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Briggsgate: The final chapter (until the full story comes out)

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Matt Maiocco provides some more compelling reading on Briggsgate, which unfortunately now that it’s over has proven to be not nearly as salacious as Spygate. Nonetheless, I am informing the boss there may be a person of interest for this story residing in Hawaii and it’s quite possible he has evidence and is itching to tell all.

According to Maiocco’s report in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the only evidence against the San Francisco 49ers in the tampering case initiated by the Bears was two very short phone calls, 20 seconds in length.

Now, agent Drew Rosenhaus is skilled in the art of the deal but it’s hard to imagine what kind of tampering can be accomplished in 40 seconds. From my perspective, there has to be more ot the story. Whether it's hearsay or more, who knows?

The league isn’t saying boo on the matter beyond the release it sent out Monday. Perhaps it’s the thought by the Niners that counts. Neither club has shed any light on the issue either other than to say it respects commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision. Sure, the Niners are in love with it.

At the minimum, San Francisco was incredibly clumsy in how it went about its business. After the fact, it has the appearance of being a victimless crime. Briggs returned to the Bears and they got him at their price, not having to outbid anyone for him, least of all the Niners. In pursuing the claim, you have to believe the Bears were hoping for more than they received—moving up five slots in the third round. An extra pick probably would have been more exciting to general manager Jerry Angelo, who enjoys collecting them.

But it’s over. From the Bears’ perspective, the only thing that matters is if they turn the 70th overall selection, the one they now own from San Francisco, into an impact player. Fortunately, we can now pour more resources into draft matters on the blog and spend less time concerning ourselves with the latest crackdown by the league office. Unless we’re in Hawaii tracking down that person of interest.

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rosy to 9ers:
if we go to FA are you interested in Briggs?
9ers response:
rosy to bears:
NO, we will not accept your contract offer, we'd rather go to FA.


if the bears had not filed tampering charges, the 9ers most likely would have signed him. the fact that no offer came for him, it's likely that any team interested in him tampered in this way and losing draft picks is not worth the risk.

The 49ers probably cut off their pursuit of Briggs in free-agency so as not to hurt their case against the tampering charge.

And it wouldn't surprise me if Rosenhaus tried to leverage parameters he was given by the 49ers against the Bears during the regular season.

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