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Bears tracking Cherilus

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The Bears tabbed guard Josh Beekman in the fourth round last year and are taking a hard look at one of his former Boston College linemates.

The Golden Eagles are holding their pro day Tuesday in Chestnut Hill, Mass., and obviously quarterback Matt Ryan will be the top draw. Almost all 32 teams are expected to be represented. Offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus ought to have plenty of onlookers himself. He’s projected as a potential late first-round pick, and according to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe the Bears and New York Jets have already been in to put him through private workouts.

General manager Jerry Angelo saw Cherilus in person at least twice during the season, traveling to see Boston College play at Notre Dame and then catching the Golden Eagles in the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando against Michigan State.

Cherilus is 6-6, 315 pounds and some believe he is athletic enough to play on the left side even though he always performed better on the right side in school. Angelo has said he likes the linemen BC produces because they are tough, in the mold of Marc Colombo, his first pick as Bears’ GM in 2002.

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Never knew Jerry Angelo was in South Bend Indiana.Every game that the Irish play I go to Michigan City.Holliday Inn houses the N.D.
opponets.I eat at Damons and mingle with players and coaches.
Just cant buy players drinks.I found that out to be a no no.

Being that Cherilus is a late 1st round pick,Is Angelo saying by not saying that is is willing to trade down out of the 14th pick?
I know he went to see Cladys work out.I looks like is Cladys there he will have no problem drafting him, if not maybe try to seek out a trade.A trade that will give the Bears an extra pick or 2 and go after Cherilus.I realy realy want to know what the Heck Angelo is thinking.Hey if the weather is nice, Maybe I will email him to see if he wants to go golfing.That one is for you DJSSR.

What ever Angelo does Im confident it will be all the right moves to help the Bears improve on a 7-9 season.

Angelo thinks too much like a scout, and needs to roll the dice more. Really think he missed a great FA with Michael Turner- he would be a great back for the Bears. Since we can't rely on C. Benson, we have to draft another back and OL, etc. For a charter franchise the Bears act like they only have $23.00 in the bank.

I like how Angelo thinks. Bargains all day long. Who does not enjoy a bargain? And for those of you who think the Bears should have broken the bank on FA's, answer me this. Do you seriously believe that the Oakland Raiders, after spending millions and millions, are going to be that much better? Granted, some of the players signed by other teams would have made sense, but the prices got outrageous and history proves you cannot build a winning franchise with a check book (Redskins). Look into the immediate future. We are currently in a place where salary caps have risen by close to $20 milion and there is a chance we will have meetings in the next 2-3 years to hammer out a new CBA, so the cap may not go up anymore, or it may lock for a few years or there may be no cap at all. So for all these teams burning their savings on washouts, I say let them. The Bears will be secure, with plenty of funds to get good-young players, maybe not the best, but good enough to win with.

You can make every argument that Faneca & Turner would have improved the Bears exponentially, but you can make arguments that they are band-aids (Turner not so much). Turner looks like he will be a beast in the NFL as a starter, but do you really think it was all him? LT has made running look easy in SD, so the line and scheme have to play a role in his success. We do not have SD's line and our schemes are different. Same goes with Faneca, he was on a great line with a team that loved to run, so he succeeded, but his best years may be behind him. Time will only tell. I think passing on them was the right move.

Yeah Angelo liked Colombo so much that know he is with the Cowboys. How many starts did Beekman have last year? Anyone know. Angelo will probably trade down given his history, but who says Cherilus will be there? Strong drafts at certain positions tend to cause runs of positions in a draft. Cherilus seems more like a high second round pick to me. Long, Clady, Williams, Otah, Baker, and Albert will all go before Chrerilus unless someone really likes him. Bears may be able to nab him in the second. Also maybe the bears don't want to trade down, they may be looking at 2 linemen in there first 2 picks. After all they need at least 2 guys and didn't Tait have ankle problems all of last season. I don't agree that Cherilus can play LT, the guy is pure RT. I do notice the Bears have not looked at backs much, I know Turner knows Mendenhall real well, but that is the only connection to backs during the off season that I have seen, they showed no interest in Turner either. They are looking at QB's as well, but and have supposedly addressed the WR group. The Bears really look to be this years wild card in the draft. I do hope they get a back, releying on Benson and Wolfe would be a huge mistake. I doubt Benson will ever be worth that 4th pick. But Angelo seems commited to certain players, Rex and Benson. I also hope Angelo stays away from players with injury histories in this draft we have way to many injuries on this team, and seems to go after guys with injury issues, as he sees them as a bargain when they fall to later rounds. But A guy who sits all season or half a season really does not help the team much. Dusty, Mike Brown, Benson, Rex. Just to name a couple. This team needs to get young and get healthy. They also need to look at a new RB, look at the 2000 Ravens, Lewis and Priest Holmes as your RB tandem and Big O anchoring the line. That is a team the Bears should model themselves after. We already got the speedy TE.(Olson)

