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Booker chose Bears for opportunity

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Wide receiver Marty Booker mulled the possibility of signing with the New England Patriots, but said Thursday on a conference call that the opportunity to be a No. 1 receiver with the Bears helped him make his decision.

Booker agreed to a $3.5 million, two-year contract Tuesday night.

"I just figured it would be a better opportunity for me to come to Chicago and the opportunity prsented itself. I had to jump on it,'' Booker said.

"Going anywhere else I would have had to take that role of being a No. 2 or No. 3 guy and I look at this coming into Chicago I have that opportunity to get that No. 1 job and be the No. 1 guy. The opportunity and the option here was just better for me and then plus Chicago, this is where it all started. I still feel I have some unfinishd business up there."

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Number one reciever, where on earth did he get that idea?? Unless Angelo told he had a shot at it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He wasn't even a number one in Miami, this is the Bears new number one reciever. Is Bradley really that bad?? Hahahahaha. This is funny I mean really funny, well there goes the idea that he was brought in to mentor the young guys and be a club house guy. He is competing for the 1 spot. That is awsome, the bears are going to be so bad, I am sure Marty will be able to get open with that great Oline prtecting Rex. LMAO, this has got to be a joke.#1, if he really is I ma gonna enjoy these boards come fall, all these stout hart fans who think the Bears and Angelo can do no wrong. This is a 5 win team at best and that is stretching it. Oh man wait till Harris gets hurt again, B Lach slows down, Rex gets injured again, and Benson goes down again, along with Bradley and oh can't forget Mike Brown. This will be a blast. Super Bowl baby.

I do not think Angelo can do no wrong but I also disagree with your pesimistic veiwpoint. Too many of you Chitowners are like this. All the criticism and no solutions.
HIGHLY unlikely all of the injuries you predicited will happen again! Brown is about the equivalant of a 3rd year player. If he can stay healthy he'll be awesome. Who knows, it might not even be Grossy starting for us. We need WR, OL, RB.
this team, in it current state, is maybe a five win team but theres still a lot of time between now and next season.
When we start kicking ass again - ala 2006...then what will you blog about?
how you called it all along, right?
Im sure there will be no mention of your above post unless its me rubbing it in your jk. are totally know nothing about the bears and do not know what you are talking about..bradley has a lot of talent for wide receiver...the bears d will be in the top 5 next season if they stay healthy...urlacher will be back full strength and last year he had 5 ints and 5 sacks hurt all year...then if nathan vasher and mike brown are healthy then the d will be great...the oline needs to get fixed on the offensive side

I think this is nothing more than business as usual for the Bears. Outside of the QB position, all of our starting positions have been up for grabs every year. Granted, there was no one on the roster to unseat many of our starters (Briggs, Urlacher, Clark, Tait, Miller, Kreutz, Ogunleye), but Lovie preaches competition every year. If Booker is good enough to be our #1 (god help us all), it will be because either he is the only option, or because he is the best option. I don't have a lot of faith in Booker's ability to be a #1 WR, and never have. I will quite frankly be shocked if he wins out and gets the job, but right now the roster is pretty thin at WR, especially if you try and look at WRs with experience. Rashied Davis is a free agent, and has not signed his tender. That leaves Brandon Rideau (non-existent as a WR), Mike Hass (should have gotten a chance at the end of the year, but no experience in games), Devin Hester (not exactly a brain surgeon, but as much physical talent as Steve Smith in Carolina), and Mark Bradley. I was at the game in Detroit a few years ago when Bradley blew out his knee, and he was tearing up the secondary in the first half. Granted, it was Detroit, but they flat out could not cover him, and the play where he got hurt he was turning a 7 yard crossing route into a 20-30 yard gain. I think he has the potential to be better than Moose or Berrian ever were in a Bears uniform, but is it going to happen? If it does, then JA looks like a genius for letting Berrian and Moose walk. If it doesn't, he gets flak all year long for letting all of his experienced wideouts walk in the offseason.

My preference would have been to just go for it with the young guys, and let your depth chart be Bradley, Hester, Hass, Davis, and Rideau. Olson and Clark should be the #1 targets in the passing game anyway, and the receivers only need to keep the defense honest. Hester and Bradley are both capable of stretching the defense, and Hester will draw a safety over the top on most plays, leaving Olson or Clark on a linebacker in coverage. We would win that matchup all day long. With Booker, every time he is on the field, the defense can creep up into the intermediate zones (10-15 yards from scrimmage)on his side of the field. That's where Marty makes his living, and sadly, that is also where Desmond Clark and Greg Olson need to make theirs. It's going to be awfully crowded around there, and it isn't going to leave a lot of space for Orton or Grossman to fit the ball in there. If the Bears are not planning on using 2 tight end sets, having Booker, Bradley, and Hester on the field is pretty solid, with either Clark or Olson at TE, but they would be wasting our best offensive weapons if they did that. As much as possible, we should be running single back, 2 tight ends, and 2 WRs. You put speed on the outside to keep the coverage honest, move one tight end in motion to the slot, which pulls a LB out of the box, and then you have your pick of running the ball on 6 defenders, or passing to the mismatch. Marty doesn't fit that offensive scheme. If I am wrong, and they run single tight end sets, then we are going to be a predictable, pedestrian offense again, and Benson and the QB(s) are in for a long season.

