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Dollars and sense: A look at numbers in recent contracts

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Picked up the specific contract details for a few of the Bears’ recent extensions. Wide receiver Marty Booker will officially sign his contract today at Halas Hall after completing a physical.

Tight end Desmond Clark received a $2 million signing bonus as part of his two-year extension that has him under contract through 2010. Clark received a $475,000 roster bonus on March 2. He has a base salary of $1 million for each of the next three seasons with roster bonuses of $475,000 to be paid in 2009 and 2010. So Clark’s two-year extension generated $4.95 million in new money for him with $2.475 million guaranteed.

Defensive end Alex Brown’s two-year extension was as reported. He received a $5 million signing bonus and will have a base salary of $5 million in 2010 and $5.5 million in 2011. That means $5 million was guaranteed with $15.5 million total in new money.

Quarterback Rex Grossman picked up a $1 million signing bonus with his one-year contract. He will receive a $500,000 workout bonus and get a base salary of $1.5 million. There is an additional $1.5 million available in not likely to be earned incentives. Those incentives are triggered by four mechanisms: play time, play time plus playoffs, play time plus 20 touchdown passes and play time plus a completion percentage.

Quarterback Kyle Orton signed a one-year extension through 2009. He received a $1.4 million signing bonus with a $100,000 workout bonus and a base salary of $1.3 million for this season. In 2009, Orton will earn $620,000 in base pay with another $100,000 workout bonus. He can trigger $1.5 million in additional payment in the form of bonuses and an escalator through the same mechanisms in place for Grossman.

Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd signed a one-year contract for the minimum-salary benefit. He receives a $40,000 workout bonus and will earn base pay of $605,000, but count only $485,000 vs. the salary cap.

Next up could be a contract for kicker Robbie Gould.

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You can call him cheap if you want.

I prefer to say that Angelo has done a good job of not overpaying for players.

After Moose, Walker and Arch, I think he has learned his lesson.

But on that note, how about calling up Eugene Wilson for a visit?

Jerry A. is one of the Better GMs in the NFL,giving his own players extensions.I love it.Only if this dude was here when the Bears had Jeff Grahm and Marcus Robinson,Those 2 were studs when they were with the Bears.I dont think Richard Dent would had ever went to 49ers.Donald Wolford, Mark Carrier,,Jay Hildenburg,Otis Wilson,Wilber Marshell,and The coach Mike Ditka(when coaching) might have ended their career with the Bears if Jerry A. was the GM.I know Richard Dent did come back to the Bears to retire.

Drafting is probably one of the hardest thing for a team to do.The players arnt proven.Their young,and have a crap load of money that could lead to problems.
Some teams have faired well in the draft every year,year in and year out.That is rare though.Every team in the NFL since 2000 has at least 1 first day draft bust.Drafting is almost like Hunting in the dark,you might have a direct hit or miss realy bad.In the case of Chenney some drafts, teams get shot in the face.Kinda of like the Bears and Offensive drafts.All hummmor to the side, this is new year and differnt players being drafted.Im sure Jerry A. and his staff did their home work this year and get some needed help on offence through the draft.We should find out by the end of Nov.

What about Brigg's? It is because he is a free agent?

Yes, Bears management is being cheap (and careful). I see why but there were some sure talent free agents that they didn't acquire. I'm curious to see how they address the offensive and defensive lines. Tommie Harris and Urlacher need help stopping the run and the middle of that O-line is softening up, not to mention question marks at safety. Will they draft a safety that can run support or will they continue with mediocre talent there (with no certainty on Mike Brown)? I just don't believe that the current players on the roster can fix those problems. You can only get so much help in the draft. I want to see this team make the playoffs but management has to give the coaches the personnel they need to succeed.

Boone didn't do anything special with the Chiefs. He had a better season last year as a back up with the Bears. If 26 tackles and 1 sack is considered good, then our standards have dropped to the Arena League level.

