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Bradshaw believes in Grossman

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Terry Bradshaw, who the Bears lost out on in the 1969 draft in a pre-draft coin flip with the Steelers, visited with WMVP-AM 1000 this morning to weigh in on the retirement of Brett Favre in Green Bay.

He also touched base on Rex Grossman:

"I’m a Rex Grossman fan. When he’s good, he’s really good. When he’s bad, he’s really bad. I think he’s got the perfect demeanor to play in the NFL. Simply because he has a bad game, and he goes, "What, so I had a bad day, so what?'' It kind of cracks me up. But I truly believe it just doesn’t phase him. He drives you Bears fans nuts.

"It took me five or six years. And today's current NFL , you would have never heard of me, I would have been gone. It took me a long time to grow up. I’ve seen enough from him, to know that this guy is really good. And just put the pieces together. But I just look and say, `Give him some players around him, big-time receivers to help him out,' and I think he could flourish, I really do."

Grossman has yet to visit with media after he agreed to a one-year contract last month. He has returned from vacation and has been at Halas Hall but has made it clear he doesn't want to discuss his situation right now. Grossman and Kyle Orton will compete to be the starting quarterback starting in the spring.

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if anybody would is Terry Bradshaw......many thought him to be crazy in the beginning part of last yea when he was on national TV disagreeing with Lovie's deision to bench him....but Bradshaw himself had to sit through a few years in his early career being called stupid, inept, a loser, among other things befre he got his act together and won all of those super bowls...Bradshaw knows the difficulty of it and sees a lot of the traits that were in him in do have to grow up in the game of football, moreso in the quarterback position than in any other position, and Chicago is one of the worst places to have to do that, because nobody is patient here but maybe Lovie and Angelo at this time....

That's nice. Maybe Terry will also become a fan of toupées. Right now the QB position is the least of our worries. Rex and Kyle our both competent enough to win games, as was Brian, but there is no O-line or running game. I think the defense will be fine. Safety's the only worry with the D. If we draft some super safety, there's no guarantee he will make an immediate impact. I think Danieal Manning is a great athlete, but he's made to many mental mistakes. If he can remedy that, then he will be very good. He's coming into his third year, so I'm hoping he gets smarter.

Angelo and Lovie may be patient but they are not developing anything for whoever is the QB to work with. I saw for a fact Berrian running the wrong routes and all Bear QB's having to reload after he has blown it and make the o-line look worse because in the NFL most routes are timing I've seen for myself Muhammed's inability to get seperation. The o-line at times was offensive but instead of taking and developing Beekman, Andrews and Oakley you use a failed tackle (St. Clair) at guard, instead of playing Haas, Bradley and Rideau you kept those under-achieving, quitting WR's on the field. So all these fans crying for you to do something and complaining about Grossman and Orton look at Lovie, Pep (whoever he is), Turner and who ever it is who coaches the offensive line those are the problems. Bradshaw could very well be right!!

I said this same things about the comparison of Grossman and Bradshaw last year on another blog, but I still think for Rex its the simple things that hurt him as a QB. Have to be able to secure the ball from center, sometimes Olin pulls out too soon before he gets the ball up, but Rex has to make certain this does not happen, being able to hit the check down pass to the back in stride so they can pick up the yards before the defender gets to him, too often McKie would have to damn near turn around to catch a swing pass, this alows the lb to get to him and make the tackle, but the real problem with Rex is lack of mobility, that is why I think Orton will win the job, you can't be at the same spot all the time the pass rush in this league is too good, they'll find you and then bury you. One more wide-out is on the way in as a FA pick-up, soon once the $$$ settles down.

Biggsy - why all the hate regarding the lack of a press conference for Grossman? This is like the third or fourth time you have pointed this out. Rex stood up at the podium for a couple years and answered every single question regarding his and the teams performance with more patience and restrain than I think most anyone else could have shown. I am sure Rex would say that he hopes to compete and win the job of starting QB, wants to improve on his stats and feels that he played better at the end of last year.

