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Bears looking for a little help off the field

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One long, bumpy season removed from an appearance in Super Bowl XLI, the Bears are out in seek of a little PR makeover.

The Sun-Times' Lewis Lazare reports today the organization has narrowed down its selection process to two local advertising agencies and a decision could come soon.

It strikes as an awfully corporate move for a mom-and-pop shop.

From Lazare:

Sources familiar with the Bears review say agencies vying for the account were told the team had not been working closely with any ad shop recently. But perhaps concerns about the team's lackluster showing last season prompted Bears management to reach out for an agency to help the team reconnect with fans.

A catchy phrase splashed across billboards, radio, television, print and online ad campaigns will never make up for what happens on the field. The league’s cornerstone franchise knows that.

Wanna bet if they choose a current player for any promotion it’s Devin Hester?

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sounds lame!i bet they choose the cheaper of the two..spend the cash on some real talent and build a team. get real coaches and coordinators and develop a system where we can actually run a frickin screen that why ticket prices went up? this may be the beginning of the end if we arent there yet fellas! those bulls adds don make me want season tix...

At least The Bears are thinking about the offense. Because it's going to take a PR miracle after having yet another year where the Bears can't score points on offense. Again...we depend upon the health of a defense, turnovers, and Devin Hester to produce any points. Did anyone in the Bears front office take notice when the NFL started to promote high flying offenses through rule changes. Examples being protecting the QB, letting receivers run free without contact, etc.

I've always favored good defensive football being a Bears fan, but at some point you need to keep your head above water. In the NFL it's either sink or swim and the average drown.

The PR move is nothing more than to get guys much need attention.. I mean after all who doesn't want to pay top dollar to see Devin Hester. Hey just because you leave in chicago don't mean should get a discount. you have people hundreds of miles away willing to pay that and more just to see him during regular season. The owners realize something must be done if you want to compete in today's nfl. the prices are going up and revenue has to be generated in other ways and what better way to do this than advertising..

i'm here in jersey and just about every giants player has a jersey. that sad part is there no even good. so i think this is a smart move by the team if there going about it the way i think they are.

Cody the other thing about a defensive oriented team is that no matter how good they are they still need, at the very least an offense that can control the time of possession and put some point up. The Bears can't even do that. Not to mention the Bears recent history (15-20) years of developing offensive players has been horrible. Even if we draft offense if we can not develop the talent, then it's pretty pointless.

As for a new ad agency for the bears. Thats awsome I hope they have the worst most entertaining commercials. Like one with Hester and Lach, where niether one of them talk. Or stuff like "After getting to the Super Bowl in 06, the Bears look to continue there dominance in the North". Or "Despite the injuries in 07 the bears let all of football know they where tough". Or "After several major off season signings the Bears look for a return to the Super Bowl, led by an all new recieving core". "The Bears are coming out of hibernation".

Creighton you're right. I forget about the development aspect and that's a good point. What Bears offensive player have you been excited about in the last 20 years for more that half a season? (maybe Thomas Jones and he got quickly dealt) I think I'm still reminiscing/wishing about that year when the Bears actually scored points with the offense for 8 games or so until Rex reverted.

Maybe there again will be a day when the Bears can throw 3 touchdowns in a game.

But I should just be asking for 3 offensive touchdowns period in a game 1st ;(

we deserve a new franchise with new owners who are'nt worried about their bottom line and fiscal anemia.Give up the tradition of being cheap becous your tickets sure are'nt.

There's no better advertising than success. Like everyone was drawn to the 2006 Bears and their trip to the SB. You want good PR Angleo, start win more games. Having the WCF (WIndy City Flyer)Hester on the team no doubt gives the Bears exposure as well.

I have the slogan right here: Sure we didn't win the big game, but it could be worse....we could be the Lions!

