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Bears doing business with Drew

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Bernard Berrian’s contract is considered by league insiders to be the third- or fourth-best deal in the league for wide receivers. Drew Rosenhaus is not one of those league insiders. He’d rank the deal No. 1.

But in talking to sources from multiple organizations, they said the numbers land Berrian in elite class. You can play Twister with contract numbers and make them say about anything you want, but when you examine the $23 million Berrian will pocket over the first three years of the contract, and the $7 million he will average annually with the Vikings, it’s right up there. Berrian's deal has $16 million guaranteed and totals $42 million over six seasons.

The agent did say he was happy to keep at least one of his UFA’s -- Brendon Ayanbadejo is still a free agent -- in Chicago.

``I’m glad one of my clients [Lance Briggs]was able to remain a Bear,’’ Rosenhaus said. ``There was so much talk, `All three are going to leave,’ and that was never the stance any of us had.’’

Does Ayanbadejo want to remain a Bear?

``Sure, he would like to,’’ Rosenhaus replied. ``This is a deal that is going to take some time to work out. The key with the deal is we would like to find a place where Brendon can get a chance to play some linebackers. We’re very realistic and we’re not going to wait forever, but we will be patient to find an opportunity.’’

Of course, Ayanbadejo would like to play linebacker. Spending some time on defense would make him more money. Ayanbadejo is seeking to be the highest-paid special teams player in the league. He’s identified Giants wide receiver David Tyree as that person currently. Tyree proved his value as an offensive player in that game they played in Glendale, Ariz., last month.

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42 mill for 6 seasons? I hope the Vikes can actually find somebody to throw the ball to him. If that's what he was asking from the Bears then I'm glad we didn't keep him. Vikes must be desperate.

Vikes are paying for potential versus production. That is what makes this such a risky deal.

So considering we did not give $25 million to Berrian, we should make Ayanbadejo an offer of about $2 million per year, and let him be the backup on the strong side to push Hillenmeyer. Let him play in goal line and short yardage as the 4th LB, and continue his stellar work on special teams. That should be enough to lure him back. Bryant Johnson, if he gets out of Buffalo without a contract, should be in the $3-5 million per year range, and we need to go after him. No Javon Walker for this team. He has talked his way out of two cities already, and we don't need that kind of selfishness with the talent we have at TE, and developing Hester and Bradley. If we have enough money to extend Harris and Hester, and still bring in Jake Scott or Jacob Bell at G, we need to do that. If it were me, I would be restructuring Mike Brown's contract or letting him go, and then cutting Archuleta, and then Griese if no trade materializes, which it probably won't. Ricky Manning would be the next to go, and by that time, we should have enough cap room to get a WR, OG, and maybe a Derrick Ward at RB, along with extending Urlacher, Harris, and Hester. We got our price tag raised on Harris because of Tommy Kelly's insane 7 yr-$50 mil deal from the now senile Al Davis, and Hester will be an interesting case in how he is handled. I don't think he should be paid #1 or #2WR money, but he should get a long-term deal with a good bonus ($7-10 million) and a decent salary $2-3 million per year. He is worth that much if all he does is return punts and kicks.

Now that we have one of our targets in the fold in Briggs, we are solid on defense. Time to fix the bigger mess, the offense.

Berrian, do you need help packing your bags? How about a lift to the airport? I will even drive you to Minn. Good bye and good riddence. All you can do is run straight and fast. But we have Devin who can do the same thing. Bears fans, we will be just fine. As long as we draft Mendenhall to upgrade our pathetic running game that should help the receivers in the passing game. Let's focus on the O-line and upgrading our running game. Jerry, I had my doubts but what the Vikings paid for Bernard "Oops, I dropped the ball again" Berrian was just stupid. We can find a good if not great receiver in the later rounds of the the draft. Let's keep the faith, Bears fans!!

Come'on now...Bredon is not better than Hunter. Have you guys seen him play linebacker? He's slow to react and not as instinctual as you would like, although I suppose that has to do with lack of playing time. But seriously, other than flexing his biceps every punt or kick, what do we see him do so special on special teams? I'll tell you what...he's not nearly as good as the old slow, un-athletic Glen Kozlowski. (If you have to ask who Koz is, you've never watched Bears' special teams).

Right on Jay! Who do you see us going after @ #14 (say Mendenhall, please)? I think The OL and WR are now critical holes to fill when we finally find someone to run the ball.

Obviously, someone thinks he is a pretty decent player, as he has been voted to the Pro Bowl two years in a row. I don't think he would unseat Hillenmeyer (probably not even close), but if nothing else, giving him a shot to compete for a LB spot will make him happy and more willing to sign. But rather than keep guys like Rod Wilson and Darrell McClover who do nothing in any facet of the game, I would rather pay Ayanbadejo, who you know is a special teams stud. First in the league for 2 years on special teams, which probably won us 4 more games than we would have won without them. Since the defense is pretty well intact coming back, why not add some continuity on special teams, and then only our offense is in flux. I liked Kozlowski, but he can't break up a wedge like Ayanbadejo can. He plays at about 50 pounds heavier than Glen as well, so naturally he is a little slower than an NFL Wide Receiver. All that being said, he is a premier special teamer, and if you have to assure him a shot at a position to get him in the fold, you do it, and when he doesn't win the job, he has no one to blame but himself. That way, everybody's happy, and we keep our strongest unit intact. It it works out, we will have 2 Top-5 units this season in the defense and special teams, and the offense just has to crack the top 20 for us to have a shot.

brandon is a free agent signee not one of our own let him walk and move up williams and okwo or one of the many other talented lb's we have drafted in the recent past to take his place.. lets hear it for angelo for playing his cards close to the vest and not bidding for berrians avg talent that money is nuts for the way berrian performed every year the draft is rife with players of that potential now sign bryant to reasonable dollars and fix the o'line in the draft maybe a reasonable fa and we should be looking good..... go bears woof woof

Is Mark talking about Brandon McGowan or Brendon Ayanbadejo?
As far as Hester getting paid,Hes 25 so I thinking the Bears will take that in consideration.I would like to see Hester get a deal signed next year so they could get a better idea on what he is worth.If he put up numbers at WR this year, pay him a big fat contract.I dont think you can put a a price on Hester.
There is only a few players in the NFL that you realy cant put a price on.

Payton Manning
Tom Brady
LaDainian Tomlinson
Brian Urlacher( pending his recovery)
Devin Hester

Those 5 player have been the most Domanating players in the NFL since their fist NFL start.The skills of these players are RARE. Teams will spend decades trying to find a player of their caliber.Heck look at the Bears, they have yet to find a QB that could have a chance to make it to the Hall of Fame.
I could see Hester going into the Hall of Fame with the Label of KR/WR.He would be the first player in Hall of Fame history to be inducted as a KR.Hester is truely Amazing.
The only players I have seen,that could move like him is, Barry Sanders& Gayle Sayers.Devin Hester is a One of a Kind I would love to see the Bears Lock him up for his Career.

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