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UPDATED: Booker agrees to two-year deal with Bears

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Three days after losing Bernard Berrian to the Minnesota Vikings, the Bears have brought back a receiver they have always called their own.

Marty Booker agreed to a two-year contract Tuesday night. Booker, who holds the franchise record with 100 receptions from 2001, had interest from the New England Patriots into Tuesday that could have been affected when the team re-signed Jabar Gaffney.

Even after trading Booker with a third-round pick to the Dolphins in 2004, general manager Jerry Angelo would refer to him as ``our Marty Booker,'' a sign of the regard he held him in.

Now, he is theirs again.

Check back for more details soon.

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Welcome back, Booker. Hope you can help us out a bit.

better than moose

hopefully this is not their answer at WR. I know they wanna draft one, but before Booker y not take a lot at Javon Walker and/or DJ Hackett??

Wow! The Bears sign a free agent outside of the club!


hey booker is a great pickup.. hey the pats have proven to take the average joe and do great things with them.. it all starts with the line. the line blocks give the qb time the wr have the advantage the longer the qb has time.. the bears needed a vet like booker big wr than can block as well and he's familiar with chitown...

It is about time... I always liked Booker. He still has something left in the tank to help us in a transition period and will undoubtedly be a positive influence on our inexperienced receivers. Now get Javon Walker and a real RB...

I would have liked to see Bryant Johnson. They are so cheap, it's amazing. And they are probably gonna pass up Mendenhall saying we need linemen. Skilled players are hard to come by, gotta jump on'em quickly. The Bears don't have enough draft picks to fill all the voids with starter quality players. They are probably gonna reach deep into small colleges as usual. And I think Tait will soon be 33. My hope is we get Bryant Johnson and a lineman via trade. Pick a RB with the first pick and another lineman through the draft. They can't possibly be thinking that they will get everything through the draft. This is madening.

Hopefully Booker can help the young receivers but also contribute at the same time. But I agree with Josh I hope this is not Angelos answer at receiver. Booker certainly was a good receiver for the Bears but Booker is getting a little long in the tooth, also Booker is injury prone. Draft wise the only way to get a receiver that will contribute right away is to use a first day pick on one. Unfortunately the Bears don't have that luxury the Bears have got to address the offensive line and bring in another runningback. That is the main reason I would like to see the Bears bring in Bryant Johnson or D J Hackett that way the Bears can concentrate on the tackle position early in the draft vs receiver so GO BEARS!!

I want the same hallucinogenic substances that the management is on because to believe that these moves are good, it must be some excellent stuff. Are they trying to deliberately test us or to simply chase all of us out of town?

This is a great move. A 2 year deal makes perfect sense. This is one of the best free agent signings that the Bears have made in the past few years. I was upset that the Bears traded Booker a few years ago. He's one of the most reliable receivers that the Bears have had. Moose was a one year wonder with Carolina and never did much in Chicago. Berrian is one dimensional and may never reach his so called "potential." Booker is a proven winner and a fan's favorite.

Hey Marty, welcome back and bring back your end zone dance!

This is cool. I never knew about this guy before but he sounds like a valuable receiver and he CHOSE da Bears over the Patriots. I really look forward to seeing what the hub-bub was over this guy next season.

Um...... Who cares? The rest of the offense and offensive coordinator are so awful that you can even put Jesus Christ at wide reciever and even he wouldn't even get the ball! Hello! There's a run game needed, a few good o' lineman, and for God's sake A REAL #1 QB AND WR!!! No more third stringers or has-beens.

We finally made a move....about time. Don't knock Booker too hard Bears fans. Does he offer any less than Moose? I think not. He's slightly younger, under used for the last two years, and has an excellent work ethic. This isn't a home run, by any means, but we do have a veteran who will help develop younger talent at this position. Now we need to do something similiar on the O-line and we'll begin to pull this team out of stagnation on offense. Forget Walker, he's a Raider, pursue Hackett, or Julius Jones and possibly Jake Scott and you can begin to put into place a decent offense. Trade back, draft a tackle high, grab a young QB to groom and please get Limas Sweed or Manningham with the 2nd pick. Who knows, we may actually have a respectable offense sometime before 2010?