I actually don't think Rex reverted. Until that season Rex had not played much and there was not a lot of game film on him for teams to study. Rex has always had the physical ability to play, but like a bad card player he has tells. The Bears offense is the same, it's very basic and they give away what we are doing most of the time which allows a defense to prepare for them. As for Rex he seems to like to lock on to recievers, and he never goes through his reads, he also tends to forget his mechanics when under pressure. What teams started doing after those first six games was watching where Rex looks cause he gives away his recievers, and blitzing him, which he reacts poorly to. Rex's other big flaw is that he thinks like farve, he's a gunslinger who goes for high risk high reward. Problem is he is not even close to the talent level farve has. Or should I say had. All of those problems Rex has are workable, but he needs to be developed and the Bears are not doing that. Look at Benson, I saw him play in college and he is not nearly as good now as he was then. He was in better shape, he was faster, and he ran hard. Now on the Bears 3 years later I can say with out a doubt, that he has not been in good shape sense he got here, he has looked soft and has played soft as well. Now after his ACL sprain and broken ankle his speed will be even worse. If he really works hard he could still be better than he was last year but he would have to get in shape after major surgery. Which will not happen, he doesn't even have the time to do it. But his big problem sense he has been here has been his attitude. He has wanted everything handed to him and when he didn't get it he acted like a spoiled brat. He has held out, talked poorly about teammates and coaches, and not backed up a single thing he has said. His problem before the injury was an easy fix, now it looks like Karma has caught up with the guy. I think the Bears need to look at there head of player development and scouting department and revamp the whole thing. I also think Lovie needs to stop being so soft with these guys.

Joe don't say that, the Lions beat us last year, talk about humiliation, oh god the Viqueens beat us too. Wel lat leas twe have improved during free agency and they have gotten worse, ok so maybe not in that order, but hey the draft is coming up and we are known for drafting and developing offensive talent. Ok so maybe where bad at that too, but at least we brought back Mike Brown and Adam Archuleta. Wait thats bad too, but where having a QB compitition between Orton and Grossman, see look what we have to look forward too, two of the best QB's slugging it out, by best I mean worst. But there is are defense, at least there getting younger and having fewer injuries, well they would be getting younger if Superman would fly around the planet really fast, and we only have injuries cause are guys are known for getting hurt a lot. So all looks well, if by well I mean really bad.

Or the Raiders......
Falcons anyone

Hey Creighton Did you like spending 12 years in the cops.
Im still laughing about that."I spent 12 years in the cops" Thats what he said in a blog.Lier.

Still Laughing evertime I read that.
Thanks for the laugh Creighton.

Cody, I agree with you. I'm so sick and tired of this team not having an offense. These guys are so arrogant, they have done virtually nothing to improve this broken offense. Don't they understand that great defenses never will be able to stop great offenses? And now they have put themselves in a position to have to hit on all their draft picks. Boy, that makes me feel real confident.

Each and everyone of us have the choice of whether OR NOT we will support a professional football team. "CHOICE" is the key word here. As an American, you can live in Chicago and be a "yuck" Cheese-Head. Why, Creighton, on God's Green Earth would people choose a team and constantly look for any and all faults that they can find??? So you can tell friends "I love the Bears, but they suck." You guys whine about how bad team management is, DESPITE the fact that this very team went to the Superbowl a year ago!! As a member of the military for 20 years, our teams were a way for young guys to find common ground after being sent thousands of miles from home. In fact, I watched SBXX through a gas mask during a chem war exercise! My point is; if you can't find ANYTHING that pleases you about your team, you should switch teams. I understand that'll mean buying a new team jersey (every year for some of you, Creighton.) But I honestly feel like you genuises deserve to be happy. Just my opinion. GO BEARS!!!

Fly I like your attitude!Well said.Been watching the Bears since 1984, and since 1991 I have only missed 1 game.Even though I realy didnt like Wannsted, I still rooted the Bears till the end of every loss.Wannsted that dude set the Bears back a few years.

