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Count Ayanbadejo out, Bears rescind offer

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The Bears have pulled out of contract discussions with two-time Pro Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo, meaning he is headed elsewhere.

The club apparently negotiated with Ayanbadejo and agent Drew Rosenhaus over the weekend after reeling in linebacker Lance Briggs. The Bears pulled their offer to Ayanbadejo earlier today.

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Ouch. Wonder what he did to burn his bridges.

Brendon Ayanbadejo was a hell of a Special Teams player but he's replaceable.

Thank god we didn't waist the money on a special teamer. Sounds like either we are trying to keep the money to use elsewhere in the immediate future or moving in on another FA, Good move.

Okay...all this adds up to one realistic conclusion. With Briggs back in the fold, the Bears have a much cheaper and very serviceable special teamer in Jamar Williams to replace Ayanbadejo. The money pegged for Ayenbadejo will go to either Tommie in an extension or a free agent to be Offensive Lineman. Maybe even Julius Jones but i won't get to excited about that prospect.

Great special teamer that brought a lot of fire to the Bears and had a motor that wouldn't quit. But, he out-priced himself for being only a backup and special teams guy.

Now, it's Jamar Williams' turn to step up

Another elder removed from what appears to be a rejuvenating Bears team. Maybe although the majority of us fans are in anger and disappointment this tactic is similar to what the Military does. "primarily secritive, covert, and with huge success in mind" and although we can lose a few good soldiers, some younger and more persistant and eager to strive mates.


What's next long-term deal with the long snapper.

Hahahaha. This is so funny. Try to negotiate with the Bears, will you?

On another note, we need to pay Julius Jones whatever he wants. The Bears are desperate. He would be the Cedric Bust-son replacement we need. Wolfe can be a change of pace back.

That leaves us a fantastic replacement on special teams -> our Adrian Peterson!

This way we end up getting a younger, but equally talented Jones running back. JA makes amends for his rediculous trade last year. Everything works out perfectly!

Let's hope he gets what he wants wherever he goes. The guy played hard, and did the dirty work that few players are happy doing. I would like to say that Williams and Okwo will be able to fill his shoes, but this is a big shoe, and they will need to work hard to get as good at special teams as Brendon is.

Let's take this extra cash and add it to whatever we are offering Hester, and get him extended now! I don't want to see him on the open market as long as he has the capability of doing what he does for the Bears. 2 seasons, at least 4 games won because of one person. I'll take that any day of the week.

I'm sorry but, I don't see why you guys are so hard on Julius Jones. I have family in Dallas and watched all of their games. That Cowboy offensive line looks better than it is because of the "escapability "of Romo combined with the blocking, pass-catching ability of their starting tight end, and I hate to say it, TO. The line is good. But not that good. The Bears line is just slightly below average and I really don't think Cedric Benson has proven he can even be a number 3 back in this league.

Skill and stat wise, Julius is really a carbon copy of his brother Thomas. I don't think you can dispute the Bears offense was much more balanced with TJ: Competent blocker, solid open field moves, and pretty good at the famed Madden trait "pick a hole". Oh yeah, he also had good hands. What was it? 50 passes and 700 yards? You can expect similar production from JJ. And did any of you watch how many dump-off passes Ced dropped and how many open field screen opportunites AP missed 'cause he couldn't break a tackle?

Look, Julius Jones obviously isn't the final answer. But he was productive behind a line that was really only marginally better than Chicago's last year. At his asking price, (which supposed to be pretty low), I think he could really help the offense quite a bit. TAKE JONES AT A DISCOUNT (or maybe Derrick Ward) and draft Mendenhall in the second or third. If you can trade the first round pick for a proven OT, or even draft one, DO IT. Then address WR in free agency or later rounds. Honestly, the bears need depth, but I really think that's an area that needs some attention, but not as much as the fans think.

And what about David Patten? Isn't he supposed to be availible?

Bradly, Hester, Olsen, Clark, and a RB that can actually catch the football would be a pretty decent start.

Whaddaya think?

Julius and his brother are very similar runners. The only difference between the two, I believe, would be that Julius is a bit more of a big play threat. Thomas never fumbled the ball which made up for his lack of breakaway speed.

Everyone needs to stop panicking there are still good RB's out there like Julius Jones, Jesse Chatman, and even Derrick Ward. Also if we combine Javon Walker and/or Bryant Johnson with a 2nd or 3rd rounder we should be alright at WR. 1st round needs to be Fred Millers replacement though. Unless McFadden, or a the top guard in the draft is available.

ayanbadejo will be missed. he brought a lot of heart and spark to the special teams and dare i say the entire team.

Too bad. But he was going to be 32. Would his production remain the same into his 30's?

The Bears already have Miller's replacement,Tait the thing is a left tackle in the first round hopefully Williams or Otah unless Mendenhall is sitting there. lblegacy seems like you have a Ayanbadejo chubby going on. He is a special teamer a luxury not a cornerstone please come off the ledge. If Walker is healthy he is a legit #1 time will tell. There are a lot of holes but there are players on the team who were drafted who's time is now to step up now we get to see those people who were in the later rounds JA drafted.

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