WOW! What a value if the prelim amount of $$ it cost us is right. Booker IS a possession receiver. Moose dropped way to many passes but was a exceptional blocker. Marty would drop two or three per season and blocks almost as good as Moose. Berrian couldn't block a nose bleed, was uncomfortable going over the middle and would drop to the ground if you looked at him too hard. I absolutely agree; Berrion was strictly one deminsional, but an great deep threat. Marty is older, but much bigger and tougher!! But his greatest value is his experience, his ability to be a Mentor to our much younger recievers, and the fact Marty was, and is a Bear. He always was comfortable with that image and wore it on his sleave proudly. What a super all-round value, and he comes loaded with the intangables that any championship locker-room needs, Experience, Work Ethic & Pride!! Welcome Home BOOK!

This is a good signing that allows the Bears to use a guy with a big body and good hands. He also comes at a much cheaper price than the others that are left out there. Walker was never coming to Chicago, Hackett is injury prone and both him and Johnson want too much money for their current ability. The Bears see that just as they see Berrian is not worth the money the Vikes gave him. Now we need to get some help on the OFFENSIVE LINE! If you can't block then you can't run and you can't pass. Anybody who thinks we should not take a lineman in the first round needs to reach down between their legs and give a good yank on those ears! Mendenhall(or anybody else for that matter) isn't going to be any better off with the line we have than Benson will be. Find a good back in the second or third round and go from there. It is good to see Marty back in the right uniform.

Booker chose the Bears over the Patriots?! ROTFLMAO!! My God, Bears fans fall for the most transparently cynical spin. Yes, Booker visted Foxboro after being released by the Dolphins, but there was no further interest on the Patriots part after that. [Read Biggs' article on the main page if you don't believe it.] That should tell us plenty. Well maybe not if some of us are that naive to begin with.

This is most def an up grade from Moose and B2...

Booker chose the Bears over the Patriots?! ROTFLMAO!! My God, Bears fans fall for the most transparently cynical spin. Yes, Booker visted Foxboro after being released by the Dolphins, but there was no further interest on the Patriots part after that. [Read Biggs' article on the main page if you don't believe it.] That should tell us plenty. Well maybe not if some of us are that naive to begin with.

I don't care if he was close too signing with the Pats or not I'm happy too see him back in a Bears uniform.Period

dave parks lighten up why such negativity on the site.. we ar suppose to be bear fans.. i guess your not and should be called a hater..

Another brilliant move.

I can hardly wait. In six or so years when Bernard Berrian is no longer able to perform and no one else is interested in him the Bears can pick him up for pennies on the dollar!

Go Bears Front Office!

Great signing! Do NOT over pay for Hackett or Johnson unless you are sure they can be a number 1 receiver. Draft Clady/Williams/Otah in the first or trade the pick. Then draft Carl Nicks out of Nebraska to play Guard in the second. Pick up a rb/wr/qb that slips to the third round.

FINALLY!!!!! Angelo goes out and gets someone. See Jerry, it isn't that hard. Now, go get us some O-line help and fast. Welcome back Booker.

Another slow receiver with suspect hands??? This solves all our problems! Why would you bring in Booker when you have Mike Hass on the roster who has better hands and just as much speed and quickness? If you want to bring in someone to replace Muhammed, that's fine, but I think he is already on the roster. If Angelo is expecting Hester to replace Berrian, that might not be so bad, since all Berrian did was run fly routes and drop catchable balls. Hester can do that. While Hackett and Johnson are asking high prices, they possess something that Booker does not at this point in his career: upside. Both of those younger, faster, bigger, stronger players can get better. Booker is looking to hang on for a couple more years. I still think we need to focus on the TEs as our primary weapons in the passing game, but we need more than a Marty Booker to shore up our WR group. If Rashied Davis gets a decent offer in free agency, the Bears will probably let him walk too, which will leave another hole.

I really hope the Bears are looking to wheel and deal in the draft to get more picks, because we are sure going to need them to fill the gaping holes in our roster right now. By my estimation, we need at least one OT, a RB, at least one WR, a QB, a S, at least one G,not to mention upgrading our depth at LB (after Jamar Williams, we have Rod Wilson, Darrell McClover, and Mike Okwo...Is anybody comfortable with that?). That's an awful lot to ask for out of 8 draft picks, and if our track record of the last couple of years is any indication, 2 of those 8 will end up on IR in the early part of the season. Maybe we can move back to 16 with Arizona and pick up another 4th rounder (they probably wil want Mendenhall or Stewart, and one may not make it past the Lions), and we can still get Chris Williams to play LT. If we move back with Houston at 18, who may want the same player as Arizona, we can get 18 and 79 out of the deal, and probably still get Williams. If we move back any farther, I think we have to consider a WR or Felix Jones in 1, and then go OL and QB for our next two picks. Jerry is digging himself a hole, and it is going to take a lot of luck, and all of his scouting department to dig their way out of it.