Fly I think you are taking things too serious, all this is just fans venting and wishing at least the real fans. We like to armchair quarterback and armchair GM, we are just fans venting to fans and exchanging of ideas to fix it, and yeah its true it is a choice. But we are venting and if you read closely you will see the loyalty. in this country and you can attest to it as a military man we have the freedom of speech and of assembly and even though we use this blog as a medium its all in fun and we do have the right so please do be so self righteous and enjoy the freedom to say what you feel. But don't knock me because I do.

I think its safe to say that the person(s) that think this is a good idea should be slapped around.

bob babich is a looser.......cover 2 scheme leaves our db's out to dry. i bet if we had singletary as d cordinator we just might see a reincarnation of the 85 bears. even though he prefers the 3-4 scheme he flourished in the bear 4-6 qne 4-3. verry intense coach and person. getting up in somones face and bringing an attitude might translate on the field. I.E. ( Ron Rivera ex bear with the vaunted 85 bears defence and is high energy get in your face coach instead of the zombie style of choaching that we have now.)

could lovie and jerry be on the bubble? just a thought, we go 4-12 and finish in last place again. fire jerry angelo and lovie give THE CHIN a call. like a get in you face type coach. i want to be known as the monsters of the midway in the black and blue division not the puppies of the porterpotty and the pink and purple division. even if we suck again cannot change teams the bears have been my fav and allways will. already used to loosing so notthing new. could be worse like the lions with mike millen that has never made it to the superbowl nor the championchip game.
VIQUEENS= halarrious

we don't need linebackers....there are 7 on the roster who can play.

Dont worry, they wont be paying top dollar to see Hester. The braintrust will make him a number 1 reciever and he will get hurt, and then nobody will see him. Then, we wont have anything. If he were a number one reciever wouldnt he have been one in college? Especially Miami!! Do you remeber Dustin Lyman who the Bears picked in the 3rd round? He was an all conference but th "trust" though he would make a hell of a tight end. HA!! How about Jerry Azumah.....He was an all American D2 running back. They had Leon Johnson returning kicks.....oh God....and somebody like Biggs said why dont they try Azumah on offense.....what do you know he was a pro bowl returner.....of course they didnt try to get the ball in his hands. Lets face it, we suck......Ilove em, but we suck. Angeloose needs a awesome draft this year. We talk how good we have drafted, what have we really done? Mark Bradley? Beekman? Cumlumbo? Mike Haines? T-Rex? Cedricka Benson? You wait....they will draft a right and left tackle tweener this year. They will put him on the right side, and try to move him to left and it wont work in two year when Tait cant get out of his stance anymore. Otah or way

WHo cares about advo' some players save it for hester and harris youll need it!lol

15-20 years Creighton
20 years Cody
Here are some player that were worth getting excited over.On Offence.
Neil Anderson:Stud. Poor mans Bary Sanders

Wendell Davis:I dont expect Creighton or Cody to remember Wendell. Davis played for the Bears from 1988-1993.Blew both of his knees out in one play vs.The Eagles.Came back for one year with Indy(1995).Never recovered.He reminded me of a fast Tom Waddle.

Curtis Conway:Fast,Kinda Tall,and had a couple of good seasons.

Marcus Robinson:Stud.1,505 yards in one season.

Erik Kramer:28 TDs tied for the Bears record.Tied with Sid Luckman.If that wasnt exciting, I dont know what was.

Jeff Graham.Personal Fav for a WR.Only played 2 years but made some great catches,also had a 1,000 yard season.

Jim Miller:Had some realy good games.Threw for 420 some odd yards in one game.I still believe if Miller didnt blow his Acilies Tenden in the game VS the Eagles,It could have been a better game.Matthews stunk it up in that game.

A-Train Thomas:NFC Rookie of the year.2 1,000 yard seasons.

Thats only 8 players in the last 20 years.Not good at all.
I say Thomas Jones did a great job while he was here so thats 9 players.Last Bears back to gain over 1,300 yard since Payton.

I do agree with Both Creighton and Cody,Good to Great players on Offence for the Bears come far and few inbetween, but there has been more than one.Give those players credit.
I already know Creighton that you spent 12 years in the United States Marine Corps (not that I believe it because I dont)and it was hard for you to watch and remember games.

