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Draft tidbits: Bears taking close look at Forte

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Five weeks and counting to the NFL draft, arguably the most important selection weekend in the tenure of Bears general manager Jerry Angelo.

The Bears have holes to fill and will need to produce some players from this class that can make an immediate impact, similar to what the team had in 2006 when safety Danieal Manning, defensive end Mark Anderson and returner Devin Hester all made major contributions. There hasn’t been a lot of activity at Halas Hall of late, and we took a few days off to visit Florida but returned just in time for a lovely spring snow.

Here are some bits and pieces picked up Friday:

*** The Bears are showing a great amount of interest in Tulane running back Matt Forte. Southwest scout Chris Ballard is expected to meet with Forte over dinner Wednesday in New Orleans, and coach Lovie Smith and running backs coach Tim Spencer will travel there to meet with him April 3 and put him through a private workout the following day.

Forte is considered a high-character guy who emerged with a strong senior season to shoot up draft boards. Forte led the Green Wave with 2,127 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns last season, although the bulk of it came against inferior Conference USA competition. Some questioned his speed and he ran a 4.46-second 40-yard dash at the combine, good enough to convince him he could skip re-running at his school’s pro day earlier this month.

Originally considered a third- or fourth-round selection, Forte could be moving into the back half of the second round. He’s in Detroit this weekend for a visit with the Lions, and has drawn interest from Atlanta and Houston as well.

*** East Coast scout Rex Hogan attended Vanderbilt’s pro day on Friday. That’s nothing out of the ordinary though. Hogan lives in Nashville, Tenn., where the school is. Still, the Bears are keeping tabs on offensive tackle Chris Williams. They interviewed Williams at the Senior Bowl.

*** Southern Illinois quarterback Nick Hill made a pre-draft visit to Halas Hall earlier this week. Hill is a potential late-round selection or a free agent. He was not invited to the combine.

*** Cincinnati safety Haruki Nakamura also made a pre-draft visit to Halas Hall this week. Nakamura is undersized at 5-10, but he weighed in at 203 pounds at his school’s pro day on March 12 and had a sub-4.6 40 time. He’s got a nose for the ball and projects as a solid special teams performer.

*** Western Kentucky wide receiver Curtis Hamilton also visited Halas Hall. Each team is permitted to bring in 20 players for pre-draft visits. The purpose of most is to get medical information on a player and give them a physical. You can’t draft a player you don’t have a physical on, and there’s no other way to get the medical goods on players you don’t see at he combine. Hamilton, 6-foot, 195 pounds, made 66 catches for 873 yards and four touchdowns last season. He averaged 16.2 yards per catch and scored 10 touchdowns as a junior.

Western Kentucky happens to be where receivers coach Darryl Drake went to school and began his coaching career.

*** The Bears put Maine H-back Anthony Cotrone through a private workout earlier this month at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y. Cotrone, 6-2, 253, went to Maine as a quarterback before converting to a tight end/fullback. The team is also believed to be keeping an eye on Black Bears tight end Matthew Mulligan, a potential undrafted free agent.

*** Bears scout Teddy Monago spent some time visiting with Missouri defensive tackle Lorenzo Williams following a pro day in Columbia, Mo.

*** The Bears met with Maryland tight end Joey Haynos at the combine and college scouting director Greg Gabriel was at the Terrapins’ pro day on March 12.

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The Tulane guy is ok but don't draft Chris Williams-freakish short arms for a position that needs to grab and hold. The Boston College guy is better than either Williams or Otah (only plays RT).

Let's hope they keep all their options open. Forte might be a decent second round pick, but I would be concerned about the QB prospects they are looking at being available in the 3rd (the group that includes Henne, Flacco, and a few others). If they are looking at a project like Kevin O'Connell or Josh Hamilton, they can wait until the 4th or 5th round, which would be better for rebuilding the offensive line and getting a RB. Forte may be available in the 3rd round, but Flacco certainly will not. I am starting to wonder whether we are in a good position at 14 as far as a high demand pick. If Carolina takes an offensive lineman or RB, we should start getting calls for the pick. The Lions can use either an OT or RB at 15, and it would be nice to stick it to them by letting someone jump ahead of them (perhaps Houston) for that player. We would get at least a 3rd round pick with their 1st rounder to let them move up. If we don't get the tackle at 18, we can take Brendan Albert, who can play guard or tackle (built more like a tackle, and had to take on Chris Long every day in practice, so he should be ready to play the position). Then we can get the player we target in 2, and have 3 3rd round picks to either move into the second for another pick, or get three contributors to start the new day 2 of the draft, since they stop after 2 rounds this year.