I have been scanning mock draft sites for weeks, and not once have I seen Cherilus' name mentioned in either the first or second rounds, except for the one cited from August 2007. Again, it seems the Bears are going cheap like they historically have. Take a good left tackle in the first round or at least a top-notch guard who can also play tackle. If you cheap on your offensive line, you will continue to have the same problems (sacks, poor running game, etc.) you had in 2007. Can anyone ever remember when the Bears had an offense to be feared -- or even respected?

I would be fine with the Bears tradeing down and drafting Cherilus, althought I would prefer staying at #14 and takeing Chris William or Jeff Otah. I've read in more than one place that Cherilus had problems on the left side at Boston college, where Williams and Otah were pretty good left tackles at the college level. But i'm pretty confident that Angelo and the Bears scouting department will know what they are looking for when searching for a left tackle. Maybe Cherilus just had a hard time being on the left side for the first time, also with the loss of Josh Beekman and James Marten to the draft last April there was obviously two new starters on the Boston college o-line, that also would have had something to do with Cherilus struggling on the left side. I'm confident in Angelo after all he did build a super bowl contender. I think if injurys are at a minimal next season the Bears will be back in the playoffs GO BEARS!!

Just a side note:Turner has not had more than 90 rushes in a season.

I like the trade down and pick two theory, Gosder might be very good and adding a running back either late first or early second could add some depth and make Benson start to earn his money, which he has yet to do.

Lets face it Benson is better when he had competition for the #1 running back job. Plus Benson drops more passes than he catches out of the backfield and has had difficulty blocking for the QB on obvious passing downs.

It is too bad, I was really hoping for the real deal when he was drafted.

I guess all Bear fans are truly spoiled by having been able to watch the greatest running back of all time and one with the biggest heart and will to achieve that being Walter Payton.


Didn't Lovie and Hateley also have something to do with the Super Bowl Bears, not just Angelo? There where a few key players on that Bears team from Hateley and Lovie coached them and designed the scheme. I also noticed with Rivera gone the D was not up to snuff although injuries played into that too, they where not very aggresive and didn't blitz much for a speed based defense. However they have had problems with the run for awhile now.

I looked at some Mock drafts with second rounds and Cherilus is on all of them. He is ranked on most boards as a Top 5 or 6 ot in a deep OT class. Most drafts had him going to Miami in round 2.

I also think no matter where the Bears pick Angelo will do what he usually does in the first round and take Best Player available no matter the position.

I also think no matter who Angelo gets in the draft will not mean much next year, most college players take time to adapt to the NFL, QB, OT, usually take some time to adjust, RB is usually the quickest impact position out of college followed by WR.

It will probably be a long couple of years for the Bears. I know a lot of people think it's east to build a playoff team but it's not. There are a lot of teams going through major playoff draughts. Without 2 amazing drafts this team is in for a hard time. There Thin at almost every position, have injury issues and have had these issues for awhile and they need some legit top notch rookies on both sides of the ball.

Personally I would like to see a change in the defenive scheme, I would like them to dump the cover 2 4-3 and switch to a single gap 3-4. The 3-4 is an easier Defense to draft for and would play into Angelos strengths in the draft, it's also easier to mantain the Defense for sustained periods because it's eaier to replace free agent losses. There are now 9 3-4 defenses in the AFC. It's got more speed, and flexability. Plus it's usually easier to draft tweener players that a 3-4 thrives on than it is to get prototypical players these days.

If Payton had been on this team Angelo would have traded him so he could start Benson. Payton wasn't a good character guy like Lloyd or Benson, or Briggs. No place on this team for a guy like that.

