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Buccaneers send 6th rounder in '09 for Griese

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Tom Brady was once a sixth-round draft pick.

There’s no saying the Bears will come up with the next future Hall of Fame quarterback from that round, but that is the 2009 draft pick they received from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for quarterback Brian Griese on Monday.

General manager Jerry Angelo and college scouting director Greg Gabriel have founds success in later rounds.

A look at the sixth-round picks during Angelo’s tenure:


Traded to Washington for safety Adam Archuleta. Looks like he will be back for 2008 after already landing big money in contract. He's on the books for $730,000, the minimum for a player with eight years service.


Fullback J.D. Runnels. Was on injured reserve in 2007 following knee surgery.

Guard Tyler Reed. Spent the last two seasons on the practice squad.


Safety Chris Harris. Just signed a nice longterm extension with the Carolina Panthers. Sure would have come in handy last season when he forced a league-high eight fumbles for his new team.


Traded to Washington for fullback Bryan Johnson. Injuries prevented him from ever achieving his potential.


Linebacker Joe Odom. Was a decent special teams player for a short run.
Running back Brock Forsey. Achieved great notoriety with 134-yard game vs. Arizona as a rookie.


Wide receiver Jamin Elliott. Was released by the Atlanta Falcons last month.
Tight end Bryan Fletcher. Still in the league with the Indianapolis Colts.

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What Jerry Angelo seems to be missing is that sometimes you need to sign some free agents to get fans excited about the upcoming season. C'mon, Jerry. Give us something! All the same old faces...

Well the Bucs got a steal. I knew Chris Harris had 8 forced fumbles but I didn't know they were the LEAGUE HIGH! Why was he let go? Depth at safety? WIth the way Mike Brown falls apart like that rabbit on Bonkers you need A LOT of depth on safety.

Mike what are you talking about Bucs?Cris Harris plays for Panthers.What does it matter if some one has 8 FF and leads the NFL and one who doesnt.Its just to bad we couldnt sign and trade Gilly with Greise and maybe got a 4th round.what do I know Im just a fan.

Sign more free agents? What happened to building through the draft? The Bears of the early to mid 80's seemed to be just fine with that, thanks to Vanisi and Ditka, why can't the Bears do that again? In the world of quick fix free agents, all that has really comes from that are high priced players who almost never live up to their expectations. Moose was a great addition, but with the Charlie Brown's of the NFL throwing to him, he never really materialized...

Sigh, Brando. The story discusses Griese's trade as well as mentioning Chris Harris. Sigh.

The problem with building through the draft is you don't always hit on the selections you make, and the same could be said for free agency. We dropped a lot of dead weight this offseason, and let a couple of guys leave. We can't fill all of those needs in the draft. There are not enough picks to get us what we need, so we need to supplement the draft with a few free agents. Look at our offensive line for example. Kreutz is the only one who started the 2007 that was drafted by the Bears. Metcalf did not play especially well in his time, but the other guys that played: Ruben Brown, Roberto Garza, John Tait, Fred Miller, John St. Clair all were free agent signings. Desmond Clark, our leading receiver coming back, was a free agent signing. Anthony Adams was a free agent. Ricky Manning Jr. was a free agent signing. During that time, we had at least 5 picks in each draft, and many of those players either did not pan out, or were not able to supplant the player already on the team in that position.

2005: Cedric Benson, Mark Bradley, Kyle Orton, Airese Currie, Chris Harris, Rod Wilson
2006: Danieal Manning, Devin Hester, Dusty Dvoracek, Jamar Williams, Mark Anderson, JD Runnels, Tyler Reed
2007: Greg Olsen, Dan Bazuin, Garrett Wolfe, Mike Okwo, Josh Beekman, Kevin Payne, Corey Graham, Trumaine McBride

One position significantly lacking in players is offensive line. The best teams do build through the draft, but supplement with free agency to speed up the process. We are at the point where we need a few free agents to make up what we can't get in the draft this year. This year's draft is heavy in tackles, not as much in guards. It is heavy in WRs and RBs as well, so we should be able to shore that up this year.


Your LBs are getting older, and your line is OLD. The defense has two or three years left.

You need to make your run now!

If the Bears tagged Barrian, signed Michael Turner, and added Bryant Johnson, are you telling me they couldn't compete?!?!

They could have easily afforded all of these moves. Don't be fooled, my fellow fans - - This team is just plain CHEAP!!!


We'll be lucky if we hit on two drafted players. Look at last year.
Except for a good TE falling in Jerry's lap, what else did they do???

Would someone please explain the Bears keeping Rex and trading Griese?

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