This makes no sense to me. Has anyone seen Booker play the last 2 years for Miami? He makes Moose look like a track star and drops more balls than BB. Both his knees are shot. I like Booker but if he is the answer, then I want to know what the question was. I can't see him helping the team. Also think about this, he was cut by the 1-15 Dolphins. Not good enough for Miami, but good enough for the bears???

Mighty Marty Booker is the finest WR to ever play for the Bearss. Welcome back, Marty!

Gotta say I agree with this move. Remember, the Bears have good talent in Mark Bradley and Hester at WR. We won't know how good they can be if they don't get a real shot in the offense.

Booker is an upgrade from Moose and I expect Hester and Bradley to fill the void with the speed, play-action game that is one of Rex's strong suits.

Hester is so quick in the open field, I was shocked the Bears didn't run more quick-slants from three-step drops when both he and Rex were on the field last year.

IMO, the passing game is moot if the Bears don't get some depth at Offensive Tackle and Running Back. I truly think the Bears would see an instant 2-win improvement with proven veterans at one or both of these positions. I agree they should draft at these positions as well, but, I think even a non-superstar, quality tackle or back could really help right now.

I'm sure more players will be cut and traded before and after the draft. We need to be patient with Jerry. I think he's doing pretty well so far. Is Derrick Ward still around? What about Julius Jones?

And I'm not hearing much from the fans about the Safety position. Which, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the most important positions in the Tampa-2 defense. I love Mike Brown, but you know he's not gonna finish the season. I don't think Adam Archuleta can get it done full-time. Somebody, anybody, tell me, can the Bears stop the run and close the seam with the current secondary?

I still hear Brady Quinn is on the DL trading block and worth the risk. Rumors are the Browns will take a third rounder this year and a first rounder next year...I dunno...tempting.

Joe you are my hero my friend you are a knowledgeable fan who makes sense. I agree 99% the only thing is a QB will be there later than 3 or 4 let's load up on OL, Ainge and Booty will probably be there maybe even Dixon a wildcard in my opinion. Healing from a injury could be a steal he is sure under the radar right now and before he got hurt he was a Heisman candidate. He's tough tried to play hurt good leadership potential.

With an aging offensive line, we pick up a has been WR in Marty Booker. The Bears are just too cheap! If you can't afford it or are not willing to pay for any one but has beens, then sell the team to someone who gives a s---! We still haven't addressed the OL. What are you waiting for? The draft can't give you everything you need!!!!!!

I was very skeptical when Lovie stated during the combine that the Bears are NOT REBUILDING. Now I can see he was telling the absolute truth.

I guess we will have to wait for the next coach and/or GM to start rebuilding this team which clearly has so many needs.

Dear Fellow Bears Fans,
Please calm down for a moment! As fans, people tend to look for nothing but flash via free agency. As a 42 year old life-long Bears fan, I, too, have been guilty of this. But please take a second and try to see the big picture here; the Bears are focused solely on keeping their own guys. If we miss one because we refuse to overpay (B2), we plug in a (cheap)vet (Booker). This, again, leaves money to resign our own guys. You folks are looking at Bryant and DJ as if they're OCHO CINCO & WHO'S YER MAMA! And they'll be paid that way! But not by Chicago, who would prefer to invest in Tommie Harris, Robbie Gould, etc.. This is why the NFL owners don't scroll through the blogs looking for GMs! Okay...maybe Al Davis does. Anyway, if you're waiting for the Bears to draft a day 1 RB, don't hold your breath. They have too much invested in Benson and will give him at least 2008 to be the bust he is striving to prove himself to be. And if you're waiting for the Bears to draft a day 1 WR, I'd be shocked if they did. They believe that at least one of their current young receivers will grow into a #1. Booker will help. And guess what; once the youngster does become a #1, he'll already be signed to a long term contract! So, again, take a moment to try to see the big picture. If you still can't, wait patiently for EA Sports to create 'NFL GM 09' and create your own team. And if you're really lucky, perhaps Al Davis will scroll this page, appreciate how well you are at whining about your team (which is one year removed from the NFC Title) and instantly hire you as his GM! Either way, GO BEARS!