We need to solidify the left tackle position in round one as this year's group of tackles is great at the top. If we miss out on any of the top four (Clady, Otah, Williams, and Long) then trading down makes sense, but we need a young guy to anchor the line after Kreutz retires, and any of these four should do that. If we can get a tackle in round one, the second round QB depth looks great this year as Flacco and maybe even Brohm will be available for us in round two. After that, we have 2 threes and a four to take the best player available at the G, WR, and RB positions. I do think we definitely need someone to challenge Benson though, as he seems content to make his money and tell everyone how good he is, rather than prove it on the field. I expect Angelo to have a strong draft this season as long as he doesn't try to get cute and make "sleeper" selections early.(Think Wolfe and Bazuin last season.)

Jerry Angelo does NOT have a very good track record for draft picks...and definitely NOT on Offense. Since Angelo's initial draft in 2002, let me give a brief survey of each of Angelo's draft classes - naming "good" or "potentially good" draft picks (with the round each player was drafted) followed by the numbers and positions of players either no longer on team or no longer in the league. This will give Bears fans a true "evaluation" of how "well" J.A. has led the draft for the Chicago Bears.
2002: Still on team...Terrance Metcalf (Round, 3), Alex Brown (4), Adrian Peterson (6a).
On other teams: 2. Out-of-the-NFL: 4. If Jamin Elliot still in league then OOT:3; O-O-T-NFL:3.

2003: Still on team...Rex Grossman (1b), Charles "Peanut" Tillman (2), Lance Briggs (3).
On other teams: 5. Out-of-the-NFL: 4. If Michael Haynes NOT still in league then OOT:4; O-O-T-NFL:5.

2004: Still on team...Tommy Harris (1), Nate Vasher (4).
On other teams: 2. Out-of-the-NFL: 4.

2005: Still on team...Ced Benson (1), Mark Bradley (2), Kyle Orton (4), Rod Wilson (7).
On other teams: 1. Out-of-the-NFL: 1.

2006: Still on team...All 7 Picks - Best of the lot: Daniel Manning (2), Devin Hester (2), Mark Anderson (5).
On other teams: 0. Out-of-the-NFL: 0. BUT...
Not having started many games/significant playing time: 2. On Practice Squad: 2.

2007: Still on team...8 of 9 picks - Best potential/playing time in '07 Greg Olsen (1), Trumaine McBride (7a).
On other teams: 0. Out-of-the-NFL: 1. BUT...
Not having started many games/significant playing time: 3. On Practice Squad: 0. On IR: 3.

2002-2004: 29 picks
7 projected starters for 2008 (less than 33% of '08 starters from these 3 seasons! ...While fewer than 25% of three drafts are still Bears!)
9 players on other teams
13 players OUT-OF-THE-NFL!!! (Nearly half (44.8%) of 3 years of draft selections THAT BAD!!)

2005: 6 picks
2 projected starters and another battling to start in 2008. Then again, there could just as easily be NO starters from this draft by opening day! That could (within 2 years) set this draft as having the following...
0 projected starters
2 players on other teams (Chris Harris, Rod Wilson (Always a need for a good Special-Teamer))
4 players out-of-the-NFL (Add: Benson, Bradley, Orton)

2006: 7 picks (Best - or luckiest? - draft so far)
1 projected starter (Dusty Dvoracek) with another (Deven Hester) likely to start.
Also, 2 more (Danieal Manning, Jamar Williams) battling to start in 2008.
(Then again, there could just as easily be NO starters from this draft by opening day!)
1 backup (Mark Anderson)
2 players out-of-the-NFL (J.D. Runnells, Tyler Reed)

2007: 9 picks (As good as 2006 was, 2007 was bad)
1 projected starter in 2008 (Olsen) and another to battle to start (Beekman: who will not win position)
Already this draft has the feel (and smell?) of Lake Michigan after the Sanitary Canal was allowed open due to a severe passing storm! The 2nd through 5th picks (in order, not round) were all chosen (way?) ahead of where they were projected to have gone. But it is not only that they were drafted early, it is much more that they might not work out at all for this team! I truly hope I'm wrong but here is my projection (within 2 years)...
2 projected starters (Olsen, Kevin Payne)
2 backups (Josh Beekman, Trumaine McBride)
1 player on other teams (Corey Graham)
4 players out-of-the-NFL (Add: Bazuin, Wolfe, Okwo)

If my assumptions are correct, then there will be on average -within 1 to 3 years after each draft- at least 4 players from each draft written off as not good enough to play in the NFL. Is that good enough to warrant the extension Angelo got from the Bears last year? Is that good enough to expect the Bears to improve significantly in the NFC North, NFC or NFL? The answer must be NO for each question!

