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Deadline for RFA's Davis, McGowan three weeks off

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The deadline for restricted free agents to sign an offer sheet with another club is April 18, three weeks from today.

The Bears have two RFA’s who have yet to sign their tenders. Safety Brandon McGowan will probably do so soon. He received the mid-level tender for $1.417 million that would require a team to send the Bears a second-round draft pick if it signed McGowan to an offer sheet and the Bears declined to match it. Quite simply, that’s not going to happen. McGowan figures to be in the mix for a starting job after improving at the end of last season. A lot at safety will depend on what happens with Mike Brown, who’s coming off his third serious injury and will be entering the final year of his contract.

There was some buzz wide receiver Rashied Davis, who was tendered at the low level for $927,000, would have some suitors as an RFA. Nothing has happened to this point. Because Davis was not a draft pick, the Bears would receive no compensation if they declined to match an offer sheet signed by Davis. But the chances of a team writing a contract for him high enough to dissuade the Bears from matching it are not good. The Bears want to keep him and would be appreciative if someone else did the hard work for them.

Davis is an underutilized role player as a slot receiver who can be effective on special teams. No team wants to do the dirty work of wooing a player and signing him to an offer sheet only to have his current employer match the deal. That’s one of the reasons you see such little movement when it comes to restricted free agency. Only one player has switched teams as an RFA this offseason. Cornerback Kalvin Pearson, a solid special teams performer, reunited with Detroit coach Rod Marinelli and defensive coordinator Joe Barry in making the move from Tampa Bay March 13. Fourteen RFA’s had re-signed with the team they played with in 2007 through Wednesday and San Francisco tight end Billy Bajema joined that group today.

So, nothing is set yet. Certainly someone could step forward and make a play for Davis. But right now it looks less likely. Stay tuned.

Oakland cornerback Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet with Tennessee. The Raiders will have seven days to match it or another RFA will switch clubs. The Titans are viewing Carr as a returner, essentially a replacement for Pacman Jones.

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Mr. Biggs, excellent news sir. Hopefully Davis does stay, and hopefully the coaches realize how talented this guy is. He makes important catches, he takes big hits. With all the worries at receiver, why would you let your proven slot receiver leave? Oh yeah, and if he stays, actually USE HIM in 2008!

C'mon Bears, KEEP this guy.

McGowan is going to be a key member of the defense this year, especially if Brown doesn't make it back, but I am starting to wonder whether Rashied Davis is going to see the field at all. If Booker, Bradley, Hester, and Lloyd all make the roster, you won't see Davis unless they go 5 WR, and in those cases, I would much rather have Olson out there than Davis to exploit mismatches in the secondary. And if he comes back to us, it means Brandon Rideau and Mike Hass are non-factors, and are only camp bodies again.
The Bears do value special teams players more than other squads do, but I think we might be pushing a little too far. We need to build the offense, not the kick return team. Ideally, Kevin Payne wins the starting SS job (figuring Mike Brown is not 100% and can't go at the start of the season, or gets hurt early again), and McGowan is the 3rd safety in the run defense package we put in when there are 2 TEs and an I formation. Outside of that, as long as Ricky Manning is still on the team, you won't see a 3rd safety in nickel or dime formations. Maybe prevent, but I wouldn't count on it. If Manning goes, and is replaced by McBride in the nickel, then Danieal Manning will be the 4th CB, and McGowan will come in for the dime defense.

Either way, neither guy is going anywhere, but if a team signs Davis to an offer sheet, I would not be bothered at all if we decide not to match.

Maybe we can talk Atlanta into signing McGowan, and get a second rounder from them....they have 2 out of the first 5 picks in that round....Not likely though.