This is starting to intrigue me quite a bit, and also make me wonder if there is something up Jerry's sleeve, such as a deal involving Ricky Manning Jr. and one of our picks to move up in one of the early rounds.

I hadn't heard that about Williams arms. Otah is a RT and our big need is LT, move Tait to RT. It's a great year for OL and that's a big need. It looks like Albert in the 1st rd because of his flexibility. Is he ready to play LT from the get go or does he need a year or two at RT?

The Bears should definitely add a second OL by the 3rd rd as well. If they do this the QB won't get picked till the 4th rd. The more pressing needs are RB and WR.

Just a question: is it true that you cannot draft a person unless they have a physical with you? Or is it just highly highly recommended? Otherwise if a highly rated player did not attend the combine and a team did not use one of their pre-draft visits on them then that team would not be able to draft the player?


I was a big Otah and Williams backer at first but since reading more publications Otah appears to be a right tackle and Williams is more finesse, we need some bruts to play the style of offense the Bears want to play. I have began to look at Cherlius, Albert, Baker and Collins as LT's. Some tackles who are strong but don't play real well in space project to be strong guards. That H-back from Maine sounds interesting Angelo has had good luck in the upper northeast. Forte is a solid pick but I believe he will be gone before the 3rd round. I would still love to see Mendenhall but that's a pipe dream as they are already looking at a alternative. Hey Jerry give up that S.I.U idea unless he is a undrafted free agent. This draft is crucial here's hoping Bear fans.

Good points djssr. I can't see grabbing Cherlius in the 1st rd. He is a RT. Collins and Baker are both good 2nd rd picks but 14 in the 1st is too high. That's why I think the go for Albert in the 1st rd and in the 2nd rd they go RB or WR. I don't see the QB there because they resigned both Grossman and Orton and they are going to give them every chance to prove they can get the job done. I think one of the picks in the 3rd rd. will be another OL, maybe Benedict or Greco.

I think the QB will be a 4th rd pick, O'connell or Johnson (if he falls).

im so tired of qb and rb talk. lets adress the real issues. wrex could be decent at times and so can benson. other times the o-line just isnt there. baltimore won a ring with trent dilfer and brad johnson got a ring in tampa. not the best qb's in the league. we all have seen glimpses from wrex. he throws a beautiful deep ball. and if we want to challenge benson give hester some reps, and peterson is a good runner as well. im not a big fan of wrex or benson but they do deserve to show what the can do on thier feet; not on thier back in the back field.o-line o-line o-line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me, what do you do if someone like DT Dorsey of LSU falls all the way to #14, do you take him? He could be the next Tommie Harris. Tommie fell to the Bears due to injury concerns like Dorsey is facing now. By drafting Dorsey you extend Urlacher's career by two years by having two explosive tackles playing in front of him. Just curious.

Angelo's already made his hand. He has to take a QB in the first two rounds. When he does that you know we're rebuilding and we're looking at a rough two years at least.

i couldnt agree more with windy city guy. if it was up to me, id spend the first three picks on the OL. if your OL is great then anyone can run or pass the ball. with the rest of the picks you add depth to your defence because defence wins championships.

I like what Joe Felicelli says about possibly trading down with Houston, the best chance I see for that happening is if Mendenhall is still on the board with the 14th pick. So that would a tough decision that they would have to make. (If Houston goes for it). With the 18th pick could probably take someone like Brandon Albert and groom him into their left tackle. It would be nice to have 3 picks in the 3rd round. There will be a lot of good prospects available there.

Agreed this is the year for the O line. I'd be happy if we used both the first 2 rounds and a couple late rounders for OT and G. Let's get two first class guys to add to Olin and Garza and hope 1 of 3 late rounders work. Build a wall of mean guys like Dallas who can take over a game for the next 5 years. Next year we can draft skill players. But the NY Giants proved that you still win if you dominate the trenches. Still think signing Kevin Jones wouldn't be a bad patch for this year and then draft a RB next. If mendenhall is available at 14, Jerry will have lots of trade up interest. We have so many needs we should take more picks at that point.