We need O-Line help and we make no pitch to Jake Scott! The urgency of Bears management is lacking. I hope the fans show this sametype of urgency when Management wants you to showup to the games when the Bears are 3-10.

I understand fiscal responsibility, but what about aquiring a guy or guys that other teams have to game plan for. Even if they bring in good players for less money, they're eventually going to lose out to a team that has more difference makers. As a Bear fan i'm just tired of barely getting by or having to have a team of grinders in-order to have a chance to win.

Who mentioned Boone?Thanks for the stats David.I didnt know that.
Yeah Biggs what about Briggs.Did he not sign his contract yet?Is the details of the contract still being worked out?Well maybe you forgot no big deal.

He only signs his own players if they are cheap. Berrian was one of his and he did not sign him. Or he over pays for people with no talent. Benson, Adam A, Rex the last 3 years, Metcalf been here 6 years and has yet to make a start. Jones didn't want to pay him cause he liked Benson better even though Jones's numbers where twice as good as Bensons. He loves to pay Mike Brown for not playing and being injured all the time. He gave Moose a big contract when he signed him and Moose stank, the fact that he brought in Lloyd tells you when he says he likes character guys he is full of it. If he did Jones would have been here and Benson would be gone. Mark Bradley has been injured the entire time he has been here and he is still on the team collecting a check. Thank god he got Briggs for a song or he would have been gone too. Hunter collects a check and I am not sure what he brings to the team other than he loves to get burned by Tight Ends, Dusty has been on the team for two years and has yet to play a full game. But hey he wants to sign Harris and Hester, wow what a genius he wants to them. What other GM could figure out you should probably sign those two. But hey at least he lets people like Chris Harris and Gage go, somone remind me how did those guys do last year. We needed Oline help last year and in last years draft how many linemen did we get? Great GM best ever, 14 QB's in 7 years and Rex and Orton are the best we get. He did bring in Kordell, Chad, he even drafted Trent Dilfer in the first round when he was with the Bucs, oh and Krenzel, he gave us Krenzel and so much much more. Yep he can pick emmm. He picked our whole Oline last year, boy were they good. The man knows offense I tell yah. Booker top 10 in dropped passes in the NFL almost every year he has played. Tied for sixth last year with 7. Moose who sucked had 5, and Berrian had 4. Gosh what an improvement. Lloyd didn't even really play last year, but then again niether did Bradley so they should get along fine. I guess he brought in Booker to tell Hester where to stand on the field and how to run his route, that was Mooses job last year. Boy we sure seem to get a lot of injury prone players on this team, or guys past there prime, or cast offs from other teams. Are these the Bears or the Raiders? It's good he doesn't spend a lot on bad players, I just wish he would stop giving away good players and bringing in bad ones, but hey he is not paying them much so I am sure they will be in a good mood, feeling under paid on a loosing team. Yep those guys are always fun in the club house.

A few things Creighton

1) The QB position has been disappointing. But we have has it not been since Harbaugh left?

Say what you will about Rex, but the guy helped the team get to a Super Bowl. He wasn't as big of a bust as, say, McClown or trading the No. 1 pick for Rick Mirer.

Things have been much worse

2) That same line you criticized was the very same line they had the previous year.

You know, the year they went to the Super Bowl?

Guys got hurt. Some finally got old. But the line was solid in the past.

And Metcalf, by the way, has started games.

3) And I take it you are one of the fans who would have paid Butterfingers Berrian more than 42 million, huh?

So many tears shed over such an average player.

4)Then again, that should be expected, since you are also whining over Gage.

Give me a break.

His stats last year? 55 catches, two touchdowns.

You really are hurt over losing that?

5) Harris was a bad deal. I'll give you that.

6)But who are these other "good" players they are giving away?

Not a single player who has left the Bears has gone on to do great and wonderful things.

Fact is, Jerry has done a solid job. We aren't where we need to be, but we are also not overspending on garbage.

