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Call it what you want, Bears are still in work zone

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Marty Booker arrives in town Monday to take a physical and officially sign the $3.5 million, two-year contract he agreed to last week.

A little more than two weeks after general manager Jerry Angelo talked about the ``transition’’ the Bears offense is going through, we’ve got a better idea what’s going on.

They are hoping a short-term solution at quarterback—a competition between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton—provides a longterm answer. They’ve added some bargain buys in Booker and Brandon Lloyd at wide receiver in a market that has seen huge money thrown at Bernard Berrian, who has yet to have a 1,000-yard season, and Javon Walker, who has been healthy once in the last three years. And the Bears have continued down the path of locking up their own, extending tight end Desmond Clark and laying the groundwork for extensions with kicker Robbie Gould, defensive tackle Tommie Harris and wide receiver Devin Hester.

The offensive line remains a group in need of retooling. The Bears can either choose between Terrence Metcalf, Josh Beekman or Anthony Oakley at left guard, or import some competition. They’re in need of a starter at right tackle, and those up in arms need to remember the draft doesn’t begin until April 26. That’s where the talent lies in this year’s class, at offensive tackle.

A question remaining unanswered is how will the club go about bringing in promised competition for running back Cedric Benson? There has been no movement on this front, and Julius Jones was taken off the market when he signed in Seattle on Friday. For all the chatter about Jones wanting to come to the Bears, he wasn’t an ideal fit for the system. Jones is undersized and carries the same rap that dogged his brother Thomas before he came to the Bears—can he be more durable? To Julius’ benefit, he wasn’t a first-round flameout in Arizona like Thomas.

But Jones would have been an instant upgrade over Benson, and you have to wonder how much Benson’s status as a former first-round pick adds to his shelf life here. Having restocked their depth at receiver after releasing Muhammad and losing Berrian in free agency, has running back now become a higher priority in the draft than finding a potential No. 1 receiver? Remember, the Bears’ motto is ``we get off the bus running.’’

Naperville North product Chris Brown remains available in free agency. He’s generated a little bit of interest, and the Bears took a look at him last summer. Can they afford to pass on a proven commodity again? You have to also consider what the arrival of a new back would mean for Garrett Wolfe, who the Bears reached for in the third round last April. Angelo’s history of patience and then some with draft picks makes a final outcome in a fluid situation difficult to project.

To review back to the combine:

``There are going to be more unknowns with this team certainly than there have been in the last few years,’’ Angelo said. ``But I’m not treating that as a negative. There’s going to be a transition here on our football team, particularly on offense. We foresaw that, but we’re comfortable with the plan we have in place.

“I don’t know if the right word is rebuilding because we like to think that the players that we have in there are going to be quality players. They might be new, but they’re going to have the traits that we look for. There’s going to be some growing pains. I don’t necessarily say it would be rebuilding.”

Transition? Overhaul? Rebuilding?

Whatever you want to call it, 10 days into free agency it remains a work in progress.

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One huge strength that would help the o-line is moving Tait back to his Pro-Bowl RT spot.I would take advantage of taking 2 O-lineman quick in the draft.(Kruetz will be shown the door after next season!)As far as playmakers,wait til next year.The blueprint for the 08' offense is 3-5 step drops and get rid of it.Love to see Hester/Wolfe get swings& screens to get them out in the open field more.Hester is still a raw project as receiver.This is Rebuilding because we(management,players,media & fans) spent an extra year patting ourselves on the back!!