Here Angelo goes again trying to get the small school kid. This years draft is going to be a mess. Forte is an okay running back but is not a speical runner. He keeps his pad level too high and does not have the best balance, granted he has some nice moves for a man his size but I just dont think his game will translate to the NFL. The only RB we should be talking about is Mendenhall. Forte and Wolfe would battle it out for days, and i might take Wolfe

Williams is a low motor player and needs to be developed same with Otah who has not played OT or football very long. The Bears are not very good at developing talent on the offensive side of the ball. I thing of note about Williams, he only benched 225, 21 times at the combine. That was one of the lowest among OT in this class. Long benched 225 38 times which will give you an idea about there difference in strength. I think Williams will be the big bust among the Tackles in this class. If the Bears are going to go Oline they should trade down to 22 with the Boys who would love to get Mendenhall. Then they could Pick from Albert, Gosder, or Baker. I would grab Gosder or Albert if he is still there. Steelers want him though. Baker has some issues with strength and injuries. The Bears may be able to get RB stewart in the second round as his toe injury has dropped him out of the first. That wouldbe a major steal. It will take the Bears more than one year to fix this team. They will probably pick higher next year and can go after a LT and a QB with there first 2 picks. Personally I think it takes at least 3 solid draft classes to build a team and 4 to 5 to build a dynasty.

to answer your question killerkane - if Dorsey drops to 14 you thank the lord and grab him. He will be in the pro bowl in his second year and beyond. Can't pass up a guy like that.

I like that the Bears are keeping tabs on Chris Williams I hope he is there when we pick, I think Williams should be. The Bears have seemed to be impressed with Williams since the senior bowl. Also I've read from more than one source that Chris William has an impressive wing span, that means he has long arms. I know William is more of a finesse blocker, but he gets the job done when it comes to pass blocking, at Vanderbilt Williams allowed only one sack in over 300 pass attempts, thats good. With the Bears QBs Grossman or Orton who arent very mobile, that will help there passing game a lot, just that extra second goes a long way in a comp or incomp pass. With Williams frame 6-6 320 I think he will be able to handle run blocking just as long as the Bears have a decent runner who will at least make an attempt. Also at the senior bowl Williams didn't look bad at run blocking. I am happy to see that the Bears are looking at Forte also, I say nab him in the 2nd rd. I am intrigued with Branden Albert who got two starts at left tackle this season for Virginia. Albert has the size 6-7 315lbs but I hope the Bears make sure he can make the transition to left tackle before they draft him because you are taking a chance on Albert because of him not having much experience at left tackle or tackle all together. Also I'm still a big fan of Jeff Otah, his size and strength will be a good addition to are run game. I think Otah can be a left tackle. Otah reminds me of San Diegos Marcus McNeill and Dallas Flozell Adams I think Otah is cut from the same mold as them oh well GO BEARS!!

I hope it wont take 3 years.If Angelo is dedicated to drafting offence hopefully he can find 2 maybe 3 good skill players.Drafting for the O-Line I do believe is the biggest area to addres.Its a good thing that the Bears have 8-9 players on Defence that can produce big plays.

Mike Brown-if healthy
Nathen Vasher
Charles Tillman
Brian Urlacher
Lance Briggs
Mark Anderson
Tommy Harris
Alex Brown
Wally-not even going to try to spell his name

Killer Kane thoughtful thinking.I honestly cant see Jerry Angelo passing on Dorsey.I would like to see at least one mean big fat guy that can stop the rush.

If stewart falls to the 2nd he would be a major steal, he would push Ced big time. Stewart is big strong and is known for his hard work to get better. I don't know that he has a hill like Walter but he seems to be the type of player that will play with strong will and desire all the time. Ced is turning out to be a bust, but when challenged he seems to pick up his game a little. He still is a poor blocker for the QB and does drop a lot of passes out of the backfield.

I would be in favor of the Bears trading down and possibly picking up either Gosder or Albert and then getting Stewart either early second or late first.

Matt Forte? Good God are you serious! Why would we draft a player who never saw great competition in college when we already have 2 running back who can dominate 2nd rate collegiate competition. We don't need any more running backs who looked good in college but wont in the pros. This is beyond sad, it's asinine! We need O-line, then O-line, Then O-line. The Bears need to get one thing through their head very clearly; It doesnt matter how good your position playersa ar if the Oline suck, and they suck. We definetly don't need Matt forte battling with Garrett Wolf over the number 2 spot, and he aint gonnna be better than benson (sadly enbough). If the bears draft a running back in the 1st 3 rounds Angelo should be tied to a pole and left to be eaten by wild bears so he can know the pain he's put chicago through with his bargain type talent scouting.

The Bears don't need Mendenhall. They need linemen.

No running back will do anything so long as they cannot open holes. Mendellhall, who is not a burner, is not different.

Frankly, I would like to see the Bears go ahead and take Albert at 14. It's a reach, but after Long and and the Boise State tackle, he is the best player. And he could project to RT.

From there, they need to just start taking the best player avaiable at the need positions.

But by the end of the first day, I hope to see them with another OL, a DL and a RB.

I would worry about QB or WR until the second day. The draft is deep at both positions with mediocre talent. After Malcolm Kelly and Matt Ryan -- who aren't that great anyway -- everyone else has some type of serious flaw at both positions.