Getting Brandon McGowan back is a good idea, it would give the Bears good overall depth at the position. I think the Bears future at strong safety is Kevin Payne. If not for the injury last season he probably would be the starter right now. McGowan did improve toward the end of the season and I think he deserves a shot to at least compete for the starting position. Also you got Mike Brown in the mix who if healthy is the undisputed starter but that is a big if. I think in the end Payne, who is a big 6-0 220lbs athletic physical hitter who could be a force in the box, will be the man at strong safety with McGowan provideing depth. As far as Davis I like him but I don't know if there will even be a spot on the 53 man roster for him. The Bears usually only keep 5 receivers and it looks like it will be Marty Booker, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester, and Mike Hass or Brandon Rideau who has nic size at 6-3. Also don't forget the Bears will probably draft a receiver. I just don't think there will be a spot for Davis and I don't think he is in the Bears future plans. GO BEARS!!

Keeping Davis and McGowan could be a valuable.In the last 2 the Bears have had as many changes to the Safty position as the QB position.Mainly due to injurys.
WR play has been inconsistent and it seemed in 06 that Davis could be a reliable WR.I do believe Davis is 29 or 30 hasnt played much in the NFL so his body should still be fresh.
Kevin you make good points all the time, your football knowlegable and know how to spell.Did you think Brandon Lloyds is going to be cut before the season starts?

Wouldn't this make the bears Saftie group the exact same as it was last year? Lets see Adam A(REALLY REALLY BAD but good enough to start most of the games last year), Brown (Major injury issues but maybe he wont have another major injury that ends his season for the 5th sraight year), Payne (unproven but has already had a major injury), McGowan (a special team player). Yep what a group, good thing we got rid of Harris. Glad to see the Bears are hoping Brown can play again as a starter. Yep where so good and deep at this position that we brought back Brown. We could have dumped him and Adam A and enough to Franchise BB who is an actual starter who actually plays on the field and actually makes a difference. Well Adam A does make a difference on the D, not in a good way but hey he's back with Brown, who keeps saying he is gonna retire cause of his injuries but comes back every year just the same to get a free paycheck and sit on the sidelines. Who says the Bears don't have cheerleaders. We got Brown.

i disagree about safety group being bad well all Ain'tchulletta is horrible can't cover and now it seems can't tackle either. But Payne and McGowan are two good young players watch some film on him his speed stands out like what we thought D.Mannings(bench him always late ovet the top don't like to hit) would.Come on Mike Brown injuries yes but the last one when Neal wrapped him up around the neck (no flag)was not his fault 1year left on contract got nothing to lose on him. and you all know he makes a huge difference in how the Defense operates.Let Davis go with all the 2 tightend formations we run no place for him to play.

Hey I don't hate mike Brown or nothing I was a big fan when the drafted him. The name is Creighton you know like Omaha NEB. But relying on him is insane. Payne and McGowan have little experience, speed is nice but it doesn't always make you a better football player. Starting 2 Rookies which is basically what they are in terms of being starters, is never a good thing. Brown will get hurt again mark my words and the D will suffer big time. He should have had a replacment drafted 2 years ago. Brwon is the Captain he calls the plays and understands how to read an offense, that is his greatest asset, he also takes great Angles and reads a QB about as good as any saftie. He is not very fast in terms of speed. But is a solid Tackler. He is great in the Bears D because he allows B Lach to stay home and defend the run. Mark my words he will be hurt again. The guy is brittle, he was brittle in college and he is still brittle. If he doesn't start then we have to Rookies starting and that is never a good thing in a Cover 2 were the Free Saftie is the most important player in the Secondary. They should have signed a good free agent at this position or move Peanut over and draft a CB. Oh wait they signed a free agent last year Archuleta, Thanks Lovie, that was a Paxson move, over valuing that pile of garbage that you had beggend to get on the Rams back in the day.

Creighton where do you get your information?I dont believe you when you said Mike Brown was consiplating retiremnet where do you get these out of the air rumors?All of what I herd on Brown is he wants to come back strong and end his career here in Chicago.Never have I read he was considering to retire.
You know you can make some money with a crystal ball and some nieve idiots.