As of today, 03-18-2008, during Angelo's 6 drafts 51 selections were made.
OT 2, OG 4, C 0, TE 2, WR 7, QB 3, RB 4, FB 1
Off.: 23 Pro-Bowlers 0
CB 7, S 4, LB 6*, DT 5*, DE 6*
Def.: 28 Pro-Bowlers* 3 (Oddly enough, all 3 from 2002-2004 drafts)
There is NO past record to indicate HOPE for Bears fans that this season will bring help at the most needy positions on the football team; OT, OG, QB, RB and WR.

Therefore, Jerry Angelo's grade as GM/Scout/Talent Evaluator for the Chicago Bears ... D- ! He gets kudos for Hester, Briggs, & Peanut. The selections of Tommie Harris & Olsen were dropped "in his lap." But there are way too many " busts" to give Angelo a grade any better than a "D-"

Let me repeat, There is NO past record to indicate HOPE for Bears fans that this season will bring help at the most needy positions on the football team; OT, OG, QB, RB and WR.

It could be a very long couple of decades for Bears fans...

Trading down to acquire additional picks is almost a necessity in 2008. They currently have 4 first day picks, but require 5 first day picks to fill their considerable needs and make immediate contributions.

1) They NEED a third DT, especially considering the injury history of Harris and Dusty. They are undersized and play in a rotation. There is some potential on the roster, but they require another explosive interior pass rusher. (Must use 1 first day pick)
2) They NEED AT LEAST 2 STARTERS on the O-line (OG and OT). Ideally, they would acquire future starters at the OT (tait), RG (garza) and C (kreutz) positions as well. (Must use 3 first day picks on legitimate starting prospects). My pick to click is Branden Albert. Cherilus would be a fantastic addition as well. Chris Williams’ arms are so short that they look awkward.
3) They NEED another safety to replace Archuleta and provide depth in case of another Mike Brown injury. (Second day pick)
4) They NEED to develop another WR. Even if we draft one in round 1, he will need seasons to develop into a #1 receiver. (Second day pick)
5) They NEED another QB to develop into a #2 or potential starter if Rex fails. Orton has potential, but if Rex isn't resigned next year, then we are thin at QB again. (Must use 1 first day pick)

--NO RUNNING BACKS!!! We have to see what Benson, AP and Wolfe can produce with effective drive BLOCKING.

Angelo Jr. is out of his mind. Yes we need offensive linemen NO WE DON" NEED TO SPEND DAY 1 ON A DT!!! Are you serious about Benson? He might not even be in football this season, a player with history of not working hard and who wasn't swift at all last season with a metal plate in his ankle you got to be kidding. This team needs to get the best availible back. 2/3's of the first day should be on o-line. South L.A all that math you got a great point but way too much time on your hands. Anonymous for once I agree with the defensive scheme. Brando what are you sayin???

You wait.....Angelo cant pass on a defender. He probly wants a OT in rd. 2 like Cherilus. Somebody is gonna drop out of the first round right where they can get them. They will surprise us. We do need another DT or two. One of the top 2 DT will be there....I dont think Angeloose can resist. Maybe somebody covets one and will want to trade a couple of spots down. If we can pick another 2 or early 3...that would be nice.

I think it would be good to trade down with the Cowboys or 49ers with giving up the 14th and the later 3rd to move down and get Gosder Cherilous and with the other Chris Johnson who is moving up the board, then grab Flacco with are 2nd round pick if he does not move up to much and if he does get another OL or the best WR and then in fourth get the best DT or Safety then in 5th grab Paul Smith the QB from Tulsa. Maybe in the 6th they could grab Hester from LSU who is a great receiving Fullback, not that Mckie is bad he just isn't Hester material. Unfortunatly might have to grab him in the 4th or 5th and push back Paul Smith if they already have Flacco or even Brohm. J Angelo has said he might carry 4 QB's and they have been following Flacco since he came out of highschool.

trade down with cowboys get Gosder and Johnson with those 2 picks take Flacco or Henne in 2nd if both gone take Devin Thomas or James Hardy and 3rd take Hester from LSU and the 2nd 3rd oh sorry we traded that to dallas 4th take DT and 5th take paul Smith from Tulsa and 6th and 7th take best players or project players

No Running Backs? This is their most glaring need along with O-Line! I believe Benson is finished in the NFL (latest injury sealed his fate). There currently is no starting NFL RB on their roster.