Thus, there's no reason to rush. In round 4, they could easily get someone like Johnson or Ainge -- both of whom aren't much worse than the likes of Flacco or Henne.

And the draft is full of two types of recievers -- slow and tall and fast and small.

But first things first. They need to shore up the line. I'd like the first two out of three picks to go O-Line.

And if they can get Forte or Kevin Smith in round 3, great.

Hester can't be a WR; too stupid. Can't figure out a playbook. Recall how stupified he looked where to lineup and his 17 wonderlic. Go BEars.

Posted by: philbeart | Mar 21, 2008 2:16:31 PM

This was one of the most bold and smart comments posted on this blog in weeks. Hester is an outstanding return man and at his natural position could be a GREAT DB, maybe the best since (primetime)! Put him back at his natural position or try him at a safety position. Amazing speed, great awareness, great in space, think about it, our own ED REED but better!

You are not that stupid Hester, just at the wrong position. I could be stupid who knows.

That's real harsh Kris, philbeart you are nuts #1 he won't be there #2 the offense has been neglected for years and now is the opportunity to actually do something about it and all you can talk about is Dorsey? You will find the Texas runstuffer in the 5th round offense, offense and more offense. There are big skilled linemen out there games are won in the trenches(i.e NYG), the league is a mirror league watch I'll be willing to bet the Bears get a speed back and a power back with large offensive linemen then pound and play action away. Tony Temple, Kevin Smith and Chris Johnson will get caught up in the O-Line draft mania and one if not two of the speed backs will be there, even Slaton will be there. Two backs is the way to go now a days some use three. Thats the reason the Bears defense was exposed last year to much time on the field pounding slowed the pass rush. The Giants didn't make a lot of changes on defense from the team that got smoked the year before the change was offensive a running game changes the complexion of your defense because [1] time on the field,[2] field position and [3] the opposing team changes and must pass more because of time of possesion less time to run. Fix the offense and this team will automatically get healthy on defense.

I've have written many times in this blog, the Bears don't have that many holes.As Brando says if healthy our defense would have gave us between 2 to 3 more wins last year, and thats with a terrible offense of line. Our focus should be on offensive line that's what you win with. Like him hate him Rex has played well enough to win games in the regular season and playoffs, But from the first snap of the season when San Diego linebacker S. Phillips almost killed him the line wasn't right. Same with Benson, When Jones was there Benson ran hard. You can't have offensive success without a line. The other problems ain't that glaring. We should use a least 3 picks on the o-line. And see if we can find a hidden jewel at strong safety(we allow 20 to 30 more yards per when M.Brown is out) and maybe address the running back position or wr .

cuoldn't agree with you more kream on the reasons why wrex plays scared and benson runs with no heart. im not sure i would either if i knew i was gonna get steam rolled almost every down. great point about mike brown. but health is gonna be an issue when the offense cotinuelly goes 3 and out. offense wins games defense wins rings right. if you cant put up points you cant win. tired deffenses give up big plays. if they can get an o-line maybe the d will get a rest and can stay healthy this year

They need to trade down to 18 with Houston or 20 with Tampa. Get an extra pick or two. It allows for them to grab the best available OL available before Pittsburgh or Dallas. They can get Albert or Gosder there more than likely. They need atleast two O-linemen, RB, WR and a SS that can knock out AND tackle the ball carrier. A DT and another WR would be a nice touch to finish. How often does any team nail all the picks? It will take a year or two to fix this mess.

Please remember we need OT and OG first then a RB.Unless we get a steal in the sec rd we should draft all O-Line in the 1st and 2nd rounds!!!Those are the most important positionswe need to address.If we get two good O-lineman this year next year could go alot smoother!Especially QB and RB!

I tell you what if the Bears can get any kind of running game going next season they have a chance to make a playoff run. It is important that Angelo makes the right decisions as far as the draft. Angelo needs to come out of the draft with a tackle and runningback that can start. I think the Bears will be alright if a run on tackles happens before they pick, they can trade down and take Gosder or Albert then take a runner like Forte. I personally hope that Williams or Otah are there at #14 but all you can do is hope right now, all it would take is for one team like Denver or Carolina to go in a different direction and one of the top 4 tackles will be there at #14. I was checking out next seasons home and away opponents and the Bears will be in good shape if like I said earlier they can get a running game going and the defense can stay healthy. In the North look at the Packers they automatically go down a notch with no #4 any more ha ha, and Detroit cut half of there defense so they are going to be young and inexperienced on d and the Lions have made no attempt to improve there o-line so how long can Jon Kinta last? And are friends in Minn still have no QB. Are home opponents consists of the Jaguars, Saints, Eagles, Buccaneers, and the Titans of all of them teams the only ones to really worry about is the Jags and Eagles. Are away games consists of the Falcons, Panthers, Texans, Colts, and the Rams the only one that worrys me is the Colts. So I say there is reason to be optimistic, so like I always say GO BEARS!!!!