I can read it. Just can't pronounce it.

It would appear by the comments that most everyone agrees that the Offense will hold us back from a Super Bowl appearance this year. I feel the Bears were a couple Offensive Free Agents (plus draft) away this year and once again the Bears chose to save money over going to the Super Bowl. I am tired of waiting 20-40 years between Super Bowls!! Freakin ads will not get us there! Maybe new ownership yes but Ads? nope.

My god, how bout some help ON THE FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

duh never mind


What happen to developing players?I do believe Rex has had the chance.Orton though realy hasnt.Untill we see a full play book with Orton at QB we wont know if he is a NFL QB.Rex seems to be a valueable back up in this system thats it.

With me saying that Im not going to root against Rex.I just want to see consistent play out of ANY QB that is playing for the Bears.

It would also be nice to have 1 starting QB.
Thats only happen once since Erik Kramers record setting season.

I might be wrong i've been a Bear fan since 82 but before this coaching staff got here we were so bad people didn't even take the time to Critize the team not even an after thought. We have to really good seasons under the new staff including a trip to The BOWL which 4 years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of and neither would ANY OF YOU ,we have a injury filled year and don't make the playoffs which no recent Superbowl loser (minus seattle)and now these guys can't play and our coaching staff can't coach you guys are horrible fans and unrealistic spend to much time listening to these Espn guys who seem to bash the Bears no matter what their record is you all need to turn your FANHOOD in and jump on Dallas or New England band wagons

being a military member, i have rooted for the bears rain or shine, win or loose. the one sickening thing that i hate about any chicago team is that they will not invest any decent amount of money into players and coaches. they rely on a group of nobodies to get to a championship, then dismantle them when they ask for some dough. (see 85 bears, Da bulls, and any cub or sox team) i will always be a chicago fan butthe owners need to pay the dang players and import some stars as oppose to drafting average cats!!!!!!

i love the bears and i don't think they need an outside agency to help with PR but they do need to start drafting what they need and start picking up free agents when the offseason comes around. we are one of the only teams who sucked it up in the offseason and usually don't do a lot in the draft. so if they pick up people and get what we need to have an offense then the fans will be happy

Are you saying that the Sox spent money the year they went all the way??Are you saying that the 85 Bears went out and spent all this money on Free Agents??

Creighton or I mean sinnister,Sox didnt spend a crap load of money that year.85 Bears consisted of 90% of their own drafted players.That team had molded the term building through the draft.
As far as the Bulls.No Cap.They had to spend money on the 3 big names,But who other then that did they spend big money on?Will Purdue?

It sounds like you value life on money.Its not about spending money to make a great team.Its about player fitting with in the system.Its about players wanting to play.Its about UNITY!!!!!
You get one player that a sour grape and could ruin the whole UNITY of the team.

Creighton is the sour grapes of Chicago Fans.

Are you saying that the military roots only for the Bears????

What does the Military have to do with football?

Are you braging?

being military means that you are thrown into a group of people from all walks and different parts of the country. i'm in oklahoma now and i hardly see bears fans anywhere. they're all either cowboy fans or root for st. louis, or the chiefs. it would be easy for you dis gruntle fans there in the city or state to voice your opinion. try doing that in Iraq. and brando, the point that i was trying to make was that chicago teams don't spend the moneyon players and when the team comes into fruition, and starts to win, the owners use the excuse that the player wants more money so they trade him. frank thomas is a good example. the season after the 85 bears, they traded half the team, and the bulls big 3 got paid but the rest were mediocre.

we need to spend some money, and get a real offense and let some of the average players go. We signed back grossman should have signed him back but made a move to get donavan mcnabb and try to trade up in the draft for mcfadden. we have to do something on offense we need some excitement its starting to be real hard to watch my bears offense. Well we now have to make some big moves i have confident in our offense all except the RB position. As far as Rex Grossman we have to either give him some good protection or start running the ball like we used to. Lets go Bears.

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