My guess is we will never know if RRex really had what it takes to play or was just really bad. With the way the Oline looks right now he will be lucky if he doesn't get killed this year. Even if we draft a burner at WR we will never be able to set up a deep threat cause Rex will be getting pummled in the backfield. Maybe Benson will protect him instead of missing his blocking assignments. Even if we get Long on the OLine in the draft that still wont save him, we need an all new line. Tait is 33 and needs to go back to RT if he wants to start cause guys where just blowing by him, Garza is good at Guard but Olin started to look worse and worse last year, he has lost a step and is not as explosive as he used to be, we need another starting guard cause we do not have one, Metcalf is brutal, and we need a starting left tackle, we need a deep threat WR to keep teams from stacking the box and we need a runnning back to keep them from blitzing Rex into an early grave. Having a really good Oline a star WR and an elite RB can make any QB look good. Here is the problem we have none of the above. I like Terry but I don't think he has actually looked at the bears roster. We do have a dump off reciever in Olsen but how long will he last as the only threat on offense, Turner will probably send him across the middle until he is useless.

....At first thought, I couldnt believe the Bears had resigned Grossman. Having been within a quarter and a half to a Superbowl victory in Miami, i had decided the Bears were back to dominating the NFC (i.e...see 85'). Grossman's play was putrid and anemic in that setting, but given the fact of overpaying another QB commodity through free agency this year and trying to see if it works, i see the light! Keep familiar qb Grossman at the helm, draft offensive players behind him (WR, RB and OL). The cost doesnt hurt the team and hopefully there is a plan to bring in a FA WR to assist Hester & Bradley (Bryant Johnson-Arizona Cardinals). Hopefully, Rashaad Mendenhall is available in the bears slot and then take a speedy, fast WR in the second round or a capable QB near that slot as well. Offensive linemen are needed, but don't take a chance on a "Robert Gallery or Tony Mandarich" (failed past Top 15 NFL picks). Its tough to envision the whole "process," but i think that Lovie and Angelo have a feasible plan on competing for the next couple of years and not selling out on "high priced, displaced free agents," that could spoil the chemistry or get injured. Hoping 2008 is Great!

Man I hope if Grossman starts he will be the good Rex. I dont know if it is Florida Gators system or what.Gator QBs fail just as bad as Penn State RBs.Larry Johnson is an exception.
I dont hate Rex, I just dont think Ron Turners offence is the right fit for him.Rex is a system QB.Im sure when he leaves Chciago he would probably be a liget QB in the NFL.Its just to bad that Chicago Bears had waisted Rexs talent on a Ron Turners system.I thought I seen some talent time to time.You give this guy 7 seconds and he will make every pass that is there for him.Whens he has someone in his face he can be a Mental miget.
I kinda see Rex in the same situation as Ben Gordon.To small to play his position,can hardly put together 2 good games.Makes bad dissions in crunch time,and is a system guy.Both play good off the Bench, and thats the way I see it should be.Rex is a 6th man on this team.Rex did a good job last year coming off the Bench, just like Ben this year.
They both got benched,then all of a sudden they play up to their ability.
Whatever QB we see this year Im sure he will be the one to give the Bears the best chance to win.
That has to be one of the best statements in Chicago Bears coaching history.
The best statement from a Chicago Bears GM is we are Retooling the team.Retooling, Rebuilding, whats the difference.Lovie and Jerry A. humor me.
I am a big fan of Lovie and Jerry A.Best thing to happen to the Bears since they gave the BOOT to Dave Wannstat.
So lets retool the offence to give the Bears the best chance to win.

The Bears will never win a superbowl or have another good year until the Mckaskey family is ran out of town!!They just renovated soldiers field upped prices and made a ton of money last year.They are 32 mil under the cap and wont spend any money? What dose this tell you Bears Fans?They dont care about anything but money!!They just proved it by not signing anyone of intrest in free angentcy.Booker and Briggs will not win a superbowl!I just hope they know more than i do and is saving the money for something next year,YEAH RIGHT!!

