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Briggs discusses why a market never took shape for him

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Lance Briggs just wrapped up a conference call where he touted his deal as being in line with what the New England Patriots paid linebacker Adalius Thomas a year ago.

The math works, sort of, if you factor in the franchise tag Briggs played under last season that paid him $7.206 million. If he knew then what he knows now, maybe the tag wouldn't have been such a big deal.

But Thomas bagged $20 million guaranteed from the Patriots. Briggs gets $13 million guaranteed in a $36 million, six-year contract. He will collect $21.6 over the first three years of the deal, and will be at $28.8 million for four years when factoring in his 2007 pay. But the contracts themselves are not similar.

Briggs on what a market never took off for him:

"There were certain things that happened. Obviously, you know, I mean, I thought San Francisco was going to be a place I was going to be. New Orleans was another place that was high on me. But obviously, you see what happened, they traded for Jonathan Vilma, got a linebacker. Obviously, you have the teams you that want you. Those are kind of the setbacks as far as free agency went."

Washington never got into the action either.

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Im absolutely sick of the Bears ownership. Why cant they compete for top tier free agents? I thought the new stadium and raising ticket prices was so they could be competitive with the rest of the NFL. It's a shame that Chicago has the most passionate fans in sports, but our ownership takes advantage of us and doesn't make winning a priority. I wish that we could get an owner that cares about the team being competitive and not just about bleeding the fans of their hard earned money.

Its always great getting a pro-bowl player back. But what do we do with the two linebackers we picked up in the third rounds lying in wait for this Brigs departure that never happened

"An offense, an offense, my kingdom for an offense"

Wouldnt the franchise tag have meant that th Bears would GET something for the LOSE of Berrian?

I'm not sure if this means Briggs will throw another tantrum a couple seasons down the line to be released when he feels there's more of a demand for a linebacker. It just doesn't sound like he's too satisfied.

Now with Lance Briggs being resigned it allows the Bears to move Jamar Williams to strongside linebacker to maybe push Hunter Hillenmeyer. Also Michael Okwo last years 3rd pick from Stanford to maybe replace Brendon Ayanbedejo on special teams. I do know one thing the Bears are going to have a very elite linebacking core for a while GO BEARS!!

I am much happier to get Briggs back than Berrian. Obviously we will miss Berrian, but he is replacable. If the Bears rebuild the O-line through the draft and sign a reciever like Bryant Johnson they will be improved. Nobody talks about this, but John St. Claire played pretty well at the end of the year at left gaurd. As for the draft, we need to go for Rashard Mendenhall with #14, then a good 0-lineman with #44, a reciever with the first 3rd round selection, and another o-lineman with the second 3rd rounder. We can plug in a rookie OT on the right side and still compete.

He is doing the right thing keeping core young players, extending existing contracts for players who have proven themselves. $42M to Berrian is ridiculous. Use it on Hester and Harris and draft well.

I agree...42 mill for Berrian is freakin ridiculous! You want the Bears to spend money, but when it gets to a point you have to be smart. I don't think 42 million for a guy who did not have 1000 yards receiving, is not an all pro, and sometimes has a problem catching the ball is a smart investment. Let's see what we have in Hester, and there is still DJ Hackett and Bryant Johnson out on the market who are pretty good receivers.

Briggs is crucial to the Bears success.
Berrian is not.
I'll repeat this until I'm blue in the face: as along as
the Vikes don't get a new QB, Berrian won't be the factor
they think he is. Tavaris Jackson isn't much for throwing
the ball down the field.
Now what are the BEARS going to do at quarterback?
And now that Turner is gone, what about that other RB they
claim to be wanting?....

im glad berrian is gone. he is not a number one and the money he got is crazy. i want our offense to be putrid so grossman will have another horrible year to go with every year he has played in the nfl. if there is a god, this will be the last year grossman is on the bears roster. i wish we would get rid of benson too and draft Rashard Mendenhall but that is a pipe dream. no way this cheap franchise and GM sink that much money into the RB position.

No way this cheap franchise and GM sink that much money into the RB position? Hell, they already did it with Benson. Why not try, try again?

They say the surgery will make Benson a step Slower??? Hell, He had trouble catchen up with old Ruben Brown when he pulled!!

The fact of the matter is that Ced is going to be competing for the starting job.I dont think that Jerry A. is dumb enough to compete Ced and Peterson.Gosh I hope not.Befor and after the Draft there will be another wave of free agents.The draft might bring in a RB.What ever RB it is, lets hope that RB, can make a cut back.I would hate to see another SOUTH/North RB.

Cut Cedric, eat your lunch on the Texas reject. Also, fire Lovie Howell Smith and Jerry Angelo.

Not going to happen Al.Fire Smith and bring in who?Ron Chicco Rivera!Fire Jerry A. and hire who?Mark Hatley!
Then let sign Booker and Colvin,Let Mike Ditka draft our players,and sign Jim McMann as our QB coach.
That sounds more likely then to cut Ced fire both Angelo and Smith.

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