this? Go to a Wisconsin or Detroit paper and find yourself a team, you.ll never be a true Bear fan, you just dont get it

Please post my comment regarding slick willard d. and his dislike of Walter Payton. I cannot stand to see his post any longer. He also spoke negative about Ditka which i also dont care for. When you speak badly about Payton you have crossed the line. You sir are no Bears fan please go somewhere and cry with Brett Favre or maybe Barry Sanders and you people can bad mouth our Bears greatest hero, at least we wont have to read it cause we will be here with true Bear fans. Im gonna be sick read'n this crap!

Too bad Carl was excluded from the workout.
He flew in for the workout the day before the party (which was in the same house he'd made plans to stay overnight at. was asked to leave by Police, but didn't want to drive in his condition, so arrested while calling a cab..What a terrible character issue.

Someone will get a steal.

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