Work zone or constuction zone? People keep bringing up Oline with this draft and while I agree the draft is loaded at oline. Lets take a look at Angelos draft philosophy. When Angelo got to the bears 7 years ago the Bears had a very good Offensive line. Chris V(pro bowl guard), (Todd Perry) real good guard, Olin(pro bowl center), Big Cat(pro bowl RT). But they had Brockermeyer at LT and he was all kinds of bad. In 2002 he drafted Marc Colombo with the 29th pick in the Draft. He moved him from RT to LT and he played 19 games in 3 and 1/3 seasons with the Bears because of injury issues. He now starts at RT for the Cowboys and played well. but around 2002 the Bears Oline started having lots of needs, but Angelo did not address this in the draft, he brought in guys over the last 5 years to fill the needs of the Oline. Guys like Gibson, Garza, Tait, Lacina, Sanderson, St. Claire, Brown and Williams. None of these guys where draft picks of Angelo's they where all free agents and all starters. His draft picks include Rex Tucker, Gandy, Columbo, and Metcalf. Metcalf is still on the team but has yet to become a starter, Colubo was traded and had injury issues, Gandy was good but the Bears let him go and now he starts in Buffalo. Sense Angelo arrived we have needed a true left tackle. He drafted Colombo a RT and switched him to left, he signed Tait a Pro Bowl RT and switched him to left, this worked for about 2 seasons but last year Tait slowed down and got burnt. My belief is that Angelo will not address oline in the first round unless they trade down. He will also not address RB in the first round because that would be admitting Benson is a Bust as a top 5 pick and would not look good for him. He has filled out the WR roster and will probably not address that position in the first round. Also he is loyal to Rex so no QB in the first round either, we do need help at Saftie which is a very important position in a cover two. If the top 3 or 4 tackles are gone and Angelo can not trade down he will do what he does best and draft Defense by taalking the best deffensive Saftie of DT to pair with Harris. Anybody remember when Tampa needed help on the oline and he drafted McFarland to play along side Sapp.

Jerry is playing the word game, they are trying to re-build on the fly hoping the in house talent is what they thought it was. They do have a lot of combo players guard and center and a tackle rich draft is good but Benson is done he will have metal in his leg and he wasn't showing homerun ability as it is. Ward from NYG is still out there Brown is kind of fragile, and there are backs in the draft. So Jerry you can play word games but one thing is for sure you better be right or these fans will eat your lunch.

I've said before I think the Bears will make Josh Beekman the left guard and bring in a rookie for one of the tackle positions.I'd would rather see the Bears use their first rd pick on one of the tackle prospects than a runningback. The reason being the Bears are in a great position draft wise to get a left tackle prospect which is what I think they need the worse. If the Bears wait and bring in a later rd tackle prospect that is only a right tackle they will be in the same boat in the 2009 offseason looking for a left tackle which is very difficult. I say take one be it Chris Williams or Ryan Clady if he is available while the Bears got a chance to. I would hate to see the Bears get a pure right tackle then next season be looking for a left tackle when the Bears could of solved the problem this draft. If John Tait were a few years younger I'd be down with the idea of going runningback 1st rd then tackle 2nd I just think left tackle is to important and a bigger need. At runningback I think it is to early to straight up give up on Benson but I do agree some competition is needed and the Bears can do that in the 2nd or 3rd rd with either Tulanes Matt Forte or C. Floridas Kevin Smith just a Bear fans opinion so GO BEARS!!

Hey Kevin A, I agree about Clady if he is there(I don't think there is a prayer he will be) But what do you do if Long, Clady, Williams are all gone, do you grab Otah who projects as a right Tackle that high, or what if all 4 are gone then what everyone else at OT you can get in the second round, Baker, Albert, Gosder do you grab one early or do you Grab Mendenhall? My guess is at least 3 of the top tackles will be gone before the Bears pick. Not to mention once the first two OT go, that may create a run at the Tackle position which will be real bad for the Bears. My guess is this draft is going to be crazy. Lots of Wild Card teams in the first 10 picks. OL, RB and DL are all going to go fast this year. It's acopy cat league and everyone wants fast DE (like the giants), Running back (like Vikes), and OL is always in demand and every team always needs more of them. Also Williams will never be a Bear, they would take Otah, Baker and Gosder before him. He does not fit there blocking Scheme. He will be in Denver anyway, Otah is the only top for we have a real shot at. I personally am not a big fan of his.

If Clady is there in the first round then take him if not Mendenhall. If we take a linemen in 1st rd then we should take Felix Jones in the 2nd. He has great potential and bears love their backs. In the 3rd take a receiver like Adarius bowman.He has great hands and was projected a top pick in the start of the season ,but, was unhealthy. Or beef up the defense like Jerry likes and be offensively challenged for 5 years.