Stick to Madden. At least you can delete the team when you don't like it.

i love how angelo get credit for not overpaying and making these pickups. How can you overpay for players when your picking them out of the bottom of the bargin bin. ever heard of the saying you get what you pay for. we are getting these players cheap because they are not good, not because angelo is such a fantastic negotiator.

I can understand all the precautions that Jerry is doing, but his lack of movement to help the offensive side of the ball has been greatly displayed during FA. I cant see why he cant figure that the Oline was a big problem last year, and it lead to a bad running game, and passing game....a domino effect! I dont see our offense doing so great next thanks to the one sided mind of JA, cause all he cares about is the Brian Greise once said...." The offense has been a second hand citizen" kind of gives you an idea of that Jerry has no offensive mind!

hmmmmmmmmm overpaying Benson rookie contract.That was the going rate for a 4th pick in the 1st round.Overpaying Rex heck I think Rex is under paid.Look at the deal that Trent Green has. 8 million in 2 years.Thats overpaying.Mr.Broken Adam overpaid last year yeah at 5 million but now is only making 700k.Thats Cheap.

This will prove that Creighton is full of dung.I had looked up Terrence Metcalfs stats on the Chicago Bears web site.Its under TEAM then go to roster.

Terrence Metcalf:6 year pro. Started at both left and right guard. Playing in 62 games started 15 games at right guard and 5 at left guard. Playing a Career high 16 games in 2006 and 3 post season games.Started the first 12 games at right guard in 2005 and started one more for 13 starts in 2005.Started 17 straight games from 04-05.In 2004 started at Left guard in the last 4 games of the season.Also Metcalf is signed through 2011.

Moose had 16 TDs and 1,405 yards his last year with the Panthers.
He was a proven player.Most teams would have paid a 29 year old player that money with that kind of season.He also had experience in the playoffs,and the SuperBowl.

Hillenmeyer was a great pick up,Cut by Greenbay and put on the practice squad in 2003.Hunter in the last 3 years has 229 tackels.Ranks 4th on the active team.In 2004 when Urlacher was out for 7 games he played MLB.That season he had 90 tackels!30 special teams tackels for his career.I would say he is doing a good job collecting his pay check.Hes versatile, smart, and at 6ft4in 240 lbs he has the size.

The Bears needed to Draft O-Lineman in the 06 draft?Didnt the Bears rank in the top 10 in rushing, top 15 in sacks allowed(blame Rex for his abilty to run into his own lineman, droping the snap, lack of mobility and having little pocket awareness) Had ProBowlers in Ruben Brown and Olin Kruetz.Tait was up their in Voting, Miller stunk and garza was coming off 2 knee repaires,but did very well.

Also where are you getting these dropped ball stat from.I looked all over and not one football site that I had seen gives those numbers.Im going to assume that those are made up stats to make yourself look good.

IDC I still have yet to think of a player that Jerry A. has let go that has had a better career with another team Good Point.Holdman had 1 good year.Colvin always hurt,Cris Harris was just as good as Mr.Broken Adam at covering the wind BAD.I do like Cris Harris,but he is not a cover 2 safty!Tony Parrish again not a cover 2 safty.He did go on to do some good things in SanFransico.22 ints with S.F. with 7int in 02 9int in 03 4int in 04 and 2int in 05.One good player.One player that did better with another team.
Befor I read comments from Thomas Jones lovers lets look at his stats with the Jets, that had a better line then the Bears.

Thomas Jones:14 games started,310 rushes, 1,119 yds, 3.6 avg,longest rush 36 yds, 1 td - 28rec, 228 yds, 1 td.29 years old. Hardley the numbers he had with the Bears

Cedric Benson:11 games started,196 rushes,674 yards, 3.4 avg,longest rush 43 yds,4 td- 17rec,123 yds and 0 td.

I think Jones is out of his prime.Ced is signed through 2009.

Side note:Madden 2008 does not give stats on O-Linemen.Thats why Creighton didnt know that Terrence has started.