I think the organization is in a rebuilding mode rite now we have yet to go after any decent wide out bryant johnson dj hackett marty booker is the best they can do were in trouble this off season te draft wont help us much trade cedric the bust benson for a proven wide ouy since they dont want to pay for talent why not swap for it we need so much help at the qb position not funny im a die hard bears fan but rite now were a team with so many holes andit dont look like no ones going to do any ting about it what are the ted phillips of this orgainization doing ?im listenen

I have no clue about the Bears huh. Ok lets see Booker has had 3 knee surgeries and 2 ankle surgeries. He got canned fron the fins a 1-15 team he around 500 yards a season the last 4 years. Bradley has a ton of talent and the reason the bears got him in the second round was because he had injury issues and was comming off knee surgery in college. His first year with the Bears he injured his knee again and it ended his season. The next year the same thing happened. Last year he got hurt in training camp and while he was on the roster at the 5 spot he did not play cause he was hurt. As for Mike Brown he has been hurt the last three years strait. He is injury prone. As for him being in his third year Brown will be starting his 9th season with the Bears along with Lach. Oh and just for the record Arthritis which Brian has in his back as stated by him and the team is a degenerative disease with no cure. His back will not get better only worse that is a fact, oh and high impact stuff like football does not help, also last year was his worst season as a Bear, these are his own words. Harris by the way has had 2 major surgeries and one minor one sense he has been a Bear. These are just facts, go to the Bears web site and look up there injury reports. It's that simple, sorry to break it to you. But then again I am the one who does not know the team. Also to say the Bears or any team in the NFL will go through the season without injury is insane, it's a contact sport people. As Booker he has never been a #1, he 500 yards last year, Bradley had 70. Do the math, now add the fact that there Oline is brutal, Olin has lost a step, Tait is over exposed at the LT position and got killed last year, Garza is solid, they have no starting right Guard or RT. There reciever corp is brutal it was one of the worst in the NFL the last 2 years. Hester is not a WR, he can run one route and Lovie said he was there number 3 option, he is a return man and the best there is, however I doubt he will see the ball much cause no team except the Broncos is that stupid. Rex and Orton are a joke at QB and with no OLine they will be getting pummled just like last year but worse. Oh and then there is running back, Benson, he had off season Surgery, gasp what a shock an injured bear. But hey all they did was put a metal plate in his leg to reatach the bone and hold it together. Umm he was slow before, Lovie just said he has lost a step, and the Bears are scouting Mendenhall. So lets see I know nothing about the Bears right? Thats what was said. So I guess last season didn't happen. They really where not 7-9?? The where secretly disguised as the Giants and one the Super Bowl. I guess the Bears have never had bad draft picks under Angelo either, look at what all of those great players from last years Draft did to help the Bears go from a Super Bowl team to 7-9. Oooops I mean Super Bowl champs disguised as the Giants. Good thing we didn't loose anyone from last season or the Superbowl season, after this draft where gonna be so good teams are just gonna call and say they can't make it to the game cause the Bears are just that damn good.I

you're a "glass is half full" kind of guy!
I like that about you!


Booker is deceptively fast and physical. Miami just didn't use him properly, and he's never looked comfortable in that uniform. He's back in Chicago where his heart is and will be the most reliable receiver for the Bears this season.

I Think Creighton is right!!!You guys dont know what you're talking about!!!The McKaskeys are cheap!We have 32 mil in cap room,Soldiers Field just got renovated and they made MADD money last season and thier not landing any free agents other than Booker and BRIGGS?The Mngmnt Stinks,so do the owners!Thats chicago fans problem,they have too much hope.You Let The Tribune,Reinsdork, and the McCheapskis, take avantage of your inability too see CHANGE MUST COME!!!

Hey you guys go over to thread about Farve and the bears 21 different starting QB's. Take a look at all the guys Angelo has thought would be good at the job. Look at all the guys he used. The whole list is not all his but the bottom third is. It's so brutal, I don't think any of them are in the NFL anymore. You want to see cheap just look at that lsit. The most important position on the team and that is what we have been using.

Hey now I am not Half Full or half empty. I am just a half a glass kinda guy.

I think the bears org. needs re=tooling, not just the club itself. It'll starts with ownership. As everyone recalls after the '85 super bowl, The owners got increasingly cheaper, a prime example of that, Wilber Marshal, they let him in lieu of free agency walk. He was only 26 yrs old. That Bears defense was never the same again. That's just an example of what ownership can do or not. Again, and Papa Bear {GH} would be turning in he's grave for the inefficient manner that this organization has become over the last 20 years. Mrs Virginia, with all due respect, please leave the 20th century mindset behind and join us in the 21st, either dump the team to a true football fan Owner or get with the program.