If Clady is there in the first round then take him if not Mendenhall. If we take a linemen in 1st rd then we should take Felix Jones in the 2nd. He has great potential and bears love their backs. In the 3rd take a receiver like Adarius bowman.He has great hands and was projected a top pick in the start of the season ,but, was unhealthy. Or beef up the defense like Jerry likes and be offensively challenged for 5 years.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, and again, and again. Convert Wolfe to a slot receiver. He has great hands and quickness. He can be used just as Wes Welker is used in New England.

Welker had the benefit of having Randy Moss drawing most of the attention on D, and a Guy named Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Also I don't know if Wolfe can jump, the only time I ever saw him go flying through the air is after a DB put a hit on him, then he flew real good. Wolfe is not that good at anything. I actually thought he would be fast or something but I saw him get rundown by a DE rather easily. He is nothing special and I doubt he makes the team after camp.

Creighton, I would take Otah if Williams were not there. Back in the 2006 draft there was another tackle that had a bad workout and everyone thought he was to slow to play left tackle that player I am referring to is Marcus McNeill the 6-7 336lb tackle from Auburn who went on to be a pretty good left tackle. Otah kind of reminds me of him. Also you have got to remember Otah had a bum ankle before the combine that is why he had such slow times in the 40. Otah stoned Chris Long the last two seasons he is one of the d-linemem who is going top 10 that is not bad play on the field and that is where you should judge a player not by a stop watch. Also I read on the net that the Bears gave Chris Williams the longest look at the senior bowl. I say Otah would give or line a big, dominant presents kind of like Flozell Adams another o-lineman many thought to slow for the left tackle position. I say take Williams or Otah one should be there at #14. GO BEARS!!

Hey mike...are you serious? Could you imagine Wolfe going over the middle, the guy is 5'7" and 150 soaking wet! He would get killed! Anyway I think that Mendenhall should be the first pick. We can have Beekman or St. Claire start at LG and pick an OT to start at RT with the 2nd round pick. Everybody keeps forgetting that St. Claire did a very good job at LG last year. Then we need to go with a big possession WR that can block with the 1st third rounder to eventually take over for Booker and OT with the 2nd third rounder. The 09 season the second round pick can move to LT while Tait goes to his natural RT spot for his last year. Then the next draft or the 2nd third round pick this year takes over for him in 2010. All the rest of the picks go to defense. There are no QB's worth drafting this year so we have to wait until next year. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!

why no talk of bringing Warrick Dunn for a certainly couldn't hurt...

Hey Kevin A, I know he had a bad work out cause of his ankle, but that is not why I don't like him for the Bears, I think he is a solid right Tackle at the NFL level, but I really think the Bears need a LT and to switch Tait back to RT. Tait was getting burned last year if he as LT he will get burned alot. Williams is good but he still does not fit there blocking scheme, they may have looked at him the longest because he is the Tackle most likely to be there. The Chiefs really like Otah, Broncos like Williams and everyone likes Clady and Long. Personally I don't think any of them will be there. Flozell couldn't run the 40 well most OT don't run the 40 well, however Flozell has good lateral movment, Otah not so much, he is also not as strong as Adams. Otah needs to improve his strength and lateral movment, I think he could play LT and be decent but he would be a great RT which is his natural position. As for him stone walling Long, I don't like Long that much he reminds me to much of Justin Smith, work out warrior with great numbers in college, did great at the combine everyone loved this guy and then nothing. But who knows I could be wrong Long does have the genetics. Will see, either way if the Bears stay at 14 and don't drop I will be shocked and if Angelo has a good offensive draft I will be even more shocked.