Took me a long time to come up with this blog Because I have an old 6 gig computer and I couldnt find out about Dropped Balls by Wide Outs.I have seen that Booker has only 4 fumbles in his CAREER! only 2 of them were lost fumbles.Thats crazy.

ldc. Metcalf has started games but Metcalf has never been a starter, he has never been good enough, He may start one or two but he gets benched.

I was not Busting on Rex and yes McClown and Mier where worse but that does not change the fact that we still have a question at QB the most important position in football. The fact is Rex is not very good. One thing I get tired of people saying is helped us to a Super bowl. Every player on that team helped us too the Super bowl. He got replaced in the Super Bowl because he was stinking it up. He got Benched last year. He is just not that good, Orton and Griese looked better than him and that is not saying much either. 7 years Angelo has been here and in 7 years he has not fixed our number 1 need. He also did not get a good QB for the Bucs in his 14 years there.

Angelo has not done a good Job say what you want. A lot of the players we loose are his draft picks. As for all the injured players. He also drafts a lot of guys with bad injury histories. A lot of free agents he brings in are not good as well, low end guys past there prime.

What does Angelo say about players and the Bears. I build through the Draft, which is not true, we don't do that, our offense sense he has been here has had more free agent starters than his draft picks. We have needed a LT sense he got here, the second most important position on a team and after 7 years we do not have one. We have Tait a RT playing LT and he really needs to return to the right side we also had Brokermier and Columbo another RT he tried to convert to LT he also had injury problem in college. What else does he say, he brings in character guys. Lloyd, Benson, Moose, none of them are good character guys.

You may think Angelo is a good Gm but sense he has been here we have needed a Legit QB, a Legit starting LT, a Legit running Back (we had one in Jones but he got rid of him in favor of Benson).

Also I didn't care about Barrian leaving he is over paid, but if Booker is our nuber one there is a problem. I don't like the fact he brought in Lloyd, I don't care how cheap he was, I don't want that guy in the Club house. There are better guys in free agency than him. As for Gage he also had 750 yards, thats more than Moose had and Booker. I think he would have fit in just fine.

I believe he has done a great job getting Defensive players, he is great at it, I don't argue that. My whole point is he is really bad at drafting on the offensive side of the ball. Our offense is really bad and needs help, it has needed help sense he got here in 01, he has not fixed it, and he will not fix it with this draft.

Being a great GM isn't just about the defense, or special teams, it's not just about balancing the books. There is the offense as well and he has neglected that side of the team for a long time, that is why the Bears are in this mess.

I don't care how good he is at drafting defense, if you can't draft offense as well you are not a GM, your an over paid defensive scout.

Kudos Brandon & Idc! Those were some awesome points!!!
Creighton, I read your bogs and sometimes would swear you're a Green Bay fan! I wonder what JA could do to make you happy. You are bashing him for his lack of success at QB??? I'm 42 and can NEVER remember the Bears having a great QB! (Put a couple of RBs and LBs in the Hall, though!) The Bears have been and always will be a Defense & Run team. That's why we don't have/want a dome! Our problems are with the O-Line and running game. You can't blame the team for the underachieving Benson. Physically, he is awesome. Emotionally, not so much. My guess is that Cedric Benson (the player)is a selfish narcissus who feels like everything he gets is his due. I can not comment on the man since I don't know him. Being benched (on and off) seemed to do no good whatsoever. I've hired enough guys to know that that the emotional problems usually don't come out during the interview process! Hopefully he matures during rehab and decides to quit half-assing it and gives us a solid performance next year. But like it or not, the Bears invested ALOT in him and are still feeling the sting. BTW, did JA draft Rashaan Salaam or Curtis Enis? Benson will be given at least one more year to prove that he can live up to the billing he had coming out of college. Period. The Bears are improving themselves in a fiscally responsible manner, which puts them well ahead of most of the other teams! They refuse to sacrifice the next five years by going into Salary Cap Hell just to get better today. They'll draft a couple of quality linemen and fill depth at other positions with the rest of the draft. Every other position will be helped by developing the players we have and hoping we stay healthy. Go Bears!

