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Bears-Niners square off in NYC

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It’s in the hands of Roger Goodell now.

The commissioner and league heard both sides of the case between the Bears and San Francisco earlier today involving Lance Briggs and alleged tampering by the 49ers during last season. reported over the weekend that the Bears were headed to New York Monday to testify against the Niners, who they allege engaged in contract negotiations with Briggs’ agent Drew Rosenhaus during the season. The Bears and Niners discussed a trade of Briggs in October before the trade deadline.

When free agency rolled around, the Niners did not step forward with interest in Briggs and he came back to the Bears at the team’s price.

Team president Ted Phillips, general manager Jerry Angelo and salary cap negotiator/attorney Cliff Stein are believed to have represented the Bears. Present on behalf of San Francisco were general manager Scot McCloughan, contract negotiator Paraag Marathe and executive vice president of football operations Lal Heneghan. Heneghan served for seven years on the league’s management council, so he would probably have knowledge of how these affairs run.

A decision from Goodell could come later this week.

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If the Niners are found guilty of the act then may this be a lesson that either "A" they learn that committing an illegal act is just that: "illegal"! or, more realistically option "B" to cheat more carefully next time. We must understand that big organizations and businesses frequently beleive that they are far higher abover the law than the average person and when they finally get caught with the knife in their hands, they try to play it off as if it weren't their fault. Quite childish. It will be interesting what the verdict or decision will be here.

If the 49ers tampered with Briggs, then they should be penalized. I would say they owe the BEARS a fourth or fifth round pick for the infraction. However, this should be the big story of the off-season; the BEARS need to make a puch for a solid draft and see how they can best plug the holes on the roster from the dearly departed, i.e. Berrian, Mushin Muhammad, and etc. I would like to Bears trade up to get McFadden but then again, Rashard Mendenhall would be a nice fit . . . a hug upgrade over Benson. 49ers! Lose a pick, BEARS draft an OL with that pick!

The more picks the better. Despite carping about Angelo's first round picks, there is no doubt he's uncovered gems in later rounds. Throw the book at them, Goodell - 2nd rounder!

People are yawning at getting Booker back, but I think it's a huge coup - we loved him in Chicago the first time around, and he's still in his prime years.

But, is Booker going to do what Mushin/Berrian did? What did he do in Miami? I have avoided Marty Booker at all costs in my fantasy football teams the last few years. To think that Marty Booker is any where near the level he was in Chicago back when is really stretching it. A huge coup??? cmon dude it's not a Pro Bowler or even a decent replacement for what we lost - it's a downgrade and we needed an upgrade to get back to the big game.

Draft choice? Most likely the 49ers will be fined or forfeit one their draft choices. Bears get nada except a thanks from Goodell and the NFL for being upstanding whistleblowers.

Not everyone loved Booker the first time around . . . the guy dropped the ball way too much, and when he did catch it, he seemed to consistently be 1 yard short of the first down.

What could the Bears benefit from this? Will they get the niners pick?

From what I've read from non-Chicago sources the scouts like the Booker/Lloyd combo better than the Moose/Berrian combo. They are only on 2yr/1yr contact which would give any WR drafted time to develop. If they believe there are OT in the draft that can start game 1 this season they should draft them even if that means trading up. They still haven't made a splash in FA which makes me think they are going after someone in post draft cuts (especially at OG).

The Bears cannot recieve compensation for an tampering infraction because they did not suffer any loss as a result. The Niners could be stripped of a pick, like the Pats were, but there will be no extra draft choices for the Bears regardless of the decision.

Cedric Benson has taken his last regular season snap for the Bears.

It would be nice if the Bears were granted the Niners 4th or 5th round pick, but more likely, the pick will just be forfeited, and not go anywhere. But it is worth pursuing, because you have to protect your own interests in any business, even if it is a game.

JPCZ ha ha ha ha ha

do you guys watch the games or what!!! i would take booker over moose anyday, the moose didnt do crap for the bears this past year!!! booker caught over 50 passes with the worst team, thats saying something there. miami didnt have a QB worth anything, including green. as for berrian, the only thing he had going for him was his speed, because he cant hang on to the ball!!! personally im glad berrian is out of there, now if we can get rid of tait ill be happy.

Get rid of tait? you must be kidding. Thats a great Idea, lets get rid of the one and only good ol we have! Kreutz seems to have lost how to snap the ball to not just rex, but Griese and orton, maybe it is his fault....not sure though. Not giving up on him but face it Tait not kreutz and not Garza are out best ol

You guys act like Moose and Berrian were brow bowlers. If you include our tight ends and look at our recievers we are in pretty darn good shape. You also have to figure Hester progresses and so does Olson plus we are going to draft someone. Our running game is a much bigger concern and I hope we take OL with the first pick and best available rb with the second.