Anybody...that passes on Mendenhall regardless what their need is
should get out of Football.

I agree when the defense is healthy the Bears are a much better team. That said after 4 years of Mike Brown suffering major injuries and missing 3/4 of the games over those years it is a mistake to put your faith in him. I like him too but that does not change the fact he gets hurt a lot. The defense has several injury issues to deal with, the problem with that is several players on the D have injury isssues over extended periods of time. There is no number 2 DT on this team, and we currently in my opinion have no starting safties in a cover 2 D. Thats a big deal. Anderson is a good young player but he is not an every down player. The Bears really do need a true every down speed rusher on D. Also some of there defensive players are starting to age and slow down. In the next year or two there will probably be major needs on defense just like there are on offense this year.

The Oline for the Bears has major issues, they have no one on the team from last year who is going to step up or has shown the ability to step up. Olin is getting up there in years and so is Tait and they both showed it last year, the best Oline players in the NFL last for about 12 years and Olin and Tait are past there prime's, unless people think Tait and Olin are going to play 5 more years in the league then they probably need to find guys to replace them as well as Miller and Brown.

Running Back is a huge need as well, Benson never played as well as Jones when they ran behind the same Oline for two years together, that Oline was rated one of the best in the NFL those two years. In 3 Years Benson has never shown much other than he gets hurt easily and seems to be a low motor guy with not much work effort as he has put on weight every year he has been hear.

Now I would love to see Mendenhall on the Bears but I doubt it happens, but anyone saying he does not have speed is making a huge mistake. His official 40 time is 4.45. Thats real good for any Running Back. His best time is 4.37. For a 225 pound back that is insane. His 4.45 40 was top 5 among Backs and was faster than most of the WR at the combine. Him and Stewart had almost identical stats, not to mention both of them out benched 3/4 of all the linemen. That pretty good for a back. Both are also great blockers and great out of the Backfield something Benson is not.

When a team has as many needs as the Bears there is only one thing to do when it is your time to pick. You take the best player you can get at one of those needs while looking at value. If you are at 14 and you can't trade down cause no one is offering anything worth it and the top for Olinemen are gone, do you Draft Albert or Gosder, or do you take Mendenhall? Albert and Gosder are a stretch at 14 while Mendenhall is a steal. Both fill needs. No matter who they take they will be picking for need, they just happen to have a lot of needs. Not to mention every pick is a risk, most draft picks don't turn into stars and at least half don't last more than a year or two. If you get 3 solid starters out of a draft a team is usually thrilled. The biggest risk is usually the first round if you hit you strike gold if you miss then you got a major bust on your hands.

Positions of needs for the Bears are OT, OG, RB, QB, WR, S, DT, C, and they could use more depth at LB. These are pos itions of need stated by the Bears, not me.

Anyone thinking they don't need a running back and that Benson will be good behind a good Oline should think twice. His ankle is trashed, he can not even beging to start working out till this summer, which means no off season training program, Doctors have said he will loose some speed and strength, Lovie has said the same thing, he wasn't fast and lacked punch before or have people forgotten he has always gone down on first contact. He will be lucky if he ever plays again. Every expert asked about Benson has said the same thing. I hope people are not counting on Wolfe, cause he showed nothing last year, he wasn't s good as AP, and AP is bad.

I hope it works out for the boys in blue but, I would not count on them being healthy on defense and suddenly good on offense because of 1 draft, I don't know any team that has turned it around in one draft. If people are thinking the Browns, well they have been drafting in the top 10 for a long time.

If the Bears don't want to go running back in the first trade down cause if you can't get Clady or Long, there is no point going after Williams who has issues or Otah who lacks experience and needs to be developed (something the Bears have not excelled at), they can then go after Gosder, Baker, Albert, and hope Miami does not go after Stewart in the second round, though they may be looking Oline there if they don't take Long. The Bears are not in a great draft position this year, it's not bad but it's not great. Not when you see a team like Dallas with two first rounders and the Pats picking at 7. Also they Bears need Oline help just like most teams are in major need of it. Thats why I think there will be a run on OT's in this draft, to many teams need them so once they start getting nabbed all the other teams will panic, and then the race is on. It happens almost every draft, a certain position gets a sudden run and the board goes nuts.

First I'm not saying Dorsey will be there at 14. I was responding to an earlier post who asked what do you do if he's there (you take a can't miss player). Second to the strong safety need. Obviously we're not in a position to draft early for one so we need a sleeper. What about the hard hitting guy from notre dame in a late round. Has some weaknesses but off the charts intangibles and could will his way into being a John Lynch. But first Jerry trade down in round 1, take Cherilus and then use 2 seconds for more O line.

