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Colorado St. QB Hanie among group to visit Halas Hall

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We’ve got four more names for you to add to the list of 30 players the Bears have or will bring to Halas Hall for pre-draft visits.

Colorado State quarterback Caleb Hanie was in for a visit last week along with San Diego State running back Brandon Bornes.

A pair of Oregon players are scheduled to visit next month—safety Matthew Harper and defensive tackle David Faaeteete.

That’s seven names we know of to this point. Southern Illinois quarterback Nick Hill, Cincinnati safety Haruki Nakamura and Western Kentucky wide receiver Curtis Hamilton have already made visits.

A thumbnail sketch of the four:

*** Hanie
did a nice job following in the footsteps of Bradlee Van Pelt for the Rams. He finished his career second in school history in completion percentage at 61.0, and fourth in passing yards with 6,337. Hanie played for Texas in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game, completing 8-of-13 passes for 165 yards with one rushing touchdown and one interception. He was sacked four times though. He’s got good size at 6-2, 221 pounds, although his arm is a little erratic at times. Hanie was not invited to the combine, like the other prospects the Bears have brought in. He’s either a late-round draft pick or a possibility in free agency.

*** Bornes, 6-0, 224 pounds, played both running back and fullback for the Aztecs and is considered a free-agent type. He made his biggest impact as a freshman when he rushed for 578 yards and six touchdowns. He rushed for 354 yards and three touchdowns last season when quarterback Kevin O’Connell, a player the Bears are believed to have interest in, led San Diego State in rushing.

*** Harper sealed Oregon’s victory over Southern Cal with an interception of Mark Sanchez with nine seconds to play in Eugene, Ore., Oct. 27. The son of former 49ers defensive end Willie Harper, he played free safety and is a little on the light side at 5-11 1/2, 173 pounds. Harper played in the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game but was not invited to the combine. He finished third on the Ducks in tackles last season.

*** Faaeteete teamed with Bears tackle Matt Toeania before last season. He’s a little undersized at a shade under 6-1 and 315 pounds, but is very strong and could project as a project at nose tackle. He’s likely an undrafted free agent although he could sneak into the late rounds. Faaeteete was also not invited to the combine.

Each team is limited to 30 pre-draft visits. Teams with high draft picks will roll the top prospects through to get a closer look and interact with them. Other clubs use the visits to get physicals and medical information on players that were not among the 330 invited to the combine.

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Its good to read that they are looking at some DT help.That name is crazy Faaeteete.

It is starting to look more and more like the Bears are going to take a 4th-5th rd QB. I originally thought the Bears were going to use there 2nd rd draft pick on Joe Flacco or Chad Henne but something happened. Now I aint going to pretend to know what but I think part of it is the Bears are starting to figure out that maybe Cedric Benson might not be 100% by training camp. I hate to say this but has he ever? I think one of the day one picks will be on a runner and tackle. Now as far as the day two QBs I kind of like Kevin O'Connell of San Diego state. O'Connell has nice size at 6-6 228lbs and I've read that he can make all the NFL throws. Another thing on O'Connells scouting report that I've read that made me big on him is his surprising elusiveness to buy time in the pocket. The Bears need a QB with this kind of ability. One more thing that I liked what the scouts say about O'Connell is his accuracy to all levels of the field, so basically O'Connell has a strong accurate arm with ability to buy time in the pocket not bad at all. I say use a 5th round pick on O'Connell and develope him for a couple of seasons the Bears might get something special. The only real knock on O'Connell is level of competition, and it might take O'Connell a few seasons to get acclimated to an NFL offense. Another prospect I like is Paul Smith of Tulsa but I think he is a little small at only 6-1 and 198lbs. Plus he might not be able to make a lot of the NFL throws althought Smith is a playmaker with his feet I just think O'Connell has more upside with his size, accuracy, and elusiveness in the pocket. But don't get me wrong I would like to see either Grossman or Orton make it as the Bears QB sorry for rambling so long GO BEARS!!

I agree with Armstead, and I am getting the feeling that Mendenhall is getting more and more popular, and I would not be surprised to see someone like the Lions jump ahead of us to get him. I think that is why Lovie was in Arkansas this week, to see Felix Jones, not McFadden. If Mendenhall falls to 14 we draft him, if someone jumps ahead of us to take him, we trade down. I just can`t wait for the draft to get here. Da Bears!!

I agree with Armstead, and I am getting the feeling that Mendenhall is getting more and more popular, and I would not be surprised to see someone like the Lions jump ahead of us to get him. I think that is why Lovie was in Arkansas this week, to see Felix Jones, not McFadden. If Mendenhall falls to 14 we draft him, if someone jumps ahead of us to take him, we trade down. I just can`t wait for the draft to get here. Da Bears!!

Armstead you would probably have to use a 4th rounder on O'Connell, he is getting more and more popular he may move all the way into day one.

Cregeen ever sense the Combine teams have been looking at Mendenhall hard, he shocked everyone with his ability. Well almost everyone. He's from my hometown Skokie and he went to my highschool West with my Nephew. Saw him play as a kid and was like wow whats he doing in Skokie going to West. Don't know him or anything but the kid can flat out play he has done nothing but get better every year he has played.

Pete Carroll came out recentlly and said he was the best back they played against all year.

Lions want him but they may settle for Stewart. I hope he drops to the Bears I would hate to see him twice a year with the Lions.

Oh and Benson has no chance of being 100% by the time the season starts, he will never be 100% again. Ask any Doctor you know, they will tell you he has no chance of being as good as he was. Well good is the wrong word but I am sure you all get what I mean.