It's about time...ive been saying since day 1. Grossman is the man. Some have forgotten how patient their bosses and co-workers were with them when they started out!!

thank you bradshaw for you expertise. all you anti rex fans are haters... the guy needs time to develop.. it's not like he had a running game or terell owens and randy moss catching his passes or the best blocking offensive of line.. the offensive was simple terrible whether turner called the right plays or not that o line simply couldn't move anyone.. all the rex chatter how he sucks and needs to be kicked out the league is garbage.. all you guys whine as if you every played football at a high level.. some of you never started for your h.s teams let alone played at a D 1A and your critical of a guy whose made to the nfl.. Rex has has nothing to prove to any of you whiners.. only to himself.. Even better he will be here for a long time so get used to it.

Quarterbacks get too much blame or credit for factors they can not control.our o-line was a disgrace and muhammed rarely got open. We had no running game and now that berrian is gone teams will use eight man fronts becouse they won't fear the long ball. tom brady or payton manning could'nt win on this team. I'ts time to draft two O-line studs who hopefully solidify the line for a decade and make grossman look good. Groosmans first years at florida he looked good, but when he lost his line to the NFL draft he was running for his life, and this is why he fell to the bears.

I still trust Angelo. Berrian was incredibly overpriced and its better to wait until next years market or develop. I remember when everyone was upset about not getting Randel El, and we drafted this Hester dude. He's pretty good. And towards the end of the year, he was getting much better as a receiver, even taking hits in the middle of the field, holding onto the ball. And there wasn't a QB worth paying big money for. Derek Andersen had one great year, that's it. And he has a lot of weapons. The draft for QB's ain't that great either. Keeping Grossman and Orton were good moves. The money needs to go to the O-line!

Jersey Boy, What do you know.In 2006 the Bears O-Line was a very good O-Line.And Rex still manage to look like a pro bowler vs. teams that had no pass rush and looked like a 3rd string when the pass rush was good.As far as Rex being here for a long time, I remember Rex signed a 1 year thats right a 1 year contract.
Unless you are Jerry A. then how in the crap can you say that Rex will be here for a long time and we have to get use to it.
Wait I have the answer to that.Jersey Girl has been playing Madden 08 again.Jersey Girl just signed a multi year deal with REX.
As far as whinning gos and us blogers never started or played H.S. or D 1A Ball,I guess we dont know a darn thing about football because we didnt play?
Well Lovie Smith never played football.Dave Toub never played football.Jerry A. never played football.Joe Gibbs never played football or never raced in NASCAR.N.E. coach never played football.Charlie Wise never played football(and it shows).
But you know I played Freshman football.Only 1 year,and was a 3rd string DE and a slot back.But I did play 13 years in Baseball.Started and played 4 years varsity baseball.Does that mean that I should know more about baseball then football.NO! I know more about fendamentals in Baseball then football, but I can see the talent alot more clear in football then baseball.Should explain why im a Defencesive line coach for LaPorte High School varsity team.
REX is a typical Gator QB.SYSTEM QB.Turners system will never work for Grossman.He might be an All Pro some where else but not while Turner is a coach.

Everyone needs to lighten up! Debating team needs is one thing, but attacking each other while butchering the English language goes over the top. I, too, tend to believe Grossman can get the job done. Why? I didn't play 1A football. Not 1 down. But I've watched the dude play down after down while being told by EVERYONE he could hear how much he sucked! And he still did a decent job! How many of us could do our jobs under the fire storm this kid has faced? I remember Mike Tomczak saying that he needed therapy because DA COACH rode him so hard. Seriously! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but as the adage goes; "Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!" Everyone complains about the dumbed down offense now? Wait til you see it with Orton or some rookie under center. And although, as mentioned, I have no 1A experience under my belt, anyone with ANY football knowledge must be able to see that this is a young team, being built to contend for years, not A year. Young QB's, DB's, WR's, RB's, DL's, and eventually OL's. For fans that haven't the patience for that, I suggest you jump on the Patriots bandwagon or, like Tomczak, get yourself a therapist. This team will improve; just not as quickly as most people would like. GO BEARS!