Pretty good analysis creighton, but it's usually easier to find a RB in later rounds than a LT. I believe most starting LT's in the NFL were first round draft picks. We can find a OG in 2,3 or 4 but LT is the tough one to find. In the 1st rd. the Bears have to go LT. I would say go after Albert even if Otah is there. Otah is a RT that relys on his size to force defenders outside, speed rushers will be hard for him. Albert is protypical size, with long arms and is said to have very good feet. Cherius will be a good RT, but will never move to the LT spot.

In the 2nd Rd. the Bears should look o-line again. Baker, Nicks, Collins all might be able to play LT.

I do agree if you can trade down and add picks it's a good idea, but they really need to come out of the first 3 rounds with at least 2 O-linemen.

Matt Forte, would be a great upgrade to our ground attack and i hope our Monsters of the Midway get him and be quick about it . because our running game doesn,t exist.

Windy City guy, I agree it is easier to find a running back in the later rounds. All I am saying is OT are in demand this year and there will probably be a run on them, every team picking in the top 15 needs one, and most teams in the draft need one. So if there is a run at tackle which most draft experts are now predicting what will the Bears do at 14. Albert is to big a risk there and so is Gosder, there is no way Angelo will grab them that high same goes for Baker. If the Bears get stuck at 14 there is a good chance they take a RB or a player of value to them. Believe me I would love to see the magic draft where the bears get Clady adn Stewart 1 and 2, but I doubt it happens. This whole draft will unfold around the OT position. All the major players are gonna be gone by the time the Bears pick in the second. All I am saying is there not in the ideal position to get what they need, a left tackle. Baker, Clady, Long, Williams are the guys who could start at Left Tackle. Clady and Long will be gone maybe even Williams who I feel is going to be a bust, and at 14 Baker is a big stretch, he is high second round talent. Don't be surprised if the Bears are stuck at 14 and take a Back or even a DT if the OT they want is not there, if they trade down they will hope to get Gosder or Albert.

Someone mentioned Angelo grabbing a Saftie in the later rounds, don't count on that. Angelo's own words on this Saftie class are "It's anemic."

Bear One does that mean that the probable 15 teams thats not likely to pick Mendenhall,should their GM be fired?

I didnt know that Wally and Alex Brown wernt an every down speed rushing ends.

Tait 33 years old Kruetz 31 years old.

I dont know the answer to this question so If anyone could help me out I will be thankful.We all know that the Defence was limping last year.How many of those injurys were wear and tear football injurys.I know Mike Browns injury was a cheap hit.Neil closed lined him so that was a freak injury.Vashers groin was a non contact injury.Tommy Harris was recovering from a Hammy and Knee injury.My opion Harris should have went on the inactive list after the Bears had no hope to make a run for the playoffs.DT Walker dont know what his problem was.Mr. Broken Adam well....His play had spoken for him.Injured or not he is bad.Good on Special teams but just plain BAD on D.Lets just hope that Rust will do a good job in getting both the Defence and offence in game shape.As for the Coaches they need to have hard a hitting camp.No more of this walking through the traing camp and pre season.

Speed rushing end. Alex brown is a run stopper who has never had double digit sacks in his career, the Goon is balanced but lacks true speed and his best season came playing across from Jason Taylor he hasn't posted double digit sacks in 2 years. Lovie smith said one of there biggest problems on Defense was they did not pressure the QB enough. Goon and Brown are good players and Anderson is a pass rush specialist. I don't think anyone in the NFL would call either an every down speed rusher, like a Taylor or Freeney, or Williams, Allen, Kerney, Umenyoira, and so on and so on. If you take Harris off that line the front 4 are in real trouble, and given his history it is possible he could get hurt again. That leaves you Dust who has played in 1 game over two years due to injury, Adam who is a decent backup, Idonije who is more of a special teamer. You have Brown the defensive captain who has played in only 21 games over 4 years thats out of 64 total regular season games. His injury issues are huge and who is to say he doesn't get hit with a cheap shot again, it happens every game all game long. Now if Lach is hurt this ytear or is haveing more problems with his back and is slowed by it that is a huge problem for the Bears. There win loss record when he is out is really bad. The Bears used to be Deep at DT 2 years ago, and now they are not deep there at all. If Harris goes or Lach goes down the defense is in major trouble. Harris makes that front 4 good without him they will double team Goon and run up the middle all day or pass all day or both. Then again the bears run d has been bad for awhile now, that has always been how teams beat them, even in there superbowl year. To me if you are playing football and you are relying on players not to get hurt, your team has issues. It's football players get hurt all the time.