Anonymous on March 17 10:14 and 11:01 What are you goofy.I could swear that your Creighton.
For 1 switching to a 3-4 Defence would be a disater.Every one of the players would have to start over and learn a new system.Coaches would have to learn a new system.Lovie and his boys have never ran a 3-4 system.Who would be the LB/DE.Doesnt fit the team mold.
2 One bad defensive year in this system and you want to trash it.
2005 they almost set 2 NFL records in points allowed.05 & 06 the were tops in the NFL at turning the ball over.One bad year.New coach learning the system with these players.Ron Rivera even need a year to adjust.Trashing this system would be a step backwards.

On the comment March 17 11:01 by Anonymous:Did you ever think that the Payton family might read these blogs.Give a little respect and dont use Walter Paytons name when being sarcastic.Thats realy sad.Words cant even explain.

Biggs why did you even let that one go????OUCH!

Unfortunately for everyone calling for a safety to be taken some time in the draft, Angelo has said no to that. He's only drafting offense. They "feel good" about Kevin Payne and Lovie thinks Mike Brown won't get hurt again.

Forget Cherilis, draft OT Williams (Vandy) at 14 and hope RB Steward slips to 2nd round where he would be a steal as he hehabs bad toe.

A small list of Running Backs that have been better than Benson that are starting on other teams. Some of these teams have worse Olines than the Bears, yet every back as out performed Benson, sense Benson has been in the league. Several of these backs are not starters, multiple teams have multiple backs that are better than Benson.

Ronnie Brown, Laurence Maroney, Willis McGahee, Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, Willie Parker, Ahman Green, Joseph Addai, Maurice Jones Drew, Fred Taylor, Lendale White, Travis Henery, Selvin Young, Larry Johnson, Justin Fargas, Marshawn Lynch, Julius Jones, Shaun Alexander, Frank Gore, Deshaun Foster, Steven Jackson, Edgerin James, LaDaninian Tomlinson, Marion Barber, Reuben Droughns, Brandon Jacobs, Tatum Bell, Ryan Grant, Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, Jerious Norwood, Deuce McAllister, Warrick Dunn, Carnel Williams.

Thats 34 backs better than Benson currently playing in the league, out of 32 teams. Now some of these backs are real bad, I mean real bad, and Benson is not as good as them. But somehow after off season surgery, where his head coach and GM claim he is now slower than before(LMAO), Bears fans think he will now be better????? Ohhhh man get with the program, this guy couldn't carry groceries to a car. Oh I hope they stay with Benson, don't take Mendenhall, ignore Stewert, forget about Campbell, or Charles, what will make the Bears better is a OT to back up St. Clair at RT, yeah that will fix your Oline, sure, Tait will suddenly become a good LT at 33, Kreutz has only played 10 seasons and showed a ton of drop off last year. What did Angelo say about the Oline oh yeah "we feel our current players should be able to start" oh please put in those human turnstiles St Clair, Metcalf, Tait and Kreutz. But don't worry cause Angelo will fix it with one OT, you guys no how good he is at drafting Offensive line players, oh man this place is awsome, yeah Angelo will do it this time, and the cubs are going to win it all this year. HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA, HEY i hear K Johnson wants to make a comeback, maybe the Bears can sign that hasbeen WR that way the group will be complete. Hey maybe Angelo will trade down with the Cowboys, they can give him the 28th and a 5th round pick, then he can draft a injury prone DT at 28 and a Saftie who gets injured and plays special teams in with the 5th. Oh wait till he fails to resign Hester in 2 years or trades him for 3rd round pick next year, oh man that will be the best. The Bears are this years Dolphins. Oh man we got Benson and Grossman, look out cause Booker is back a player even Miami didn't want. Will show them will show all those teams, will send in the Orton, and no one will be able to stop Wolfe. Oh man hahahahhahahhahahhahahah how bad can one team get. DA BEARS. Thats about as clever as the fans get. Hey remember 85, wasn't that awsome? Lets all do the shuffle. The Bears should switch to the Arena leauge. Hahahahahah.

According to the Globe update, no Bears were in attendance at the Pro Day. Odd

DJSSR,You had ask me if I was a insider in a recent blog.You had asked me if I golf with Angelo, If I eat with Lovie.I remember.I may not be able to spell very well, but I do remember what I read.