Angelo hasn't done a good job?

One of his teams went to a Super Bowl! And since the hiring of Lovie Smith, the team has a winning record and two division titles.

What more do you want?

Has he made some stinker picks? Yes. But often than not, those picks have been solid, if not excellent

Tillman -- pro Bowl alternate
Vasher -- pro bowl
Hester -- pro bowl
Briggs -- pro bowl
Tommie Harris -- pro bowl
Bernard Berrian -- just got PAID
Todd Johnson -- solid backup/special-teams player.
Chris Harris -- starter in Carolina, starter for Super Bowl squad
Danielle Manning -- decent, still improving, starter for Super Bowl Team
Ian Scott- serviceable
Tank Johnson -- solid when he wasn't shooting guns
Alex Brown -- starter, pro-Bowl alternate
Mark Anderson -- solid rookie-seaons, still has potential for more.
Greg Olsen -- solid rookie season
Adrian Peterson -- solid special-teamer and backup RB

Add that to trades he's made for Ogunleye, Ayenbedajo, and waiver pickups like Hillenmyer and Idonojie, he's done a solid job with his drafts.

Everyone misses. But his track record speaks for itself.

As far as the line, once again IT WAS SOLID!

And frankly, I don't believe you have to build a line though the draft anyway.

Tis better to get linemen you know can block than risk picks on unproven players.

That worked. And to complain about Tait is a joke, because he has handled the LT position rather well. Tait wasn't the problem last year. It was the old guy who finally broke down.

I'm done. Angelo's results speak for itself.

Im thinking that this kid Creighton is always getting razed outside the Blogs.The dude does not back up his made up stats.
He seems to only know about offence, and that isnt much that he does know.
I dont know if my blog was posted befor he started his blog under mine,but I had gave all the stats for Metcalf.First he said he never started then gos on in another blog to say he started only a couple of games and benched.In 05 when he did start the first 12 games he didnt get benched he had problems and missed 1 game.

Creditabilty is gone for Creighton.

OOOps. Terrence Metcalf didnt miss one game, he came back for 1 more game.Giving him 13 starts on the 05 season.Damn Brando get it right.I can even get my own name right.I keep on forgetting the N at the end.

I hate to defend Creighton but the core of his argument is that Angelo is problematic especially on offense. Unfortunately we as bear fans tend to compare our players/ staff with past bear programs. This is the problem, for we can clearly say Angelo offensively is par for the course as a Bear ( what do we have - one offense hall of famer in 30 yrs? maybe longer ). This is unfortunately not good enough. It seems to achieve continual and consistent success in todays league, we simply need to have some marquee player on offense ( as well as a system that allows a player to flourish). As long as we maintain the attitude that Bear football should and will always be strong defense and a power running team, we will always be relegated to a one-off team that may find success in a season, but will continually be an on again off again team. Now, how do you find that marquee player? I have no idea, but apparently neither does Bear mgmt.

Actually Brando Metcalf has 19 starts in 96 games. If you think that makes him a starter good for you. Do not know why you are harping on this so much.

As for made up stats. Name one stat I made up. You are calling me a lier back it up if you can. Cause if you can't then you are the lier. You got hte internet use it.

You have made a big deal out of this Metcalf thing, but you actually have missed the whole point of the argument. Here is a good question for you why is it such a big deal for you to try to prove me wrong? I ask you questions that you have never answered. You follow me on every blog with a comment about Metcalf. Why are you so obbsesed with me? The Metcalf thing isn't even a big deal. But you can not let go of it? I have asked you to back up everything you have said and you cannot. You tell me my reading comp is bad but miss the point of my whole argument instead focusing on Metcalf. Why? Sense the day I got here. Are you mad cause Booker drops passes. NFL players .com will give you any stat you want go look up what I have said. You want to prove me wrong about Angelo fine, I asked you before name all his great offensive players. What part of the question do you not understand? He has 20 years of drafts under his belt. Also do me a favor I don't call you kid do I? No. I spent 12 years in the Cops. so while you where sitting at home watching Bears games I been busy the last 12 years sorry if I missed all those great Metcalf starts, but don't call me kid, I earned that right, got it. Do me one more favor answer my questions and back up your statments instead of just making statements.