Rex was horrible early this season there is no denying that but when he came back after the benching he seemed more consistent and safer with the ball. Also remember Rex came close to beating the super bowl champs the Giants this year. I think with some protection and a decent running game Grossman can be pretty effective. My only knock on Rex is his durability it killed him early in his career and it might have stopped him from getting a better deal this offseason. On the other hand I was real impressed with a Mr Kyle Orton. Orton seemed to get better the more he played and Orton was also safe with the ball. I think in the end Orton is a better option than Grossman because of durability and Orton is better with the short to intermediate passes. Oh well it is going to be an interesting summer GO BEARS!!

Whether he is short or immobile, it's obvious that Rex can play. However, and unfortunately, he is still learning. Therefore, the Bears should not let him go. I remember the Dallas game in 07, he threw a perfect pass in the endzone to Berrian which he ultimately and inexplicably dropped. The game went downhill from there and the hope for the season with it. If Berrian had caught that pass that game and maybe the season could have been different. This is just one example and there are many similar ones where a lineman or RB misses a block and where a receiver runs the wrong route leading to an interception. But of course the blame undeservingly is piled on Grossman. The point is it's not all Rex's fault, it's never been. Yes he made mistakes. No one is perfect. But it's clear as day that the guy is capable of being a solid or even a great quarterback. Bradshaw is absolutely right; the Bears need the other pieces. Rex or anyone else can't do it by themselves. In 2008 the offensive line is still going to be bad. There are just too many holes on the line, the backfield and out wide. Which means that Rex, or Orton, will have the same problem as last year. This is why the one year extension is a major concern. It’s a stopgap. Sadly, Grossman may not be in the Bears future. And that's too bad because he is a good player. Just like most players he just needs help and some coaching.

Whether Rex haters want to admit it or not, if he leaves he will burn us. You can't ignore that this guy led the Bears to the SB. No, it was not the defense because they did not play well down the stretch. My concern is Angelo's inactivity in FA.

So Mr. Bradshaw how many sacks does it take to get to the middle of a Rex Grossman. 1, 2, 3, crunch. Three. I don't think we will ever know if this guy was good or not, he has been given a ton chances at QB and has yet to prove himself. He is not a Rookie by the way I wish people would just stop saying that. 5 seasons is not a rookie in any way shape or form and no offense (thats a pun) but if I was bad at my job for that long I would be gone. I don't blame Rex for the team though. Although he does play the most important position, however the offense has never been good, Hester and the D made the score a lot higher, offense the last 2 years has only gotten like 16-19 points a game. That is bad. As for Rex well looks like there giving him one year to get it together, a year in which he will have no WR, no RB, and no OLine, he will get injured you can bet on it. He is gonna get killed back there. That won't be his fault but right now he is in a no win situation. He can not make the Recievers, Oline and RB better. I feel bad for the guy, but hey he got to play pro ball for the Bears and was given millions to do it. But him and Orton are done.

completly agree
Bradshaw said it all
and Fly made great points I agree with you
its sad how many people dont realize this, but I sure do and its good to see that im not alone

BT - u are correct. Grossman can be great. Angelo needs to be active and get playmakers around him. Oh yeah, and some fat guys that can block. Heck, maybe Benson can run for 4 yards with a decent line.

Chris I hope he does leave, he will live longer and your right he will probably burn us. That usually seems to be what happens when players leave Chicago. It's probably that freakin goat laughing at us, mocking us, it wasn't enough to ruin the Cubs, oh no, he had to get to the Bears too. After all what is a Bear, nothing more than a big Cub. Darn you goat, I will have my revenge for this. Is it me or Does Angelo look like the Gypsy that owned that goat, in Fact doesn't Zell really look like the goat. My god they have come back from the grave to finish off chicago sports.

I have just read all of your comments and i agree with alot of them. I really agree with whoever said if we get rid of rex he'll burn us! It's a given that whoever the bears get rid of always comes back to bite us on the ass!!! i have watched every game rex has played in and i can say if he was to have some tackles who can cover the corners for him he wouldnt have fumbled so much. I like the way rex plays he has that go for it attitude, i would rather see him throwing the long ball then these little 2yard dump passes that get you NOWHERE, except 3 & out!!! so here is what i think the bears should do to get better at offense:

The defense will be fine as long as vasher and brown stay healthy.
i personally think when we are healthy on defense we are the best out there. i am predicting that mike brown will play every single game this year!!! just thought i would add my 2 cents

brando, they need to use the money on Harris and Hester and even Gould and if Grossman does which I believe he will once he gets Clady or Williams blocking for him and Chris Johnson from East Carolina in the 2nd and James Hardy the WR from Indiana in the 3rd, or Flacco then push Johnson & Hardy back a round then fill the roster with other lineman and needs.