Anonymous. March 18,2008 1:53pm. Is this kid a Chicago Bears fan?

I take it this KID doesnt want to be known.If he truly believes in what is is saying then he would be proud to show who he is.
Just seems like he get a sertain HIGH outta of disagreeing with people.He told me I had major issues in a recent blog.....

Negitive Nacy

I like how Angelo thinks. Bargains all day long. Who does not enjoy a bargain?

Uh, how about someone who understands the difference between a professional football organization and a weekend garage sale? There's a difference between being thrifty and being stupid, and it's all about context, Einstein. For example, you franchise Berrian and bring in Stallworth to replace Moose. THAT is a net upgrade that doesn't break the bank and rely on Angelo's shoddy draft record, Sherlock.

I forgot to post my name on the blog March 18 2008 4:04 anonymous.

Sorry Brando.

Brando you made a point earlier to say in 05 and 06 they almost set a record for points allowed.

2001 the Bears were 1st in deffensive points allowed 202 points.
from 2002 to 2004 the Defense was bad.

2005-06 Bears Defense 1st in points allowed with 202

2006-2007 Bears came in third in points allowed with 255 points (Super Bowl team)

2007-08 Bears came in 16th in points allowed with 348.

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens 1st in points allowed and an NFL record 165 points.

The Bears where not that close to breaking there record. Also notice the Bears Defense peaked in 2005-06 and has gone down hill 2 years strait. How much do you want to bet they contine the trend on defense and continue to slide. I say the defense will finish 23rd in the league. Unless Angelo goes all out on this draft and goes after defense. That could save a defense suffering from injury issues, but the offense would easily be the worst in the NFL. So pick your poison. Address the Offense and watch the D continue to slide or address the D and watch how bad an offense can look. I actually think Angelo should Draft Defense at least there is a shot the Bears will be good in that area. Besides I don't trust him drafting offense, his offensive picks are almost always bad. So I guess half a team is better than no team. If he drafts offense it will be like throwing away picks.

He will not take Mendenhall because he thinks Benson is the man, He may take Brohm with the first pick, or OT. In which case he will trade down. However if he goes after defense he probably will not trade down and hope Ellis falls to him. Either way at some point on day one he will go Defense. I tell you all this if Ellis is there for the Bears, Angelo will grab him without a second thought. He will not go after Otah, who is better suited to the Power O and will probably go to KC, Panther will hope to get Clady, and Broncos will go after Williams, Long will be long gone. There is no OT in the draft after that worth picking that high. Then comes the Question do they trade down and hope to get Gosder at 22 or 28 or do they stay and draft Brohm. Anyone who thinks the Bears are going to have a choice of Clady, Williams and Otah, better think again, way to many teams in this draft need OT help. MI, STL, CAR, DEN, KC, OAK, all have OT as there number 1 or 2 need. And all pick before the beloved. Lions also need Oline help, Steelers, in fact most teams need Oline help. It's not going to be that easy to grab one of the top 5 guys.

am i dreaming?was there more blogs then this?it started to get would sure be nice to see some front line help.i like our tight ends.i like our rexy isnt so hot.i just want to see big linemen that can block for our running backs.

When I watch the running game, I pay very close attention to how effective the line is at preventing penetration and generating movement against the defensive front seven. Kreutz gets abused by nose tackles and whiffs in space, Garza is incapable of driving DTs off the ball on the double team block, Metcalf (a 3rd round pick) can not handle quickness, Beekman got zero playing time and Brown is gone. None of the remaining guards have the athletic skills to pull/trap. How are we supposed to run without interior blocking? We can't. Not Benson or LJ or Tomlinson or Gore. Even ‘the Amazing’ Michael Turner, ‘the Incredible’ Thomas Jones and ‘the Miracle’ Mendenhall require adequate blocking from the interior line in order to cut back and break runs.

My point is that there is no running back on Earth (or buried in it) that will be capable of gaining yardage with this group of guards. Drafting an OT or a RB in the first round will do little to improve the running game, period. We need immediate starters and 3rd rounders won’t cut it.

About Benson's ankle...Yes, it is a concern. However, tearing a ligament (connect bone to bone) and/or tendon (muscle to bone) is a much more significant injury to an athlete than breaking a bone because...bones repair themselves. If you have no problem assuming that T. Harris/Dusty D. are capable of returning to probowl form, and wouldn't benefit from a rotation, after detaching a hamstring and tearing an ACL, than writing off Benson's career prospects because of a broken ankle is merely a transparent exercise in Hating. Haters gotta hate.