when are we as fans going to wake up. the bears are cheap and lying to us. the only thing comming from angelo and smith's mouths are how close we are to the superbowl and we are going to fix the offense. these are lies. if we were that close, we would have franchised berrian, signed michael turner and plugged some OL in and gone for it next year. but we resign rex, let berrian go but had to (way to expensive to keep) and dont replace benson. now they want to make hester full time at WR. when was the last time a player with little experience at the WR postion had a good year and still was doing what he does on special teams. i'll tell you never. if they make him full time on offense, he does nothing on special teams. he has scored more TD's for us in the last two years than anyone elso and he doesn't play offense, thats how bad we are. Why go to the games when they aren't trying to put a winning team on the field. oh ya and they are raising ticket prices. can my favorite team be any more classy?

Fly, you just made my day. Thank you.

Fly, i couldn't agree with you more. How the Bears can raise ticket prices on a delapidated product is beyond me. How does the original franchise of the NFL allow itself to give the City of Chicago such a pathetic team? We are the laughingstock of the NFL. I wish our front office would stop taking chances on unproven and unsuccessful coaches and players. What has Ron Turner ever won? What games has Mark Bradley broken open? How did those experimental projects go with Rashied Davis and Airese Currie? Why does no one mention that Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner ran the Illinois program into the ground in one of the weakest divisions in college football! Somehow Angelo is convinced that he'll do better in the pros!!?!? Why don't the Bears use Greg Olsen as the weapon he is? Why didn't we invest in Faneca and Michael Turner, considering our pathetic QB/WR situation? What will the Bears do once (knock on wood) Hester gets injured after overplaying at WR and KR? Can't the Bears allow Hester to do what he does on special teams and add to his game breaking ability with a similarly-talented WR? I'm no GM but I am baffled by what's happened to the once-premier NFL franchise. Papa Bear Halas must be rolling over in his grave.


Wake up! This isn't MLB and the New York Yankees. NFL teams can't just sign anybody "willy-nilly". Bradley, Hester, Olsen, Booker, and Clark are very capable ballers. Hester is lightning in a bottle, Bradley has shown as much play-action ability as Berrian, and Olsen, Clark, and Booker are all excellent possession guys. The Bears could stand to have one more guy, maybe even a third or fourth rounder, but they don't need more than that.

Wake up! The Jets are well on their way to another 10-loss season even with all the guys they signed in FA. Chicago needs help at the following positions, ranked in importance:

1. Offensive Tackle
2. Running Back
3. Safety
4. Quarterback
5. Wide Reciever

Rex has shown some great upside and downside. Kyle has shown he can manage a football game. But I still think Chicago should make a run at somebody else for their QB. I've mentioned taking a gamble on Brady Quinn, but what about Daunte Culpepper? How many games has Rex or Kyle "taken over" and actually WON for the Bears. With Rex, maybe two or three. With Kyle, zero. Culpepper? He won games for Oakland last year! He also takes pressure off the offensive line with his ability to scramble (see: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys) Need I say more?

Anyhow, the off season just got started. Expect competent players to be all over the place before, during, and after the draft.

Marriotti should be the beat-writer for the Raiders. "Get drunk on spending"? Gimme a break Jay.

If Jerry Angelo doesn't get a proven veteran at OT and/or RB, I'll be pretty concerned. I don't think he needs to spen a ton of money or play all of his cards right now. It's a long way to training camp.


I like fly's comments too. I also like Booker and confidently predict he'll do much better than Moose did last year. I could almost do better at getting open than Moose did and am no longer very fast. Booker runs great routes and gets separation. Now we need a line that protects the passer long enough to get a pass off.

At least Marty can catch the ball!

