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Early peek at Berrian's numbers with the Vikings

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It sounds like some small details may still be worked out, but agent Drew Rosenhaus got Bernard Berrian substantially closer to the money he was seeking Saturday afternoon than was on the table for him Friday night.

Word is Berrian will collect $42 million over the six years of the deal and be paid $23 million in the first three seasons.

Berrian was seeking $24.5 million over the first three years of a contract.

To put it in perspective, the Bears offered Berrian $25 million over five seasons.

An announcement in Minnesota will come at any time

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Good Bye Berrian! All you can do is run at 80 mph and catch a ball.
Clear the way for a 110 mph guy who catches, dodges defenders, and does the Superman in the end zone.

HAHAHA!!! Who would be stupid enough to pay that much dough for Berrian??? Oh yeah, the Vikings! HAHAHA!!

Buyer beware on this one....Berrian paid $7 million per year? Wow, that's $1 million per touchdown...An awfully big investment in a guy who is nowhere near ready to be a true #1 WR. Let's see in 2 years when Sidney Rice is the go-to guy, and Berrian is a complementary wideout...Won't seem like such a nice deal then for Zygi.

Bryant Johnson, here we come!!

Bryant Johnson would be a nice addition . . . as a #2 receiver. The Bears future #1 wideout should come out of the draft. There are simply too many prospects in this year's draft not to make an upgrade. You have Michigan State's Devin Thomas, Florida's Andre Caldwell and Houston's Donnie Avery all pegged for the second round. And then there's Dexter Jackson out of Appalachian State who would be worth taking in the third round. You could snag two real contributors for this receiving corps.

Dont forget about mark bradly. If he would have stayed healthy 2 years ago sell out Berrian would have been @ best on the bench. good bye to you and your over paid contract..

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