I did state that he started 15 games at right gaurd,and 5 games at left gaurd.
Not only can you NOT read and comprehnd you also can NOT spell very well.Neither can I ,but Im am not that bad.
Very last you cannot add.15+5=20 is a 3rd grade math problem.

I am Laughing my ass off.Rolling on the floor.

Creighton:"I spent 12 in the cops."
Dude i cant stop laughing.What presink there Creighton.What side of the city.I gotta give it to you, you made me laugh realy good on that statement.And Im sobor.

My Gramps a retired 25 year Chicago Officer for the Southside has never put it that way.

I would have never said anything about Metcalf if you would have never said he has never started.Then you said he started a couple of games but got benched.Your story changes all the time.

Now I looked up the stats again to see if my math was wrong.I also looked up the total games played by Metcalf.

Chicago games played.15 at right gaurd and 5 at left gaurd. Bit more Updated then Chicago games played and 25 starts.That means he started 5 games this year.So I was wrong but only wrong by default.

Last time I checked, teams need AT LEAST 7 lineman capable of starting. Metcalfe is a #6 or #7 guy. Compare him to others in the same situation and he is solid...above average. Do we want him starting all the time...not from what I have seen. Definitely good for some spot starts and he can play several positions. I have been a fan of Angelo and Lovie since the have been together. they have to figure out how to draft and manage the offense, but their drafts have been real good. Last year has yet to be determined.

Alex Brown was a 4th round steal! He is a 2nd teir DE...started on almost every team.
Ogunleye was a a solid move...would start on ALL teams, except NYG
Harris was a great pick
Briggs was a 3rd round steal.
Hillenmeyer is MR. Consistent. Does a solid job and gets ZERO credit for anything.
Tillman was a great pick from a small school, 2nd round
Vasher was another 4th rounder!
Brown is a great player...can't stay on the field. Not Angelo's fault.
Manning is solid, 2nd rounder with potential. He has had good games...wasn't the same last year. Sophmore slump.

We lost Harris, which kind of hurt us. Moose gave us some very solid years. Last year was not.

He has built this defense from the draft and a lot of these guys were 2-4th rounders. And last year's draft could work out. Payne and graham, and McBride were very late picks and allare promising. McBride gave us some real nice games as a rookie and he was a 5th rounder or later, if my memory serves me right.

I will agree it is maddening at time to see they have no sense of urgency in FA. But come on, it is proven year after year that is not how you win in the NFL. Look at the Redskins. This year it looks to be the Browns. There is no way that works for them. One or two guys maybe. You aren't going to rebuild or build a team that way.

Berrian is NOT worth the money he got. I may have had to reconsider being a fan if they threw that amonut of money at him. He is fast, that's it. We don't need to spend that kind of money on someone who runs a fly pattern and drops anything else thrown to him. Not to mention, he and Moose never seemed to be open. Rex had no chance to do anything. Kind of hard to complete passes when you are completely convered.

The one thing I hate about their team is that theynever seem to adjust, or go with their best personnel. We have weak WR's, from the looks of it. We better show a lot of 2 TE sets this year. You have a MONSTER like Olson and another solid TE is Clark. Get them on the field together. Last year in preseason and camp, all I heard on the radio is how awesome Olson and Hester looked...catching everyhting in sight. USE THEM! Oh yeah...and if Benson doesn't see the field, they have a chance to do something special again. He is awful. Worst pick EVER. He stops miving his feet all the time and just falls over or trips. It is ridiculous. He needs to be gone.

Feio Your seem like a smart football guy.I can tell you didnt spend 12 in the cops.