FIRE RON TURNER!! get an o line, draft a running back, wide receiver and safety, groom a young stud QB and were in the mix.. remember its the nfc north!!!

Creighton you windsock make up your mind. Brando SEVEN SECONDS??? Mike from ft wayne spend money on what? These comments alone show the ignorance of some fans who don't know or understand the game. Jon Mike Brown were to spend a entire season on the field it would be great but I DON'T THINK SO!!. Unfortunately he will trip over the carpet and be out again, BTW Jon here's your change. The Bears have to learn how to draft in the first two rounds and they will be fine.

****Bradshaw also said**************
We'll never know how good Rex can be because he's never been surrounded with impact receivers.


if you are going to invest all this time in REX, how bout getting him some PROVEN playmakers at WR?! (AND NO I DONT MEAN DEVIN HESTER, HES A KR/PR !) and throw Greg Olsen the damned ball!!

7 seconds.Now I know that no QB gets 7 seconds.O-Line rarely can hold a D-Line for 4 seconds.It is a joke.Thats all.Im trying to make a point that the O-Line of the Chicago Bears just cant give enough time to Rex.Being that Rex is a pocket passer and cant get out of the pocket he needs all the time he can get.When givin time and that ONE WR That he locks on is open he can make the pass.

I am going to ask this again for Rex apologists.......How long? Since 5 years is not enough in your minds to know who Rex is, how much longer are you willing to wait? how much longer are you willing to sacrifice this team for one person to finally "get it"?

7 yrs.? 8? 10?

Djssr, you know I here you plan on organizing a walk out this year if the Bears suck, thats awsome. Now quit following me around your man crush is getting creepy.

I got some questions for you and the others on the board.

1. How many OLinemen were on the Bears last year or the year before, on the first team that Angelo drafted? Here is a clue "0"

2. In his carrer how many QB's has Angelo drafted for the bears and Tampa, and how many of them have gone to how many pro bowls with these teams? Take a guess here I believe it is 0, not sure how many he has drafted though I know it is above 7.

3. How many true starting RB's has he drafted that where actual starters who didn't split time in the backfield? 1 Dunn

4 How many pro bowl Olinemen has he drafted? O

5. How many Pro Bowl WR has he drafted? O

6. In his 20 years as an NFL GM how many Superbowl rings has he helped his teams get?

7. When did Angelo actually take control of the bears palyer personel department? 2004. Dick was in charge of the draft until then, so that was his first legit draft with the team. Grossman was actually not his pick, neither was Briggs.

8. How many offensive players did he take in that draft? 2 and they are no longer on the team. BB and the first QB he drafted for the Bears Craig Krenzel.

9. How about the 2005 Draft? he took 3 offensive players all of which are still on the team. Benson, Bradley, and Orton. What have Benson, Bradley and Orton done in that time? Nothing. Oh wait Orton didn't screw up and got credit for the Bears Deffense taking a team to the playoffs. Benson is a Bust and Bradley has 37 catches in 3 years. Wow.

10. How about 2006. Well we got Hester, thats 1 pick for JA, but he drafted him as a Corner Back, so it wasn't an offensive pick. His offensive picks where in the sixth round. Guard Tyler Reed and FB J.D Runnels. Anybody recognize those names? Didn't think so. But hey he finally drafted an offensive Linemen for the Bears. 1 in 3 years.