Art L, are u outta your mind? St.Claire or Beekman @ LG? They didn't think enuff of Beekman to let him play when R. Brown went down and St. Claire is a spot starter at best. I say Angelo needs to stop being cheap and sign a couple of FA OL. It has been proven that OL retool faster with veteran linemen besides, I have no faith in Angelo's talent eval when it comes to the O. My main concern is that I don't see the urgency from the Bears to improve this offense. They don't have the kind of defense to continuously have to play after the offense 3 and out. There absolutely has to be a premium placed on scoring. They have to quit being so arrogant realize just how bad this offense is and also realize their defense isn't as good as they think it is. The D is built on speed not size so if the O can't sustain drives the D will eventually wear down which we saw in 05 and 06.
Grossman will be a productive QB if you build around him but right now it their arrogance is setting him up for another season of monumental criticism. Notice i didn't say Orton! I don't know about you Bear Fans, but i'm sick and tired of seeing "play it safe" dink and dunks.

Guys. It does not matter who you have at running back in the NFL, unless you have an O-line the running game doesn't work. I don't care if LT's at running back. The best RB's in the league have the best O-lines. Look at edge. Killing it behind the Indy O-line. Awful behind the Cardinals O-line. It's no coincidence that every RB the Pats draft averages 100yds a game. And when they leave for a team with a crappy o-line, they're forgotten. There's no running game if there's no o-line. LT couldn't run behind the Bears o-line. Even if we did bring in Turner, he would've done nothing behind those guys. RB's are overrated in the first round. I'd take a solid 3rd-4th round RB and put him behind a solid 1st -2nd round O-line any day. And that's exactly what the Bears need to do this draft. With the 14th pick in the 2008 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select......O-line baby.

Wes Welker - 185 lbs, 5' 9", + 4.55 40 yd dash time. Garrett Wolfe - 186 lbs., 5' 7" + 4.49 40 yd dash. Problem? I've seen Wolfe's catch and runs. He makes things happen. The guy is a playmaker and don't you dare say he's "not very good" b/c this dude led the nation as a RB in college. We may not have Randy Moss, but we do have Devin Hester and a sick pair of tight ends. If the coaches can show a little creativity, this would work very nicely.

Coaching creativity from this bunch of luddites? They still think the modern NFL is about low scoring run first all D and play calling from the leather helmet era. 2008 aint on their watch.

Rebuilding is exactly what Angelo is doing. I'd feel a lot better if the Bears would sign a veteran guard to man the left guard spot. But we haven't fixed the O line or the Running game and Angelo's track record for drafting running backs and O lineman is not good. He'd better do his homework and have the best draft of his tenure or we are gonna be screaming for a new GM. He dismantled a Superbowl team and now he's really done a number on us. Why didn't they just franchise Berrian for one year. Getting Briggs back is the only thing he has done right.

I am sad to see that Jake Scott signed with Tennessee, to replace Jacob Bell at G. We missed on both up and coming prospects, but hopefully Josh Beekman can be the guy we need at the LG spot. I don't know that I believe that Julius Jones would have been an instant upgrade over Benson, but it is possible he would have pushed Benson to be better than he has been. All things considered, I would not expect the Bears to get extensions done for Harris, Hester, and Gould, but it would be nice to get Tommie locked up before the draft. After Urlacher, Harris will be the cornerstone of our defense, and will be what drives us for the next 10 years. I am less concerned about Devin, because despite his performance, he is only 2 years into his deal, and we have some time to figure out his market.

But it is time for the scouting team to earn their money. We need OL, a safety, maybe some linebackers, and a running back out of this draft, not even mentioning the QB situation. They certainly have their work cut out for them. Gabriel has proven to be a solid evaluator of talent, so we should do fine, but that's an awfully big shopping list.

Wolfe at slot receiver is no worse than Wolfe at running back - at least it potentially gets him into some space where he can use his quickness. But Angelo's 2nd (Bazuin) and 3rd (Wolfe) round picks last year were brutal.

I started reading the intial post by Creighton, but I stopped as soon as I read "... Gandy was good." ???? Seriously? Did you ever actually WATCH Gandy play??? I'd rather have Olin be a one-man line than have Gandy be the 5th guy.