Chad Johnson wants out. The Bears need a big time WR. Berrian was gossly overpaid by the Vikings. Trade for Johnson!(2nd round pick and cash, dreaming LOL) Maybe Benson will play better if the Bears force him to stop smoking weed. The Bears should have signed Faneca. Draft a OL in the first round, then an RB in the third. Kevin Payne may be the real deal at safety. Drop Archuletta. Draft another 2 OL in the draft in later rounds so you may find a diamond in the rough. And pray that the D can stay healthy.

Brian- i am laughing my ass off about the CedBen comment!!! lol

havent heard anything about Johnson wanting out of Cincy, that would be SWEET though...he would look good in a Bears uniform.
(definitely think we're dreaming on that one though)

and whoever said Berrian cant hold onto the ball-
you're full of it!
what about that awesome catch in the endzone against Washington? or that catch in the NFC championship game in '06 against the Saints?
I agree he was grossly overpaid by the Vikes but I also think he will be sorely missed in Chitown.

I am still opimistic about the upcoming season! i just hope we have one hell of a draft!!

Oh yeah, I would also like to voice my excitement about the Bears coming down to Atlanta this year! I'm going to get tix right behind the Bears bench-50yd line!! cant wait!


Don't waste your breath on Archuletta...he is just a backup and special teams player getting paid the NFL minimum in 2008. Whether he's on the roster is not much of an issue.

That was a great catch by Berrian but it has been overshadowed by the fact that he's had way to many drops. The bears were the worst team in the league last year for dropped passes. Plus Berrian can't do much after he catches the ball. Either he's got his defender beat or he goes down instantly, no plays are going to be made like the ones that can be made by Bradley or Hester after the catch.

I didn't realize Archuletta was getting the minimum. Thats great! That is all that he's worth!

The giants were worst in the league for drops last year. And Berrian didn't go down instantly. He would fight, but b/c of his thin frame, he couldn't really break out of tackles and would usually just leave himself open for a big hit.

This is an opportunity that the Bears should not pass up. The Bears need to improve the offense, and getting either Chad Johnson, or Housh-your-momma, would be a huge upgrade. If they had to give up the 14th pick to get this done, then fine, do it, these guys are both big time receivers, and would send a message to the league that the Bears are not screwing around, and that they are going to win back the Central Division from the Packers. So,...Mr. Angelo, please, do the deal.

Don't focus on receivers. Way more QB's make the reciever than the other way around. Got to focus on the O line, grab a round 3 QB and pray he develops and look for a patch at running back. Don't take Otah as he can only play RT. Take the BC guy assuming Clady is gone. Chris Williams has tiny arms that won't hold big time DE's. Then take another OT like Baker with the 2 pick. Then sign Kevin Jones so you don't have to use a draft pick on one of the toughest positions to solve in a draft. He's a decent patch for now and at least will TRY. Then get Henne, Flacco, or Booty as a long term development. Face it this is a year where we will need to win ugly with a revitalized D, takeaways, hester returns, and little offense. But build a monster O line that can play smashmouth and dominate for 5 years. Cut Benson; besides having no heart he's locker room poison. Also Hester will never be a good reciever. He's too stupid. Have you seen him confused where to stand at scrimmage. He was a 17 wonderlic and can't pick up an offensive playbook

Berrian had some alright years here in Chicago.One thing though,He wiffed on blocks and didnt want to go over the middle.He will be missed, but for how long?I do believe that Bradly has the right tools to be a big play WR.That if he can stay on the field.We all know what Hester is.A project,A project with so much upside that if he gets the ball in his hands anything can happen.They called Vasher ESPN3 at Texas, maybe Hester should just be called ESPN.
As for Berrians frame, he is thin but so is Hester.Devin seems not to have a problem with breaking tackels.

Booker is an upgrade to Moose in my opinion. I was sorry to see him leave but glad to see him back. Berrian wanted the money and he's now the enemy so who cares what he did before. Beef up the O-Line so Rex/Orton can have some time to throw the ball and Benson can have a hole to hit. Now whether he hits it as hard as he does the joint will be interesting too see. And forget about Chad Johnson. He may be good but do you guys really want that big mouth on the team? Not my kind of guy if you ask me. If the Defense can stay healthy they'll be top 5. But with no O-Line and Turner calling predictable plays, the Offense won't be able to do anything.