11. Last question. 2007 Draft. How did we do? We got lucky with Olsen in the first round, he dropped to us. No brainer pick. Now after 2007 the Bears new they needed a major upgrade on offense. So who did we take. Olsen(lucky us), Garrett Wolf(have no clue what he was thinking there), Guard Josh Beekman in the sixth round(he is still on the team, he just doesn't play cause he is bad) and OT Aaron Brant(gone, good bye, couldnt make it on this team)

Well I hope you can see how much he values offensive picks and how good he is a drafting offense. In 4 years we have 2 starters on offense from him, Benson the Bust, and Olsen at TE. Linemen 0, WR 0, QB 0 Orton is a back up. So he has drafted 2 Starters on offense for this team, our only loss from his drafting Barrien, Until Bradley or Hes get actual starting Jobs on offense I will leave them off. Cause one of them will not be starting maybe both. So I wonder in Angelo suddenly becomes good at Drafting offense this year?

Go bears, and with the 14th pick in the 2008 draft the Bears select Kentwan Balmer DT. Angelo's reason for going deffense first, "our defense is closer than our offense, I grab a OT in the 6th or 7th round and they will be fine".

Don't laugh it may happen.

i still think Rex is the man he need to focus more in games instead of relaxing and if he had a top WR a above RB with his line except the RT he will be good but we dont have those players we had and still have overrated WRs who cant catch or run routes we have 2 good TEs a good slot in Devin a good 3rd down back in Wolff. And keep Brown at S it might be their 2nd best move if he can play you cant deny his leadership

Rex can't even take the snap from center half the time. I suppose you want to blame this on the water boy, maybe even the bat boy is incompentent. He will not talk to the media about resigning because he is embarresed.

Bears please draft a QB in April and save us from this mess.

One more TIME: Rex Grossman is NOT an NFL qb.

I have changed my mind about the Bears draft, please do not let Angelo draft any offensive players. He is really really bad at it. Oh and most of all have him stay away from Quarter Backs, why waste a pick on a guy who will suck. These are Angelo's QB picks Craig Krenzel, Trent Dilfer, Kyle Orton. Oh don't let him pick a QB, let him draft deffense, he does ok there, oh and special team players too, thats it no offense. Why waste all our picks on guys who will not make the team. Als othis will alow fans to have something to cheer about, yeah are defense is good, and as Bears Fans we are already used to complaining about the offense so it won't really bug us. Statis quo.

Grossman has got to go ,he sucks ,hands are to small to hang onto ball,and doesn,t have the guts to step up in the pocket. He will win the starting job over Orton because in practice they don't get to hit him plus Lovie won't admit he is wrong. Things are realy bad with the Bears right now. I think Orton deserves a shot at the job,but i wish we would pick somebody up. They say Bensen might loose a step, thats great. So think about it no qb,no running game, let our receivers go, signed a receiver cut from a 1 & 15 team, Jerry Angelo calling our draft picks, Ron turner calling our plays like he did under the the great Dave Wannstat ,were still tring to recover from that. Oh don,t forget Terry Bradshaw said Wannstat was going to be one of the best coaches in the NFL. One last thought it doesn't matter if you have the best receivers in the leauge Moss, Harrison, or who ever ,if your qb can,t get the ball to them why waist the money.

Creighton.YOU DONT KNOW CRAP.You might have a little info but did you know on your comment(#7) you said Dick did the drafting.Not right. Does anyone remember Mark Hatley?
Will the real Mark Hatley plaese stand up.
Also maybe true that Jerry A has yet to draft a offensive player that has gone to the pro bowl,but he has picked up some GREAT defencesive players.
By the way since Lovie has been with the Bears he has had a little to say on who they have drafted.

wow brando. bet u are a ball of sunshine at work on monday mornings......truth is, we can gripe, piss, moan, think we are the know all, end all in football knowledge.... but the truth is we have no clue until they start playing in august.... don't get me wrong, I know our bears need help..but on any given sunday...and if they suck this year, we'll have the same posts next year....... either way, fan for life good times or bad.