Very Good Point Fly.Couldnt say it better myself.
Troy Negitive Nancy.
I cant see the logic behind the fans here when they talk about needing to have WR Bryant or Hackett and needing to sign RB Turner.To sign a unproven player for a 6 year deal is insane!Put money to the side.How many players end their contract with the same team/ when signing a big year big money contract in Free Agency.Paying for potential isnt a huge deal, but when you put in the factor of multi-year deals is risky.Reason being.They player doesnt live up to his potential the team either has to cut him witch creates DEAD MONEY, or try to seek a late round pick.
3 good examples of that were right here in Chicago.Fred Miller,Moose,and Brian Greise.These fans are as despriate as N.Y. Jets, Vikings and Raiders.And another to go after Mendenhall I think would be a mistake.I would love to see some speed.This guy ran a 4.53 in the 40.The Bears already have a South/North runner in Ced.They(Beras) dont need another one of those runners on the team.
Booker was a valuable pick up.I dont care who he talked to or what teams are interested that isnt a factor.I just care that the Bears picked up a savey, sure handed WR that can mentor Hester and Bradly.They do need another 2 WR though.Mike Hass is no answer to any team regardless if they had one WR on the team.I seen the guy play.He didnt make crisp cuts, He couldnt make space between him and a 3rd string CB.He did catch the ball well, but he made it harder for himself because he couldnt seprate from the CBs.Lets just hope the next move will be a O-Lineman.
If Im wrong please correct me. Im pretty sure Marty Booker already played in Ron Turners offence.If that is the case that would be a positive because the only thing Turner has done to the Offence since being back is Nothing!

Look I know the Bears are trying to resign there players, well as long as there cheap and nobody else wants them. But the question is what have we added and what have we lost from last years 7-9 team. We lost both starting WR and We signed Booker. It seems most Bears fans think Marty is Marty from 5 years ago. He isn't, he has major knee issues and it's never a good thing when a player comes to you and asks to be signed on the cheap. He was cut from a 1-15 team and nobody else wants him. We through him a bone, if he starts or even plays it will be a shock. Next we lost 2 starting Oline men, we have not replaced them and even if we draft a couple of guys they will not see tons of time next year, you usually don't with first year OLine. We lost Griese who was are most consistant QB and re-signed Rex and Orton, so we have taken a loss here and have not upgraded at all in the QB department also for all the people out there who think Rex is still a Rookie. He is not has 5 years of injury and bad play under his belt. We kept Briggs but did not upgrade or get deeper at LB. BLach had next Surgery and has a arthritic back which is degenerative. There will be a decline here do to his age and back, probably not a huge decline but a bit of one. Next we have RB why is Benson still a bear?? Even when healthy he sucks, he is slow, can't or won't block, falls down on contact and is injury prone. Our other backs suck as well. No improvemnt so far. Saftie is another area of need, we can not count on Brown and Archuleta should be cut, why is he still on the team. This team is worse than the start of last year and shows no signs of improvement.

So can someone tell me with a OLine that was bad and got worse, bad QB's, Bad RB's, a recieving core that was bad and got worse, a LB core on the decline, no legit starting Safties in a cover 2 defense, and defense that over exposes players and an offense designed by a fifth grader, how are we gonna improve from last years record??? We have not gotten better we have gotten worse and while I love the Draft, does anyone really think that in one draft the bears are gonna get 8 top flight starters for 08. The answer is no chance, nobody drafts that well. Nobody. They needed to do something in Free agency and they have not addressed there needs. But I see a lot of people thinking the Bears are gonna get 8 pro bowlers in one draft. Good luck with that plan. I wish the team would just come out and admit there rebuilding. What do they think if they say that fans will not show up to the games. Yeah right like that will ever happen. Personally I am waiting for the Bears to sign a guy named Tyler and a guy named Lupis and to get a coach named Buttermaker. Then we can be officialy bad.

"Another slow receiver with SUSPECT HANDS???"

Could you be more ignorant, Mr. Felicelli?????????

As certain as Booker is not a burner, is the fact that he does NOT have "suspect" hands.

An opening statement like that destroys the credibility of anything else you have to say.

Umm Brando, Mendenhall ran a 4.44 40 at the combine not a 4.53 that was third fastes among back. For a back that is considered really good, for a 225 pound back that is considered great. He also led the way in shuttle drills and was second in bench press with 26 reps of 225 2nd best and cosiderd exceptional. He is rated the number 2 back in this class and this is a very good class of backs, he is also a great pass catcher and blocker. Plus he has no injury issues, is considered very smart and a good character guy. Yeah I can see why the Bears don't want a fast, strong, explosive back, with great hands, a good head on his shoulders and no injury issues. It actually goes against everything they have looked for in a back the last 15 years. But he really did look great at the combine and had a fantastic year running and catching the ball.