Benson was a bad pick.He did a alright job in backing up Jones.
Another horrible 4th pick in the draft.Curtis Enis.Bears released him and he retired.Same with Cade McNown.The only thing McNown did good at was taking Tim Couches girl away from him.

Wow Brando sorry I didn't proof read. It was Corps. My bad, ten bucks says you hold onto this forever and make it into a huge deal.

Umm Feio, Hunter was not a draft pick, we got him off waivers, Angelo didn't draft Mike Brown, and I don't blame Angelo for his injuries, but he should be cut in the last 4 years he has started in 21 out of 64 games, which is not good for a starter.

Also all the guys you listed, none of them are on offense. You said you are a fan of Angelo's but also said he needs to learn to draft, which I agree with you on. I assume you mean offense. I also like lovie but he does need to get tough and let the best players play. As for building the defense through the draft I would not be so certain. B lach was a Hatley pick, Mike Brown, also Adam Archuleta was a free agent, Goon was a trade, Hunter a waiver wire pick up, and I could go on. So I would not say he builds through the draft exactly. He had 3 of his draft picks as starters I believe last year on defense.

Biggs wrote an article called "Bears Basically Bargin Hunting" and in it he gives the nuber of Angelo draft picks that have started or made starts on offense. Also over on fox sports there is an article called "Cupboard is Bear" They both give some great stats if you have not read them, give them a look. There both good reads

You are right on about the WR, but I am not sure how far Hester will have progressed in his routs and plays, he also does fumble from time to time. As for Olsen wasn't he Hurt part of last year and then they eased him into the offense. Thats probably why he didn't play as much as people wanted. He will probably have a big year. However Lovie is still saying he is the number 2 TE.

I am still not sure if a 2 TE set will help us much. The Colts had 2 good TE, 2 real good WR, a good RB, a top 5 oline and the Second best QB in football. Now thats an offense, we have 2 Tight Ends. I think we got a long way to go on offense.

Nathen Vasher
Charles Tillman
Trumine McBride
Alex Brown
Mark Anderson
Tommy Harris
Lance Briggs
Brandon McGowen
Jamar William Started for Lance Briggs this year for 1 game

I might have missed a player or 2.These were the player that I know that had started for the Bears beening a Angelo draft pick.

Maybe I should do the Math.10 players.Thats a far cry from 3.

The Bears had 3 QBs that started and they as a whole couldnt even produce a good season, had bad WRs, and also had a bad O-Line.

Just a fact.The 2 Bears TEs had the second most yards in the NFL.
The last 3 years Clark for the Chicago Bears, has the best Yards per Catch of ANY TE in the NFL.
If there is one bright spot on the Bears Offence it would have to be the TE play.
With all that being said,Just think how bad Rex and company would have looked with out those 2.
I might be going on a limb here.
The 2 TE set for Chicago will be a HUGE help in 08.
With out that, teams can key on other players.
When in a 2 TE set, is the Bears going to run?Are the Bears going to pass? A 2 TE set when use properly can be a useful tool.
Having 2 TEs that have blocking abilitys and can catch the Ball, is Hell on a Defence.Having Clark,Olson,Hester and Booker on the field at the same time will create match up problems.
If a team desides to Blitz with those players on the field....
That would leave 1 of those 4 with a favorable match up.Then what if the Running back desides to swing out.That would screw up a teams scheem.
Basicly saying a 2 TE set will create a miss match somewhere.
Its Helpful.The Colts are a elite team in the NFL.Power House Offence yes!How come it was the Bears of all teams that almost matched the Colts in TE productivity?

Hey Turner has the best pair of TE in the NFC. Angelo brought in Clark, Drafted Olson,Grooming the Best Play maker in the NFL at WR.I dont mean Booker,Lloyd,Bradly or Hass.Im Talking about Devin "Any Time" Hester.
It might not be this year,but I do see a potentialy explosive offence.If only the QB situation can be Fixed.Running Backs that can do more than just fall down after 3.4 yards.
If the QB situation isnt fixed and a running game doesnt improve,theres some good talent that will be with the Bears in 09.

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