Get your facts straight before you start blathering on. Da Bears had 32 Million in cap space about 3 weeks ago; you know, before they gave new contracts to A.Brown, D.Clark, L.Briggs, K.Orton, Rex, and M.Booker. That doesn`t sound very cheap. And how about the re-signing of C.Tillman, N.Vasher, A.Peterson, H.Hillenmeyer, and O.Kreutz during last season! The are lucky if they have 10 million left. And how do you expect the Bears to resign B.Urlacher, T.Harris, D.Hester, or even sign their draft picks, if they go chasing some tier 2 free agent with wads of cash because no one else better is available (see Vikings and Raiders). Why don`t you consider the accusation your making and think about it before your fingers hit the keyboard next time.

Just an interesting note on Booker. Last year BB had 4 dropped passes and Booker had 7 dropped passes in 20 fewer attempts. Those are official numbers by the way. So Booker of the golden hands according to some around here had almost twice as many drops in twentie fewer attempts than Butter fingers Berrian. Well, boy is he an upgrade at number one. I know BB was not worth the cheese, but Booker is 32 and nobody wanted him, grated the Bears are desperate on offense, but how anyone thinks this makes the bears better than last year, better think twice. Oh also it looks like Davis is also gone. Boy the Bears better have the best draft ever. I mean ever. You know JA just needs to step to the side and let the BIG C handel this draft for him. I don't even want money, just step to the side before you screw up my team, let me fix it and we can get on to the Super Bowl. All I need is 2 years and in third we win the Super Bowl. So just go sit in the put on the dunce cap and let me save the team any further humiliation

most of you are so clueless. look at angelo's track record. its good not great on the defensive side and absolutely pathetic on the offensive side. a robot just choosing the best available athlete in the draft could do better then him making all of these reaches in division 1AA schools. like Creighton said look at the losers he has brought in to play QB. its the most crucial position and he does less than nothing. you all need to wake up and face the hard truth. the owners are cheap, angelo is horrible and we are facing rebuilding years. how many chances does rex get to kill our team. 5 years of ints, fumbled snaps, and injuries. guess what he is what he is and thats not an nfl QB. benson is a bust, he has no heart or dedication and gets injured. if he was that good we wouldn't have had to trade thomas jones so he could start. If bradley was that good he would have been playing for us. he blew his knee out in college and then again with the bears, so place all your hopes on a guy with no knees to be a pro bowl player with rex at QB. i dont mind my favorite team being bad, i do mind when its run by people that dont make smart decsions and then wont admit their mistakes. dont tell me we are close to a superbowl and say you are going to fix the offense and then do nothing but keep the players we already have. thats not improving the team.

Umm Nick all the Guys you name Booker, Rex, Orton, Briggs, Brown, they all got on the Cheap. Booker is making about a 1/4 what he did last year, Orton and Rex have salaries comparable to NFL back ups, Briggs was a steal cause he panicked, and Brown was a deal, also the guys they signed last season they got a good deal on as well, probably because they thought they would be a playoof contender for awhile. As for being luck if they have 10 million left I think you need to take a look at there number. Now after all those signings you listed, the Bears sit at 32 million under the cap and number will go down. Harris will get a good contract, and so will Hes but I bet the Bears low ball both of them, Lach is trying to restructure his contract and he may get some more money but if he does it will not be huge. As for signing guys, how many guys have they signed that where not on the team last year? 1 guy, they signed one guy. How many did they loose? About a dozen, how many of the guys you listed have taken a pay cut? 3 of them. How many starting Jobs are up for Grabs on offense? 8, we got 8 spot up for grabs on the first team. How many on deffense are up for grabs? 3. How many draft picks do we have? 8. Are there more cuts along the way this year? You bet there are. Adam A will probably get bagged, Davis is all but gone, at least 1 RB will get canned. There are even questions about Benson being able to start the season. Major off season surgery. So how do you think the Bears are going to fill out there Roster? They don't have enough Draft picks. This is what will happen Angelo will refuse to admit the team is rebuilding, he will not address the offense as much as people think, he believes Rex who he drafted is a starter, and that Bradley, Hester and Booker are your WR corp, he believes Benson will be fine and that all he needs on offense is a OT which he will draft in the first of second round, He will also get a QB and a WR, after that he will go deffense, looking for a DT, a saftie or two, and a player or two for special teams. If the Bears don't win in 08 then they may start rebuilding. Trying to tweek this team is like trying to plug a leak in Hoover dam with you finger. Angelo is like Pax he over values his own players talent. Just for the record the guy has never Drafted a true Starting QB in his entire carrer, or a RB, or A top flight offensive Tackle. Never, just take a look at his picks in Tampa. That team was Brutal until Tony Dungy got there, then all of a sudden there draft picks got better and they became winners. Look at al his QB's and RB's not a starter in the Bunch, same as OT. Why do people think he focuses so much on D in the draft, and tends to address the offense via free agency. Our Oline had one draft pick on it the last two years and he didn't even draft that guy. There are zero Angelo OLine men on this team. Zero, the guy has one of the worst offensive draft records you can imagine. Not just in chicago but look at Tampa. Name all the great WR he has drafted. The best offensive player he ever drafted is a kick returner who he wanted to make into a CB.

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