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Bears' QB carousel unmatched in Favre era

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You can play with the numbers all day to display Brett Favre’s dominance over the Bears.

With five touchdown passes this past season against Detroit and Minnesota both, he finishes with more against them than the Bears.

Green Bay’s sweep of the Lions in 2007 and the Bears’ sweep of the Packers means Favre finishes with 23 wins against Detroit and 22 vs. the Bears.

But all the yards, touchdowns, late drives and dramatic plays don’t tell the story of Favre’s dominance over the Bears.

The most telling statistic, and the reason why the Bears have had only five winning seasons since Favre joined the Packers in 1992 has to do with their own ineptitude at quarterback.

Since Favre launched his streak of 253 consecutive regular-season starts on Sept. 27, 1992, the Bears have made their way through 21 different starting quarterbacks. That figure leads the league.

Henry Burris, Chris Chandler, Will Furrer, Brian Griese, Rex Grossman, Jim Harbaugh, Chad Hutchinson, Erik Kramer, Craig Krenzel, Dave Krieg, Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Jim Miller, Rick Mirer, Moses Moreno, Kyle Orton, Jonathan Quinn, Steve Stenstrom, Kordell Stewart, Steve Walsh, Peter Tom Willis.

It was no competition.

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Jim Harbaugh:called a audible vs. the Viking in the red zone threw the interseption went for 6.BAD

Erik Kramer: 28TDs in a season. Bears record.Best QB since Jim McMann

Steve Walsh:Was rumored to be cut from the Cowboys so their wouldnt be a QB conserversy between Walsh and Troy Aikman.BAD

Shane Matthews& Rex Grossman:Just a couple of Gator QBs.BAD.And Gator QBs are BAD.

Jim Miller smoked a team for 421 yards,took steriods,got caught,4 games suspended,tore his Acalies Tenden,and the Bears got beat by the Eagles in the playoffs.

Jim Harbaugh,Rick Mirer,Cade McNown,& Rex Grossman:first round Bust for the Bears.Remember the Bears traded their first round pick to Seahawks for Rick Mirer.All BAD

Craig Krenzel: won 3 games as a rookie.BAD

Kordel Stewart:Should have spend a little more $$ and picked up Jake the Snake.BAD

Brian Griese:Won a game vs. the Eagles on a 98 yard drive, Lost his job to Kyle Orton,Traded for a 6th round pick in 09.

Rex Grossman:Florida Gator QB.Again he was doomed befor he was drafted.

Kyle Orton:Won 10 games as a rookie,Won another 2 out of 3 last year,Signed a 1 year contract extention.

17 years of QBs, and Kyle Orton being the only reliable one.His stats wont tell you much, but his record will.2 games I can remember he threw 5 ints and 3 ints,Those are the only 2 games that I can say his mistakes cost the Bears.Those 2 games were in his rookie year.Being in his 4th year and 18 games later (no playoff experience)this is his chance to show he can or cant be a NFL QB.

As much as it hurts, being a BEAR fan, Brett Favre was a great great QB and person. I wish him and his family the best. They all deserve it to the max. I read Mariotti's rantings and can not believe what a total idiot the man is. How does the man keep his job. Everything the dope writes is negative. Dump Mariotti and give the great Brett Favre his due.

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