The fact is that some of y'all just like watching the players carrying, catching and throwing the ball without consideration/respect for the blockers and blocking schemes that provide them space to showcase their talent…hoping to find a new hero. This isn't a playground and Mendenhall isn't Barry Sanders. He will also get stuffed running behind a below-average 3 man O-line, which is exactly what we have. Plus, Mendenhall is gone in the top ten.

I am not "out of [my] mind"…I just simply watch the games very carefully and refuse to judge a person based on how they react to being drafted. Plus, my dad told me to write these things.

Debbie Kelley, you are so right like I said earlier in this blog we need to trade down though in the 1st with cowboys hopefull at worst the 49ers, but cowboys at 22 and 28 take Brendan Alberts or Gosder Cherilus at 22 and Chris Johnson the RB from East Carolina and we might have to lose one of our 3rds, but getting both of them would be awesome. Flacco with our 2nd round and the best WR at our 3rd pick. Now if we trade down for those two and get Cherilus and the best tackle with 22 and 28 then that would be cool to, but Johnson is awesome and he will be gone at our 2nd pick and Flacco is said to be moving up to the 1st so either way Flacco might be gone anyway.

Why not trade the Bears 1st round pick (# 14 - 1,100 points) for the Cowboys 1st round pick (#22 - 780 pts), their 2nd round pick (#61 - 292 pts), and their 5th round pick (#155 - 29.4 pts).

This puts Dallas in a much better position to draft the running back they covet. In terms of draft points, the Bears give up 1,100 points to the Cowboys 1,101.4 points.

The Bears would then have 7 picks in the first 5 rounds, including 2 in round 2 and 2 in round 3. Since the draft this year is deep in offensive linemen and wide receivers, the Bears would be able to draft quality players for multiple positions, including quarterback. While the players drafted may not have an immediate impact, Mr. Angelo has always had an eye toward the future. This would make it a little brighter - given his success with draft picks in rounds 3-5.

WHAT!?!? Why do we hope and settle for so little rather than demand what we rightfully deserve?If I ever see this "super bowl window " I'd like to show it a blue and orange brick.

This years draft, what do you do?Talk about moving up into the top four pics looking at the Rams and Raiders then fan the flames .Which one are we going to get... ... ?Then get both.Mcfadden and Jake Long .How? Our first and third this year plus a second next year for the 2nd pick and a fourth this year,Then our second round pick this year with our other third rounder plus a first rounder next year for the fourth pick and a fourth rounder.

Why not follow the Browns example and go get the people we want?If we don't get used to hearing the media talk about the post-Favre green Bay...Decisiveness adds to morale.How would our offseason program go with Bears fans frothing at the mouth before the season starts?

These are dark and delusional days for sure — when Brett Favre stories are on top of the Bears section of the Chicago sports news for days, even weeks, what does that say about the state of franchise from the Windy City? Also, everyone who is clamoring for Angelo to trade up in the draft needs to stop huffing gas and eating lead paint chips — if anything, Angelo will trade down (likely out of the first round completely) for more picks that he will use to reach for small college players with promise but no proven track record of success. In fact, Angie is probably wringing his hands right now, trying to figure out just how he will pay the 14th pick, should he decide to keep it, when the Bears are ONLY about $25 million UNDER the salary cap. Utter ridiculousness abounds at Halas Hall these days — two words: BRANDON LLOYD, holy hell we've hit the jack pot!

Beras had almost set the home field points allowed with 86 they were 3 points from the record.Yes the Bears were 57 points behind Ravens 2000 record.Its nice Creighton to see that you took the time and look something up.Thumbs up!

Bob Babich is in his second year lets hope that he has straighton out his kinks.DT is a need.Right now it looks like Adams has the nod coming into training camp.That could change.I havent read anything yet on Dusty progress.Lets hope he is doing well.I do believe he is 27 years old.