Ah heck Brando I wasn't even thinking of Brandon Lloyd but when I read your blog and you pointed him out to me it got me to thinking just who are the 5 receivers the Bears are gonna keep? Im pretty sure Marty Booker, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester, and Brandon Lloyd should be safe the question remains who will be the 5th receiver? It will probably be a pre season battle between the players I named above, the players being Mike Hass, Brandon Rideau, and a draft choice. I'm pretty confident the Bears are gonna spend a 3rd to 5th round draft choice on a receiver. We all know how Jerry Angelo feels about his draft choices, they are pretty much a lock to make the 53 man roster. Like I said earlier Booker, Bradley, Hester, and Lloyd should be safe the one who could easily fall on his face is Lloyd if so Rideau or Hass will have a chance then the draft choice will be a lock these players being the 5 receivers I think the Bears will go with. But if Lloyd falters it would give Rashied Davis a chance to compete for a spot with Hass and Rideau but I don't see that happening. I think if the Bears were big on Davis they would of spent the money they used on Lloyd to lock up Davis that is why I don't think Davis is in there long term plans but it should make for an interesting pre season I know Im excited GO BEARS!!

I got a question for you Creighton..Are you really a Bears fans?!?I've notice since I've heard about this blog that all your comments have been negative.

I do not understand this team's commitment to Brandon McGowan.

McGowan is the best safety on the roster - Manning is an athlete, but does not seem to have any instincts - a rather important attribute at safety. Maybe he should be a corner. Those sold on Payne might like to see him play first, I'm not sure how any judgment can be made there. Archuletta will struggle to make the roster if there's any integrity in that coaching staff. Note to Lovie: stay home and quit scouting.

I love Mike Brown, but we all know how that ends. The guy lives on the DL and he wasn't exactly fast to begin with. I really feel for the guy, he has so much heart - could have been a HOF player w/o the injuries. We can all hope, but we all expect to be disappointed.

Davis can stay or go, i wouldn't mind him for depth, but he shouldn't be wearing a uniform on Sundays. It's a window into the state of the Bears that we're talking about players like Davis.

Why is everyone so down on Rashied Davis? He's not spectacular or suited to start on the outside, but he's an effective player in the slot and has a knack for making big plays in the clutch. He made numerous big plays in 2006, and with our top two recievers from last season departing, there is no reason not to keep him around. Booker is aging, Lloyd has ability but hasn't played well in two seasons, and Hester and Bradley are unproven. Plus, Davis had over twice as many receptions last season (17) than Lloyd, Bradley, Rideau, and Haas Combined(8). Letting Davis leave would make us even thinner at reciever and place more pressure on unproven players to produce next season.

I will say that if they are planning to spend a day 1,(or a third round pick, as I think round three is on day 2 now) then maybe letting Davis go would be okay, I just hate for us to rely so heavily on potential (Bradley, Hester, Lloyd) next season and let a solid player like Davis go.

1. Like i've said before Mike Brown is the best defensive player we have, probably best player we have overall. We have him for cheap so why not keep a hall of fame type player? he gets hurt because he plays football like its supposed to be played , 100% all the time. Still the only player we have that can put fear into receivers and running backs alike.

2.Rashied Davis is a better receiver right now than Hester is. Period. Minnesota game winning clutch catch Super Bowl Season? you guys remember any of this or just start watching halfway through the SB season?

3. D. Manning is better than people give him credit for and he just keeps getting better. Whoever said he's afraid to hit is an idiot.

and does anyone realize davis has been catching grossman passes for three plus years? That kind of chemistry is needed or guess what happens? receivers like that scrub Moose aren't where they are supposed to be. like that ridiculous super bowl interception and the mess we had early in the year. People can say what they want about grossman but he has a cannon and puts the ball exactly where it needs to be.
that same chemistry also turns 5 yard slants into 20 yard runs.

Actually Brando Mike Brown said it last year on Fox sports news, right after he got hurt again. Oh course I am probably making it up cause why would a guy who has missed most of the last 4 years of playing time due to injuries be thinking about retiring.

I never said he wasn't a good player when he plays.

Here are the facts he is injury prone. You can try to argue he isn't but he has missed most of the last 4 years of playing time do to injuries. He gets hurt easily.

