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For Griese, all is well that ends well

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Yes, Brian Griese's first preference would have been to become a free agent last week.

That didn't happen.

But of the 31 outposts the Bears could have traded him to, he's probably most happy to be returning to Tampa Bay where the head coach Jon Gruden is a fan of his, and he already knows the playbook.

Griese returns to the Bucs, who will send the Bears a draft pick in 2009. The pick is believed to be a decent one and there are not believed to be conditions attached to it.

Had the Bears not been able to move him, they would have released him before 3 p.m. to avoid owing him a $300,000 roster bonus Tuesday.

``Brian obviously likes Tampa,'' said his agent Ralph Cindrich. ``And you know going back to when he came to Chicago, the first efforts were to re-sign with [Tampa] then. He has a very good relationship with the organization and the coach, and given all things, it's something that worked out well for him.''

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At least we're getting rid of the aged on the O and refilling with a younger roster who can hopefully last longer on the field. If only we didn't resign Grossman and sent him off for either a trade or simply released him then we the fans wouldn't have to prepare ourselves for the future migranes we'll be getting from watching him play. But once again at least we're revitalizing our team with more energized youths, if there's any silver lining to this grim cloud.

'Beer Raising" (anagram of Brian Griese) is what I'll be doing at the Rush game tonight to celebrate the trade.

Now, if the Bears can release Ricky Manning, Jr., Adam Archuleta, and Terrance Metcalf it'll make me happier than a pig in sh**!!

Good luck Brian. Maybe in Tampa they will allow you to win the starting job when you play better than the other QBs in the offseason and preseason. It's too bad that people who don't understand football believe the quarterback is the only player on the team and so, due to the 2006 season, we must "BRING BACK REX B/C HE LED US TO THE SUPERBOWL!" His Emminence, Ron Turner, must be chuckling to himself considering how the stupid have made him the perfect throne.

Mike, did you watch Greise play this year? Did you watch any of the two Lions games that he lost with a combined 8 turnovers, most all of which were either a pick six or a pick in the redzone? The Minnesota game that he committed 3 turnovers in a 3 point loss? The Redskins game in which he came in, only to end up losing the starting job in less than 3 quarters of awful play? Griese isn't good. There is a reason Brian Griese is changing teams for the 4th time in the last 6 years, and it's not because he's a quality starter....he's not even a low quality starter, he isn't a starter of any quality...he's a backup at best.

Griese is a class act stranded in a Chicago clown show. I'm glad he'll be playing for a team and for coaches that appreciate his maturity, intellect, and field generalship.

The Bears should be the class of the league, and yet, they've dumbed themselves down beyond belief. Lovie's a very nice and smart man, but compare a post game interview of Tony Dungy with one of Lovie's. Dungy breaks the game down, discusses strategy, and generally suggests that he has full command of the game. Lovie offers mild platitudes, and his sideline behavior suggests he's standing there just to keep the grass from rolling up under him. He's not coaching the game.

The Bears are in trouble. I love Chicago, but unless the Bears have a QB other than Grossman starting next year, I won't even watch.

$300,000? What is that? Isn't that close to the minimum wage of one player? I don't know about this, what are they going to do with $300,000, probably not sign anybody I've ever heard of. Soon they'll be missing more players than they could possibly draft in one year... what would they do, start shopping around at temp agencies?

Anyone notice a simlarity in Briggs' and Michael Turner's contracts? I wonder who could have helped fill a bigger need?

Next they'll trade Hester for a 2010 6th round pick to save money. A bunch of cannibals. -Here's to competing with Oakland for next year's first overall draft pick. No one to deliever a ball, no one to receive a ball, no one to run the ball and no one to block -except on defense, but they'll tire out before game 6. Sorry Briggs, you made a mistake. Who is one this team still that gives anyone hope? A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have traded our roster for any other in the league.

other than mike the rest of you have no common sense.. seriously people continue to blame rex for our offensive problems.. i'm guessing none of you played the qb position and probably don't have enough talent to even play a legit pick up game.. stop crying and asking for a qb.. the truth is we have no playmakers to go along with rex arm. if we can protect him a little and let him get into a rhythm back there he'll be fine.. even the great tom brady looked horrible with pressure in his face..

Thank goodness Gruden has no idea what he wants out of a QB. He carries as many QBs as most teams carry WRs! I can't believe we were able to even get a conditional pick in 2009 for a guy who was going to be cut by now. Shrewd move by Angelo, or erally bad move by Gruden and Tampa?

Not sure how to grade Jerry so far, but he seems to be making the right calls on what to do. As long as a few more guys hit the streets like Ricky Manning and Mike Brown (hopefully a renegotiated contract, not an outright release), and we can keep bringing in young, promising talent. I would prefer some fresh blood on offense, but I can't argue on his decisions not to overpay for Berrian, Michael Turner, Donte Stallworth, and Alan Faneca. He preached sobriety in the marketplace, and he has stayed the course. Let's see how happy the Browns are to have given up their picks in the 2nd and third rounds for Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams, and paying $36 million to Donte Stallworth....I bet they are big time into buyer's remorse in 10 months.

As long as we make a couple of moves in the next 3 weeks (a G, a WR, and maybe a RB like Derrick Ward) and we are right where we should be going in to the draft. We'll see if Angelo is as smart as people in NFL circles say he is, or if he is as dumb as the media thinks he is....

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