If people want to know if the Bears have seen Mendenhall, well he works out right here in Chicago at a special training facility where other Bears. Ooops did I say other Bears.

He is not as fast or as elusive as McFadden but he is not far behind him and has better overall skills. I think he will have a longer carrer than McFadden and a better one.

Plus he is the home town kid. Oh and he is from Chicago and he does hate the Lions.

If the Bears wait until day two to draft a QB then someone should be fired (are you listening, Angelo?). This organization will never, repeat never be a top tier club until they get serious about having a legitimate QB. You cannot win consistently with defense and special teams propping up a woeful offense. We need help at every offensive position but center and tight end. While you will get flukes every now and then (Bears 06, Ravens 00) who make runs with subpar QB play, those teams are one year wonders. Face it, until we rid ourselves of the blight of the cheapskate McCaskeys and get some management that is serious about winning the Bears will always be essentially the Cubs of football.

Troy, I feel your pain bro, but the truth is, that the Bears have never been a team to develope quarterbacks, period. If the Bears were to draft Matt Ryan, there would be no guarantee that he would turn into a Favre, or Manning, because the Bears opt to try and mold players to fit their schemes, rather than develope them to be great position players. Brett Favre had the luxury of working with some of the best quarterback coaches of all time, including Holmgren, Reid, Gruden, Shanahan, and that pretty much sums it up, right there. I believe the Bears will pick a QB, and they will treat him much like Kyle Orton has been treated, which is to hang on to him long enough for him to learn " what the Bears are trying to do", and then give him his shot. So, I guess I`m saying that it`s not always the players fault that he can`t elevate himself to Montana, or Elway status, sometimes it has to be blamed on the coaches, or lack of.

Creighton, quarterbacks need to be developed. It wasn't long ago when a high prospect qb sat the bench for 3 season before stepping on the field. To draft a qb, especially out of this poor crop, and expect him to make an immediate impact is asinine.

We are in need of players at a majority of offensive positions, which only solidifies my case further. Those to be drafted need to have the skills to make an immediate impact. Drafting a qb on the first day will put a bullet in the next season.

There is still a very real chance that Rex will be able to develop into a consistent qb, and no one has any idea of Kyle's capabilities. Let's put some players around them (OL & Rb) and see where it can go. If the season ends up in the crapper again, we'll have the building blocks set in place to draft a first round qb next year.

Powell- Fact of the matter is there aren't really any outstanding first round QB's in the draft that can fall to 14 without being undersized or erratic. I don't know about you all but I am sick of physicall and mental midgets behind the O-line. Take Mendenhall if he slips and run with o-line 2-4 then 5-7 go DT to help tommie out. Worry about WR later.

What the bears should do on draft day- Get Mendedhall if he falls to 14, otherwise get a tackle. No sense in trading down because you know there will be a great tackle at 14 and does anyone want to see the season opener with John "Old man winter" Tait on the left and John St. Clair on the right? Absolutely not. If you thought Grossman was GROSS at the beginning of last year, that was when Fred Miller was still playing decent. Do you have any idea what will happen to Rex with no franchise tackle on the left? Safety is not as dire as people are making it out to be. Even if Mike Brown cant stay healthy (the guy is due a break, he should have at least one full year sometime in the twilight of his fragile career) We have Manning and Kevin Payne. If you have 3 great players to rotate at the safety position, you don't take a safety on day one. I actually think with the first 3 picks we have we should get a running back and TWO linemen, but thats just me. Crazy idea, I know- actually building a great team from the ground up!

I really think there is going to be some serious wheelin and dealin going on ahead of the Bears pick this draft. I`m sure there will be some team that us Bear fans can`t stand, jump ahead of us and take the player that we would like to draft,so, with that being said, why stand pat and wait for anything to fall to you, when instead you should have the balls to make the move and get him, before someone else does. I really think that even thought the mocks have Denver and Carolina taking lineman, I`m sure that Mendenhall is on both of their radars.

Always looking to be the Genius guy that finds that GEM...try something new JA... What I would like the draft to be...1. Ryan Clady T(Boise St) 2. Felix Jones RB (Arkansas) 3. Chilo Rachal G (USC) 3. John David Booty QB (USC)4. Donnie Avery WR (Houston)5. Jeremy Zuttah T (Rutgers)6. Tom Zbikowski SS (Notre Dame)7. Spencer Larson ILB (Arizona) 7. Paul Hubbard WR (Wisconsin)
Let me know what you all think


Bryan nice mock draft, here's mine. 1st rd OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt. 2nd rd RB Matt Forte Tulane. 3rd rd G Roy Schuening Oregon st. 3rd rd WR Jerome Simpson Coastal Carolina. 4th rd QB Kevin O'Connell San Diego state. 5th rd FB Owen Schmitt West Virgina. 6th rd DT Maurice Murray New Mexico state. 7th rd C Jamey Richard Buffalo. oh ya GO BEARS!!

I've been a draft guy for many years. Here are my picks :
1) Albert - VA. OLT
2) C. Johnson - E.Car. RB
3a) J.Johnson - S.D. QB/WR
3b) Pollak - Az. St. C/G
4) K. Davis - Mich St. TE/DE
5) Woodyard - KY. SPEC Teams/SS
6) K. Brown -App St. - OG
7a) Caulcrick - Mich St.- FB
7b) Booker - VA Tech - DT
7c) Henry - KS. WR
7d) Clifford - Mich St. - OT

i say that the bears should get brian brohm in the first because there are other teams that are interested in him. that said they will take him in the first is we have the possibillity to take him. or we should trade up to at least get another pick in the second. so we can get him there if he is still a possibillity for us.

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