There are still two decent older tackles out there that could be a temp fix while a rookie learns Todd Steussie, Mike Rosenthal and Stockar McDougle are still on the board as a free agents. I understand at first sight Otah doesn't look like a left tackle but he has a history of doing his best against the best. Also there is some good talent in the later rounds Baker (USC), Collins (Kan.), Oher (Miss), Albert (Va.)and Nicks (Neb). So we will get healthy on the line. Benson is a problem Angelo needs admit the mistake and move on.

JB I watched Gandy.ohhhh bad.That dude couldnt even turn his hips to pull block.Even worse his hand were always shedded away from the defender.Holding was his best move by far.The best Gandy moment.Trying to pull on a block, He went for KGB on the Packers and whiffed so bad he fell flat on his face.
I think Crieghton doesnt know what he is talking about most of the time.He keeps on saying that Jerry A. has never drafted an O-lineman.Always talks about players from the late 90s and early 2000.If you realy read these dudes comments it seems that he has no brain for himself.He always says thing that have already been said.He might be a Chicago Bears fan witch is a good thing,but he is off in left field, right by the foul, pole up against the Ivy, picking dandelions.I think he was the one striking out in T-Ball.

The aging guys still on the market (Rosenthal, McDougle, and Steussie) are not worth bringing in to camp. McDougle couldn't keep a job with the Lions, Rosenthal I believe was a flop in Minnesota, and Steussie will be with his 3rd or 4th team in the last 4 years. As much as we knock St. Clair, he is decent enough as a swing tackle and spot starter at guard, and every bit as good as the three free agents. Our best option is drafting a left tackle right out of the gate in the draft, plugging him in to the starting lineup, and moving Tait to the right side. He can play another 4-5 years on the right side, and the rookie will have a true pro to learn from for his formative years. Between Chris Williams, Ryan Clady, and Jeff Otah, we are bound to land one of them. If it is Otah, I think we leave Tait on the left while Otah learns the game. Clady and Williams already are quick enough to play the left, and just need technique help. Otah is still raw, and can use help in both areas. If Beekman is good enough, then I say put him on the field and let the kid show his stuff. Between Garza, a one-armed Ruben Brown, Terrence Metcalf, and John St. Clair, we had one of the worst performances of an interior line that I have ever seen. They made Olin Kreutz look like an amateur, and he is one of the better centers in the league. We need help, and some of it will need to come from our existing roster. We can't draft and sign everything we need. Sooner or later, one of these later picks needs to step up.

Brando I never said JA didn't draft a OLinemen, I said he has never drafted a pro bowl Lineman in 20 years of running drafts. That my friend is a Fact. I said he has only Drafted one starting Olineman for the bears in 2002 Columbo. Who is not on the team anymore. I also said that over the last 3 years the entire starting Oline on the Bears has been made up of free agents and Olin. Which is true. Tait, Brown, Garza, Miller all free agents and Olin was drafted by Hatley. So how is any of that wrong Brando? I also said in his 20 years running drafts and being incharge of player personel he has usually bult his Olines via free agency instead of the draft. Which is true. Sense he has been in chicago he has brought in Oline free agents and drafted only a few Olinemen, none of whom have ever started. You may have not liked Gandy but he was better than Metcalf, as Metcalf never beat him out. Metcalf never beat anyone out. Most of his draft picks for Oline are just plain bad and that is over his carrer, it's nothing new, he has been doing it a long time. Same with QB's he has never drafted a winner. He did get rid of a 3 time pro bowl QB when he was in Tampa in Vinny T who he did not draft and while Vinny didn't perform well there he also never had a decent Oline WR or RB. Notice anything Similar there. Look at all the QB Angelo has drafted, Trent Dilfer is the best one and that is not Saying much. My simple point to people Brando is at Tampa and Chicago over 20 years how many good offenses has he put together, and how many pro bowl offensive players has he drafted. I am giving you 20 years here of high draft picks for a guy you think is one of the best GM's there is. So you should be able to name at least 10 guys, how about 5, offensive players that he drafted. Dunn and Alstott thats 2, can you give me 3 more. You think he is the best so he should have a ton of players for you to pick from. Now the reason I say drafted is because we are headed into a draft and the bears need there offense fixed. Mr. Angelo your so called great GM, has no Super Bowls rings and even with the Bears he has more loosing seasons than winning seasons, and more losses than wins. As for the 06-07 Super Bowl, we lost that game, and in my world if your not First your Last. His team rebounded from that season with a 7-9 season. His first 3 full seasons here where all loosing seasons. The back back to back winning seasons we had the biggest change was the loss of Jones over his guy Benson. How good has Benson been? Why don't you answer those questions for me Brando.