Trade down and take Albert. Then take Carl Nicks or the Kansas kid or Baker in the second. That solves the left side of the line. Somehow, some way get that kid from East Carolina that runs 4.2 in the late second by using two thirds. (We may have up to four third round picks due to trading down and the 49er tampering with Briggs.) Now we have the left side of the line and a back that can run with Adrian Peterson (Vikes).

Later on, take another lineman, such as Chilo Rachel and you have Tait at his normal RT position for another year with Garza and Rachel working that guard spot. Now the whole line is fixed and we have the fastest running back in the league.

Then drop in Josh Barret from Arizona State at SS to supplement Mike Brown and remember Payne will be back. Dump Archeleta outright.

Now here is my diamond in the rough. Take Josh Johnson of San Diego State. He has the same size and can do everything Flacco can do but he also faster, runs very hard, and has a great big motor.

Remember we will also have Dvorcek back on the line and the crazy last minute pick up (Tonuii or something).

A late round big receiver and a little more line beef (start looking at a center) and we are rolling.

In summary, the whole OT line works, we have the fastest running back, a big multi-dimentional quarterback, back up at strong safty and another wide receiver. Pretty good draft! By the way, if Jonathon Stewart falls to us second round or later, just take him instead. Any comments. Oh! Turner has to go as O coordinator. No imagination. Draft weekend will be fun. We will also get several more 7th round compensentory picks this year. Hope Jerry and Lovie don't screw it up. Happy Easter to all.

I think we need to address OL. If we can get Magnusson from Ohio and Turksville from Florida, these are 4th or 5th round guys, but if you look at the numbers, it makes sense. Nobody knows anything about these guys but they are both huge, powerful guys and move well. If we can package a deal with Atlanta or Houston 2 3rd rounders and a 4th, we might be able to get some help at safety or QB from Muncie or Cleveland of Arizona. [ok, just kidding]

Seriously, though, the OL comments are right on target--you cannot evaluate RB or QB with the porous OL we had last year. We have to pick up at least 3 OL guys, preferably 4, who are all solid prospects, and let the best men win. I think we might need to look at picking up and heir to Olin, as much as I respect the guy. If we can do that early in camp (figure out probable OLine starters and get them to start to gel), Benson might improve greatly to be about average for a slow, lazy, weak, low effort type back and we might see a resurgence of good Rex. Even Brady blinked when the Giant came hard against him. Rex can be a solid QB.

i'm not impressed with this at all...these guys look like some busts...Lovie needs to grow some and get after top notch talent!!

people u shouldnt even say who u think the bears should get because that will steer them away to other lame picks..I mean look what were hearin ..undersized , may not be drafted, slow 40 , wont do the combine over...thats the big plan?

Creighton Now I have saw both Wally and Brown make some pretty fast plays.So in your mind Creighton a every down speed rushing D-End always end up with double digit sacks?I just thought that a every down speed rushing end is, a Left or Right End that has the ability to rush the QB, Has the speed to go up field or down field to make a play, and can play both the run and pass.
Alex Browns game isnt just focused in the pass rush on passing downs.He drops back in coverage,he knows how to read a screen pass, He knows how to get his hands up and knock down the pass,4ints in his career (Jason Taylor is the only active D-End to have more)Heck the more I think about it, Alex Brown might just be the Bears best End.The Alex Brown I had saw in the last 3 games was the best END play I have saw in some time.Urlachers last 4 games was a dominating display of freakness.The last time Urlacher missed any games was Lovies first year in 2004.The Bears had a 4-12 record that year.The Bears went 2-5 without him.It was a miracle that they had 4 wins in 04.
I dont know if it is me,When I read Creightons last blog he makes it seem that Urlacher missed more than 7 games in his career.The Bears Defence has been bad for more then just 10 games last year.Harris has been out of games and some how the Bears made it to the Super Bowl.I guess he has laot of anger and that anger turns into negativity.As the World Turns around Creightons Mystical Universe of Pitty.

Last year wasnt the best year.Some good games, some bad games, and always amazing plays by Devin Hester.On a high note the Bears won the last 2 games.Urlacher and Alex Brown were playing like mad men.The defence in the last 4 games look good.The Bears beat the Packers twice.On a Bad notes Mike Browns career might be better suited as a players coach.7-9.O-Line play.Running Play.WR play.QB play.7-9.When the Bears went to the Super Bowl the fans knew that the offence needed repair.The O-line play was great.Running game was clicking with a 2 back system.Well things went sour on the line. Benson pussy foots through the holes.Rex is Wrex.Moose well he just wasnt happy.His anger turned into negativity.The coaches failed to make half time adjustments.
The one bright thing is the Bears still have the defence that can produce big plays.The core players are still there.I would say that the core is still in its prime.
I know the offencewas bad in 07.Still looks bad coming out of Free Agentcy, But the Defence I do believe is a championship D.