I would like to see the Bears draft Tulane running back Matt Forte' this April. I say use a 1st rounder on one of the tackles Williams or Otah then use a 2nd or 3rd round pick on Forte. Since about mid season I have been following different college running backs due mostly to the total collapse of Benson, I had a feeling the Bears were going to be in the market for a new back. The injury that Benson suffered was the nail in the coffin for that. But of all the backs Forte seems to impress me the most. Forte has nice size at 6-1 and 221lbs and nice production at Tulane 2127yds and 23 rushing tds. I know Tulane aint exactly a major program but anybody that post them kind of numbers is worth at least a look. Also Forte is a good receiver out of the back field and the scouts say Forte is an accomplished blocker in the passing game. One of the knocks on Forte is this was his first year with big numbers, the reason behind this is simple the last three season before this one Tulane ran a spread offense where the backs were not the focus as much as the passing game so the running backs don't usually put up big numbers in this type of offense. Where this season Tulane went to a more traditional west coast scheme meaning the back gets more touches. Also what is impressive about Forte is during most of Tulans games Forte would be the opposeing teams main focus so Forte would face constant 8 and 9 man boxes and still produce. One more knock that was put to rest was the level of competition Forte faced, he answered that one by being mvp of the senior bowl. In that game Forte showcased his inside running ability, his receveing ability, and his blocking. I say take a chance on the kid from Tulane he seems like a nice all around back the Bears could use GO BEARS!!

I like what you had to say Kevin.I do agree the Bears need front line help.Tackel seems to be the most pressing need.With Garza(29yrs old) Beekman(25yrs old) and Tait(33yrs old) St.Clair(31 years old) They need a guy to develope at Tackel.One that can step in this year.I would like to see the Bears draft a Gaurd and pick up a savy Vet.

Forte seems like an all around nice back.I could see the Bears taking a chance with their second 3rd round pick.The Bears need a back that has the tools that Thomas Jones had.A back that can block, pass catch, run hard, and can create his own space.Benson never could create space, a space needed to be created for him.The Bears A.P. is a player that every team would love to have on theire team.Just not the player you want to have as your starting RB.I do believe that Garrett Wolfe was more to offer.I have yet to give up on him.I would never dare to think the Bears would be dumb enough to start him.
Cant move Benson to Full Back, he cant block.Ced would be a big cap hit this year,So it realy does stink that the Bears are stuck this year with him.

Prove us wrong Jerry Angelo.Draft some GOOD offence for the 2008 Chicago Bears.

Brando I think you mis-spell on purpose it's just your moniker. Forte would be nice I'm glad the reality is setting in that JA is not going to draft a first round back again since he screwed the pooch with Benson so he's gun-shy but I like homerun hitters and Kevin Smith is that but I would also draft Hester for some attitude and short yardage, he's the type of player who brings it and could effect others around him. But Forte is a good call, I seem to remember they have P.J. Pope on the roster and he is a speed back.

OFFENCE? TACKEL? DEVELOPE? No spaces after periods(though strangely you do know to space after commas)? Brando you butcher the English language like no other functioning adult could.

Alright, now that that is said, we need to shore up the O-Line early! There is depth at the top of the TACKLE position in this year's draft and we must take advantage of it. Angelo over estimates his ability to pluck diamonds from the rough, (i.e. Bazuin and Wolfe last season) and had better not try to trade down if Williams, Clady, or Otah is there at 14. (I know Angelo did pick Briggs, Tillman, Vasher, and Anderson late, but there is no excuse for the guys we took last year in rounds 2 and 3, and many of his early round picks have struggled.)

I think overall Jerry has helped us out greatly in the draft since his arrival, but his recent moves are starting to worry me. He needs a strong draft this year to even out some of the mistakes he's made of late.

Hester as a reciever? C'mon this is not what he does. It's his speed AND vision. Catch a ten yard pass, what vision do you have? How much will he have left in the third quarter after doing sprints for thirty minutes? Leave the guy at what he does best,if they don't kick to him,Bears ball at the forty.

The Bears should draft
1st round R.Clady OLT or C.Williams OLT or J.Otah OLT
2nd round S.Baker OLT or G.Cherilus OLT or B.Brohm QB
3rd round C.Johnson RB or M.Forte RB or J.Flacco QB

yo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- you obviously didn't watch any of the games last year. we did get the ball on the forty almost every game if not twice a game and what good did it do? We ended up punting after benson had a 1 yrd gain , and rexy got sacked for a loss. if we had any offense at all we would win the division. Put Hester as what ever you can, shoot put him in at qb in shotgun and let him run around if it meant I actually got to see a td by the offense.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I amuse myself on my english inabilitys. When I read over my blogs after its been posted I have a laugh or 2.Spelling and gramer stinks.
Bears Fan 4 Life I know your frustations.The Hester thing well, no.I try to imagine Hester on a team that could use the field advantage to their advantage New England comes to mind so does the Colts and what would teams do?Do they not kick to Hester knowing that Brady or Payton and compainy can burn em?Do they kick to Hester knowing that Hester has game breaking skills?
Well with the Bears offense the opposing team is going to play keep away. Would teams play keep away if Hester is on the Colts or N.E.? The Bears NEED to prove that the offense will take advantage of the field position.Im hoping that comes true.Part of me say maybe more of me says eeehhh.

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