Umm Brando, Hatley was not on the Bears in 2001, he was gone, back to the Pac, named Vice President incharge of scouting, remember or did we have 2 GM's? Angelo came in in 2001 but there was a problem. Jauron had it in his contract that he was to have control of the player roster, which entitled him to the GM powers Angelo was supposed to have. Then in 2003 Ed McCaskey died and his shares of the franchise where divided up between his family members and while Virginia is still in charge her family took a share holders vote and had Jauron fired at the end of the season and Angelo was given full GM powers at that time. His first official draft was in 04. Those are facts Brando and next time you mouth off at me maybe you should have your fact strait. Hatley was not even part of the orginization, why would you even think the Bears have two GM's? Also you said he has drafted several great offensive players, is that right. I said he drafted Dunn, so who are all his great offensive players that you know of. Name them. If you are going to question what I said at least back it up. Just like I just backed up what I said. I gave you names, dates, facts. You have given me nothing to support you claim. Oh you know what I forgot Alstott a fullback. Also under Angelo the Bucs whent through 12 strait seasons of loosing, that was until Dungy got there and the year after they hired him they made the playoffs. And Angelo tried to take the credit. Oh and Hatley was one of the best talent evaluaters in the NFL. Take a look at his draft picks over the years. It reads like a hall of fame resume. Unreal dude, for real, you don't like the facts, well guess what that is not my fault so don't go getting all mad at me because of it.

Hey djssr,sign who well hmm..lets see,Justin Smith, Marcus Stroud,Burner Turner,Randy MOss Derek Anderson,Not brandon lloyd and marty booker.Thats a joke!And yes Angelo is good with Defense But horrible with offense.Mark my word the Bears will suck until the Mckaskeys,Ron turner,Lovie smith and Jerry angelo all leave!!!I personally think Lovie Smith and Ron Turner are horrible coaches anyway!The cover Two defense sucks!Bring back Ron Rivera and the 46 defense!!!

George Halas missed Terry Bradshaw! I can't belive he is an Grossman fan. I'm a Bernard berrian fan.

You fans kill me. Some of you guys live in the past. How many guys have the BEARS given up on and they didn't come back to bite us. WWWAAAYYY more than the ones that did. And Goats don't do well in football lore. Simple math will explain the BEARS O-line's inability to stop pass rushers: 6 men can not block 8. Most teams succeed when they face 4 down linemen and expect to pick up a blitz of maybe one player. But when teams are bringing 4 and 4 blitzers I don't care who your team is made up of they will not succeed. Yeah, the line got old. But they got beat to a pulp most of the time because teams dared Rex to beat them and for Benson to pick up a blitzer which he rarely did. Fact of the matter is that losing Jones hurt the team more than some of you expected. When he was here these blogs were full of guys who hated on him. Guys who felt that Benson would be better. It was obvious to some of us that it took more to being a RB than running over people in spot duty like he did so well. Yeah, Angelo can evaluate talent on defense. Is it time to wonder that he may be getting some input from a head coach who is also defense minded? You think Ron Turner is getting any input with who he wants. Maybe this Lloyd signing is his first time getting through. Do you think he wanted to get rid of the guys that he utilized up until the last game of the year, in Moose and Berrian? He gets no input into anything but he has to use the guys that Angelo gets him. Maybe he wanted Griese gone and got his second wish. Do you think that Pep Hamilton is on his wish list? Guys sometimes flourish with they guys that they wanted and maybe they sink because they have to use guys that they don't want. Being enamored with a guy who remind you of yourself is what a lot of guys do. But if Bradshow was right all the time about things he'd beat all those other guys in picking winners every week and he'd be more than an announcer on TV. Creighton, you are the man. Everyone should bring a little info into the equation before they make some asinine comment made up of emotion. You brought up a lot of food for thought.

Jon was right. Also, Terry Bradshaw is right. Rex is a good QB. He can throw the football 70 yards flat-footed, on a dime. Can any of you guys do that? Gimme a break. Fire Turer? Why the blazes stop there? Get rid of Lovie Howell Smith and Jerry Angel, too!