Bears Draft:
1st RD-Chris Williams-Vanderbilt (Draft is too rich in offensive lineman for us to pass up this team NEED to upgrade.) Maybe trade it for additional picks but that would have to include more lineman. I agree with other comments, I dont care WHO we have at QB, RB or WR. They won't do anything on the field without a solid line.
2nd WR-Devin Thomas-Michigan State (he had a great combine, ran great and big) or best available RB. We need to drive Benson out of town, his lack of effort is sickening and I can't stand how he walks back to huddle after he falls on his face for 1 yard.
3rd RD-Safety (We are still soft in the secondary w/ Mike Brown's injury history he will be a step slower when he comes back but i am glad he is coming back our D feeds off of his leadership, Mc Gowan is heady against the run but lost in coverage, Daniel Manning is descent but has no real position he's a hybrid player and Archuleta is soley made for special teams.) Arm tackles don't work and that's what our guys did ALL year.
Later Rounds-Another QB,WR,O and D lineman. We are solid at LB and CB for now and will have to make due for what we got.

*Don't forget Bears fan what the team lacks in drafting offense they make up in drafting defense and have a knack for finding that diamond in the rough prospect. We need to focus on offense as scary as that sounds. And the injury bug hit us pretty good last year so keep that in mind. Lovie and Ron have another year to prove to me how they can rebound from the superbowl year. The offense is too erratic at this point and predictable, we dont have any threats besides Hester and he can't do it all. The defense will be better with getting archuleta out of there in the secondary and the contract issues taken care of. Tommie will get paid and he knows it so we won't hear any gripe from him.

Williams would be a great pick but I doubt he or Clady will be there, Otah may even be gone at that point, after that why bother with OLine in the first, you can get a guy just as good in the second. I say RB Mendenhal if the top OLine men are gone. Besides unless the Bears do something really big with a trade the OLine will be rebuilding for at least 2 years Right Now they need a LT, a G, a back up center Olin is starting to slow down, a RT to back up and groom behind Taite. Oh and a decent back up, stop gap LT as well. One draft will not do it. Mendenhall is special and a need. The tackles after Williams are good but not special. When you have as many needs as the Bears I think you go with the best player at any of those needs first.

Marty Booker, master of the 4 yard gain on 3rd and 5, is an awful pickup. Why did he consistently come up 1 yard short on 3rd down? Because he didn't seem to know where the sticks were.

For those of you on this list who are all giddy about his return, do you actually remember when he played here? He had one really good game (3 TDs against Tampa - in maybe 2002) in 5 years. He also dropped the ball quite a bit, which should never happen to a man with his size of hands (something like 11 or 12 inches from thumb to pinky).

No, fellow Bear fans, this was not a good signing, this was subtraction by addition. We are now worse off with Booker back because he will tie up a roster spot that a legitmate receiver might have held.

While Berrian may not have been worth what he got from Minnesota, could we really have afforded to NOT pay him?

We now have an offense that is poised to score 7-10 points a game (and that's only if Hester frequently gets tackled at the opposing team's 5 yard line instead of scoring on returns.

This is yet another sad day for us fans!

Creighton you windsock make up your mind and stick with it. And at least learn to spell. But for once you said something with substance. All the O-Linemen will not be gone at 14 or at 18 for that matter trading down again gets more picks if Mendenhall is not there so trade down. Look into Smith, Johnson. Tackles are out there Oher (Ole Miss) 6'5" 325, Collins (Kan) 6'6" 310, Albert (Va.) 6'7" 315, guards Adams (Ga.) 6'4" 335, Arnold (LSU) 6'5" 330, O'Donnell (Ill) 6'5" 305 all showed well in combine so there are a lot of OL. Also Dixon from Oregon might be a great project post injury and a steal at Qb.

Ron Turner needs to go the route of airese currie.
both = failed experiments.
The Bears could have Randy Moss and Ocho Cinco, and it wouldn't matter with Turner running the most pathetic offensive plays ever and Rex being bad.

let's save all of the bitching and moaning until the season starts.....please, I can't take a whole off season of complaining after all of the complaining during this past season.....and what did the complaining get us?? Brian Griese throwing more int's than REX?? all of the receivers dropping REX's passes repeatedly?? INJURIES?? John Tait getting speard by the Lions DE?? We should be glad that half of the receivers are gone......and the dead weight on the o-line too....maybe this will actually give a chance to Mike Haas, Mark Bradley, Greg Olsen, Brandon Rideau, Chris Beekman, and most importantly, Devin Hester, who proved that he could blow by Cover-2 at will when in the game.....lets not be judgmental until after at least a couple of preseason games please!!!!!