Above statment

I really don't see the Bears drafting defense. I think Angelo will stay at number 14 and go with a tackle or runningback. One of the top four tackles Long,Clady,Williams,or Otah will be available at #14. There is a good chance two of them will be there at #14. Chris Williams will be the tackle available and the one the Bears will select. Of the teams that might select an offensive tackle Kansas City, Denver, and Carolina [not counting Miami or St. Louis they will only take Jake Long or another position all together] none of them will select Chris Williams. Starting with Kansas City, there are rumors the Chiefs might select Otah, but you have got to take into consideration the Chiefs corners Law [33] and Surtain [31] are getting old and the Chiefs need a right tackle they already have Damion Mcintosh who played hurt last season for the left side. I don't see the Chiefs taking Otah at #5, they will take Long or another position and get a right tackle in a later round. Next Denver, the Broncos took Ryan Harris out of Notre Dame last April. Denver is still big on Harris and see him as there eventual left tackle. Harris was slowed by injuries. Denver also has Erik Pears who played left tackle for them in 2006. I see Denver taking Ryan Clady or a wide receiver, the Broncos want to get a speed receiver to compliment young star Brandon Marshall someone like Desean Jackson, especially now that Javon Walker is gone. I don't see them takeing Williams at #12 Desean Jackson just makes more sense. As for Carolina they have already committed to Travelle Wharton and placed the old tag on Jordan Gross thats a lot of money on one position to take that position in the first round. With the loss of DeShaun Foster I see the Panthers takeing a runningback unless Ryan Clady is still there, they also wont take William or Otah. This is why I'm pretty confident the Bears should get Chris William or Jeff Otah so GO BEARS!!

While Olin Kreutz is getting older he is still one of the best centers in the league. HE STILL NEEDS HELP!! Brown is gone Tait is at the end of his career and we have no viable replacements, Fred Miller has his own durabilty issues and problems with a quick pass rush. Our O line is probably our biggest concern. You cannot run or pass without them. That being said Benson still does not deserve another season in a bears uniform. He is slow cannot block or receive very well. For a power back he can't even break a tackle and Jerry Angelo jr wants to see him again? I would rather start Peterson and Wolfe! At least they play with heart and give it their all on every down even if the production doesn't follow.

Absolutely FRIGHTNING that the Bears are in desperate need of help up front and Angelo is the man pulling the trigger. A lot of talk about Benson beng a bust but how will we ever know what he or A.P. or Wolfe could ever do with no help up front?

In short....we're headed downhill like a snowball headed for hell. I love my Bears....but 7 games in the W column would be an accomplishment with this guy drafting offensive (or um....downright offensive) talent! Good luck Lovie!

Those mock drafts from those so-called experts are a joke. Where do they get some of that outrageous info they write? For the people who are real fans in the town they are writing about makes them seem like idiots. On one outlet right after the Bears had signed both incumbant QB's had the Bears drafting Brohm and then Baker they are nuts and unreliable for information. And after going after the 49ers for tampering I don't think they will be trading picks with us Chris. Kevin A. that is an interesting analysis. But honstly the first 5 picks dictate the second five and on down the line and every draft someone throws a wrench in the mix then it's up for grabs with Parcells and Davis in this draft eary it will be interesting.

Can anyone help a Bears fan in S. Louisiana? What was the info. about the Bears and the 49ers supposedly needing to take care of/resolve the problem before going to New York? Were the Bears trying to "shake down" the 49ers for some draft picks? Any info. you all could share would be most appreciated! By the way, I can see Angelo trying to trade down to get additional picks - and then NOT getting the player he had targeted by trading down.

P.S. Has there been any info. yet on supplemental picks for next month's draft?

From what I have read & listen too the supplemental picks will be released days before the draft.

Some new mock drafts have the Bears drafting Sam Baker of USC first round at 14, I have not heard my fellow bloggers mention Baker him being on the left coast didn't get to see much of him. What do you think?

Baker's got some real potential and would be a good pick but he's not considered elite/can't miss like Clady or Cherilus. He's more a second round pick. I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't focus on needs in the skill positions that we desperately have. Reality is we're faced with Grossman/Orton and Booker at the skill positions this season. So toss in the towell for one year and MAKE SURE you get an O-line to build around for years. So take OT's in both first two rounds. Then we'd have Cherilus, Baker, Olin, Garza and Beekman to develop together over 16 games. Sign Kevin Jones. Grab a QB in round 3 or 4 and pray. Then focus on skill positions in the draft next year. Angelo, please read this

Kevin Jones???Jones cant play a full season.Head case.Lions didnt want him why would the Bears need him.I hope Jerry Angelo doesnt read your blog Philbeart.Jones is no better than Benson.

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