Mrpresident312, of course I am a bears fan, what I have said is not negative, it's the truth. If the truth is bad or negative it does not chage the fact that it is the truth.

I can ask you the same question are you a bears fan? Do you want what is best for the team like I do. Or are you willing to just do what you are told and follow a team blindley no matter what with no expectations. I don't think you are a fan of the Bears, because you seem to not want them to improve. You must be happy with how they are. I am not, I think they need to improve, you want to cheer there mistakes and say it's ok cause your Bears. Thats fine I prefer actually point out the problem and hope they fix it. You I guess don't care if there are problems as long as you put on your jersey it doesn't matter.

Tell me what was negative that I said, that wasn't also the truth.

Rashied Davis has been a very clutch receiver for us the last few seasons, but Grossman puts the ball right where it needs to be??? In triple coverage, or in the hands of the defense? Come on, he makes a great throw every now and again that makes you think he has the potential to be great, but then sends one into the middle of a pack of defenders, and makes you think he should be selling hot dogs in the stands.

Credit Davis for making big catches when we needed them (and when our vaunted top receivers were nowhere to be found), but let's not make Grossman into something he isn't. Muhammed is and always has been cancer for QBs, but he didn't make Grossman throw the ball into heavy coverage. Rex simply does not have the calm and patience needed to be a professional quarterback. He has all the physical tools (except height) to be a superstar, but can't control his excitement. He over-trusts his arm, and doesn't see what the defense is doing. He also stares down his receivers, and doesn't check down as well as he needs to. He has been in the league for 5 seasons now, and still makes rookie mistakes regularly. 5 years into the league, he should be settled in and playing like a seasoned pro. Instead we get Good Rex/Bad Rex/God-awful Rex, and never know which one will show up.

I would be happy to have Davis back in 2008, but why would he want to come back? If no one else wants him, he has no choice, but he will be an afterthought, like he was this season. Booker, Hester, Bradley, and the TEs will be given every shot to be the primary targets, which puts Davis as the 6th receiving option on a team that supposedly "gets off the bus running the football." Not exactly what you want to sign up for. I think Davis would be an excellent slot receiver in Miami to replace what they had in Wes Welker. Not as good as Welker, but effective enough to move the chains like Booker did for them. He could also be a good fit in Kansas City, where he can work the slot and take some pressure off Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez.

It appears he will be back, but if he makes it through training camp still on the roster, it will be for his contributions on special teams, not as a wideout.

Maybe we can use him as ammunition to trade up to #32 with Miami, since they were interested. We can offer our 44th pick, our 4th rounder, and Davis for the 32nd pick. Davis goes somewhere he can be used, we get a shot at one of the top 2nd round guys, and Miami gets some youth with experience at WR and a few extra picks. Everybody wins there.

Billy if Grossman waite, I do agree Grossman has a strong arm,but where do you get that he puts the ball exactly where it needs to be. Yeah he throws it where the defense needs it to be, if your talking about the 23 ints in 06 and 6 in the first 3 games in 07, I would have to say you are a little to high on Grossman, or getting to high watching Grossman.

Ohh I read Creighton,Because I didnt read it now it was on Fox right after he got hurt.You left open how long after he got hurt did he stated that.Creighton your trying to post something that is not anywhere to where both of us can confirm this rumor you started about Mike Brown.One thing Creighton, since the 2nd game of the 06 season I had bought a DVD recorder so I can record any Bears games I might miss.The 07 season I had done the same thing.Geuss what Creighton I also recorded the Pre Game show on what ever channel they were on.I also recorded the post game show on the channel they were on wile I watched anyother games that werent over yet.I went back to my collection and you know what it must have been a differnt day he said that because he didnt talk to anyone after the game.He wasnt even at the Stadium!!!They lifted him out to do sergury right away.Ahhhh Achilies Tenden injury that he had was more than a wee tear.It was torn almost compleately off.So Creighton ahhhh what was this about again let me go back yeah gives us fans more information that none of us can do any research.

The last 2 post were by me Brando

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