Marty was solid at catching the ball, but was never a sure thing. He was a reliable target in Chicago (4 years ago), but I can remember multiple 3rd and long dropped balls in his last season here. During his time in Miami, if you watched any of their games since he got there, he has slowed down, and does not get open nearly as often as he used to, and has dropped catchable balls to boot. Granted, he didn't have Tom Brady throwing to him, but he still should have caught more than he did. I have been watching Bear games since 1975, and have seen every receiver the Bears have put on the field for over 30 years. Booker was a short to intermediate receiver for the Bears, averaging around 10-11 yards per reception (his biggest season with us he averaged under 10 yards per catch on 100 receptions). He had good burst and quickness out of his breaks, and was physical enough to keep defenders off the ball, nothing more. And while he may have the largest hands I have ever seen on a WR, he was nowhere near as reliable a target as you make him out to be.

MB caught 50 passes in Miami last year without a quarterback. I don't care who our QB is this year- his completion percentage will probably go up 20% by throwing over the middle to Booker and our tight ends. Our receiveing corps over the last 2 years has been way overpaid for their performance. Now other teams can say that while we should play a little better with Hester, Booker, Bradley and Haas. We will also save a BOAT LOAD of money.

More importantly, as many of you have said, we need to spend that money on the OL and RB positions. This was a smart signing.

Dust off the old 86 jersies!!! Welcome home Marty. Hold on to that ball.

are you kidding me this is the free agent that we sign angelo really did drop the ball on this one why not d.j. hackett since we let berrian go without getting anything in return they shouldve just put the franchise on berrian and see what he could do with being are #1 and if viqueens wanted him so bad with all the money that they paid maybe they wouldve coughed up the picks to get him and if we had one more year we could let are other recievers develop or if we couldve gotten more draft picks then we could fill in sum of the holes we have namely o-line saftey wide reciever running back quaterback and help tommie in the middle but instead we have to be happy signing a middle aged wide reciever that was the #1 reciever on a 1-15 team to help out are team i just dont understand

Is this the guy that peaked 7 years ago? Only one reaction Jerry-Rig Angel-NO-O...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

This is a great pick up. the way some of you are talking about booker is frustrating to me, this guy gave it his all every time he took the feild and took punishing hits and held on to the ball. i dont know about you but the guys we lost had 1/2 the heart booker did, bb wouldnt even go over the middle, and he is an upgrade over moose. do i think he is the ansewer to the bears offense no but allows them to focus more on thier primary need in the draft and that is o-line. trade down pick up ot with extra pick take best rb.

i know i am ranting but we all agree we need o-line, could that be a reason ced hasnt reach his potential

How is this move an upgrade from Mushin Mohammad? It's a clear cut wash in terms of stats from last year. Angel"O" cleary will be missing the "O" in Chicago this season. Why don't we just bring back Cutis Conway.

Love, Rex Grossman.

Chris Willete,
I couldn't agree with you more! We need to wait before flipping out. These folks would be on suicide watch if they were Dolphin fans! Please consider this; all of our young receivers will continue to improve, as will our young O-Linemen. I'm sure the Bears will get a quality starter for the line in the first. Maybe a second one in the second. Our current WR's will have an opportunity to get experience and will be much improved. Hester AND Bradley looked better at the end of the season. So did Grossman. Berrian WAS NOT worth the Franchise Tag! Briggs was. Berrian, because of his speed, became convinced that he's the next Jerry Rice. He is not! By the end of next year, I'm sure he'll have Travarius in the media doghouse! He and Moose were taking away game experience from the young WR's. Now they'll get it.
Yes, we have a "Less Than Inspired" RB. But you can't necessarily blame that entirely on the Bears. We weren't the only team that wanted the guy. Garrett Wolfe was a puzzling selection, I admit. Still, with the sub-par O-Line play that we experienced, even the 'other' Adrian Peterson would have struggled last year. I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion. Still, the Bears are ONE YEAR REMOVED FROM THE SUPERBOWL!! I have to believe that JA and Lovie know what they're doing. GO Bears!!!