Al Sprehe, well I don't know about all that, Rex is actually good at play action, he tends to throw INT'S cause he spies his own recievers, he never goes through his progressions which is his biggest problem, he can not scramble and panics under pressure, he has a good are but lacks accuracey, he can not thread the ball, he shuffles his feet, when he does throw flat footed you can bet it is gonna be an INT, when he sets, steps into his throw and fires he is accurate with a good are. His other big problem is his feet, he has happy feet so you get INT's. The good news is all his problems except for his size are fixable. The bad news is, in five years he has yet to fix them and he isn't getting any bigger, no matter how much milk he drinks.

thanks wrd. you know jake your right about there are way more players that dont bite us in the ass after we give them up, but there are still alot that do. for example: dont you think we would have been better with chris harris last year when we had both starting cornerbacks out and our staring safety? chris had time invested in our defense, he knew it, and he played it well. bad choice for the bears to get rid of him i think. i kinda like lovie as the coach, but holy crap, show some EMOTION MAN!!! i love the ditka era where if you messed up you, you heard about as soon as you got back to the sidelines!!! i know alot about football and the rules and stuff like that. but i'll be the first to admit that i dont know crap about who drafted who and when. what i say on here is just my opinion, and what I think the bears should do, nothing more, nothing less.

Quick question: how many times have we given up on a QB and he's bitten us,later on. Say Harbaugh and no one else. With that parade of QBs that we have had since the Pack has had Favre name one of those guys who is or was any good with another team after us. Not a one. Fans in Chicago keep bringing the Cubs into all equations because they've lost plenty of players who were better after they left. But the BEARS aren't the Cubs. You mention Chris Harris but were you reading the blogs when he was here? The fans hated him. Not like Archuleta but pretty close. Same thing with Thomas Jones. These fans don't miss a good thing until it's gone or they suddenly like a guy who they hated while he was here. Rex fall into that category to a point but he plays a position that we miss on too many times. We haven't had quality in decades. Kramer should be considered the last good QB we had because our offense was good then but our defense sucked bad. We could've done some real damage in the league if our defense could've stopped everyone else's offense back then. But the parade of used up or never-wases keep adding up.Even Rex didn't have any faith in hisself because he didn't even give free agency a chance. He signed faster than Briggs did and we know Briggs got his wish to see what was out there. Maybe Rex did put some feelers out there and had no takers. There the NFL go again turning their collective noses up to a guy who can possibly be a winner.

Rex signed for one year. Brandon Lloyd signed for one year. Orton signed for one year. Marty Booker signed for two years. Cedric Benson's contract is up at the end of this year, I believe. Does anyone see a pattern here? The Bears offense has one year to get the ball rolling, or else it is a MAJOR overahaul next season. They will have an incredible amount of cap room. The roster could be turned upside down on the offensive side. The free agent market this year was/is lean at best, which is why the overhaul didn't happen this offseason. Anything less than a playoff run will result in a serious shakedown. My guess is that if they draft a quarterback in the first round, the writing is on the wall. They will be giving that QB a year to learn the system before giving them the starting job in case Orton or Grossman continue their inconsistancies this season. If they draft an O-lineman in the first round, they really do believe in one of these two quarterbacks.
Hopefully Rex will stand and deliver. Hopefully the line gives him time enough to throw the long ball and work the play-actions. Hopefully Cedric Benson shows the power that we know he has and has a breakthrough season. Hopefully Garrett Wolfe progresses into the "Brian Westbrook-type" change of pace back that management thinks he will be. Hopefully the dropped passes that plagued the receiving corps are over and done with because of Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd.
One thing is for certain. GO BEARS!!!

I agree with Terry Bradshaw.
It was obvious to see how the Giant receivers stepped it up for Eli Manning. If the Bear receivers do the same for Rex, they'll be able to win a super bowl to.

I agree with bradshaw also.its all about the benjamin nowdays,if you don't produce big time in a couple of yrs everybody want to kick you to the curb.I'm glad their giving rex one more shot,put some talent around this kid and 1 or 2 more seconds and he can shred a defense.I think we pick up a good rb in draft in the 1st or 2nd,couple strong ol,add another wr in draft or fa we won't be in bad shape.As for speed at wr,bradley and hester ring a bell.If bradley can stay bhealthy for a change he is a gamebreaker,and we need hester on the field at all times,last year defenses could hone in on him because he was only in the game maybe 15 to 20 guys might remember a third rnd draft pick about the same size as no.23 who became a pretty good number 1.Steve Smith started out as a punt/kr.He turned out to be pretty good just ask the bears D.

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