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Could losing Smith lead Vikes to up ante for Berrian?

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Wide receiver Bernard Berrian has not been the only player at the top of the Minnesota Vikings' shopping list.

They were also hopeful to snag defensive end Justin Smith.

That goal was erased this morning when news broke that Smith has agreed to a contract with he San Francisco 49ers. He was supposed to fly to Minneapolis today, but never got off the ground -- on an airplane anyway -- as the Niners reeled him in with a six-year deal worth $45 million.

It will be interesting to see if this prompts the Vikings to increase their efforts to sign Berrian, who the Bears are working hard to retain. Obviously, Minnesota didn't step up with an initial offer to his liking or he would have reached terms Friday.

Now, Berrian is expected to visit the Oakland Raiders starting some time this weekend, but a source said he doubted Berrian was interested in playing for Al Davis' team.

The Vikings have already signed safety Madieu Williams and fullback Thomas Tapeh.

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I truly don't understand what Berrian is expecting from these teams. I mean seriously, if the Vikings, our rivals, didn't want him bad enough to make him the offer he wanted in order to shame us, what does that tell you? He supposedly says that he does not want to play for the Raiders. My Lord! This guy should just quit this greed and arrogance rant and come home to papa bear while he's got some space in our roster before his personality kills him and if they matter:his fans. Also, if he is still a free agent and we sign someone like Walker or Johnson, wouldn't that just be a "foot in the mouth" situation for Bernie. Oh the irony.

Are Bears interested in trading for Cardinals Fitzgerald? There are rumors swirling that Cardinals may be shopping him as they could not agree on a contract.

As far as Berrian gos he did some good thing for the Bears if hes gone well I hope the door hits him in the A@? on the way out.

I would love to see Randy Moss sign with the Chicago Bears.I know the chances are slim.It would be a risk/reward situation, but the Reward could be Huge.The Rewards Randy brings go further than on the field play.
To see Moss, Hester,and Olson on the Field at the same time would drive the Defence Nutz.Teams wouldnt have the chance to double up,Blitzing could be risky, and it should open up the running game.
Having Des Clark in the mix with Olson, Moss, & Hester on the field would just break a defence down to the point where a 4-3 system would have no other choice to rush 4.It seems that if Rex is the QB, We all know that if given time he can pass the ball to the right team.
Possible to have Moss yes.Likely Moss will be a Chicago Bear is unlikely.Its a good vision for a fan but it might not be for a GM.

I think that Benard Berrian is going over his head on what he's worth on the market. No team in the NFL is in that such need of a wide reciever that they would spend that kind of crazy money when they can either draft one with the same speed and good hands, or for a few dollars more can go for someone like Randy Moss, who may be a risk for non playoff teams but worth the risk based on his ability, and reputation on how he changes the defense for opposing teams. I think that Benard needs to re-think his decision and stay where he's had the most success. Here in Chicago is where he belongs.

Chicago has to figure out there QB problem before any WR would want to play there.

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