Djssr what is it with you, are you infatuated with me or something, you gotta man crush??? Everytime I right something there you are and your more excited that a little school girl. So I am gonna give you a chance to make some sense out of this stalking thing your doing. 1st, I said the Bears fans should boycott a couple of games to let them know they where sick of Angelo and his bad offensive draft picks. By doing a boycott just for a game or two you take money away from the Bears organization the only means a fan really has to express there anger. You think this is a bad idea and the word "BOYCOTT" angers you like crazy. But why does it upset you, what is actually bad about that idea? It doesn't hurt the fans you can watch the game at home like most of us, and you actually empower urself in the process. As for the Bears they would survive, and probably get there act together. 2nd I have no clue why you think I am a big free agent guy. I am a draft first guy, I like the Steelers system the best personally, great scouting and very consistant. Angelo has a problem drafting offense and the Bears Orginization does not value offense, this is just a fact. The only thing I said about free agency was they should have franchised BB for a year as a stop gap until they replace him through this or the next draft. It would have cost 7.5 million which is not bad for a team currently 30million under the cap. I also said they should have got an OLine men because they won't be able to fill all the gaps at the line in the draft. You again have a problem with this. But I am not sure why.3rd allow me to show you how Angelo thinks, he drated Hester wich was really good, but in his own words he thought Hester would be a great CB in the long run and could help out on special teams. He didn't have a clue how good he would be on special teams and thought he would be a great CB. Have you seen Hes play CB, it's not pretty. This is how he thinks. Dude I have no clue what your problem is with me, I have been on these boards all of a week and you have been stalking me all of a week. For real knock it off, cause it's getting a little strange.

WOW MARTY BOOKER WOW PRO BOWLER FOR SURE!!! Da are goin to the big dance AGAIN!! !@#$%^ Cmon Angelo, get us some O help!!!

whatever anyone agency is NOT the answer to getting anywhere near a super not saying that it doesnt help.....but it DOES help when you have a young core of players that LEARN to play together over a course of time, as a TEAM....bringing in random free agents at will....there is less of an opportunity at team continuity than by drafting and grooming your own....Angelo and Lovie have the right idea on defense by tying the mainstays down and having them play in the same system for a long time....the offense does leave much to be desired at this point, especially the running game/o-line....which at this time is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PART TO CHICAGO'S SUCCESS....if Rex is given enough time to throw and thrive in a play action system, he will thrive with his newfound experience from being bashed and benched....I agree with the Booker signing from the standpoint that WANTS to be here, and he DOES know their system and can mentor Devin, Mark Bradley, Olsen and whomever else, because these three receivers are dangerous if used right and can create matchup nightmares.....people seem to forget that when Mark Bradley played in 2006, when he wasnt injured, that he had the 2nd highest YPC average in the whole NFL...Olsen can play TE/slot/and wideout and present fits to DB's because of his size combined with routerunniing ability....and Hester is just too fast for any cover-2.....the Bears DO have the right idea of not rushing to judgment and going out and spending a gagillion $$$$ on a WR like Javon Walker or Bryant Johnson....lets see what they DO have here first or what can be drafted before they go out and spend $$$ at will....but as I said, the o-line should be TOP priority followed by a back that COMPLEMENTS Cedric Benson well....great receivers dont mean doo-doo w/o a line and the threat of a running game.....

I don't have a problem w saying adios to Berrian & hello to Booker but I'm upset the Bears didn't go after Mike Turner. They should have been able to outbid Atlanta for him.

At this point I have to agree with Couch. Angelo is thinking of simply being competitive in 2008 w a solid defensive unit & then trying to contend for a playoff spot in 2009. He's done nothing to suggest otherwise.

Another possibility: he intends to trade down in the draft.

That might be how he intends to land more experienced WR's & RB's.

So you want to wait till after the draft to get a FA?? fyi -Do you forget the Oline was built from FA?? and the FA oline got them to the Super Bowl!!! - DA DO NOT have time to wait - the time is NOW!! They can not depend on waiting till 2009, that is stupid - duh lets wait for 2009 - how smart does that sound?. Damn, strike while the iron is hot don't wait till the D they have is old and injured and gone! The Ravens had the best D and how many Super Bowls did they win with their pathetic O?? yeop.
Dude, the way to the Bears Super Bowl is FA for the O as they can not wait for the D to get old.

Hey Angelo I want to play for the Bears, I will work for cheap, league min. I just met the mans criteria for what it takes to be a Bear. I already know I can out run Booker can I be the #1 Reciever. I will be nice to everyone in the club house and I promise I wont get involved in dog fighting, and I won't leave my Lambo on the edens at night. At least I have no injury issues, I'll even have Aikman's hands surgically attached so I will have giant hands just like Booker. If the Bears don't take me I bet I can make the fins.

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