Joe yes they are aging but Steussie was in St. Louis, Rosenthal was at Miami and McDougle was in Jacksonville. McDougle is the best of the bunch but all were starters. So tell me Joe say it ain't so, you didn't know where they came from. He has not put together offenses true that but we aren't talking about a top 5 or ten. Just competent and efficient would be nice. And a great back makes a mediocre line look better. There are only so many true all stars but there can be many real professionals who get it and get the job done.

Creighton I can tell you how good Benson is,is as good running the ball as you are running your mouth Bad.That is the only "questions" you gave me.
Offence I had already said is OVERRATED and championship Defences are underrated.Plain and simple.2000 Ravens QB Trent Dilfer Jerry A. draft pick couldnt even break a pain of glass.Had no WR.And had a good running game, with a patched up line.Yes the Bears need O-Line help,a running back to share the load with Benson, or Benson share the load with who ever.Past teams have shown that a Offence compliments a great defence.All coaches from all sports will agree.While watching defence is a bit dull to most people,some people with football smarts, Love to watch a great defence at work.I am one of those people.
The Bears had a special defence in 2006.It was just to bad that in the playoffs the could not stop the run.Payton didnt beat them,Dominic Rhodes and Addi ruined all hopes for a 2nd Super Bowl ring.Blame Grossman,Thomas Jones, Ced, Moose, whoever on the Offence.When the Offence doesnt get on the field they cant score points.I hate to use the I.R. list as something to blame, but it is kinda hard when they didnt have the 2 best run stoppers on the field that day,Tommy Harris and Mike Brown.
I dont know where that came from. It must have been in left field where crieghton is by the foul pole up against the Ivy plucking dandelions.

Creighton you are exactly right ! hes not gonna do anything we paying fans want him to do.Like i said in another blog topic he'll draft a DT or Saftey or somthing.Although If it were me I'D Pick up a OT in the 1st RD,a OG in the 2nd RD,a RB in the 3rd and a qb in 4th.5,6&7 can be defense.We can get more D next year we'll have Briggs Urlach and harris and penut and vash for a while our D is good WE NEED OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yeah I forgot. WHile were re-tooling,Tool Ron Turner and Babich to a different team!Preferably the packers or Vikings,let them screw up thier teams!!!

You are right Brando Offense is over rated and defense under rated. But those Ravens not only had a better d than us, they had the best Oline in football and one of the best running games at the time. They also had Shannon Sharp making every clutch play you can imagine and a go to guy for Dilfer.

As for the IR list Harris has gotten injured a few times, but Brown should not have been on the team the guy has started 21 games in 4 years. The man has missed 43 games and he is back this year, what kind of GM counts on a guy who is hurt most of the time.

And I do blame the offense for loosing the Super Bowl, the offense Jerry Angelo put on the field. Those are his guys. I have never said he put a bad defense on the field. I think Jerry is the best defensive scout in football, but that is all I think he is, to be a great GM you need to work offense special teams and Defense. He can do 2 out of 3. But to me he is a defensive scout playing GM. Sense he got here we have needed a QB, RB, LT, WR and a TE. It took him six years to get us a TE, how long will it take for everything else.

We have a team based on ball control. If our offense cannot stay on the field and control the clock, then they over expose our deffense, thats why our D always looks dead in the fourth quarter. To control the Ball we need a very good Oline and RB.

You don't have to like offense Brando but it does not change the fact that the bears need it. I know you think Jerry has his boys hard at work this off season getting ready for this draft and he looks to go offense. But he has been trying to buil an offense here for 7 years and has failed and the same in Tampa. So my hopes are not real high. And like you said on another blog that you think this year he is really gonna work at, well that only implies that all those other years he has not, which again would make him a bad GM.

