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Berrian wearing a Vikings hat at team facility, still unsigned

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Bernard Berrian remained at the Vikings headquarters in Winter Park, Minn., as it moved past noon today.

When Vikings personnel boss Rick Spielman was asked if the team was still negotiating with the wide receiver, he told media at the facility, ``Well, he’s not here to visit Minnesota.’’

Berrian has been meeting with coaches and watching film, and poked his head into the the team's fieldhouse where they practice and hold press conferences before festivities began for safety Madieu Williams began. He must not have been expecting anyone to be in there as Berrian was holding a Vikings jersey and wearing a team hat, accompanied by a member of the club's personnel department.

Stay tuned for more developments. The Bears are hoping to reach a deal with him today, and there is a trip planned to Oakland if he can make it out of the building without signing his name to a contract.

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One must wonder if Berrian is simply being manipulative with the Vikings in producing some sort of "team-hood" so that the Vikings can get their jollies off, all the while he's plotting a scheme to increase the likelihood of them falling for his high-priced demand. Another factor one must wonder is if he's being a petulant child who's holding his breath because he's not getting what he want. Although I am a Bear fan, I hope the Vikings aren't that gullable and stupid to fall for such a manipulation. Clearly Bernie and Drew have themselves established a plan B. If common sense and in this case, greed fail go on to the brain washing factor. Consistancy is the key to results.

Please just go on to the Vikings "B squared." You'll have a fun time with QB Tarvaris Jackson throwing maybe three passes a game at you in a team that ONLY runs b/c they sold their soul to lucifer to acquire Adrian Peterson. Just so you know, they expect their receivers to block a lot and stuff on their running plays. Yeah, I know. You could break a nail.

Man, I don't know where I'm at with this kid. I want to keep him on the deep out, but other than that the bears need to spend their money else where.

Let Berrian go. He is not that good. They do, however have to sign one offensive lineman in FA. They absolutely cannot let that position go unoticed. Preferably a guard (looks like Jake Scott is the only decent one left).

Try to sign Briggs. Offer him 5 years 35 million with 18 guarenteed. Sign Tommie Harris to an extension, and sign Urlacher to an extension (which it seems they are trying to do).

With that said, I am glad the Bears have refused to fork over a ton of loot to better -than-average players. They were injured as all hell last year on the defense. there are two reasons: Rotten luck, and an offense that couldn't give em a breather.

The Bears have to be a strong team on the lines to be good with either Orton or Grossman, regardless of who they draft (if they draft) at QB.

If it comes down to choosing between Briggs, and a decent Guard, then they have to let Briggs go and get the guard.

Draft 3 lineman in this draft (OL or DL), and a RB. Take a chance on a QB in the later rounds. They might jsut get lucky.

GO Bears.

I can understand not paying Berrian and Moose, Too many drops but is Angelo going to spend all of his time waiting for Briggs and Berrian to sign somewhere else? There are very good players available. But we wait to see while Briggs and Berrian hold the Bears hostage for fatter wallets. Let Berrian go he can be replaced. Resign Briggs, T. Harris and Urlacher. Sign B. Johnson and Julius Jones.

Bernard Berrian would be crazy to walk away from the bears.the team that made him what he's today.if it wasn't for rex there would be no bernard berrian and walk out on the bears for more money is crazy.don't get me wrong i want to see him with the bear next season .

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