Rick and Scott you both have hope, good for you, the Draft will be fun Rick they always are. Scott it's true you can't evaluate any offense if there line is bad, but in 05-06 and 06-07 the Bears had one of the top rated Olines and Benson could not beat out Jones and that is when the Coaches where hoping he would beat him out. As of the off season Benson has been a huge question mark, not because of his past history but because of his injury and surgery. Most experts are saying that the Bears are keeping the RB need a secret or on the low. They also say that what happened to Benson was really bad and hard to come back from and everyone including Lovie have said he will not be as fast as he was. That is why there is a lot of RB speculation this off season for the Bears. Benson may not play for them again. He can not start training till July, that is the last I heared about him. So the question may be, not why they are drafting a RB, but when they will draft one to replace him. No one knows for sure what the full story is except Benson and he is not talking. Niether are Jerry or Lovie. Which is good cause you don't want to give your hand away. But don't be surprised if you see Mendenhall in the first round or Stewart in the second round. Right now the Bears can go in 5 directions in the first.

It's true Brady did blink against the giants, but if it had been the Bears Rex would have never had the chance to Blink. Also you have to remember Griese was on this team and he performed better than Rex, and Griese is nothing special. So you can draw some comparisons there. Rex is a gunslinger without gunslinger talent, Orton is a Ball control, manage the clock guy. Niether has shown anything special in terms of talent and ability. There are worse QB's than both those guys, but there are also much better players than them as well. Much, Much better. Chicago could probably use a true franchise QB, it would be realy nice for a change, we have been playing musical QB's for so long. So very very long.

Ok, how does this work? Last year we lost about 5 players and only signed one............don't we get additional draft picks this year because of that? Help, and will Jerry screw this up?

Creighton, what? Benson and Jones pretty much fared the same in 2006 behind the O-line: 4.1 yards and 6TDs. Even AP had 4.1 yards. Yeah Benson had half as much carries but they pretty muched showed the same production.

I think the media and fans are going a little too overboard on the o-line. LT is a priority and will be addressed in the first two rounds. That leaves Kreutz, Garza, Tait and either Beekman (highly regarded at BC and considered 2-3rd round talent last year) or Metcalf.

I strongly disagree with Brando about Griese out playing Rex, I watched a veteran all Chicago had been crying for come in and play like a scrub, he was suppose to take care of the ball check his Tto int ratio two games against the lions he absolutely blew how many int's in the inzone can one Qb throw. he constantly made the same mistakes Rex made, and never got blamed for anything bad part about it he didn't have the arm strenght to even get the ball close most of the time it just hung up there forever.Rex makes mistakes but he has not been playing nearly as long as Griese look back over his career and add up his starts you'll be amazed how few it's been. And on top of that during the time he wasn't playing he couldn't get many reps at practice do to the nature of his injuries. the guy is still young when it comes to actual game time. And you all have seen what he looks like when he's on and has time to throw let the guy play and hold the line accountable and get a right tackle to block the outside rush instead of blocking down everytime (FRED MILLER)

Jae I have never blogged about Griese.I dont know who it was must have been Creighton he always bloggs right after me.Yeah it was creighton.Hes dumb.He doesnt know what he is talking about.My Blogg as well as yours Jae our names are under the Blog not on top.Griese sucked this year.Had what 9 ints in 4 games?

I hate when people mistake me as Crieghton.This is Brando my name is below.Name below blogged above.Goofy yes but that is the way it is

i think we all agree that o-line is a must. but if a mendenhall or felix jones is available at 14 you have to take him. benson is a joke and will not carry us anywhere. we have a chance at like 12picks get a rec. late, after the 1st rd they are all equal anyway. rd 1 and 2 ol and rb, rd 3 qb maybe flacco a ss would be nice then get a rec

I see the D rebounding big time next year with better luck with injuries and much more emphasis on establishing ball control. In the draft, I would love to see the Bears trade down and pick up another 3rd. Giving that there is no way to predict that with certainty here is how I think they should go for now.

1. Albert. Even if he does not turn out to be a laft tackle, a great guard who will start from Day 1 would help the run game immensely. If Clady fell, which he probably won't I would go with him instead.
2. Collins (LT) The guy is a great pick in Rd 2. Athletic and good size. Move Tait to the RT spot asap.
3. Kevin Smith or Ray Rice. Both are explosive and should be there in the 3rd.
3.A Flacco or Henne

Dumb == Propping up Wrecks while trashing Griese

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