"The man has missed 43 games and he is back this year, what kind of GM counts on a guy who is hurt most of the time."

You must have missed Angelo's 2007 season post-mortem !!!!

Angelo was asked about Mike Brown and he clearly stated that he can't count on Mike Brown !! He did asy he wanted him back and hopes he can perform at his past pre-injury level but he knows very well that Mike Brown is not relable...

That's why he drafted kevin Payne last year. Of course JA didn't envision the young man to make a start in week (5) of his rookie year and then break his arm and land on IR, but, stranger thinhgs have happened to the Bears and Angelo did make the right pick in the 2007 draft for him anyway.

As far as O-line goes, Angelo will take the best OT avaible, he needs to let the incumbant players duke it out ofr the LG spot as well. Metcalf will not make the 2008 roster, take that to the bank.

GO Bears....

I will put out some loose numbers on the SuperBowl.Im not spending an hour on a slow 6 gig computer to get the right stats.

Colts:Almost 200 yards rushing,240 some odd yards in passing.Kicked to Hester once!!!

Bears:Only on the field in the 2nd quarter for 4 minutes.Was smoked on the inside running.The safty play was well I cant even find a word to explain that.Cris Harris,I like him, but couldnt even help over the top.D.Manning couldnt tackel.The D line had how many sacks 2.
The Bears pride themselfs on Defence.Their Defence failed.So how can you say that the Bears offence lost the game for them.

Brando while you are throwing around statistics use the slow 6gigs on a dictionary and learn to spell, it's hard to read your thoughts(when you have one) and understand what the heck you are talking about. Once again the professional game of football starts close to the ball with the guys who are in contact with another player, after that the guy who touches the ball second, then the decesion is made and the backs, TE or WR gets the football. But those 5 who make contact first are the ones. Now Brando next lesson is english.

They had a bunch of three and outs in the Super bowl. Other than Jones no one else on offense really did much in that game. Yeah, the D was out there a lot and got worn out. Chris Harris and Manning did blow coverage once but it's not like those guys were missing a lot of coverages. Fans have a tendency to take one play and act like it was the play that lost the game. One INT ran back for a TD on Rex and another INT that stalled a drive during a close game sure didn't help. Once the Colts controlled the clock then they were able to put up those yards. But the inability of the offense to control more than a few drives didn't help at all. And for that Benson guy to fumble and get hurt really set the tempo. He bitched and moan to get more carries and once he did he flopped. Name another back who laid down in the Super bowl and if he was a stud then it lets Benson off the hook. But I can see why someone can be down on Angelo because he didn't have a draft pick on offense who did anything in that big game. I'm not going to put that whole game on the D and I won't say it's the all on the offense. Collectively the whole team lost that game. From Angelo to lovie and their inability to get productive assistants who did little but try not to lose. And all that lost it for them.

Good point William R. Donald.As a whole I did see that the 3 Phases of the game had failed.Hester did his job but the Colts did a wonderful job keeping the ball away from him.Gilly fumbled.
Lost the Fumble.Rest is history.
2008 right around the corner.After Basketball,Baseball and Nascar.
Go Cubs!
I check in on the Sox.See how there doing.
Ahh Go Bulls.I would like to see them get into the Playoffs??

I forgot Go Blackhawks:( I realy dont know much on Hockey.And Much is probably nothing!Wait Brett Hall I guess thats something.
I am ONLY making fun of myself.I am not making fun of the sport Hockey.

As for NASCAR I root for the Indiana boys.#20 and #12.Little bit of football behind the sence with Stewart.Joe Gibbs team.
For 28 years I have lived in a county 20 minutes away from South Bend.Ryan Newman had raced at South Bend Motor Speedway years before he came into NASCAR. S.B.M.Speedway is now closed and up for sale!Paved.No Dirt.Being a fan of Newman is only natural.Heck he did have the best looking and best running car at S.B.M.Speedway.

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